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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg   April 30    2018





THERE is a very good reason why you never should believe what the Main Stream Media tells you. They are paid to lie! The Main Stream Media are corporate – controlled and will only tell you this only you “need” to know – and what their corporate owner handlers  tells them to say.

Most of the Main Stream Media Networks can be traced back to corporate moguls that one way or the other belong to some secret society or banking establishment. Thus you are being “psi-opsed” to become yet another android in the hands of the corporate mass controllers- and the Main Stream Media  is one sure way to get you to become one of their controlled lab-rabbits. The Main Stream Media is yet another mass-mind controlling vehicle which is effectively used against the populace to keep them “in-line” to serve the “masters” in control. If you pay for news the chances is that you are about to become another one of their rabbits- and the irony is you pay for your mind to be destroyed!  Real information is free. SO– if you have an IQ lower than 75, did grade 6 twice to earn your grade 12 diploma – or belong to one -or -the -other misdirected LGBT culture- the Mainstream Media will be  tailor-fit for you. You are a perfect receptive specimen for a lab-rab. In this article we will try to explain to you why we say this:

The average person living in the modern world today is bombarded with so much information on a daily basis, much of it conflicting, that he or she is likely to oscillate within a constant state of cognitive dissonance. Making sense of what’s true and what’s “fake” has basically become a full-time job, and people who already work full-time for a living and take care of their families simply don’t have the extra time necessary to make heads or tails of the increasingly complex reality in which we all live – hence why so many people simply accept whatever they’re told or what comes naturally to them.

Discovering what’s actually true in today’s world is a difficult endeavor, despite the fact that we now have the internet right at our fingertips like never before. That’s because there’s simply too much information out there now to try to sort through it all, especially when it counters the official narratives being spread by the mainstream media. Much of what people are told is “news,” in other words, is little more than propaganda designed to control people’s thoughts while suppressing all forms of thought that are independent or critical.

“From mainstream media to social media. From ‘real’ news to ‘fake’ news. From Facebook political pokes to Twitter Trumpisms. It’s getting more and more difficult to navigate the wide-open waters of the information age,” writes Gary McGee for Waking Times about the severity of this widespread problem.

All too often we take the easy route and unquestioningly stick to our political party line. But when it comes down to it, it is our responsibility alone to think clearly. It’s not our chosen news outlet’s responsibility. It’s not our teacher’s responsibility. It’s not our political party’s responsibility. It is ours and ours alone.”

Beware of ‘newspeak,’ ‘doublethink,’ and the agenda of total thought control

One conspicuous tactic that the propaganda overlords love to employ on the masses is known as “newspeak,” which centers around the idea of keeping people confined to thought “baskets” that prevent them from discovering the full truth about the matter. Oftentimes there’s a little bit of truth contained in newspeak in order to cleverly disguise the full extent of it, while simultaneously making those who fall for it believe that they’ve attained understanding.

In his book The Common Good, Noam Chomsky writes about how newspeak, a term that was first coined by George Orwell in his famous book 1984, is used to create the illusion of free speech and press while accomplishing the exact opposite- iow “reversed psychology.” Chomsky refers to newspeak as the “smart way to keep people passive and obedient” while limiting “the spectrum of acceptable opinion.” As long as the conversation remains within this spectrum, those under the delusion of newspeak will believe that they are debating the facts, and thus remain pacified.

Many conservatives will assume that such a tactic only resides on the liberal end of the spectrum, but the fact of the matter is that it also occurs on the conservative side. One example of this is President Trump’s repeated use of the phrase “fake news” to describe news outlets that criticize his policies or actions. While some news outlets may, indeed, be guilty of purveying fake news, the constant use of this phrase reiterates into his supporters’ minds that anything critical of the President is automatically fake, which shuts down their critical thinking skills and keeps them in a constant state of “acceptable” opinion.

The same scenario  happens in South Africa where whites continuously are branded by the  black politicians and media as “racists” that “stole” the land from blacks. This also cause the whites to feel “guilty” and it become “acceptable “ to keep on giving non-productive and non-contributing blacks whatever they “demand.”  Again – like in Trump’s case- it shuts down their critical thinking skills and keeps them in a constant state of “acceptable” opinion.So when the black regime push through their land expropriation law at last- white will feel “morally obligated” to hand over their rightful property to the black government without putting up a fight. Thus they are willingly psi-opsed to self impoverishment. Tell a lie long enough and it become the truth.

