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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  May 20   2018








DON’t buy into the lie that South Africa is a “free country.” There exists an “invisible government” that not only rules South Africa- but the whole world. Some refer to it as the “New World Order”– but the term “Old World Order” is more fitting because it’s Seven Sinister Tentacles has been in existence for many millinea. They are:

  1. Banks
  2. Pharmaceuticals
  3. Armaments 
  4. Religion
  5. Education
  6. Media and 
  7. Politics

The “invisible government” stays in power and ensures it’s grip on the populace and the common man and woman via a “system” – a system of influence and control so subtle and far reaching most people can’t see it.

Let us explain each one:

  1. The Banks:

South Africa has 5 major banks- ABSA, Nedbank,First Rand, Investec and Capitec Bank . This banks internally belong to the same global families and although on the surface level are in “competition “ with each other- secretly they are working together for the same owners-  and being controlled by the Reserve Bank- a private Caballah corporation ( foreclosed in 2013 already) – but still wields the unlawful powers to manipulate the South African economy, interest rates – and loan sharking racketeering business.  We live under the tyranny of an international banking racketeering scheme designed to regulate our currency to keep the poor man poor and the rich man wealthy.

2. Politics:

South African politics are on the scale of dependable politics maybe the worst in the world. Rife and filled to the brim with scrupulous gold digger politicians and corruption from both the African and Western equilibrium- it forms one of the most intricate and complicated racketeering political systems in the world. South Africans are given the illusion of “democracy”, so-called “freedom”of choice- but in reality the people are living under a Free Masonry  Afrikaner Broederbond regulated dual party politics system with ANC communists and Democratic Alliance liberals being the leading twin faces of the same devilish Illuminati coin- ensuring no meaningful change that would benefit the populace at all. Add to that the violent British funded extremist African “Freedom movements”– and the South African political picture resembles that of a Pandora’s box full of worms. With the big CODESA hoax everybody already could have figured out that South Africa was caught in a turbulent storm of Illuminati Broederbond exchange processes- a total hand over to the  British Jewry. De Klerk and his National Party puppets only were the street dogs doing the barking part and to make sure no Afrikaner resistance take place and neither a military coup. Oppenheimer was the handler and Kissinger the orchestrater  and middleman to the Illuminati mob.

It was also on direct orders from the Broederbond that the South African National Intelligence assassinated Eugene Terreblanche as he became an “obstacle” to their “final plan” – as he was about to unite the Afrikaner tribe in a Afrikaner Nationalism plan. This could not be tolerated. Such were many other “obstacles” assassinated and “sacrificed” on  both sides such as Chris Hani, Dulcy September, Anton Lubowski, Clive Deby-Lewis, Robert Smith, Joe Modise, Ruth First, David Webster, Dawie Uys, Peter Mokaba and many more. We all believe in a certain political doctrine- whether left or right- but little do we realize that to the “Deep State“- the “controllers”– that does not matter as they control both sides. To them, whether we are conservative or liberal- we all are “Goyim”– iow “cattle” slaughtered as sacrifices for a “bigger” purpose- global rule by the elite. The more they can divide us into “camps”- iow political affiliation the easier it is for them to rule us. That is why you always will get numerous political parties in your country- they are dividing the populace into political “camps.” As long as you choose sides in a political system- you submitted yourself to become part of that division.

That is why “racism” and race hatred are kept alive between black and white in South Africa by both the politicians and the media alike – they prevent unification between the white and black tribes- because that immediately would spell the end of their dictatorial rule. That is why it is so important NOT to vote in any election. Whether you vote or not- their appointed “party” will win- but at least South Africans now can refrain from becoming divided and start to stand together against an oppressive system that only guarantees their downfall , impoverishment and enforced slavery. Did you ever questioned why only a few elites have the right to ALL South Africa’s mineral riches- all while more than 60% of the population who are suffering impoverishment get jailed for “smuggling” when they also want a part of that mineral riches to feed their families? Again- Go Figure! It is time a revolution against all these politicians – irrespective their affiliation- and mass media “controllers” – start to exterminate these deadly viruses who are fast exterminating our peaceful societies. It is time South Africans take back their freedom, their sovereignty- and their country. To do that- they have to break away from political affiliations,- act against this scrupulous banking terrorists, political mass murderers- and media mind poisoning newspaper and TV reptiles  in our country.

