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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  April 29   2018


Another white couple attacked with machetes on a Free State farm

South Africa burning as blacks run rampant

South Africa: White man and wife of neighbor shot and killed outside their homes. 

Black mobs  across the South Africa  are terrorizing other citizens: Trucks are set alight on the N3 near the Mooiriver Plaza.

Another Australian senator recognizes the white genocide in South Africa.







WHITE South Africans these days are quite fed up being exploited as the bum nuggets for the black kleptocracy in control and their 54 million supporting ” bogeymen.”

Since 1994 the ANC terror campaign against the white people of South Africa took on a new form. The terrorist onslaught against the whites of South Africa never stopped. This is why the ANC terrorist organization up to today refused to denounce violence . Before 1994 the ANC and all their international and local criminal side-kicks fought a bitter war in the field trying to beat the South African Defense Force which mainly consists out of young boys of all races aged between 19 and 30. With all the international banking Jewry, liberal Nordic countries, communist help from the Eastern block – as well as assistance from devious organizations such as the CIA- the “democratic” ANC fraudsters  were pinned  down hopelessly to  just another “wannabe” organization restricted to their fax machine in Dar-Es-Salaam by those young boys who were scarcely out of adolescence.  The best these duplicitous ” liberation” fools could do in their “struggle” – was planting limpet mines and bombs in dustbins and cars to injure and murder innocent civilians like the treacherous cowards they are. That is your ANC “democratic” terrorist organization which you as a “ democratic” South African  worship today. How pathetically misdirected you are  indeed!

It was with the help from despicable Broederbond Free Mason treacherous white thugs  the likes of  FW De Klerk, Roelf Meyer, Pik Botha, Dawie De Villiers, Tienie Groenewald et al –  and many more slick National Party operators-  backed by the greedy corporate Jews such as Henry Kissinger, Harry Oppenheimer, Rupert, Soros–   and the CIA that helped this  lost detestable terrorist murderers in Dar Es Salaam to be jetted into the country under a cloak of “democratic” deception  – to suddenly become the so-called “democratic” government of South Africa.

Today we see the same communist ANC – although not altering their eventual main objective to exterminate the white population of South Africa – altered their strategy of their offense to fit the false “democratic “ political narrative against the white mainly Afrikaner population. The humiliation of the 25 year old border war at the hands of children – still etched deep crevasses in the turbulent minds of the black so-called “liberators.” Their hatred for the white man still lays deep.

Today that physical war they lost in South West Africa still lingers on- only in a more subtle way. It never stopped. They never denounced violence against the white Afrikaner– and they never denounced their assault to totally bring down the total white population as well. Their strategy changed from a direct pre-1994 assault to a more clandestine post 1994 “black operation” approach. Instead of now being openly responsible for the white oppression, discrimination and murders against the white Afrikaner– the communist agenda now took form of a more sinister surreptitious offense against the white Afrikaner. However– the success rate they now achieve with the illegal political power financially backed by the Afrikaner Broederbond, the Ruperts and Oppenheimers, British Jews-  and corporate mass murderers such as George Soros– surpassed that of their direct 25 year assault against the Afrikaner in South West border war by far. They simply exchanged their limpet mines and car bombs for political oppression and discriminating  legislation- but the cowardly war against the white Afrikaner never stopped- it just became more sophisticated and destructive than ever before. Yet the international world that had so much to say about “apartheid” now finds themselves  marinated in hippocracy.

Looking at their structure today compared to their structure pre-1994 – nothing has changed. The ANC communists never relinquished their strategy- nor their structures. They still control  various subliminal terrorist “ liberation” organizations and “movements.” The only difference is that those terrorist organizations only operate under new “smart” terms with political power– which factually deem them much more dangerous and destructive than running around – wielding an AK 47 assault rifle while planting limpet mines and bombs in dustbins and parked cars. Some of those organizations still are the old gangsters such as APLA, Mkonto We Sizwe, Black Land First, AZAPO and many other such as their ANCYL, SACPYL and NASIREC youth league terrorists in training – all “black only” terror movements now resurrected in a new jacket to fit a more “democratic” acceptance.  The days of been rag tag “freedom fighters” belonged to an era of violent terrorism- an era where many of their own terrorist cadres also paid dearly for their mistakes. Today’s new political war against the whites minimized their own losses- all  while inflicting massive  collateral damage against the whites .

