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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Berlin  May 13    2018



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NOT long after the ink has dried on Germany’s new government coalition agreement, that she-demon Merkel’s new cabinet has agreed a law change to let all refugees bring their families to Germany.

The new German communist government agreed on Wednesday to a change in the law which allows refugees with “subsidiary protection” to start bringing their families to Germany. Refugees with “subsidiary protection” will be allowed to bring relatives back to Germany as of August 1st. A corresponding change in the residence law was also passed by the new federal cabinet in Berlin on Wednesday.

Currently, beneficiaries of “subsidiary protection,”– also known as migrants or illegal immigrants – many of whom are alleged refugees from Syria – are only allowed to bring relatives to Germany in rare cases. But the new rules would allow for their spouses and underage children of all people with this status to apply to join them. People granted full refugee status are already allowed to bring their families to Germany. The change to the law will now be put to debate in the Bundestag (German parliament)-  and is likely to meet fierce resistance from the opposition.

However on the treasonous left side of the political spectrum, the Green Party and Die Linke feel that the law change does not go far enough, as it wants far more than the current limit of 1,000 relatives allowed in. Meanwhile, the Patriotic Alternative for Germany (AfD) wants to abolish family reunification for migrants and refugees altogether. The Pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) want to maintain the status quo, which allows for reunification in exceptional circumstances only.

“Subsidiary protection “ is lower than full refugee status but the traitorous German government has been increasingly granting it to refugees from Syria who cannot prove that they are individually targeted by government persecution. In 2015 subsidiary protection was almost never granted. Of a total 282,726 cases which were decided that year, a minuscule 1,707 fell under this category. But in 2016 that number jumped to 153,700, which was 22.1 percent of all cases. Essentially this is a cop out and dodge from having to deport failed asylum seekers, kicking the can down the road…

Creating Germany’s equivalent of DACA in US, parents of unaccompanied minor refugees living in Germany with this temporary status could also apply for a visa under the new rule change. At present, 26,000 applications for subsidiary protection have already been submitted to German missions abroad. The coalition also wants to exclude terrorist sympathizers, agitators or so-called “dangerous persons” from family reunification in its bill. However, exceptions this is just words as is also possible here for people who now credibly distance themselves from their previous actions to be considered… making way for the Muslim policy of Taqqiyah, whereby Islam encourages and allows them to lie if it helps to promotes Islamic conquest.



( LAWS are manufactured and put into place to safeguard the best interests of a country and it’s citizens. When “laws” are manufactured that does precisely the opposite- it is no laws no more- but tools only to serve the best interest of an oppressive regime with hidden agendas. This is what is happening in Germany and South Africa now. Under the veil of so-called “democracies” brutal discrimination , oppression and alien infestations take place- which is NOT in the best interests of that countries. These respective regimes operates under the direct control of the British Caballah- who’s only objective is to exterminate he white Christian from his own country. 

When this happens- the time has come for public revolt – and the immediate removal of such a regime. Merkel should long ago being discarded of- whether politically- or “otherwise.” She is like Jacob Zuma of South Africa- a curse to that country and it’s people. With her destructive agenda orchestrated from deep within the Cabal-run EU domain- she is busy handing the mightiest country in Europe to the destruction of one of the most evil sects in the world.

Why the Germans still tolerate her “smart terms”  with which she try to mind-f*ck the populace – and her deliberate agenda to slowly but systematically hand the German sovereignty to the mass destruction of a Muslim infestation- is still a mystery- but not unexpected.  Why no Arab country – or Israel for that matter- takes on this thousands of so-called Muslim “refugees”  but only white European and American countries- also makes one wonder  just who are behind this agenda- and why?  I sincerely believe you already have guessed the answer to that. The faster white Europeans  get rid of Merkel, Sturgeon, Macron, May and their demonic ilk- the better the chances for white Europe to survive beyond the 21st century. -Ed) 



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