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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent London May 30   2018



Tommy Robinson sentenced to a year in prison: The shocking facts UK authorities are trying to keep secret

Editor’s review: The tragic history of “boiling” the South African white frog and the powers behind the furnace






” In the prelude towards any conflict the first victim to be sacrificed is the free speech of truth. “


THERE  is a deliberate pre-designed master plan by the Azkanazi Jew to exterminate all whites across the world. There is no doubt about it. The Lights of Freedom are Going Out all over Europe: UK, Italy, Catalonia,  Netherlands, Ireland, Greece and also South Africa,etc-  acting like Saudi Arabia.

Kyk gerus na die dokumentêre videos wat die waarheid ontbloot oor Israel, wie na regte die Jihad magte geskep het en beheer. Vandag se Israel is die Edomietiese geslag wie Christus gekruisig het.Kyk wie is massa moordenaars, dit is Israel!. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ko7mFdleGvs https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mZGPZRkqJzY

Posted by Mika Fourie on Monday, May 28, 2018

Te real mass Azkinazi murderers exposed

Evidence is happening everywhere that there is a definite austerity,de-industrialisation, white DEPOPULATION AGENDA  where an Orwellian police state dictatorship One World Government is being installed year by year and world population is being reduced from 7 billion to 500 million people to destroy the Old World Orderusing any means “necessary”  to make way for the NWO New World Order which will be a scientifically high tech advanced world with free energy devices,anti-gravity,teleportation,faster than speed of light space travel and normal marriage will not be allowed because scientists and doctors will give people permission to reproduce children,it will be a highly controlled world where all existing problems,social,moral,economic will no longer exist. ONE of the first casualties of this one world order is Free Speech.

The Death of Free Speech

Posted by Avialae S. Horton on Friday, May 25, 2018


What do you know about the Illuminati’s world changing technology?

Posted by Illuminati Exposed on Friday, May 25, 2018


An example of just how devious and powerful the Azkanazi influence our societies- is their iron grip on treacherous bank-rolled politicians such as May, Merkel, Rhamaphosa, Trudeau, Macron, Sturgeon, Obama, Clintons , Bush, – and many more to oppress, discriminate against and persecute especially white people in favor of alien and non-white races illegally flooding their countries – socially supported by mainly white taxes squandered by these two-faced politicians.

One such case again hit the headlines where this socialist locusts targeted whites was the recent Tommy Robinson incident. The Leader of the opposition and the second largest party in The Netherlands (PVV), Dutch politician Geert Wilders has criticized the arrest of Tommy Robinson, who was detained last week after drawing attention to a trial of a Muslim child grooming, rape and abuse gang, as an attack on free speech.

“I am here because I am shocked and outraged. What happened in the United Kingdom last week is an absolute disgrace,” the Dutch parliamentarian said while standing outside the UK Embassy in the Hague. “Freedom of speech is being violated all over Europe, and also in Britain. The lights of freedom are going out. Islam critics are taken to court, jailed, or targeted with fatwas.”



Now at Downing street..

Now. Downing Street.

Posted by Janice Atkinson on Saturday, May 26, 2018

-and in Australia…


This is what happens when they try to silence us. #FREETOMMY

Posted by Avi Yemini on Monday, May 28, 2018



Calling Robinson a freedom fighter, Wilders called on the UK – “once a bastion of freedom of speech” – to stop “behaving like North Korea and Saudi Arabia” and “gagging its people” while Muslims are “pampered, protected and defended.”

Tommy Robinson was jailed on Friday, after live streaming from outside the courthouse in Leeds, initially for a trumped up pre-planned “intent to breach the peace,” charge, though he did not actually have a chance to broadcast anything before he was hauled away. Robinson was then reportedly ordered by the judge to serve out a conditional 13-month sentence for “contempt of court,”–  handed down last year for a similar incident, in which he turned up outside a live court hearing as a “citizen reporter.”

There are fears for his well being as a price has apparently been put on his head by Islamist Extremists in jail. Robinson is currently believed to be in Hull Prison, according to social media reports. In an extremely rare and over the top action, the judge ordered a media blackout of the coverage of the case Robinson attended “to avoid a substantial risk to the administration of justice in these proceedings.” More unusually, the details of the Robinson arrest and sentencing itself have also fallen under the media ban, at least until the end of the current trial.

This led to a situation where multiple outlets, including major UK media publications and RT, were forced to delete articles mentioning where he is being kept and for what crime, even if those pieces had no specifics about the proceedings he himself intended to report on. This appears to have had the opposite of the intended effect, and not only have several outlets left their original pieces on the 35-year-old activist easily accessible, but hundreds of Robinson’s supporters held a widely-covered march on Downing Street on Sunday, demanding his release.

A petition asking Prime Minister Theresa May to free Robinson has collected over 416,000 signatures seen here: https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-free-tommy-robinson

Robinson’s supporters, which included a UKIP MEP, have criticized the activist’s legally-mandated disappearance from news reports as “Orwellian.” Wilders, who was recently banned from entering the UK despite leading the largest opposition party in the Dutch Parliament, has made a diplomatic inquiry to British authorities over the jailing, particularly expressing concern about Robinson’s safety while in custody.

