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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria  May 20   2018





CYRIL RAMAPHOSA  is typical your  black apprentice trained by both the Oppenheimer clan and the National Party con artists. He likes to make the right “sounds “- irrespective if it is logical, feasible or acceptable- just as long as it ensures him the top seat…and naturally- a lucrative salary package along with it.

He now has assured ANC “volunteers” (iow naive black jobless and homeless hobos)  in Ekurhuleni that the party is going to address the issue of land and will expropriate land without compensation. (from whites)  Ramaphosa was in Tembisa on the Johannesburg East Rand launching the ANC’s Thuma Mina campaign.

“Thuma Mina” or “send me” was the catchphrase used by Ramaphosa during his maiden state of the nation address in February, indicating willingness to serve. “We are going to take land and when we take land we are going to take it without compensation, Ramaphosa, in his capacity as ANC president, said at the launch of the campaign at the Makhulong Stadium. “We are going to do it in the interest of our people because our people want land for housing, they want land so that they can live, they want land so that they can use it as an economic resource.”

Ramaphosa, however, emphasized that the expropriation of land would not be done through land invasions, shouting “panzi land invasions, panzi (down with land invasions, down)”. “We are going to embark on an orderly process of getting land into the hands of our people.” The ANC, at its Nasrec conference in December, resolved to initiate amendments to the Constitution to include land expropriation without compensation.

Earlier in 2018, the Communist National Assembly voted through a motion supporting land expropriation without compensation. The matter has been referred to the constitutional review committee, which will hold public hearings. The ANC is also holding its own land summit starting in Boksburg on Saturday. Speaking about the Thuma Mina campaign, Ramaphosa said its aim was to serve the interest of the “people. “ He called on ANC volunteers and leaders to humble themselves and not expect anything for serving the people. “As ANC volunteers we must also disabuse ourselves of the utterly wrong belief that when we serve our people we are doing them a favour,” he said.

Ramaphosa said this also breeds a culture of entitlement, which is when corruption starts to rear its head. Ahead of the 2019 national election the ANC kingpin called for unity in the party, saying it could not win if it was not united. “Fighting among us must come to an end … If we want to win the 2019 election we the ANC must be united. Only then we will be able to defeat those who are our opposition,” he said.

What does Cyril “The Squirrel” mean with his repeated references to “our people?” Are whites included in his references to “our people” or are white South Africans relegated to foreigners or aliens in their own country?. We’re bemused by Ramaphosa’s references to “our people” which smacks of racial exclusivism and prejudice!

But the question is whether the international community will be taking this blatant land theft program without retaliation? We don’t think so.  Foreign investors say “We’ll invest elsewhere because we are concerned about property rights in SA that is their right as well.” White Boers say “ We will defend our land with our blood. “ Cyril, FW DE Klerk and the rest of the corrupt Illuminati-controlled  ilk say they will not relinquish their own million dollar land for something they want to  force onto the rest of the populace under some “smart terms.”


Black Africans arrived in 1770, the Dutch arrived in 1652, so how can the black Africans claim that the settlers “stole ” their land when they never got there until hundreds of years after the settlers arrived? So here we have unmasked a lie illegal regimes such as the ANC tell their illiterate black populace  to illegally take over land. Nobody at the Cape set eyes on black people until 130 years after the white settlers arrived at the Cape, when the ‘trekboers’ – ‘voortrekkers’ in Dutch – met the Xhosa in the valleys of the Amatola in 1770.

The slaves that the settlers imported added to the bloodline of the settlers, as did the French Hugenots of 1688 and British settlers of 1820. in 1834 slavery was abolished in the Cape . Whites never encountered black Africans until 1770 for one reason, that is that the black Africans entered South Africa hundreds of years after the Dutch arrived . Indigenous people weren’t ever slaves in South Africa, they were never made it to South Africa until many hundreds of years after the Dutch arrived in South Africa .

Lie number three: ‘Blacks are indigenous to South Africa and first settled it’.

The truth: Today Blacks in South Africa often tell Afrikaners and other minorities such as the Coloreds, Indians, Chinese or Jews to adapt to their misrule and corruption or “Go Home”… implying that we, who have been born here, who hold legal citizenship through successive birthrights; should emigrate to Europe, Malaysia, India or Israel. That the only ones who have a “legal claim “ to South Africa, all of it, are the blacks. Because 80% of blacks never had any history written down through the ages to substantiate their false claim as the white mercenaries are the ones first to introduce the alphabet now being used- the ” assumption” propagated by the pathological lairs in the mainly black political parties now are “accepted” as the truth.

Blacks now are made to believe that they are ‘indigenous to South Africa’, but they are not. Because there is no evidence of any black historian pinning down black history- this huge lie now is accepted. However- facts proof otherwise. It was proven by DNA research. We are ALL settlers in South Africa. All South Africans are settlers, regardless of their skin color, and their DNA carries the proof. Bottom line is Cyril , Julius and all the “land expropriation” false prophets are deliberately acting on behalf of a more sinister “3rd force”  ( the people) -that handsomely pay them to follow the big lie and steal land from the ” white settlers.”

