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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  May 17   2018






IF it was not such a sensitive issue- one likely could have smiled looking at the way the illegal South African terrorist regime now throws in everything bar the kitchen zink in an effort to try to stem the tide of information about the white genocide in South Africa now spreading like wild fire into the international arena.And as expected- at the forefront of this denial strategy you have the white liberals.

For 20 odd years the black terrorist movement enjoyed unsurpassed glory and praises from the ill informed and brain washed rabbits abroad. For 20 years the communist mass murderers could get away by the power  flat denial , media black-outs and umpteen anti-white racist laws. However–  since their golden calf- Nelson Mandela– announced his permanent “retirement” from the present to the eternal flames- things rapidly started to change- especially when lord Zuma jumped onto the band wagon.

Looking at how many “experts ” suddenly now come to the fore and “deny” farm killings and the white genocide- one get that eerie feeling the poor mentally impaired liberal croutons and their ANC dreggies are waking up to the reality- that the international rabbits suddenly made a turn at the laboratory of knowledge. Suddenly the “previous disadvantaged “ struggling ANC rats are sinking lower on the butt-kissing list.

Just a day or two ago I read how the South African deceptive media started to adhere to the wake-up call when they published an article about a white liberal professor- one Elmien Du Plessis– a professor at the University of the North West- who very ill-informed – questioned Afriforum’s statistics around the farm murders. Then again I saw today the regime brought in one of their “heavy” cannons- Dr.  Johan Burger–  senior researcher at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS)– to deny the fact that farm murders are politically motivated. He stated that he “never found a politically motivated” farm murder in 30 years.” (Link) 

Next I saw an article appearing in the Mail & Guardian that also now are making strange squeaking sounds about the reaction from abroad about the white genocide- and as we know the non-white tabloids- it immediately started off with that old dilapidated derogatory terms such as “Alt-Right” , “Swart gevaar”– and “extremist” groups. The heading also hollered: ” White genocide: How the big lie spread to the US and beyond.” The poor “rainbow” trash paper correspondent Lloyd Gedye really tried to ridicule the Suidlanders by stating: “The spike in advocacy against a so-called “white genocide” in South Africa can be traced to a co-ordinated campaign by right-wing group the Suidlanders to bolster international support for white South Africans.”  (Link) 

Then we have the usual bleating of the ANC queen of misinformation- Lindiwe Sisulu– that criticizes Afriforum for “spreading lies to the international world about South Africa. “ ( Link) But we have also learned not to pay much attention to this blabbermouth. She normally have the strange tendency for talking with her foot in her mouth. Then we have the VF+ Doctor Pieter Groenewald that also – in an interview on KYK-NET- flatly denied there is a genocide in the offing. But then again- the VF Plus long time ago sold their soul to the ”  dark side”  in exchange for power. They only became the old National Party in a new clown costume. These are not “representatives” of the white people- these are a bunch of Afrikaner Broederbond potpourri liberal spooks!

Suddenly every bitch in the South African Gehenna are now jumping up to flatly deny what the conservative white people , world renown Dutch reporter Adriana Stuijt– and  even Dr. Gregory Stanton from Genocide Watch International  have been telling them for 20 years already- that their “democratic”  ANC communists are busy with a silent white genocide. Stanton gave this warning on 26 July 2012 already!! Why would they deny it- because they now themselves belief in the lie they propagated? 

It is quite hard to phantom the mind set of the human wretches running our societies today. How is it possible that God fearing Christian conservative people can allow- and tolerate- these leftist political human secretions to control and ruin our lives? What happened to honor and fight for your God-given rights? Just this past month the following incidents happen where black thugs attacked innocent whites- yet nobody said a word about it:

  1. A springs woman and her child jumped through their window when black thugs attacked them in their home- the father was shot. NO media fanfare. (Link)
  2. An elderly white woman – Anne Ferreira (83) – was murdered in Summerstrand Port Elizabeth- not a word of condemnation from the media and political thugs. ( Link) 
  3. A white farmhouse was attacked and burned to ashes by black leeching land grabbers- not a word of condemnation. ( Link) 
  4. An elderly man- Danie Rothman– was attacked by black thugs in Potchefstroom- No media or political outcry. ( Link) 
  5. An elderly couple was murdered on their farm in the Westonaria region. Fanie (78) and  Colleen (74) Engelbrecht was brutally murdered  by black thugs. Not a word was spoken about it. ( Link) 
  6. Another white man was callously murdered at his workplace. ( Link) 
  7.  Dudley Foster was attacked by three black thugs on his smallholding near Lanseria. No media coverage or threats to the perpetrators from the political thugs. (Link)
  8. An elderly couple was attacked by black thugs with machetes on their farm near Hertzogville in the Free State. ( Link)
  9. Another gruesome attack by black thugs took place in the Sunrella region when 3 black thugs entered a home of white people and start stabbing them. No political., liberal- or media condemnation. ( Link) 
  10. Mike Bonette- an elderly mercenary worker- was brutally attacked by black thugs on his farm in Meyerton. ( Link) 
  11. Louis Van Rooyen from Lichtenburg was shot repeatedly in the neck by black thugs. ( Link)
  12. Francois Els was brutally murdered in Pretoria when black thugs tried to hi-jack his car.(Link)
  13. A white electrician – Christo du Plooy– was shot to death by black thugs in his home in   Parys.