Another common brainwashing tactic within this same vein is known as “doublethink,” which basically defines a particular concept with its opposite. A few examples of “doublethink “  in 1984 include concepts like “freedom is slavery,” “war is peace,” and “ignorance is strength.” These concepts represent manifestations of mass media mind control, under which many white conservatives have unfortunately fallen victim to.

GMOs are bad for you and the planet. Chemicals in cosmetics cause cancer. Fast fashion is seriously contributing  to climate change. These are facts we try to present in Eluxe, because you won’t find them anywhere else in the news. No wonder most people  have lost faith in corporate-owned media outlets  – there are many good reasons not to trust a word they say.

For example, it was recently reported that the Pentagon paid a PR firm $540 million to make – and fake – ‘terror’ videos in Iraq. Yep, that’s right: the American government, not ISIS, was behind those nauseating scenes – and they made them to scare you into supporting even further military spending in the Middle East. Moreover, it’s recently been shown that Project Mockingbird, the CIA’s project to embed their agents within news outlets, wasn’t  killed off by George Bush Sr, as was previously reported. In fact,  the Department of Justice in America has recently given the green light to FBI agents conducting undercover investigations to impersonate journalists — effectively legalizing Operation Mockingbird. CNN’s Anderson Cooper is just one of several high profile journalists who have recently been pointed to as having deep ties to the CIA, responsible for  planting  (dis)information from the intelligence agency. No wonder his ABC show was called ‘The Mole’!

In 2009, it was  reported  that the Pentagon had hired controversial PR firm, The Rendon Group, to monitor the reporting of journalists embedded with the US military, to assess whether they were providing coverage that was “positive”  enough to America’s missions.  Thirdly, the concentration of media ownership means that less diversity of opinion is being heard. According to Business Insider, 90% of the American mainstream media is owned by only 6 corporations, meaning your news is filtered by  highly powerful interests who are often closely connected to large corporations and politicians – and won’t report anything negative about them, even if it’s in the public’s interests.

Finally, and perhaps most shockingly, in the USA, it is actually legal to lie in the news. The  First Amendment to the US Constitution protects freedom of speech, and courts in the US have ruled on many occasions that freedom of speech also includes the freedom to lie. The rationale is that such rulings give space for unpopular statements of fact. For example, in 2012, the US Supreme Court voted 6-3 to  affirm a lower court decision to overturn a conviction for lying about one’s credentials.

Washington State Supreme Court even ruled that lying to get votes, distinguishing between fact and opinion, was not something that the state should negotiate. It  wrote that people and not the government should be the final arbiter of truth in a political debate. Some kinds of lying are not covered by the First Amendment. For example, lying while under oath, lying to a government official, or lying to sell a product. But the  Supreme Court has emphatically ruled that media outlets  have a right to lie, as this video below illustrates perfectly.

With major issues like 9-11 and the wars in the Middle East, many of us are learning through social media and other channels that what we hear on the news may not be the truth. At other times, viewers had WTF moments that planted seeds of doubt about the media’s credibility, such as when a BBC journalist reporting live in front of building 7  spoke of its demise  from the impact of the Twin Towers’ destruction – before the building had actually collapsed.

Furthermore, some news anchors, such as  Brian Williams, have been  forced to admit making up false stories – in his case, about the Iraq war. But  Fox News  was also threatened with legal action by the mayors of Birmingham and Paris after the news network falsely stated that Muslims had taken over parts of those cities,  making them ‘no go’ areas ‘even for the police’. And there are plenty more lies and dodgy dealings that mainstream media (MSM) has been caught up in (see the video below for details).

Clearly, the MSM is bad enough at simply reporting the facts – so hosting balanced debates is pretty much out of the question. They tend to deliver everything in terms of basic dualities: either you’re pro-Hillary or pro-Trump; you’re pro-cop or anti; you’re pro-life or pro-choice, etc. There’s never any room to ask the bigger questions – it truly is the ‘society of the spectacle‘, where we are ‘allowed’ to watch what we are given, but no more.