A good example of how this “controllers” use the media to bolster “racism” in South Africa – was the recent saga between Ashwin Willemse and is “tantrum” with Naas Botha and Nick Mellet on Supersport. Watching this video over and over one could clearly deduct Willemse was paid beforehand to start another racial issue on national TV. Both Mallet and Botha looked surprised when Willemse suddenly- without  provocation- start to whine about “racist quotas”- accusing Mallet and Botha for being “Apartheid” players. Mallet and Botha never said or hinted anything in the “racist” line at all- they were discussing the past game. One could detect in his body language- as well as his nervous appearance- that Willemse was busy with a stage-act he does not really know how to play.

One could clearly see this was one big bullsh*t drama act to provoke national racial tensions again.Did he appear to act like someone really just being “offended” by a racial remark? No– he acted more like someone who just received a couple of thousand dollars up his arse  to act like a stupid “victim” of “racism.”  One must ask Willemse just how much he was paid to throw this little act? One quietly wonders whether he  have been crying all the way to his bank teller after the show to make sure the right amount was paid in for his poor wooden spoon rewarding  act. He starkly reminded me of the last girl I saw faking her first  orgasm- then asking afterwards if it at least sounded like the “real thing? ” That being said with this poor performance he  can now maybe try his luck  to become another “star” in that other propaganda soapie “7e Laan.”  Him and Vinette Ebrahim should become close  friends we  suppose. Both appear to be still “struggling” with and reeling under the back-lashes  of that dreadful “apartheid ” syndrome.

But as ever again- this stupid deliberate and pathetic act released yet another storm of “racial condemnation” across the media to divide white and black again. The media correspondents in South Africa nowadays acts worse than the druggies in Hollywood. They are so predictable – the poor pathetic minions. About the so-called “sports minister ” Thokozile Xasa’s  mouth flapping reaction we would rather reserve our judgement as she also does not sound like one that stood in the front line when intelligence was handed down. She sounded more likely like one that had to do with one of the boxes that was used for packaging purposes. BUT that’s how they keep South Africans divided for this past 20 odd years- their own created  powerful tool- “racism”- and as always does the whites get the blame. However- Multichoice and SuperSport’s CEO’s Calvo Mawela and Gideon Khobane confirm that after investigation they did not pick up any racism in the Ashwin Willemse freak show. So much for the race baiters and Xasa’s testosterone and estrogen pissing on the web.  This must be the fastest Willemse pocketed a few dollars more for a 1 minute staged “vloermoer.” 


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting and text

AND this is precisely the response this “controllers” hoped the Willemse affair would draw…racial tensions to keep the populace at each other’s throats and divided…


Posted by Billy J. Claasen on Saturday, May 19, 2018


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Image result for supersport racism mallet botha

Aswell Willemse paid to fake an act of “racism?” 

Click here to see the video and judge for yourself. Watch Willemse ‘s body language and his act closely and decide for yourself if he was genuine- or faked his act:

The ruling party never get’s chosen by the will of the people. Even before elections the “shadow” government determines which party will serve their best interests. That is why nearly all South African elections are rigged. The figures and results you see on the ” big screen” are there for “academic” purposes only- to bullsh*t YOU into believing your “x” on the ballot paper made a difference and the “majority” has spoken. Have you ever heard the bogus “Electoral Commission” declare any election NOT free and fair? The 2014 election was such a bogus election- where literally thousands of ballot papers were found in school grounds, dumped in trash cans in parks, on street corners,- even one of the bogus “electoral commission” workers were caught red handed on her way to dump marked ballot papers in the dustbin, etc- yet that election was declared ” free and fair??” The so-called “president” Cyril Ramaphosa was not elected- he was “appointed. Who “appoint” him and most importantly- why?

In the video below you will hear Rhamaphosa telling the world his sole purpose is to go overseas and sell South Africa- sell her out to the New World Order. He blatantly told you  his agenda to forge a New World Order here. How much clearer DO you want to hear it? Why was Ramaphosa “appointed ” without the South African public ‘s approval and by whom? Go Figure!