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Another bit of reality the white liberal cretins appeared to have missed. 

AND so we can go on and on. Yet still you get liberal whites that allowed themselves to be exploited by the terrorist regime to act as treacherous front men and deny the fact that blacks are busy with a silent genocide on innocent- mostly elderly- white people. But then again liberals throughout the history of mankind has been traitors and destroyers of our societies.




In this video by Willem Petzer the crisis pertaining to farm murders and farm attacks is looked at. With a country that has about 30 000 farmers there were eleven farm attacks and three farm murders. Do the maths. And this highlights the astonishing claim by the DA overseas condemning those who protest against farm murders. The chaos raining in South Africa is a fact as was seen in the recent looting, burning, destruction and chaos during the riots in the North West province. The video brings to light the situation as it is and no denying by the ANC government can change this. Details of a recent attack and murder are revealed in a heartbreaking look into what transpired that fateful night.


A farm attack victim's message to Malema, Courtesy EWN

A farm attack victim's message to Malema, video from EWN

Posted by Top South African Daily on Monday, May 14, 2018




The white liberal cancer

It also is then mostly white liberals that are the most verbal in denying the fact that there is a white genocide and deliberate mass killing against white farmers going on. Mainly white liberals act as the proxi for the communist terrorists  in South Africa. As you can clearly see again it’s white liberals that enjoys the most prominent limelight in trying to “debunk” the fact that South Africa is one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a farmer and there is a white genocide in the offing. You can name them- Piet Croucamp, Max Du Preez, Elmien Du Plessis, Johan Burger and so the list goes on.

On the South African version of Facebook you again have the liberal white Afrikaners controlling and “monitoring” the social site for “hate speech” and “racism.”  You must understand that South Africans are caught up in a self imposed vice of “racism.” Every bloody thing that sounds against the “ community standards” are either “hate speech” or “racism,” It became a culture in the lost rainbow chicken pen. To the powerless Afrikaner decrepit old fools who  deem themselves as little “gods” to ensure whites on Facebook adhere to the bogus “ community standards”  now again have a new toy to play with. They were dubbed “Administrators” to gun their own people again. A spot they seem to revel in. This is the closest the poor  Afrikaner idiocracy will ever again come to wielding ” power” again.

In the media they occupy the highest positions in management of the NASPERS anti-white propaganda machine. In politics liberals such as Rob Davis is occupying the key position in fabricating laws to impoverish white Afrikaners. In attacks against white Afrikaner activists such as Dan Roodt, Steve Hoffmeyer and Sunette Bridges again it was  white liberals such as Konrad Koch, Sloet De Villiers, Elsabe Zietsman and Carina Papenfus that were key figures in demonizing and attacking them in public. It also was a white liberal professor-  Christi van der Westhuizen – that attacked whites in her book Sitting Pretty- in which she blamed especially white Afrikaner women for having it “cozy” due to “apartheid.” 

Another misdirected white liberal- Johann Van Der Westhuizen- using his own “smart terms” in attacking co-whites in the media. This is the type of individuals carrying the mark of Cain.



In the judiciary it again was a white liberal- Gillian Schutte– that featured prominent in a treacherous act that saw high court judge Mabel Jansen loosing her job. In the Boeremag trail it also was a white liberal-Tollie Vreugdenburg – who was appointed as chief investigator and an Afrikaner traitor JC Smit that saw to it that twenty white Boers received lengthy jail sentences- who’s bail again was denied by yet another white liberal judge- Eben Jansen.

The political environment is smut with white liberals such as Carl Niehaus, Derek Hanekom, Lynne Brown, Athol Trollip to name but a few. It also then was mostly greedy white liberals such as FW De Klerk, Roelf Meyer, Dawie De Villiers, Tienie Groenewald, Leon Wessels et al that handed the white people of South Africa to the communist infiltrators to be murdered at a genocidal rate. It is then no wonder that another white liberal-Francine Higham,– that featured in the “DA Abroad” malicious propaganda campaign to deny the fact that a white genocide in South Africa is a reality.

And so the malicious influence of mainly white liberal traitors against the white people of South Africa goes on and on. Double-standards and criminal neglect of those who fill the breadbasket of our country – all driven by an outright racist, retributive communist and  liberal agenda can be the only explanations for the ANC regime and white liberals ignoring incessant brutal farm murders now making headlines overseas.

