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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg May 11   2018





IT really is amazing how one political clown in a red costume can turn a country into turmoil, defy the ends of justice, challenge a so-called “constitution”  that was supposed to be engraved in “stone”– and  now want to turn approximately  50 million legal home owners into rapid destitute nomads overnight- and still get away with it while a whole country full of naive fools simply sit idly by and watch all this happen! 

Yes- you have guessed it- the king of clowns Julius Malema still drives his mentally constrained agenda of “repatriation without compensation” against all common sense  (except naturally  African common sense )- that is. The mad Zuma jester says land expropriation without compensation will include land on which homes have been built. That would mean YOUR private home too mister and missus “no-care.”  He added that the homes on the land will not be expropriated.

Malema dismissed fears that investors will run away if the state took land from citizens during the implementation of the land expropriation program.  Now this comes from the same idiot that  is on record for promising : ‘I will die for Zuma.’ He said government should take land ownership away from banks and allow bond owners to pay for the built property only. “By the way, we are nationalizing the land…If you have a bond we will talk to the bank… we are not paying any bank,” – the little lord of the flies rambled on. “ With regards to land, we wrote to the departments and asked how many hectares of land do they own. We want to prove that the rhetoric that the investors will run away if the state owns the land is a myth.

We are going to release a long list of the billion dollar projects that are operating on state land. We are nationalising the land and everything that comes with the land underground. Patrice Motsepe and Cyril Ramaphosa will never buy a land in a prime space without intervention of the state institutions. Only foreigners can buy in CPT, what does that say for the sovereignty of this country? Willing buyer and willing seller is not working because there is no one that is willing to sell.”  

Malema ostensibly have a serious mental deficiency- or cannot read because Rhamaphosa- Malema’s new “champ” on the block who he now try to “defend” who apparently with Patrice Motsepe cannot buy land in a “prime space” – currently IS busy just doing the “unthinkable” – buying that land in “prime space” in Cape Town- and not at what cost- at a staggering cool R 30 MILLION!(Link)

So much for Julius’ lies.  But then again we all know Julius passed gr.6 TWICE in order to obtain his gr. 12 certificate.  Maybe he is  trying his utmost to   get out of paying full price for his mansion in Sandton. Then again his house in Sandton was “expropriated without compensation ” some time ago by the Jew Cabal running the Revenue Service due to back taxes not being paid.  We would guess he rents now, or lives in a benefactors abode. What Malema again is doing- is to cynically exploiting the desperation of many South Africans after decades of disastrous ANC misrule  for his own selfish purposes.

Ironically it appears  this irrelevant little racist twerp is getting more desperate by the day. His mental and economic immaturity are now blatantly obvious and his support base has been reduced to a handful of lazy, uneducated racist black losers that will never contribute anything to society. With the sole reason for the EFFs existence (Zuma) now out of the political arena – they have nothing to offer except more idle threats and broken promises. The black working class have given a very clear indication in Protea Glen and Kwa-Zulu Natal of what they feel about Malema’s desperate attempts to appear relevant-  but sadly he is too stupid to see the writing on the wall. Perhaps a settlement for the EFF and its supporters back in their Congo basin homeland is the answer.

Even Ramaphosa is playing the jester for what he is- a fool. Ramaphosa “approved” the mad scheme of land “appropriation without compensation” to gain poor Malema’s 6% voters- but even a racist like Ramaphosa can figure out it never will pass into legislation. It only is a ploy to fool Malema. Ramaphosa know the EFF is on it’s last terrible legs and Malema himself is as we gather- to become “extinct “ soon. So the squirrel only now play around for time until Malema and his happy band of directionless fools sings their swan song.

However– we challenge Ramaphosa, Malema,- and all the black political clowns that voted in “favor” of this newest land theft scam to  put their practices into action. Let them lead by example and first hand over their properties, their land , private homes and farms they extorted from their poor voters. Let them stop trying to gain cheap votes, and be the real “heroes “ of the “struggle” like they always proclaim to be. Let them take the first bold steps and go  live with the squatters to show their solidarity with the “people” they claim to “fight” for.

Yea- THAT would be something to put on Facebook- now wouldn’t it? Can you imagine ol’ Cyril giving up his newly acquired R 30 million little nest in Cape Town to go live in crime infested Gughulethu?  Fat chance he will. But alas– We believe we will never see the day these greedy black elite fools will depart of THEIR own stolen earthly possessions- will they now? After they created chaos in this country, their ” poor “  people will again go back to their shacks, thirsty, cold and hungry, whereas these black “elite”- , the so-called “struggle heroes”  of the poor, go to back to their rich upper class mansions in predominantly WHITE areas- with electricity , security fencing and running water. They and their families  have eaten their meat (and ours)– and washed it down with a few shots of blue label. Do you think they have what it takes  to be the REAL heroes of the people? I beg to differ as South Africa runs on THREE different law systems…one for the black “elite”- one for the black majority- and one for the “minority” groups. Truly- South Africa has become a “democratic” fool’s paradise controlled by greedy  political clowns. 



White Nation