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This is the result of the false anti-white propaganda coming from the black politicians: Total misinformation are sent to the radicals at “grassroots” level. This result in hatred. What now is so “special” about this “democracy?” It’s smut with hatred from the black political parties- and you helped created it. 

On the main political front the ANC terror organization shares the same stage with other communist socialist anti-white despots such as the Democratic Alliance, EFF and AGANG- all mainly non-white leftist extremists that nurture  no white Afrikaner sentiment at all. Thus the Afrikaner now are tightly wedged between an all-black political force from the top- as well as a more violent anti-white militarized force from below. While political black instigators from all major black political parties advocate and instigate white discrimination, repressive laws  and false anti-white propaganda- their militant cohorts on “grass-roots” level are doing the physical damage like brutal assaults and murders on white communities. Weapons and training are supplied by the ANC dictatorship -funded by donations from international sympathizers and ironically enough- the white tax payer. 


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Another signed accord the ANC communists totally ignored.

Police weapons have been used in farm attacks. Not just personal weapons issued to every officer, but rifles that have to be signed out from the station. ” We know police ammunition has been used in farm attacks’, “- reveals a police Sergeant.  In the first 40 days into 2018 there were 41 farm attacks, and 5 murders on white farms. Being a white farmer in South Africa is statistically one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. According to ISS research, there are around 152,000 serving members of the police force, and around 32,000 commercial farmers, but the murder rate within these two distinct groups is roughly the same, 145 deaths per 100,000. But by far the most uncomfortable truth of all is that serving members of the South African police force are complicit in these attacks on farmers in the country.

A South African Police Sergeant confirmed  the police are actively involved in White Farm Attacks.  “We have arrested serving members of the police during house robberies. Police weapons have been used in the attacks. Not just personal weapons issued to every officer, but rifles that have to be signed out from the station. We know police ammunition has been used in farm attacks.” The victims of farm attacks have told reporters that the perpetrators went unpunished, that there were never any charges brought because the evidence was “lost “ or the docket destroyed.

In 2016, a doctoral thesis on cash-in-transit robbers in South Africa who the author interviewed criminals in prison made it very clear: For a price, it was easy to buy the cooperation of certain mainly black police offers. Services that could be bought included: cooperation with the police to obtain rifles; a police safe house in which to store stolen money; the disappearance of police dockets; the investigating officer agreeing to be less than efficient in his investigations. It is devastating to realize that corrupt police are willing to equip farm attackers with arms and ammunition, are willing to conceal stolen cash for their cut. The sergeant also tells  that when a crime-in-progress is called in, there are routinely 16 or 17 cars out on patrol. He says typically only two of them respond. Some claim their radio ” stopped working. “ Others say that they were at lunch. And even when they do respond, they don’t make an arrest because the perpetrator is a “brother.” (And brothers are allowed to go free.) Being a brother is not about color; it’s about political affiliation. If you are part of the African National Congress (ANC), EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), or Black Land First (BLF) organizations, you are a brother.(Link) 

SO– Now we have the so-called mainly black “regime” waging a war against whites. We have all major black political parties waging a war against whites. We have the leftist media waging a war against white Afrikaners. We have at least 5 black only extremist terrorist movements waging a war against whites. We have the police waging a war against white farmers- we have corporate thugs and leftist regimes from abroad waging a war against white Afrikaners – then we have the disgusting white Jew liberals waging a war against whites- and last but not least- we have the despicable white liberal Afrikaner waging a war against his white race too. Can you now sort of understand the predicament of the white Afrikaner in South Africa? Every damn leftist psychopath  on mother earth have a ” war “ waging against them.  The white Afrikaner became “fair game” due to the British media’s false malicious propaganda since 1966. AND none of these bastard children of the evil god can hardly explain what the reason is why they are waging this war against the white Afrikaner- because the stinking British media branded the white Afrikaner as the “racist” skunk of the world for more than 40 years without any substantial proof , evidence or reason? 

Fight for chicken in kfc!!!!!!! woy woy!!!

Posted by Rajpatie Poonan on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

This is your typical violent South African black.