3. Education:


South African children this past 20 years were put under an ineffective and dumbed-down “Africanized” useless education system that limited their minds . With the pass rate falling like a rock out of the sky since 1994 – and the level of passing a grade dropping faster than a whore’s panties on a Saturday night from pre-1994 60% to a post 1994 pathetic 30% to accommodate the poor black “previously disadvantaged” – one can only try to comprehend how much “education” of value really is being transferred into the bubble heads in a classroom today.  It does not matter the strength of the facilitator- the “system ” dictates that the amount of knowledge as well as the quality  of knowledge are dumbed down to the same bare “need to know” communist propaganda curriculum. For 12 years the children of today battle to even reach the same level of knowledge in grade 12 that kids pre 1994 reached in Grade 7. The “system” dictates that children are brain-washed to serve the regime of the day. They are trained to obey, ask no questions- and become unwilling slaves of their future “masters.” Free thinking is totally out of the question as it will inevitably oppose the dictatorial rule of the “masters.” South Africa already has a reputation for having a poor education system, particularly in the fields of mathematics and science, and the low pass mark is often cited as one of the biggest problems, as it sets the bar quite low in global assessment.

4. Pharmaceuticals:

South Africans suffer under and indeed are purposely poisoned by a horrific and money hungry pharmaceuticals market that at first creates the diseases- imaginary or real- then advertises us the “cure.” One such an example is the usage of Cannabis– which is a wonder plant to cure many illnesses such as cancer- but are vehemently contrabanded by governments due to pressure and bribes from the pharmaceutical corporate vultures. . But the pharmaceuticals in co-operation with the medical corporate market advertises Chemo Therapy– a deadly poison injected into your system to supposedly kill the cancer cells- but at the same time kill all the healthy blood cells and anti-bodies as well. If we look at the pharmaceutical industry, South Africa’s population is the largest consumer of pharmaceutical products at approximately R 20 billion per year. Companies such as Aspen launched a High Containment Facility in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape – in co-ordination with Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies . The pharmaceutical company benefited from the dti’s 12I Tax Incentive with a tax credit of about R209m. The facility’s cost is R 1 bn . Furhermore are they greedy. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are lobbying the Department of Health to give them an extra price increase for private sector sales, in an attempt to soften the blow of the modest raise permitted for 2018. But only “selected” pharmaceutical companies ( those giving the “highest” bid to dirty politicians) – are allowed t operate. This gives you an indication of the influence this pharmaceuticals have on our politics and economy.  The phrase “follow the money” became a part of investigative journalism in the 1970s. When we follow the money that’s involved with governments, food companies, Big Pharma, media and Healthcare operators, it’s easy to see why all five groups want to keep us fat and sick.

No one makes money when people are healthy. Think we’re wrong? In South Africa, and in most countries of the world, people are sicker than ever. Life expectancy rates are declining. We’re spending more as a society on healthcare than any previous generation. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing.  Why is this happening. Well, let’s follow the money:  The South African government  economy needs healthcare spending in order to thrive. 1 in 8 South Africans  work in healthcare. South Africa  are no longer are an industrial economy. Advances in technology, world-wide trade, the internet and use of automation make traditional jobs in South Africa obsolete. That means 60% of all South Africans now either are jobless slaves-  or 40% tax are slaves. But either way- we are slaves. And we are sick slaves as the pharmaceutical companies and doctors advises us to eat this that makes us sick – and avoid this that made us healthy.


5. Armaments:

South Africans especially lives in the shadow of a massive armaments industry- legally- and illegally which spreads fear and endorses political agendas, crime and war for profit. A healthy disciplined society does not enhance racketeering and profits- it would destabilize corrupt regimes like the South African communist regime and the armaments industry. South Africa per se is rated as having one of the highest violent crime rates in the world. On a daily basis cash heists, murders and riots take place.

Police are behind some of major cash heists in SA: Annelise Burgess

Police are behind some of major cash heists in SA: Annelise Burgess

Posted by SABC News Online on Friday, May 18, 2018

Following a spate of high profile cash-in-transit (CIT) heists across the country, the National Assembly Portfolio Committee on Police has announced that it will host a special meeting on the issue on 13 June. Key players in the private security industry have welcomed the planned meeting, with Fidelity Security Group CEO, Wahl Bartmann stating that the situation is completely out of control and has become unsustainable.“In spite of the efforts to work more diligently with the authorities and other stakeholders, the number of attacks continues to rise across the industry with a record high of 135 incidents being reported this year,” he said. (Link)

This again spur new security companies into life- which again are new and more contributors to the state tax coffers and armament industry- that is bar the millions the armament industry make through the criminals, organized ANC crime, weapons smuggling – and many more. We all are aware of the huge weapons scandal involving lots of ANC terrorist “elites” the likes of Zuma, Modise, Mantashe, Mokaba et al where hard earned tax payer’s money was squandered  by the million on an arsenal Grippen airplanes , frigates and submarines that today are totally useless and mothballed-or docked.