Plus, there’s a war on independent investigative journalism. After the US elections, where Donald Trump won the Presidency despite the MSM’s best attempts to discredit him and install Hillary Clinton, the establishment media has furiously declared war on what they call ‘fake news sites’ – a.k.a alternative media. Facebook has even vowed to shut them down on their social media platform.

This is not to say there aren’t a plethora of fake news sites out there – there are, and many of them have been deliberately created to foster confusion as to what is really going on in the world. As FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds states in this video, in these times of ‘media wars,’ it’s essential to distinguish between authentically independent journalism and ‘fake news’ created by intelligence services to throw us off what’s really happening.

To cut through the outright manipulation and lies and get deeper insight to what’s really going on in the world, more and more people are (quite rightly) turning to independently run websites on the internet. Sure, there’s a lot of rubbish out there, but if you know where to look, you can find  some highly credible voices that are presenting well-researched information we should all know.

Here’s a list of 13 reliable and honest news sites that will tell you the truth about what’s happening in the world:

1.  The Corbett Report

With over 1,000 episodes, the Corbett Report has most definitely earned their reputation as one of the hardest-working and most-trusted news sources in the world. The Corbett Report has uniquely developed their own team of investigative fans who research the most-requested topics. The information is archived and analyzed by James Corbett, who then turns the sources into an easy to understand video  news report. Preferring to describe the service he provides as  —open source intelligence–, the Corbett Report has been a favorite of mine for many years.


best alternative media sites

2. Moon of Alabama

This Swiss based site’s purpose is to intelligently discuss, dissect and analyse current political and economic narratives as found in the mainstream news – often proving that narrative 100% wrong.  Run by Bernhart Billmon, the site is often used as a source in other news sites.




3.  The Anti-Media

A Facebook favorite due its ability to put together very shareable  news clip videos together, the Anti Media has recently soared into the 25,000 most visited websites in the world – with Facebook shares surely paying a large part in its popularity. This independent news site was particularly active in publishing breaking news on the anti-police protests across America, and their posts quickly  went viral on social media with hundreds of thousands of shares. It’s the best place to go for mainly American news no one else seems to cover.


best alternative media sites

4.  Global Research

In an era of so much media disinformation, Global Research aims to give clarity to issues such as the war on terror, climate change, the ‘Arab Spring’ and other major political events.

In  addition to the Global Research websites, the organisation is behind The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) is an independent research and media organization based in  Montreal that’s involved in book publishing,  supporting humanitarian projects and educational outreach activities  including the  organization of public conferences and lectures. The Centre also acts as a non-partisan think tank on crucial   economic and geopolitical issues.





5. White Nation Network is an interesting  malware-free website without age restrictions, so you can safely browse it. The site appears to be a site belonging to and run by anonymous administrators – as we could not trace a single name of any administrator or correspondent.The site is interesting with an eerie sense of anonymity and an anti-liberal sentiment which deems  it that more credible and authentic on face value than most sites.  The site appears to be  represented by contributors from all over the globe with their focus point mainly about the truth of South Africa- another big “no-no” in the Main Stream Media. The site has been classified  by Google as “spam” due to it’s direct attacks on the liberal news establishment and it’s brutal exposure of many sensitive information certain secret organizations  would rather prefer to stay out of the spotlight. The site regularly experience  attacks from hackers and leftist government instructed shut-downs due to it’s open door policy on telling the truth . This alone makes it a trusted and reliable source.

It seems that the White Nation Network team are busy conquering the social media -and they have already achieved a promising result in expanding their influence over more than 160 countries world-wide. The site’s news are reliable and refer you to original sources. Although the name sounds as-if may be another “Supremacist” network- it factually is a potent non-politically correct alternative source of information with a variety of articles you will not find in the Main Stream Media. is hosted with Cogeco Peer 1 in United States. Where they are based is still unclear. White Nation Network traffic is estimated at around 30K visits per month- which makes it a strong contender for the top spot in the global conservative environment outside the United States.

