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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  April 19   2018


The Barcelona agreement- the destruction of Europe






” South Africa has a new law: The Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill. It’s easy: If you criticise the ANC, you’re “racist”. And then you get sent to prison, Soviet-style.“- Dan Roodt



WHILE the Democratic Alliance’s Francine Higham and her misdirected team of “DA Abroad” pink slippers are running rampant in London- spreading malicious lies and misplaced anti-farmer propaganda- another innocent woman was murdered again yesterday in South Africa.

The 62 year old  Heila Killian  was brutally murdered in a farm attack last night. Mrs Killian, wife of a retired police colonel from the East Rand, was visiting her sister Brenda and brother-in-law, David Thomas – owners of the Gazania Garden Centre near the peaceful Southern Cape coastal resort of Stilbaai. David moved to South Africa from the United Kingdom some years ago.

While preparing supper around the fire, they were surrounded by 5 black thugs who tied them up, severely assaulted them and shot Me. Killian in cold blood before running into the night. Mr and Me. Thomas managed to free themselves and ran to a neighbor who called the police. In South Africa a white person living in a rural area can no longer stand outside his house on a warm evening having a barbecue with family and friends because evil black terrorists attack from the dark and murder without a second thought.

Heila Killian – another innocent victim murdered by black thugs in yet another heinous  farm attack

On Sunday around noon Front National’s  national spokesperson was attacked by a black thug man on a street corner less than a street block from his home in a peaceful country town and robbed after an attempt to stab him with a screw driver was fought off. He escaped with minor injuries.

In yet another attack another white farmer  has  been shot dead on his farm in Peelton, 30km East of  King Wiliamstown en route to Komga on the 17th of April 2018. He stopped at the gate of his farm to open it when he was brutally attacked by black thugs and murdered.

An Afrikaans student- Magda Geldenhuys, 21, – was shot on April 11 2018 by a black thug. She was shot in the back when she and a friend of hers entered her home in Potchefstroom. Three black thugs were laying in an ambush waiting for them.

The South African Police Service in the Uitenhage Cluster has launched a manhunt for  suspects following another farm attack  that occurred on Saturday evening on a farm outside Addo. Captain Gerda Swart says a 63-year-old white farmer  went outside to feed his horses and as he was busy opening his security gate to enter his home, he was attacked by three unknown thugs.

On April 07 2018 another elderly white man of 84 years was brutally attacked in his with a metal pipe and the thugs  tried to strangle him with rope.  The victim received  13 stitches in his ear he’s bruised all over.

On April 02 2018  Chris du Plooy (80),a farmer from Paul Roux in the Free State, was brutally attacked on his farm by black thugs. The attack occurred at approximately 04:00 on 2 April 2018.A police spokesperson WO Lorraine Earl, said that the attack happened on the farm ‘Rexford’. “The man was attacked and overpowered whilst he was asleep, he was stabbed, assaulted and interrogated by two suspects. The attackers dragged him from room to room in search of money and firearms whilst they ransacked the house. A shotgun, revolver and a cell phone were taken. The suspects then tied him to the bed and fled the scene.”

FIVE white residents were brutally attacked by four black thugs in their home in Brenthurst. They were attacked at night while they were asleep. Three residents were injured in the attack.

It is therefore even more condemnable that the ANC government and their lapdog  “DA Abroad”  tries to convince the world that everything in South Africa is “going well “– and that there are no brutal attacks against white people. When was the last time you read about whites breaking into black homes, brutally assaulting and murdering elderly blacks in their beds?  For this dastardly acts of brutal assaults, torture and murder Theresa May just rewarded Cyril Ramaphosa 850 MILLION! How insidious  greedy can globalist pillagers  get?

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The white population in South Africa lives in fear and uncertainty- because they have no means to defend themselves against this malicious well-planned attacks from black vigilante gangs. Thabo Mbeki was the culprit that disbanded the Commando” system that protected farmers. Zuma brought in the “gun law” that disarmed most whites. Meanwhile the same ANC regime supplies arms to farm attackers through secret channels such as their police force and defense force stores. You can read HERE how many armed black vigilant groups are operating in South Africa under “guardianship” of the communist ANC regime.


AND it is a clear fact that all the political parties are in cahoots to exterminate the white farmers in South Africa. They all are working together and get paid by the same “masters.”  The answer as to what the innocent farmers has done to deserve this undeserved onslaught against them –  can only be found if one trace back the root of this evil conspiracy to Britain and the banking demagogy that want to exterminate all the food producers in South Africa. From 1994 there has been constant scything attacks against the white farmers- from political parties, the media, social racists, British press hounds- and the South African judiciary system. Everyday you only hear about the attacks on white farmers. This all while they have done NOTHING wrong- but are mere food suppliers. However this attacks are well planed against the farmers- and the culprits are situated in London’s banking fraternity. Their prize is South Africa’s mineral resources and food production. Driving all the white farmers off their land- whether through political instigation, legislature, police intimidation,- or direct attacks is to this evil demagogues of no concern.

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This will give them a leading hand in their “food for mineral” secret agenda in order to control all South Africa’s  productive  farmlands. They exploit their bank-rolled political parties to promote the white genocide in South Africa- which again in their turn make use of their “third force” operators- the malignant black vigilantes to do the “dirty work” of forcing white farmers off their land and to give up their trade. This is why May so “generously” remunerated Ramaphosa as part payment  of a “deal” slashed to continue the  “land expropriation” agenda. The media naturally called it May ” endorsed” the plan to disown white farmers from their property.  We call it straight and simple BRIBERY!

This fact was substantiated by the FF Plus MP Pieter Groenewald when he addressed the issue in parliament: ” The plundering of the assets of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), including weapons and ammunition with almost no successful prosecution, is shocking and is indicative of a collapse of the management structure of the SANDF.” When whites try to defend themselves they immediately are hunted down by both the police and the media on bogus charges and arrested for trying to defend their lives and that of their families.

As for Me. Francine Higham and her bunch of ill-informed LGBT DA vagabonds there is only one sentence to say: :” You are a bunch of despicable liberal creatures that have no right to spread the kind of malicious lies about something that needs attention from the highest global authority. “ Dr. Gregory Stanton from Genocide Watch International already classified the white genocide in South Africa as a “level 6” out of a possible 8 levels. Who the hell is the DA then to run around sowing seeds of deception in the minds of those that needs to know what really is going on in South Africa? 


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Posted by Brian Dalton on Thursday, April 19, 2018