The former South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani was allegedly assassinated for fear he would expose former Defence Minister Joe Modise’s involvement in the multi-million rand arms deal, said arms deal critic Terry Crawford-Browne at the Seriti Commission of InquiryAgain the fat rat politicians lined their pockets with millions of rands of “back-handers” while some people were assassinated – and others like Clive Derby Lewis had to carry the can. This is excluding the millions the ANC rats receive from the UN to manufacture millions of dollars worth of military vehicles and equipment they stash in secret hiding places in Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique in preparation for a coming civil war. Also excluded are the millions of weapons made for the defense industry from which the regime also receives a fat paycheck from the suppliers and manufacturers.

6. Religion:

Religion ostensibly are one of the controlling  – if not the most important- tools of the “system” to keep the citizenry ”  in-check.” South Africans are taught to blindly follow watered-down masonry inspired religions to separate the masses. The Western religions especially teach and encourage the populace to seek “out there” for divinity and spiritual eternity- when in fact divinity and spiritual eternity exists within us already. This is yet another small “issue” the “invisible government” hides from South Africans. In South Africa you have the leading mason churches- The Dutch Reformed Church, The “Hervormde” church and the Reformed Church. All three is referred to as the“sister” churches. All three stemmed out of he Dutch Reformed church- who – since colonial days- was effectively used to brain wash Christians to follow and obey the  policies of the government of the day- iow to be obedient slaves to Ceazar. Today the scenario dramatically has changed since the end of the Broederbond rule in 1994- and many more churches sprung up to assist the “masters” to control the “sheeple.” (You can view a list of churches in SA HERE.) The main body controlling these churches are the South African Council of Churches- (SACC) – an Illuminati created body who again is responsible to the World Council of Churches (WCC) – who again is responsible to the Roman Catholic Church in Rome.

Then we have the Muslim religion. In their doctrine the Muslim Judicial Council say the Council is  a Muslim Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a Faith-Based Organization (FBO), but essentially a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), in a country where Muslims are a minority group. The Muslim community comprises approximately 5% of the South African population of 57 million registered people. The organization adheres to the code of belief of the Ahli Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. A beautiful notion indeed for a NGO organization. However- looking at how much this Council rake in through the sales of Halaal products shows another  staggering story of brutal capitalism. On every dairy product and poultry you will find this Halaal sign- which is suppose to show the consumer that Muslims can use it too. The question is just how is it possible that only 3% of the population controls 90% of the food industry? And a certain percentafge of this profits are paid directly to the Muslim Judicional Council.

That religion is a powerful tool to control the masses- is not debateable. There now also is talk of uniting the different religions. Robert McCurry  wrote:

Chrislam An attempt to synchronize Christianity with Islam. While it began in Nigeria in the 1980s, Chrislamic ideas have spread throughout much of the world. The essential concept of Chrislam is that Christianity and Islam are compatible, that one can be a Christian and a Muslim at the same time. Chrislam is not an actual religion of its own, but rather is a blurring of the differences and distinctions between Christianity and Islam.  Discerning Christians knew this day was going to come, when the liberal “love gospel” preachers who, desiring to fill their seats and bank accounts, would find a way to merge apostate ‘Christianity’ with Satan’s religion of Islam. That day is here. 

In July of 2008, a conference was held at Yale University to “promote understanding and peace between Christianity and Islam.” The gathering [was] a direct response to a letter signed by 138 Muslim leaders in October 2007 that called for peace between Muslims and Christians for the sake of world peace. The letter, entitled “A Common Word Between Us and You,” urged followers of the two faiths to find “common ground” in the love of God and engage in more sincere discussions on peace rather than simply just “polite ecumenical dialogue” between certain religious leaders.
This document says that Muslims and Christians worship the same God and claims that “the future of the world depends on peace between Muslims and Christians.” The statement says, “… we must engage in interfaith dialogue as those who seek each other’s good, for the one God unceasingly seeks our good.” 