But these same white liberals maintained a stoic silence when:

  • Three year-old Wilmien Potgieter was shot in the back of the head at point blank range in December 2010 on their Lindley farm, this while her mother’s throat was being slit on the 11th anniversary of her marriage to her murdered husband Attie who succumbed to 151 stab wounds. To celebrate this, their black murderers left a note written in Sotho on a piece of cardboard saying We have killed them. We are coming back”. I can find no evidence that these white liberals or the ANC ever condemned these murders.
  • The blood of 86-year old Rachel de Villiers was used by her murderer to write a satanic message on the walls of her home on their Barkly East farm in October 2013. The primitive savagery of her murder, which made headlines as far afield as China, evoked only silence from the ANC and these white liberals.
  • When, in March last year nine year old Kayla Meyer and her mother Marietjie (46) were killed on their Doornfontein farm. (The Democratic Alliance issued a statement condemning the murders but the silence from the African National Congress in general and from the white liberals, renowned “human rights” activists in particular, was to be expected. The victims were white, were they not?)
  • When Ester Kidson (69) still in a wheelchair after a hip operation, died after her throat was cut on their farm near Westonaria in January this year.
  • When, just a few weeks later Nicci Simpson (64) had holes drilled in her feet in a six-hour ordeal which Rapport aptly called a ‘modern crucifixion’. (The Democratic Alliance issued a statement condemning the bestially-depraved barbarism of her torture but the silence from the African National Congress in general and from this same liberals, the renowned feminist in particular, was to be expected. She is white, is she not?)

While remaining silent about the murders of Wilmien and Wilna Potgieter, Rachel de Villiers, Kayla and Marietjie Meyer and Ester Kidson and the torture of Nicci Simpson, this liberals were at the forefront  condemning the “unspeakable evil ” of those Pretoria Girls High School teachers who inflicted appalling emotional trauma on the black pupils whose hair styles they so despicably criticized. Furthermore, the distress of the parents of those meticulously-coiffed schoolgirls in Pretoria must greatly exceed the sense of bereavement of the kith and kin of the slain Wilmien Potgieter and all the other women and girls who have perished in the same like manner on our farms.

Where you won’t find this despicable white liberals – is in quiet contemplation at the White Crosses Monument on a farm near Pietersburg. The crosses commemorate the victims of farm murders in South Africa. There are more than a thousand crosses there and almost half of those crosses represent elderly people. Most of the victims those crosses represent were murdered after the Mbeki admiration disbanded the efficient commando farm protection and then  reneged  on a promise to replace it with a system of equivalent efficacy – as the hundreds of farm murders thereafter testify. Nor would you find any of these white liberals in a white squatter camp– busy handing out much needed supplies to the impoverished whites.

White Liberals ensure they occupy prominent positions in order to “control” the white Afrikaner citizenry and in most cases they are the ones featuring in prominent attacks against the white Boer/Afrikaner in the media. So- as we can clearly see- the illegal communist rulers are the ones manufacturing and orchestrating the silent white genocide- while these white liberal creatures mostly are being exploited to attack white people in the media and elsewhere- usurping them and act as a front to destroy white nationalism. Liberals have this psychological mentally deficiency which creates an inferior complex in their system. Because of this mental condition- they feel that if they are in power it sort of “balances” the shortcoming of their identity crisis. But when in power- they mostly do not know what to do with that power- and most of the times only create chaos and mayhem like a little child at the controls of  a high-tech rocket launcher- they never know what button to press and why. Liberals are of the most verbal immature and insecure human species thinkable.


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Even the Afrikaner liberals on Facebook banned a post about a farm murder– et tu Afriforum?

Only when they are in power with hundreds of supporting idiots below them and multiple laws to protect them- do they feel “safe” in their “comfort zones.”  Even if it means betraying their own people. There MUST be some personal gain in it for them as they do not understand the term “patriotism.” When left alone they become their own true self again- a pathetic heap of useless weak jello without any backbone or fixed direction bar bitching and complaining. They are so full of themselves in their make-belief world of fairy tales that reality is too a distant feature to their minute capacity of reason to comprehend.This the reason why many of them become so-called “artists”– because in this realm they could become creators of their own distorted images.  None the less- the brutal truth is that the most destructive element of any healthy society is the  liberal descendants of Cain– malignant and perverse sons and daughters of perdition.


Posted by Crime Buzz on Saturday, May 19, 2018

Julius Malema guilty of paying assassins to commit farm murders?