6. We Are Change

“News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.” That’s the quote that We Are Change chooses to define itself by, and of course their goal is to uncover what is being suppressed and to call the ‘advertising’ out for just what it is. Basically, this is a site that covers everything from economics and GMOs to politics. It’s a site that proposes we don’t just listen passively to REAL news, but that we take action against the powers that be, too.

best alternative news sites


7.  Natural News

Given that pesticide and GMO giant Monsanto has literally bought off many research labs, universities and individual scientists, it’s very hard indeed to get any objective news about how GMOs and non-organic food affects our health.

Natural News dubs itself as a “science-based natural health advocacy organization led by activist-turned-scientist Mike Adams”. Its key mission  is to empower consumers with information about GMOs, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, hormone disruptors and other chemicals found in foods, medicines, personal care products, and other everyday objects, that the mainstream media tends to ignore or underplay.

An advocate of holistic approaches to wellness, the site strongly criticizes big pharma,  corporate corruption, animal testing, covert  medical experiments, the chemical contamination of foods, heavy metals in consumer products, factory farming, government corruption and more.

As a result, the site and Mike Adams are often attacked by big pharma and pro-GMO trolls, but given the power of those two lobbies, we feel Natural News is an important voice to balance disinformation from  studies and research that are often funded by large corporations to falsely paint their products as being safe.



8.  Consortium News

Consortium News could well have been the first investigative news magazine on the Internet. It was founded by former AP journalist Robert Parry, who was one of the key reporters that exposed the Iran-Contra scandal in the mid-80s. Parry believes the distortion of information by the news media is a serious issue that is brainwashing millions of Americans through floods of disinformation. The news site has been especially articulate in revealing the truth about the crisis in Ukraine, completely  avoiding  the pro-coup, U.S. media  rhetoric that has completely twisted the situation in the minds of consumers of mainstream media.



9.  StormCloudsGathering

From serious doubts about the origins of the terrorist attacks in Paris to questions about who is in fact behind ISIS, Storm Clouds Gathering presents all the information the  corporate media is hiding from us. Presented in clear, simple video format, those behind this independent news site are merely a young  couple who no longer live in NATO states, as they believe the leaders of those countries ‘have lost their marbles’. Spend 10 minutes watching SG’s videos, and you’ll tend to agree.



10.  Truth In Media

A former local Fox anchor in Cincinnati, Ohio with 2 Emmy Awards under his name, Truth in Media founder Ben Swann had 14 years of experience working as a journalist in broadcast news before he had enough and started his own website, In 2012, he was the first journalist in the world to directly interview President Barack Obama about the Constitutionality of his drone “kill list”. Since then, he expanded to  reate — boldly proclaiming the project’s commitment to journalism in its purest form  right in the  official title.



11.  Media Roots

Last, but most definitely not least is Media Roots. Founded by the former host of RT’s Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, Media Roots is a citizen journalism project that reports the news from outside party lines. Abby believes that just as the root system of a tree is more important that the tree itself, independent media is integral to the foundation and survival of a democracy. Graduating from San Diego State with a Bachelor’s degree in political science, Abby’s Media Roots regularly features exclusive podcasts discussing the latest world events with her brother Robbie.



12. The Off Guardian

Created by former Guardian journalists who became disillusioned with the paper’s “increasingly distorted and tendentious news reporting on Libya, the proxy-war in Syria, and the Ukraine Crisis,” it could be said the Off-Guardian acts as something of a watchdog for the formerly left-of-center British newspaper. With writers  from North America, Britain, and Southern and Eastern Europe, the Off Guardian is not supported by any governments, institutions or pressure groups, and believes  in the sanctity of facts and the concept of truth itself — not merely in that of competing narratives.



13. 21st Century Wire

Strong advocates of free speech and truth in media, 21st Century Wire calls itself News for the Waking Generation.  Founded in 2009, it’s a North American and Europe-based, grassroots, independent news site that works with a core team of writers, researchers, and an array of volunteer contributors who write and help to analyze news and provide a diverse perspective and opinions from around the world. 21st Century Wire writers have appeared internationally on TV, radio and in print, as well as keynote speakers at leading alternative conferences and events. They  aim to deliver a consistent stream of independent research on subjects and views that are rarely covered in the corporate-owned and foundation-funded media spheres.



White Nation Network