“If we can achieve religious peace between these two religious communities, peace in the world will clearly be easier to attain,” they wrote. They called for interfaith dialogue to build relations that will “reshape” the two communities to “genuinely reflect our common love for God and for one another.” And they asked the Muslim leaders to forgive Christians for their sins – including the Crusades and “the excesses of the war on terrorism.” 
Among more than 300 theologians, ministry leaders and prominent pastors signing the response letter were Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, Robert Schullar, pastor of Crystal Cathedral, theologian John Stott, Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners and Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals. ” 

Chrislam has grown dramatically and now has infected many hundreds of churches and denominations all across America. A group called Faith Shared is now spearheading the move to merge Christianity with Islam. The following is taken from their web site:  “Faith Shared asks houses of worship across the country to organize events involving clergy reading from each other’s sacred texts on April 26, 2011. An example would be a Christian Minister, Jewish Rabbi and Muslim Imam participating in a worship service or other events of Christian churches. Suggested readings will be provided from the Torah, the Gospels, and the Qur’an, but communities are encouraged to choose readings that will resonate with their congregations.

So as we can see- religion are extensively used as a vehicle to brainwash the populace to become submissive slaves to the government of the day- and South Africa was no exception to the rule.  A profound struggle took place in the mid-1800’s for the Dutch Reformed Church. This struggle occurred between defenders of traditional orthodoxy and proponents of a more modern rationalist theology. Before the establishment of a theological seminary at Stellenbosch, young Afrikaners desiring to enter the ministry studied in Holland, where they came under the influence of modern theological trends which were critical of traditional orthodoxy and sympathetic to the spirit of rationalism characteristic of the Enlightenment. In the long run however it appears that theological liberalism, the seeds of which were planted in the mid-1800’s, has won out at large in much of the Dutch Reformed and Anglican traditions. A weak view of the authority of Scripture has eroded many of the mainline denominations, with effects being felt among Methodists, Baptists and Prespyterians to name a few.In South Africa the Dutch reformed church with “liberation” theologians such as Beyers Naude, Alan Boesak, Johan Heyns and many more enforced the doctrines of the government on the “sheeple.”  The reality in the realm of ethics in South Africa is the growing evidence of very serious and worsening evils in the country at present, such as political corruption, capitalist influence , violence, crime, abuse of women and children, worshiping of foreign religions and cultures, , poor service delivery, unemployment, and destitution.

The Dutch Reformed Church and the Afrikaner Broederbond– close connections:

The Afrikaner Broederbond (Association of Brothers) was a secret, all male, political society with strong links to the NGK. By serving as a sort of illicit liaison between the church and the national party, the Broederbond provided a space for these institutions to converge. The group first assembled in 1918, and was visible until 1924 when it “went underground” (Bunting, 1989). There were widespread suspicions regarding this collaboration such that Reverend V. de Vos left the NGK in 1944 claiming that the church was “dominated” by Broederbond members; he formed a “Reconstituted Dutch Reformed Church” (Bunting, 1989). According to de Vos’s estimates, membership in the Broederbond included 357 clergy members (and 2039 teachers, 905 farmers, 159 lawyers, and 60 MPs). Included in this count would have been Reverend W. Nicol, the Moderator of the NGK for three synods.

As a result of these suspicions the NGK initiated an investigation into the Broederbond in 1949, finding that the organization was healthy and an apolitical Afrikaner interest group (Bunting, 1989). As Bunting points out, the Broederbond had a power grip over the Afrikaans churches, and the outcome of this assessment could only be expected (1989). Where the church provided scaffolding for segregation justification, the Broederbond utilized their highly articulate membership to fill in the gaps.

Liberal Beyers Naude, the founder of the Christian Institute, demonstrated that indeed the Broederbond was exploiting the church for political ends when he stole Broederbond documents. He shared the documents with Dr. Albert Geyser, NHK minister and a Divinity Professor who shared copies of the documents with the press, stating that his “immediate observation was that these people were making the Church, which is the bride of Christ, a servant girl for politics. (Link) 


7. Mass Media:

South Africa is dominated by only a small group of liberal mass media news outlets. With the Afrikaner Broederbond’s mogul Koos Bekker’s NASPERS (Multichoice) empire running the lion share– it is to be expected that the mass media in South Africa have a choke on the population’s “need to know” aspirations. The mass media- and especially NASPERS- are controlled by a bunch of mostly Lilly white liberals on top- and with  mostly non-white editors and correspondents running the propaganda show below. Together with NASPERS you only have only two other stakeholders in the mass media in South Africa- the Gupta-owned “New Nation”- and the George Soros controlled “Africa Check.” But all three are mouth pieces for the regime to help control and brain wash the “sheeple.”