Posted by BKA Boere Krisis Aksie on Sunday, April 29, 2018


Note what happened in less than 20 seconds in Central Durban, Pine Street yesterday. This is sick. No one deserves to work and live in constant danger and terror. Our ministers never have to face this type of dangers daily and therefore are just accepting this as a way of life. This type of living must be considered as a state of emergency and the army must be called in to protect the hard working people. Most of these people are foreigners from the East and from Africa who have come to South Africa and opened corner shops, food outlets and micro businesses and prospered. Look at nearly every second corner shop, it is owned by a foreign national. Why could the same not be achieved by the locals. Do they just not have the interest or not prepared to work for improving their lives.

Posted by Ricky Naidoo on Thursday, February 22, 2018

-AND this is what they do on a daily basis in South Africa….yet you kindle their actions to that of the white people that so far has done nothing wrong ?

Because of this global hatred fueled by the British media- the rhetoric in South Africa among all major black political parties is one of total resistance against anything remotely white. Whenever a black politician opens his trap-  it’s all about white “racism.” Whenever a race-based law is manufactured- it’s all against mainly whites. Blaming whites for all the problems and woes in the country became a national culture among black politicians. These malicious politicians keep the “them” and “us” propaganda running at full speed. Anti-white legislation are pumped out at a staggering pace just to “remind” the black populace on a continuous basis that the whites still are “racists” – and whites still deem blacks as some sort of sub human specie. They call it a ” psi-ops” war to poison the minds of the majority- thus creating a ” common enemy” to unite the black tribes behind this evil political party thugs for the coming elections. This way whites are exploited and branded as the black sheep to carry all the sins and mismanagement of this non-functional black political parties and their leading con artists. Through their continuous agenda of “white bashing” they whip up hatred against the white and bitter misplaced emotions- which ostensibly leads to the murders of innocent white farmers. The South African media also are front runners in instigating race related violence against white Afrikaners. 


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This is what South Africa look like today- it’s a war zone. And it’s all done by black barbarians that have no conscious or no respect for other people’s life or property. Ironically their new racist president approves it by saying blacks are not stealing- they simply “take back” this that was taken from them. You will see not ONE white doing this. Yet the international world and communist regime deem “racism” a much more punishable felony and keep on blaming whites for all the chaos and anarchy going on in the country? Have they lost their friggen minds?

Under the cloak of a false “democracy “ this black politicians and their venomous media are busy fueling a bloody civil war. Instead of working to unite South Africa and promote peace and reconciliation- this black political bastards do just the opposite to stay in control. This also is one of their Illuminati masters’ secret agendas and objectives- to prevent another white nationalist up-rise and white government ruling the South African mineral and natural resources. Black lapdog puppet regimes such as the ANC and British spies such as Rob Davis are utilized extensively  as vehicles to prevent white unification and nationalism to be reincarnated .

Cyril Rhamaphosa advocating anti-white rhetoric

WE already had our fill with Mbeki and Zuma barfing mega tons of anti -white sentiment in the past. Now we have Cyril ” The Squirrel” Ramaphosa continuing that deranged culture as well. It appears that the ANC rats have this secret oath during their  pledge when becoming president to bash whites.

Cyril Ramaphosa reiterates that land that was “taken away “ from black South Africans must be returned in order for freedom to be realized. Speaking at the Freedom Day celebrations in the Free State this past week, Ramaphosa said government is working hard to implement radical economic transformation, by empowering young (black only) South Africans, through free higher education. “They want this important resource land to be shared as it is set out in the Freedom Charter. Land is energy, economic value and it’s social power, it must be unlocked and be put to good use.”   

He said: “…stolen money and resources should be returned… According to a report in The Star newspaper, Ramaphosa told a crowd in a Limpopo town, “If all South Africans don’t vote, we will regress. The Boers will come back to control us.” He used the word “unfortunate” several times in his statement but did not apologize for making the comment. So, not only land is to be expropriated without compensation now. Resources (meaning mines and industry) is to be “returned”. What can that mean anything other than a communist nationalization of “resources”. And money? WHAT money was “stolen” and from whom was it stolen? The agenda becomes clearer by the moment, as does the solution: . This communist thug  plans to rob poor white Afrikaners  blind!

