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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee USA  May 25    2018








LOOK– lets be brutally honest- Facebook– except now becoming an increasing dangerous, controlled and manipulative global network-  also became a data network constantly seeking new ways to obtain as much information from you as possible such as your home addresses, work places, profile pictures, family photos , cellphone numbers and God knows what else little scrap morsels of information they could “sweet-talk” out of you.

Their most recent and blatant arrogant stunt to extract your most secret data will simply leave you gobsmacked to say the least.   Facebook is now asking any worried users to send naked pictures of themselves to the social network to “prevent “ them being shared publicly elsewhere on the company’s various platforms. Or so they alleged. The measure supposedly would constitute a huge leap of faith by users to “trust “ Facebook with their most intimate information. Their motivation for this blatant exercise is “  a bid to combat online revenge porn.“The company apparently  is still dealing with the repercussions of the Cambridge Analytica user data scandal. Do you really believe any one of the millions of users will genuinely trust Facebook? I doubt if even the most naive idiot will do that. (That naturally excludes liberals- they form a specie on their own.)

Sez Mark’s proteges: “We’re now partnering with safety organizations on a way for people to securely submit photos they fear will be shared without their consent, so we can block them from being uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger,” Facebook’s Global Head of Safety Antigone Davis said in an online statement Tuesday. In a statement released on the web they state:

People shouldn’t be able to share intimate images to hurt others
By Antigone Davis, Global Head of Safety

It’s demeaning and devastating when someone’s intimate images are shared without their permission, and we want to do everything we can to help victims of this abuse. We’re now partnering with safety organizations on a way for people to securely submit photos they fear will be shared without their consent, so we can block them from being uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. This pilot program, starting in Australia, Canada, the UK and US, expands on existing tools for people to report this content to us if it’s already been shared.

My team and I have traveled to nine countries across four continents, listening to stories about the abuse and cruelty that women face online. From Kenya to Sweden, women shared their painful, eye-opening experiences about having their most intimate moments shared without permission. From anxiety and depression to the loss of a personal relationship or a job, this violation of privacy can be devastating. And while these images, also referred to as “revenge porn” or “non-consensual pornography,” harm people of all genders, ages and sexual-orientations, women are nearly twice as likely as men to be targeted.

Today, people can already report if their intimate images have been shared without their consent, and we will remove each image and create a unique fingerprint known as a hash to prevent further sharing. But we can do more to help people in crisis prevent images from being shared on our services in the first place. This week, Facebook is testing a proactive reporting tool in partnership with an international working group of safety organizations, survivors, and victim advocates, including the Australian Office of the eSafety Commissioner, the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative and The National Network to End Domestic Violence in the US, the UK Revenge Porn Helpline, and YWCA Canada.

People who worry that someone might want to harm them by sharing an intimate image can proactively upload it so we can block anyone else from sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger:
– Anyone who fears an intimate image of them may be publicly can contact one of our partners to submit a form
– After submitting the form, the victim receives an email containing a secure, one-time upload link
– The victim can use the link to upload images they fear will be shared
– One of a handful of specifically trained members of our Community Operations Safety Team will review the report and create a unique fingerprint, or hash, that allows us to identify future uploads of the images without keeping copies of them on our servers
– Once we create these hashes, we notify the victim via email and delete the images from our servers – no later than seven days
– We store the hashes so any time someone tries to upload an image with the same fingerprint, we can block it from appearing on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger
This is one step to help people who fear an intimate image will be shared without their consent. We look forward to learning from this pilot and further improving our tools for people in devastating situations like these.”

Facebook began testing its “revenge porn prevention “ system in Australia last year, but is now extending it to the US, UK, and Canada. Similar technology is used to stop the promulgation of child pornography and abuse imagery online. In the UK, Facebook will partner with The Revenge Porn Helpline for the experimental scheme. The UK’s Revenge Porn Hotline received over 1,000 reports in 2017, up from 500 just two years previously.

If Facebook users wish to participate in the trial or think they may already be a victim of revenge porn, they can contact the Revenge Porn Helpline who will, in turn, liaise with Facebook. According to the company, its staff will then send concerned users a private link where they can upload the naked photo of themselves. Uploaded photos will only be seen by “a very small group of about five specially trained reviewers” on Facebook’s Community Operations Safety Team who will give the image a digital fingerprint using a scrambling method called hashing. The image will then be stored on a database, according to Newsbeat.

Under the project, if anyone else tries to upload the same image to Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger, it will be blocked instantly. The system, however, appears only to work if someone attempts to upload an undoctored version of the same image that was earlier provided to Facebook.

” Only a very small group of about five specially trained reviewers” they say…yea RIGHT!  “Specially trained ” in what we wonder…..masturbating at nude pics on the screen? One wonders if little Mark and his Zionist gang now want to start the biggest porn web data base in the world or what? Now I for one will at no time post my bare necessities on any internet site- especially not to controllers of  a questionable website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We all are quite well aware that especially little Mark Zuckerberg and his happy band of FBI protegees simply LOVE to gather as much data as possible from every individual on earth- which they gladly share among their merry friends such as the police, strange law enforcement characters- and even in court. Not even speaking at the high risk of very deranged hackers that gladly will hack those “sweety-pie” selfies and sell/distribute it across the internet for all to see- especially the not-so-nice mobs like pedophiles, human traffickers, etc.

So- in our view little Mark and his merry gang of pervs can go eat gunpowder and fart little thunderbolts if they arrogantly believe we as normal intelligent people will ever be sucker-punched into believing this cockamamie bullsh*t. Then again- you will get those poor naive lost liberal UN- intelligent LGBT psychopaths and pedophiles that will gladly share their despicable little tally whackers and rotten vags for the intimidating web dictators to have a wee chuckle about.







( OK– Here is the deal- we demand from Mark Z to start the ball  rolling – and  place a world-wide FB page on-line – displaying all the pervert FB staff in that Menlo Park CA Head  office – including himself- with their nude calamari-scalped cockerels and furry Kosher beavers facing to the  front-an undoctored version of the same image that was earlier not provided to Facebook-  then we will decide if we will follow their example. We also promise that we will be very “discreet ” – and only a few group of  9 billion “specially trained reviewers ” from the Facebook community will review the website – and store the hilarious pictures  on as many databases. Tit for tat- I say what old chap..not so? -Ed)