The attack by both the illegal ANC regime and this media outlets on the Alternative Media is rife- for the Alternative Media in South Africa continuously debunk false propaganda seeds sown by the 3 main culprit media outlets into the minds of the less intelligent- and expose too much of the regimes secret deals. On the internet you also have this onslaught from controlled domain holders such as WebAfrica– who shuts down sites that oppose government ” political correct” propaganda rhetoric- or sounds too much ” white supremacist.” Also on the social sites such as Facebook you have the demonic control over what you can post- and what is deemed ” not against our community standards”– which can vary anything from placing a post of a murdered farmer- or a cartoon about Julius Malema that can get you banned – depending how the Afrikaner libshits who are acting as “administrators” of Facebook for the regime- feel to define the posting. Again free speech is attacked. 

Facebook intimidation tactics by liberal Afrikaner ” administrators.”

It is a known fact that the media in South Africa is totally pro-communist and anti-white. Again we have the mouthpieces for the government at play here. The South African media is the one most destructive component of the country- and also a front organization in promoting the white genocide.

These 7 tentacles of control by the “invisible government” has been operative for a long time in South Africa- even long before the creation of the British National Party. It came way back with the homosexual Cecil John Rhodes already. Thus the term “New World Order” is a misnomer: The invisible government control has been around South Africa for a long time already. Today that system works perfectly to control the masses in South Africa- because the majority of people still do not believe in it’s existence or influence on the society- this despite the multiple warnings from accredited academics, websites, church clergy, politicians and many more sources. Ignorance is the one most important source this invisible government exploits extensively to accelerate their deadly grip on healthy societies.


The Invisible Government’s 7-tiered System has not been designed for us; it has been designed so that a few families, corporations, and governments are able to control all the wealth, power, and natural resources, while the common man is fed just enough to survive so he doesn’t revolt in the streets. A small group of families (c. 1000) constitute the Invisible Government. They run the System their grandparents and great grandparents created. Many names are familiar—Rockefeller, Lehman, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rothschild, Guggenheim. The South African tentacles are controlled by :

  1. Christo Wiese – R81.2bn (Brait SE)
  2. Ivan Glasenberg – R60bn (Glencore)
  3. Stephen Saad – R16bn (Aspen Pharmacare)
  4. John Whittaker – R15.9bn (Intu Properties)
  5. Laurie Dippenaar – R12.9bn (First Rand)
  6. Bruno Steinhoff – R12.6bn (Steinhoff)
  7. Atul Gupta – R10.7bn (Oakbay)
  8. Johann Rupert – R10.6bn (Remgro)
  9. Jannie Mouton – R9.8bn (PSG Group)
  10. Koos Bekker – R9.6bn (Naspers)


All (bar the Guptas) are part of the Broederbond tentacles. Every president and prime minister since South Africa’s independence was a chosen Broederbonder. But the Broedernbond was to deal South Africa yet another terrible and devastating last blow before their exit. For 2 decades accusations against the FW de Klerk government have been flying about. Many people have been whispering about huge sums of money being paid over by Swiss bank accounts to NP politicians and government operators to hand over the SA government to the ANC. For 18 years nothing could be proven, till now:

Gen. Erle Cocke ran Nugan Hand Bank’s Washington office. In April 2000, Cocke gave a deposition running to 67 pages concerning his knowledge and involvement in Project Hammer. Ten days later he died from Pancreatic cancer. His explosive deposition reveals him as a very significant and highly connected player in a world few of us are familiar with. Cocke related in his statement how Citibank was used as halfway stop for dodgy financial dealings in ‘black gold’ through Project Hammer – some 30 accounts used. Asked where these accounts were located, Cocke responded saying –” in almost one solid block at Citibank.” De Klerk, the ANC and the New York Jewry stripped the South African Federal Reserve out of almost R 4 TRILLION  worth of gold- factually castrating South Africa and made her insolvent. That is why the currency changed to the worthless papers we now circulate in “commemoration” of Mandela. 

South Africa might be taking a terrible economic strain, but the rich are getting richer, thanks to the scrupulous control the Broederbonders enforce on the country’s resources for the “ selected few.”   Aside from the controversial appearance of Gupta on this list, what’s interesting is that many on the list head businesses that have diversified their interests away from South Africa as they quickly realized that South Africa soon will be finding herself in a major conflict which may harm their racketeering business.  True global mobsters, they look for more lucrative and “safe” opportunities elsewhere, with their accumulation of wealth underscoring the benefits of an international corporate plundering.