Mmusi Miamane- the little wagon  behind the ANC horse

The ANC lap dog  Mmusi Maimane spoke in Pretoria this morning where he sang the same tune as his ANC handlers and say  that his potpurri anti-white party intends to tackle “white privilege and black poverty” – and stooped so low as to use his own wife as an example, telling everyone how much more privileged she was than he. This coming from an ungrateful  little twat who matriculated from school 3 years after the ANC came to power and had all the benefits of BEE and Affirmative Action behind him. Attacking “white privilege” might win Mmusi  a few black votes, but only the most ignorant white voter alive will still refuse to admit that Mmusi follows his black counterparts in becoming  a racist and an opportunist!

NOW we  must confront white privilege and black poverty ? Are only white people privileged ? Are all black people poor ? We are seeing daily reports of excessive bonuses and salaries especially in the the government sector . The ANC’s quota for the civil service and government is 80 % black employees and tenders in the public sector – government – are mostly given to companies with black shareholders. 

We know that all BEE deals involving private companies have mostly benefited the same ANC cadres over and over .
Maimane is quiet on the farm murder issue- as well as the fact that more than 400 000 whites out of 3 million were pushed into squatter status due to the ANC and their lap dog Rob Davis’ BEEE policies. This statement of his is showing that he has resentment towards white people or he was doing it for political opportunism . Either way to generalize like this is typical of the  the leader of the Democratic Alliance, a party that supposedly professes to be a “multi racial party. ” It seems to me that Maimane is buckling under the pressure on his left where bashing white people are the favorite pastime of the ANC/EFF/COSATU/SAFTU grouping and their allies in the liberal media to hide the industrial scale looting and sickening wastage of taxpayer money perpetrated by the ANC over a period of 24 years .

Ramphele- a  forgotten “ has been “ now also jumping on the “anti white” wagon to score some media brownies.

The former communist politician Mamphela Ramphele, this past week also tried her plundering hands into white wallets. The poor thing  said that it has now become time for White South Africans to “apologize “ for the “wealth they gather.”  In a radio-interview  with bum-smootching Jacaranda fm has Ramphele, the founder of the leftist black-only AGANG political party and widow of Steve Biko,-  said that whites now have to “admit”  that the “race based”  system of the past they have benefit whites while poor blacks never had the same opportunities. What the poor misinformed Rhampele forget to tell her gullible listeners is that more than 60% of the state budget in the Verowerdean era went to black education and black upliftment. But then again Rhampele was – like the rest of her lost generation- too busy burning schools and torching libraries in their “liberation before education” fools’ paradise – rather than stop and study  their content.  Then she barfed more poppycock non-sense such as   60-65 % of the country’s welfare is in the hands of 10 % of the population and that 80 % of those  10 %  are whites . “ We must now computing how to change it.”

On the question about her own wealth of approximately R 55 million her excuse was just as delapidated” I have worked 50 years for it. That R55 million is nothing compared to what you whites have !” Then the  interviewer  asked her if she did not also receive the benefit of Black Economic Empowerment, which her stupid racist answer was:” Now what’s wrong with it? I have no guilt about it. White people should now apologize for the wealth they have collected.”




The Zulu and Xhosa in South Africa and the Hutu in Rwanda, who committed the Rwandan Genocide, are all part of the same black tribes  and both are a Majority South African Government where oppression of the minorities, suppression of Freedom of Speech and racism and xenophobia are rife! The Hutu, who committed the Rwandan Genocide, are from the same black  tribe as the Xhosa and Zulu in South Africa who now publicly sing “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer“. Even Presidents Mandela and Zuma sang this publicly on stage. The almost daily occurrences of xenophobia, often deadly, on the part of the South African blacks  against immigrants from elsewhere in Africa – and the murder rate of 54 people per day should be a serious cause for concern.

What should be even more startling is that the blacks  are the majority government in South Africa, as they were in Rwanda, and therefore any warning signs of genocide will be quashed and not be given the appropriate treatment, despite being a signatory to the ICC’s Rome Accord. This should put in perspective the ANC regime’s decision to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC). It literally is like asking the wolf to guard the sheep. Add to this the potent explosive cocktail of constant racial oppression against the minorities in South Africa and race-baiting and victim-hood which the ruling ANC black regime use to excess for personal gain, self enrichment, political power and to settle personal scores or make headlines.

