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Article posted  by: White Nation London April 17   2018





“We need your help,” a South African’s plea- Nights with Steve Price

WHITE people for a long time now has been thoroughly warned about the double agendas of the Democratic Alliance in South Africa. Being a through and through pseudo crypto- Judeo organization-  it only exploited white voters to come to power in the Western Cape.

After they achieved their success in winning the top seat in the Western Cape- this crypto-caballah party quickly spun around, discard their bogus white cloak- and become an all-out anti-white vehicle driving only their Babylonian anti-white multi-cultural sinful secret agendas. Still you get some very directionless whites supporting this devil-ish conglomeration of con-artists.

So far- bar Dianne Kohler Barnard that became verbal about farm attacks when one member of her inner-family circle also was attacked (after she quickly was “reprimanded” by the DA’s “black prince “ Mmusi Miamane)– the DA has not as yet uttered a word of condemnation against the brutal farm murders- or one word in support of whites in South Africa. However– being a puppet of the Masonic-Jewry- they rather would deny the existence of a white genocide against white farmers. Their echos  sounds so much like an ANC rhetoric.

Now they again are stabbing the white farmers in the back as the  Democratic Alliance’s official overseas representatives – DA Abroad – have wholly rejected the idea that white genocide actually exists in South Africa. In a statement issued on Monday morning, the organisation’s leader Francine Higham made it implicitly clear that the DA do not buy into the “divisive” narrative.


Francine Higham– another misdirected liberal that has no clue what is going on with the white farm murderers.

Higham also labelled the Australian proposals to give South African farmers fast-track visas as “discriminatory”. She believes that rural crime affects all citizens of this country and not just the white farmers.The DA Abroad have made this statement in the wake of several marches and protests across the world. Demonstrations have taken place in Australian cities – as well as Antwerp in Belgium – which rally against the ongoing white genocide in South Africa.

The subject has come to the boil as the ANC resolved to pursue land expropriation without compensation two months ago. Their proposals have put some South Africans – and a majority of the farming community – on edge. The DA did reiterate their opposition to the non-compensatory model of land expropriation, though. The opposition party have always preferred the alternative of “land reform“, and will continue to push for a different approach to redistribution.

DA Abroad condemn “blatantly incorrect” narratives

The DA Abroad strongly condemns the orchestrated narrative of a genocide in South Africa targeted at white farmers.” “Violent crime in South Africa is unacceptably high and it affects all South Africans, regardless of race. The DA is dedicated to ensuring that every South African feels safe and protected in our country.” “We are of the view that these narratives surrounding an alleged ‘white genocide’ are blatantly incorrect and simply untrue. These reports are nothing more than an attempt to divide South Africans on the basis of race and to derail our country’s reconciliation process.” But true to the liberal narrative Higham did not point out that most of the crime in South Africa are by black criminals- and most farm murders also are committed by black terrorists. This again will not fit into the liberal DA’s “mix-and match” policies.

Image result for Francine Higham democratic alliance sa

Ironically Higham and her “DA Abroad” propagandists consists mainly of WHITE liberals. Et Tu Higham?

The truth about the DA (Democratic Alliance) | South Africa

The DA has made some very troubling statements recently, and they are getting more openly two-faced by the day! The DA needs to get their priorities straight… Please SHARE Link to full video in top comment.

Posted by Willem Petzer on Friday, April 20, 2018



DA Abroad welcome white genocide discussions

Higham and her team did move to acknowledge the concerns of both SA citizens and expats. They even invited those on the other side of the debate to engage with the DA Abroad so they could have a dialogue about the situation. Perhaps that’s what this situation needs more than even. Not rhetoric, not misinformation and certainly not anything racially divisive. South Africa needs to talk, but those in government need to give answers when they’re asked questions, too. Ostensibly Higham and her potpourri sell-out turncoat party supports the ANC as both are funded by the same masonic temple.

As we wrote this article  another farmer has just been shot  dead on his farm in Peelton, 30km East of King Wiliamstown on the way to  Komga . He stopped at his farm gate to open it and was shot summarily. Another white farmer was attacked with machetes by four black vigilantes in the ADDO region in the Eastern Cape this week-end- then abducted and held incarcerated for some hours. (Link)

On 14 April 2018, at approximately 01:00 about seven black thugs  attacked a farm in Bokfontein in the North West.
Two of the attackers gained access to the house by opening a sliding door and by opening the bolts locking the gate from the inside. They then proceeded to open the doors inside the house by removing the hinge pins. They were armed with tonfas (police style batons) and a sjambok, they brutally attacked a white woman and her 9, and 13 year old daughters by hitting them over the head and their backs. Both the attackers spoke English, and were tall and skinny. They wore black clothes and had hoodies on. The family had 2 big dogs outside, only laptop and two cellphones were taken. No arrests have been made yet. An ambulance responded to attend to the injured family and trauma counselors are tending to the them.(Link) 


And 5 black thugs  dressed in orange overalls broke into the home of the Gazania Nursery on a farm in Stilbaai today . During this farm attack one of the farm owners guests, Heila Killian (62), was shot in cold blood and several firearms were stolen. ( Link)  OR why do Me. Higham not explain the crap she’s talking to the Perth woman Nicolene Coetzee when  she and her family became another statistic in South Africa’s horrifying epidemic of ­violent crime.  (Link) Farm attacks no longer is a “crime”– but factually pre-planned organized TERRORIST attacks. ( Link)    

Even the Israelis are telling South Africans to start waking up to  the terrorist  farm attacks:


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We are still searching for reports of white farmers attacking black squatter camps and murdering their elderly alien inhabitants and their children- alas we are still searching. BUT this will not deter  liberal pink slippers such as  Me. Higham from spreading false propaganda for the sake of “political correctness” – now will it? It was not HER father or mother that were just murdered in cold blood or being attacked with machetes and held for hours – so why would she care? Liberals cannot reason logically- they operate solely on zombie-like instinct. BUT like PT Barnum mentioned a few years ago: ” There’s a sucker born every minute.” And it appears most of them are born in the South African political cradles. 


DA Abroad slam false “white genocide” narrative in South Africa