So are the names of the financial institutions they use to enslave us—GE, General Motors, Chevron, Du Pont.

And the political institutions as well—Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs.

These families, corporations and organizations own the governments, banking systems, and all the financial institutions; they own the land and all the natural resources, which they’ve privatized out of our reach. Now one can understand Ramaphosa and Malema’s zest to expropriate land without compensation– the “why “ – and the “for who?” Do you now understand who is “my people” Ramaphosa keeps on referring to who he is acting in behalf of? It’s definitely NOT the black people he is talking about “expropriating” white  farmland for – it’s his controllers he and Malema is referring to. They are only bulsh*tting black South Africans into believing that after the constitution is changed- black people will be the victors – but as with whites- they will own NOTHING!  Everything will belong to these global banking plunderers. They pay Ramaphosa and Malema to sell South Africa to them on a platter. Cyril at least admitted that- didn’t he? He even said he’s solemn goal is to “sell South Africa” when he went abroad. What part did you miss? He is selling the country to the globalist bankers. Why else would one mad man allow 57 million property owners to become homeless nomads overnight?




It’s our guess that the “controllers” set a final date for Ramaphosa to execute the “expropriation” plan and disowen all private land owners before a certain deadline date. That is why Malema is being exploited to start and Ramaphosa executing the plan. That is why the ANC will force through this evil dispossession plan under the blanket of doing it for the black South Africans. It only is a red herring. Ramaphosa is running against a tight schedule to disown all property owners before the deadline. He has been paid- and now he must “produce” the “goods”...South African private property rights! These “controllers”  own Wall Street and all major commerce. They dictate what everything costs, including how much interest you’ll pay on loans, how much rent you’ll pay, what mortgagee terms you’ll receive, what your car payments will be, grocery bills, university fees, even the price you pay for a shirt, a meal, and a movie.

The Julius Malema factor:

Mike Smith compiled the truth about this dangerous Illuminati individual in a neat nutshell when he wrote:

Julius Malema is on his way to England and when you look who he is going to meet and address there, then it certainly raises a few eyebrows…Royal Institute of International Affairs, Oxford Union, Pan African People’s Movement in Tottenham, and attend the African Enterprise Awards at the London Capital Club…all affiliated or connected to Rhodes/Milner’s Round Table Group. Malema’s UK visit “sends a message” Just exactly what message would that be?
Malema is being hosted by the “Who’s who” of the Illuminati in London where the corrupt South African ambassador Obed Mlaba, a Zulu and former mayor of Durban, is seen as a Zuma crony. The message to the ANC is simple: Your time is up.

Mlaba is the man who was investigated together with Mike Sutcliffe for gross corruption and the destruction of the once beautiful city of Durban. Mayor and city boss to be probed “The auditor-general found that the city had irregularly spent R535-million and the Ngubane audit implicated Sutcliffe and three officials in irregular housing contracts of R3.5-billion over the past 10 years.” “Mlaba allegedly had shares in a company that nearly landed a R3-billion tender to convert the city’s waste to energy.”

For a long time now Malema has been threatening to nationalize the Illuminati’s gold mines, businesses and seize their land. His latest stint was to threaten to occupy all the ABSA banks. ABSA was created by the Afrikaner Broederbond, and the Pierneef paintings in its head office belongs to the Afrikanerbond. ABSA is of course the biggest bank in South Africa and belongs to the British Barclays Bank, the Illuminati’s personal bank. Circles within circles, like Russian dolls.
We are going to occupy all the ABSA branches: Malema If I was the ANC I would get very worried about saving my skin.

The message here is that the ANC is so corrupt, greedy and busy stealing the country into bankruptcy that they have not noticed that they have fallen out of favour with their Round Table Illuminati bosses in the UK and the US. The ANC’s love affairs with criminal and terrorist scum like Sudanese dictator Omar al Bashir, Hamas leader Khaled Mashal, and their general reluctance to toe the line doesn’t help much either. Of course “Kiddi Amin” Malema can easily be taken out like they did with Verwoerd, but why not use him to further your agenda? He is corrupt enough. Something Verwoerd wasn’t.
The worst thing that can happen to the Illuminati Round Table Rand Lords in England is to have the gold supply from SA dry up, because they need gold to create Ormus, aka “Monatomic gold” or “The Philosopher’s Stone”…a white powder the Bible refers to as “Manna” that ensures eternal life and boost your intelligence by a thousand percent. That is how you are able to control people.