The Rwandan Genocide was a genocidal mass slaughter of Tutsi in Rwanda by members of the Bantu Hutu majority government. The Hutu /ˈhuːtuː/, also known as the Abahutu, are part of the black African  ethnic group which includes the the Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Sotho, Venda, Ndebele, Swazi, Shona, etc. etc in Southern Africa.

In South Africa Freedom of Speech has been so eroded that we have seen  persons from the minority white race actually jailed for merely uttering a word, the dreaded, yet profitable for the black , “K” word, which stands for “k*ffir“, a term the British brought from their Arab colonies and used to refer to the black African, which is derived from “kufar” which means “unbeliever.”  Another white lady – Penny Sparrow– has been fined the equivalent of an annual salary simply for using this word in public. Yet a farm murderer from the majority black African  tribe is released with a mere slap on the wrist!

The tragic irony and joker card that allows all this to occur without being questioned? Any black African  can simply say the word “Apartheid” or “Racist” – and immediately be forgiven for any wrong doing! This excuse or “defense” for oppression and abuse has become endemic, institutional, systemic and almost instinctual and embedded as a default reaction. Literally! There are 119 race based laws, rules and regulations which prevent whites from getting jobs or places at tertiary education institutions or government departments. 80% of taxpayers in South Africa did not vote for the ruling ANC regime!

Will you be complicit in genocide and ignore this warning or will you do something to raise awareness and hopefully prevent another genocide? Will Bono of U2  be charged with incitement to genocide for his public denial of this genocide? Consider yourself warned. When the South African Genocide is over, will you still pretend ignorance or regret not having done something to stop it?

With Every Genocide, the propaganda of a country first start to declare the victims a menace (eg. they are presented as oppressors and even racists) – and when they start to be killed, the propaganda in the media ignores and downplays the extent of the ethnic murders, their numbers are questioned and they are presented to the citizens of the country as a public enemy and a threat. Most citizens, who naturally respect authority, fall for this propaganda and even spread it.

In this way- their compassion is suppressed to the extent that they have no sympathy for the victims. They may even feel that the victims deserve to be murdered. The caricaturization of the victims make them foreign and distant to the regular citizen. The human mind is easy to manipulate when the manipulation happens on a large scale and when the narrative is promoted and accepted as “true ” by the majority.

The voices of the oppressed are ignored, usually until it is too late. Because they are castigated, marginalized and demonized, nobody listens to their cries for help. This is exactly what is being seen in South Africa with the murders of farmers. The issue is kept well hidden by the majority black African  government and compliant mass media (who not only get their licence from the government, but make most of their profit from the majority). It is this land on which the Boers have traditionally farmed for generations that is coveted by the black African  and their partners in crime, the socialists, as well as their conservative values that are hated by the powers that be.

When we look at all the evidence- it becomes crystal clear that the British Rothschild Jews are behind all of this- as they have ever been since gold and diamonds were discovered in the Boer Republics. As they have done all over Africa- the British Jews are exploiting the black African as his “Goyum” – his animal to forward the British manipulative agenda in Africa. Because of the black African’s ability to multiply at a staggering rate- the British Jew see this as a positive way to oppress and cleanse any other African tribe that try to rebel against the British oppressive dictatorship in Africa. By bank-rolling appointed front men such as Mbeki, Zuma and Ramaphosa to keep the populace in control- the British maggot factory ensure that the rich mineral deposits finds their way to British vaults in a steady stream.

When the populace become too big – and/or too rebellious to control- well- then it is time for yet another genocide– and extremist factions such as the ANC, APLA, Mkontho, AZAPO, BLF , EFF or any black “liberation  “ group are funded to start a civil war. In South Africa all white people must be exterminated to prevent a white up-rise- and as always are the blacks the perfect vehicle to execute that action for the British Illuminati Jew banksters. BUT as always the world does not want to know about the South African boiling pot, they do not want to believe it happens. After all- South Africa after 1994 was THEIR brainchild and their creation. Now that it went terribly wrong- nobody wants to accept responsibility. No dog wants to go back and eat his own sh*t! So the best remedy for your atrocious conduct is one of ignorance or flat denial. What happens in South Africa is no “democracy”- it’s a friggen dangerous  bloody joke!!




White Nation