But did you notice the subliminal steps this communist rats  took?  At first they started to blame whites for “stealing their land.” Then they started to buy land for blacks on shaky “ancestral” evidence while pushing the ” you stole our land” fake propaganda. . Then they started to “procedure “ land from whites for blacks while accelerating the “you stole our land” false propaganda by Malema et al. The psi-ops war was then intensified when Malema et al started to “threaten” whites with land invasions. Then they start getting arrogant and “target”  white land which were supposed to be “disposessed” from blacks. Now their final move is to summarily STEAL the land from whites without remunerating whites a single dime for it.

Steadily they were working this past years towards disowning white Afrikaners. They made sure they keep the lie running long enough to be able to change it into the “truth”– and now they want to make it a “law.” They have been bullsh*tting whites into a “guilt” submission for long enough- now the time is ripe to move in for the “kill.” Whites must stop being naive bloody lab-cuckoos- and start to wake up to the cockamamie rubbish this scrupulous black political heathens in control are trying to sell them in the name of Britain’s evil corporate criminals.

We BET our last dollar  the likes of Cyril, FW De Klerk , Mantashe, Patrice Motsepe, Roelf Meyer, Ton Vosloo , Zille , Wiese, Enthoven , Tokyo Sexwale, Sipho Nkosi , Phuthuma Nhleko ,Vincent Mnthambo  and all the rich  political Free Mason Broederbonders will NOT loose their own property in South Africa – but will again very shrewdly being secretly  “ excluded” from this huge preposterous and scandalous land theft program- and only the ” commoners” will again be financially castrated to “serve” the “ bigger” Illuminati plan- PERIOD! 


So one wonders- who does Cyril serve- his own best interests- or the New World Order? Click on this link and see who is Cyril’s masters.” Because CLEARLY the “squirrel” is only  serving the best interests of the “people” he referred to- whether it is the black people only- or the “people” controlling him- but surely not ALL the “people.” 


Ernst and Kallie threatened by ANC, EFF supporters. Photo: FNSA

THIS is ANC “democratic” justice- they do not tolerate opposition. Violence is the only method they know how to deal with problems that may damage their already tarnished image.  In the communist banana republic dictatorship of the unholy trinity (ANC / EFF / SACP) you are threatened for exposing the truth to the world. That is democracy and freedom of speech according to the South African version. Well, one thing is for certain: The white minority has had enough. If you try to silence one, another will carry the message further. There will always be one of us one step ahead of you. But the truth will come out and you WILL fall. And we will once more be free from your vile oppression.

We  look forward to the cash outflow 5 minutes after the corrupt lying ANC steal the first piece of land without compensation and the 10000 years of poverty that follows – SA will then truly take up it’s rightful position at the bottom of the pile . When that day comes, the mad cadres will immediately introduce exchange controls that will prohibit Saffers from externalising a single Rand…..of course they would soon find out that investment from outside into SA will also immediately dry up….but heck, why would they care? They are focused on short term enrichment at all cost, to hell with long term sustainability and prosperity….to them, those are foreign, western concepts and too complicated to be understood by a 3rd world intelligence.

Posted by Crime Buzz on Saturday, May 19, 2018

And guess who is paying off terrorists to murder white farmers to help the “land expropriation without compensation” thievery?


WE don’t really need white farmers. We can eat fish all year. Fish is eatable all year. You can cook it today and fry it tomorrow – or even braai it if you want. And you know what- you can even make biltong with it. See- we can survive. “- ANC Forestry and Fishery cadre Senzeni Zokwana. (Link)

Image result for senzeni zokwana

And its equally amazing how (some) blacks blame everything on “injustices of the past”.  Nothing in their lives is because of lack of respect for education or laziness or wrong choices or many other normal factors. Everything is explained by self-serving deductions from the past, and blamed on anyone other than themselves. The black  internal race hate for the white Afrikaner is nothing more than a reflection of their character- which naturally is an adopted “African” thing taught to them from the time of the British mercenaries right up to today where still they get “induced” by  the British  Jew caballists such as Robin Renwick and local white liberal trash. Our advise to whites in South Africa is to stand up and fight for their land- don’t let political psychopaths bulldozer you into submission through false claims and illogical “laws.”

Laws are there to protect the best interest of a country- but as we all know- most of the “laws” the ANC communists manufacture are without foundation, racist- and only there to benefit a very few ” elites” on top. Thus their “laws” can be deemed nil and void. South Africa does not belong to the blacks alone- neither does it belong to the British corporate criminals, the Afrikaner Broederbonders, alien and illegal African infestations from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, China- or the illegal ANC usurping smutlings – and they have no legal right to manufacture laws to impoverish, disown,  intimidate or discriminate against any sector of the genuine  homogeneous population who is the true rightful owners of this land.

They cannot claim , manufacture laws- or earn themselves the right to act as “benefactors” for the “majority” to steal your land from you. If they keep on changing the constitution to fit their tantrums- what is the use of having a  constitution then? If they can modify  it whenever they see it fit to adapt to their own political agendas- then you as the rightful owners of the land can deny that changes and change it right back – peacefully – or over the barrel of a gun- whichever language this criminal political plunderers  understands the best. You have the right to defend that land- and to fight for it.