That is why they have this insane fixation with gold…an otherwise useless metal hardly good enough to make jewelry from..And of course they are worried about their other properties and businesses being threatened. Malema will be their new House Slave, controlling the masses and ensuring that steady supply of gold. But Malema or anybody who wants to become president of SA will have to fulfill another Illuminati goal and that is to commit genocide and mass murder. Something Rhodes, Verwoerd, and the ANC, at least to date, has failed to do…at least in sufficient numbers.
Of course three of the ten guides (1, 2, and 10) on the Georgia Guidestones deals with population control and keeping the world’s population under half a billion, which means that about 6.8 billion “useless eaters” will have to die.
New World Disorder: Carroll Quigley

This is not some bullshit conspiracy theory. Professor Carrol Quigley wrote it all in his monumental book, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World In Our Time. Quigley was Bill Clinton’s mentor and an insider of the Round Table group founded by Rhodes and Milner in South Africa. In fact he had no problem with the agenda of creating a NWO with a one world government. He fully supported it. The only problem he had was that the Round Table tried to hide it from the people. This is what he wrote in Tragedy and Hope:

“There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the Radical right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other group, and frequently does so. I know of the operation of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies… but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

You see? Once you know the Agenda, you cannot be fooled anymore.That is why Africa was decolonized by the Illuminati Round Table and despots like Bokassa, Amin, Mugabe, Machal, the ANC, etc., were brought to power. Nobody kills blacks better and faster than other blacks. That is why Rhodesia, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, and South Africa today are all run by Communist dictatorships and the mass murdering dictators are heaped with medals, awards and even knighthoods. They are serving the NWO agenda. In the bigger scheme of things, these few white colonists like us in SA are nothing. Just collateral damage. In fact whites still keep blacks alive by giving them jobs, food, clothes and healing them in hospitals. It is a disaster for the Illuminati.

When the whites go the Agenda will go into overdrive and accelerate. How the whites go…willingly, forcefully, or by death does not matter. All that matters is the Agenda…And this is what Malema is being groomed for.
As for the poor ANC? They are gone. It is what happens when you get too greedy, too big for your shoes, and do not have a clue as to who you climbed into bed with and who pulls your strings. The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA or Chatham House) is nothing but the Milner Group “writ large.”It was founded by the Group, has been consistently controlled by the Group, and to this day is the Milner Group in its widest aspect. It is the legitimate child of the Round Table organization, just as the latter was the legitimate child of the “Closer Union” movement organized in South Africa in 1907.

All three of these organizations were formed by the same small group of persons, all three received their initial financial backing from Sir Abe Bailey, and all three used the same methods for working out and propagating their ideas (the so-called Round Table method of discussion groups plus a journal). This similarity is not an accident.
The new organization was intended to be a wider aspect of the Milner Group, the plan being to influence the leaders of thought through The Round Table and to influence a wider group through the RIIA.

The day the majority of problems will be resolved, the majority of poverty will be stopped, the day all racism will be ended  once and for all will be the day that South Africans get their minds in order and realize their biggest adversary and enemy number 1 is not the white “racist” , the “destructive” black, the “alien” Indian or the “gangster” colored- but in fact the biggest enemy of the people are their own government– those corrupt politicians that stuff their faces with Nandos every day while the rest of the people must eat dry bread. The biggest enemy is the politicians that earn humongous salaries, drive smart SUV’s and plunder the state coffers when they are not sleeping in parliament. The day South Africans stop voting to be ruled by political gangsters that want to “control” them every day – and choose to rule themselves city by city- clan by clan- will be the day most of South Africa’s problems will end. That will be the day you will be free to pick up that diamond on Swartkopmund’s beach without fearing of being arrested for “smuggling” the few “elite’s” diamonds, go out to sea and catch as many fish as you want to feed your family and not be hamstrung by “quota” systems, – or be free to settle on any land you want. That will be the day your money will regain its’ value as there will be no thieving regime to choke your salary with life-draining taxes. We do not need politicians to rule us. They are useless corrupt individuals that are busy killing us, impoverishing us- and stealing the food off the plates of our children. They are the ones instigating racial tensions and they are the ones destroying our societies and our country. They are part of the “invincible government.” 

The fact that all this is hidden is no accident. We were meant to live in ignorance by the “System’s “ designers; and this ignorance and its restrictions inhibit us physically, and, more important, spiritually. And we believe the lie that we’re free, because we’re told this lie all along.



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