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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria May 09   2018





MUNICIPALITIES in South Africa are the worst type of scoundrels in Africa. With each council’s chambers filled to the brim with greedy ‘democratic” wolves in sheep’s garments- they rob the poor (mainly white) taxpayer on multiple ways of extortion while  they waste that same money on lavish ” nice-to-haves” and secret tender deals with “brothers” and families.WHITE South Africans these days are quite fed up being exploited as the bum nuggets for the black kleptocracy in control and their 54 million supporting ” bogeymen.”

An example of this tender racketeering and incompetence was exposed when  a shocking R27 million was wasted by the City of Ekurhuleni when 565 shacks built for illegal squatters were dismantled and stolen after the intended recipients refused to occupy them. Only the foundations remain. The expensive project went ahead despite squatters  in the Angelo squatter camps  having refused to be relocated. Among their concerns was that the shacks had been built around open mineshafts and sinkholes.

An expenditure breakdown indicates that the metro spent  R34200 (excluding VAT) on each 40 square metre structure, including a 100mm-thick concrete slab, aluminium frames, corrugated iron roof, the inside sheeting and two windows. An additional R5.5m was spent on the Red Ants to guard the informal housing project after residents from another informal settlement tried to invade the unoccupied units. The Red Ants left the site after their contract was terminated by the metro. The metro spent about R5.5mR82 000 per day – in the 62 days that the Red Ants were on site.  (Link) 

And all this unnecessary costs are sucked out of the mainly white tax payer and business. Apparently the incompetent “city councilors” have this warped  idea that the taxpayer is a bottomless pit to support them with a never-ending flow of cash- or get summonsed/jailed for not supporting them. One way or the other the political criminals hide behind their own manufactured “by-laws” to impoverish the populace. When will the day come that we see this useless greedy and incompetent city officials getting jailed for this type of gross misdemeanors? 

Class racism also plays a major part in their evil game of Monopoly to ensure the backing of the majority votes during the next elections. The “poor” illegal mainly black squatters qualifies for all the “free-bees” (otherwise they rant, riot and burn again)– while the mainly white milking cows have to foot the extra bill for all those “free-bees” the illegal black squatters continuously threaten to rant, riot and burn about. South African 3rd world politics is not about honesty- it’s all about telling the naive populace  the bullsh*t lies they want to hear in order to gain access to their support-  which in turn again will ensure the scrupulous lying city councilors get lucrative salaries and new SUV’s for the next five years again.

Cape Town ( that potpourri pink city with all it’s non-white non-christian interracial homosexual and “diversified” city councilors)–  for example tried to sock he public one with the drought- installing thousands of “smart meters” that will suck you dry if you dare consume more than the allotted 300 liters per day per household. Now the rain came and the drought is no more an issue as that dreadful “D-Day” strangely moved on and on down the calendar –  and finally came to it’s final resting place ” possibly somewhere in 2019.” Now they again are preparing to sock the taxpayer from another angle  by informing the (mainly white) residents that the water tariff is about to be increased by a whopping 55%!!!!

We quote: “  City of Cape Town Deputy Mayor, Ian Neilson, says the City has proposed a 55% water tariff increase. Speaking to Kieno Kammies, Neilson says the increase will be from R26 to R40 per kilolitre. “We are re-looking at this situation, we are looking at rephrasing some of the work in that water department so we can bring down that overall requirement of 27%.” We are focusing very strongly on whatever savings we can achieve so we can put down that tariff because we do realize that is is excessive. — Ian Neilson, City of Cape Town Deputy. Nelson says they are taking this proposed tariff hike seriously and they welcome all input.”  ( Link) 

But Cape Town’s DA con-artists and racketeers are not the only ones pulling a racketeering stunt on their residents. More than 40% of South African municipalities do not have enough money to carry out service delivery plans for the current financial year, Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene revealed on Tuesday. According to EWN, Nene in a written Parliamentary reply revealed that 112 municipalities have unfunded budgets. Now THAT’s African management  for you!!


The majority of municipalities come from Limpopo, followed by the Northern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, the minister told MPs. He further revealed that just 14 municipalities have approved financial recovery plans.  The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Kevin Mileham told the news site that it is evident that municipalities are either battling to collect revenue from ratepayers, have a revenue base that is not big enough, or are not adequately controlling their expenditure. ( We would rather take a pot-shot guess their majority consumers are residing in black “rant, riot and burn” squatters camps.-Ed) He further said: “The minister is obligated to intervene and sadly there’s been a complete lack of intervention on the part of provinces and national executives of Cabinet to take the necessary steps to ensure financial stability in these municipalities.”

Earlier in the day, Nene told parliament that South Africa will struggle to stick to a promise to cut spending, which helped it avoid a damaging credit rating downgrade, if a stalemate over civil service wages is not resolved soon. “There are risks to maintaining the expenditure ceiling over the medium term, which include the public service wage agreement and the financial position of several state-owned companies,” Nene told parliament during a Treasury presentation.
The irony is that while these useless political gold diggers are sucking the populace dry- they still are arrogant enough to “demand” that the public must also pay their “VIP” protection fees in case a member/s  of the public just had about enough of this mobster Inc. tactics – and start “icing” their fat cat arses.  The South African Police Service(SAPS) has been allocated R91.8-billion for the 2018/2019 financial year. Of this, R2.9-billion has been earmarked for the ” protection “ and “ security services” program. According to the treasury, this program is tasked with protecting ” local and foreign dignitaries. “  I.o.w FAT CAT arses! It also evaluates security for national key points and some strategic installations. The program’s  VIP protection services has been allocated R1.5-billion. ( Link) BUT on the contrary must the same taxpayer that foot the bill to “protect” these political mobsters – themselves be without any “special protection” on a daily basis – in the firing line of criminals who has been cultivated by these same mobsters . Why not spending your own tax money on the protection of your own family instead of footing the bill to protect political robbers and thieves ?



(Since 1994 the whole country has been plundered by these communist thugs. What else do you expect from a country run by ex-convicts then ? It’s an “African” thing. As for the Democratic Alliance- well- the time has come that bunch of  greedy retards in Cape Town take their bags and leave as well- they have overstayed their welcome and are noting better than their criminal ANC counterparts- if not worse. -Ed)