I cannot identify myself with a misdirected group that would constantly try and push the envelope that they, in their mushy and undisciplined minds, feel is unjust and constraining. I also cannot identify with a group that would plead peace, group hugs and love among all, but will try their utmost to trigger a violent response from their target, just to become the “victim “ of hate and violence. They constantly will portray an image of alignment to the non-white race- but behind their facade they are deep rooted racists. Even more so, I cannot identify with a group that would forsake their morals, values, history, identity and culture to embrace another, just to prove how “enlightened “ they really are.

In SA, we have a particularly nasty strain of the virus of liberalism as they have the added pleasure to be able to lash out at more than one perceived “enemy. “ They pretend to love anything black – and will work with and defend the ANC and all the corruption and mayhem that come with it to the death. They will think no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil of the ANC or black people, no matter what and in turn would turn against the opposing sane people of the country to vent their misplaced anger on.


Boers in Azania (South Afrika) Preparing for War to Keep The Land They Stole from Black People

Boers in Azania (South Afrika) Preparing for War to Keep The Land They Stole from Black People

Posted by Irritated Genie of Soufeese on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The so-called “right wing” is a favorite target of this lost sect. Now let me explain. A “right-winger ” according to their own warped interpretation- is anyone that dares to criticize the current dispensation in SA in any way or form, as the liberal see him/herself as the ” gate keeper “ of the system that has entrenched corruption as the main course. They won’t call it corruption though, but make up “smart” words like” justifiable retribution of an oppressed people “ or ” redistribution of wealth. “ They would embark on a campaign of ridicule, lame rhetoric and used up liberal propaganda to try and soften the blow of the sane people being fed up with the government.

Another target is any form of white. They despise being white and would happily pay the fairy godmother to change their pigmentation. So anything remotely white would be met with a barrage of being a “white supremacist “ if any criticism is forthcoming. So in short, you are stuffed if you are white and/or critical of the things going on around you and that’s the end of it.

And last but not least, they love causes. Any cause that they perceived to be unjust, immaterial of the facts involved, they would attack with gusto and determination. Take the well documented saga of Carina Papenfus that decided to champion the Flippie saga, despite the small issue of the facts showing it to be a web of deception and lies. The fable of this poor farm boy that was “mercilessly “ beaten by two burly, white farmers to the point that his horrific injuries left him epileptic and blind, was slurped up by Superlib Papenfus, despite having a sordid past and with all the facts at her disposal, and making it a national and international feeding frenzy to satisfy her warped sense of justice and mainly to please her peers and black masters looking on with a knowing smile of seeing a “useful idiot” in action. This smoke blowing is a well-developed weapon in the arsenal of the average liberal as they had to find a way to compensate for their lack of courage, to clearly state their case in open conversation. Their other pet project is keeping apartheid in the best condition of its life, to be broken out on cue and brandished around like some medieval weapon for all to see.

So in closing, the average South African English liberal is a creature prone to outbursts of rhetoric bullsh*t  whenever they feel the need to be relevant, which in SA, is all the time. They congregate in smoke filled rooms, wearing the obligatory polo neck sweater and toasting each other’s dumb ideas with copious amounts of red and white plonk, as not to be labelled bourgeois by their peers. They then depart to their upper-class mansions they apparently despise, bought with either old, apartheid money or newly acquired tender money, while drowning their sorrows of their “beneficiary of apartheid” status by swirling Chivas in cut glasses, and indulging their black maids by offering them a long forgotten beer at the back of the fridge as their contribution to the poor. The Afrikaner liberal again is not so much sophisticated as it’s English counterpart- as they are down-right stupid and lack the minor degree intelligence displayed by some English libfarts. This is why the Afrikaner liberal is commonly refer to as a “rock spider.” 

I for one will stay well clear of them, as these armchair traitors without a real cause are going to cause you endless problems when the real trouble starts. Trouble they are fanning the flames of and will be running like demented rabbits to the nearest foxhole to try and save themselves when it happens – a strange and peculiar bunch, to say the least! Although they know the truth- although they know about the genocide- for some very explainable reason their very minute minds cannot differentiate the difference between fact and fiction. They have a very low esteem. Their very distorted reasoning tells them to opt for the more politically correct “acceptable” solution. Liberalism is a certified mental condition- and a group of dangerous psychopaths one must at all costs banish out of your societies as they carry the mark of Cain- a band of individuals compared to a mushroom – in this context being an organism flourishing in the dark on a diet of sh*t, very apt in the reality of the SA English and Afrikaner Liberal. They are mostly despised by various races and communities. This is why even the black terrorist exploit them as front men against their own people- because of their treacherous nature.

As Mark Heywood, in justifiably savage condemnation, put it:

Behind your dark tinted windows and beneath your blue lights – you knew.

Behind your conceit and arrogance – you knew.

Behind your factory for excuses – you knew.

Behind your once noble histories and sacrifices – you knew.

Behind the prostitutes you paid to sell fake news – you knew.

We know you knew. Because we told you




White Nation