Media Covers Up Tommy Robinson's arrest, showing they don't care about a free press

Posted by Mike Cernovich on Monday, May 28, 2018


MEANWHILE An Open Letter of Warning to Theresa May has been circulating on social and alternative media and been forwarded to MPs etc. around UK since the controversial arrest of Tommy Robinson. No matter his politics, it is simply not right.

“The Rt Hon Theresa May MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street


Dear Mrs May

I am writing to you today following my concerns about the direction this country is currently taking. There have been events of late that are very concerning to the British public. One of these is the arrest of Tommy Robinson. There were 10,000 witnesses to Tommy Robinson’s arrest and not one person watching witnessed any wrongdoing on the part of Tommy Robinson. This unjust silencing of this man, however, is just one in a growing list of concerns that myself and many of my fellow countrymen have. I would like to make it perfectly clear (a term you seem to be very fond of using) how both myself and many of my fellow countrymen feel about what is happening to our once great country.

In Prime Ministers Questions you stated that the United Kingdom is a “tolerant s” society, and you are correct, however, there are certain instances where we are not tolerant and I want to be clear on these.

We will NOT tolerate grooming gangs in our country, nor will we tolerate the silencing of any reports on these grooming gangs. It is the duty of the government to protect and serve our country and our people and this includes protecting our children from this disgusting crime and culture.

We will NOT tolerate migrants or refugees (regardless of color race or religion) abusing our hospitality and demanding that our laws and indeed our culture is altered to suit them. There is one law for ALL in this country and we expect our guests to follow our laws or relocate to a country that has laws compatible with their culture.

We will NOT tolerate sharia law, sharia councils or sharia courts in our country; this is not compatible with our laws, regardless of what those in government would try to have us believe.

We will NOT tolerate the unlawful arrest of any journalist including Tommy Robinson, simply because they are reporting on the truth of what is happening in our country.

We will NOT tolerate the abuse of powers of the government or authorities in trying to silence free speech on the grounds that it might offend somebody. This logic means that nobody has the right to say anything as any view is bound to offend somebody somewhere. Free speech is the basis of our democracy and without it, we turn into a dictatorial country. Free speech is necessary to open debate on a wide range of subjects and views.

We will NOT tolerate a cult which preaches hatred to our country and our people.

We will NOT tolerate a watered-down Brexit. The people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU as a whole, this means NO customs union (of any kind), NO single market and NO jurisdiction of the ECJ and most certainly NO freedom of movement. We do not care for your version of Brexit, your duty as Prime Minister is to deliver a full Brexit as per the will of the British people.

We will NOT tolerate a police force that is more than happy to ignore the more serious offence of the grooming of young girls in our country while bringing down the full force of the law on those that have said a word that may or may not cause offence to somebody.

We will NOT tolerate media blackouts on news stories that are in the public interest.

We will NOT tolerate austerity being thrust upon us while this government is still willing to send OUR money out of the country by way of EU contributions and foreign aid, nor will we tolerate the huge numbers of migrants entering our country and receiving housing, benefits and services for free to the detriment of the British public. Your duty as Prime Minister is first and foremost to protect and care for the British people.

I trust that the above points have been made crystal clear to yourself, your cabinet and indeed every single Member of Parliament.

I would also like to take the time to remind you of the expected Code of Conduct of the Conservative Party as well as the Parliamentary Code of Conduct. Perhaps you would like to familiarise yourself with both of these (or at the very least the main points) and enlighten all other members of parliament. Please see your website and the parliament website for details.

If any member of parliament is unable to follow these standard practices and codes of conduct then they should resign now or face the possibility of losing their seat in the next general election. It would also be wise to remember that any surge in Conservative membership numbers is not down to your leadership so far, in fact far from it. The increased membership is solely down to a certain backbencher that we the British people believe to have our country’s best interests at heart. You would be wise to follow his example if the Conservative Party hopes to win any general elections in the future.

We have not even touched on the Magna Carta and Article 61 and suggest you revisit these important founding concepts.

Freedom of Association and Freedom of Speech are the very foundations upon which any democracy is built.

Without it there is no democracy. With no Democracy, We the People will have to take to the streets…

Yours Sincerely.

Don V”


BRITAIN a man is arrested by police for Preaching Bible which …

BRITAIN a man is arrested by police for Preaching Bible which is offending Muslims – ( See this Video Muslims are allowed to Preach Islam in Britain https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1850040971703504&id=1256179071089700 )

Posted by BHOSKE-Godse on Saturday, December 10, 2016


EU murder of Italy

Italian Eurosceptic coalitionists lashed out at the power grab by pro-EU interim PM: “We are with people, not bankers”. “Only goose-stepping EU cheerleaders are qualified to serve as minister of economy”.

The appointment of a former IMF director as interim PM shows that Italy’s president is “with the bankers,” not the people, the head of Eurosceptic Lega Nord has said, exemplifying the widespread anger over the unprecedented move.

” They are with the bankers and the powerful ones. We are with the Italian people,”Matteo Salvini, the leader of Lega Nord, wrote on Twitter shortly after President Sergio Mattarella announced his decision to make ex-IMF director Carlo Cottarelli interim prime minister on Monday. The defiant message was accompanied by a photograph showing Mattarella, Cottarelli, former prime minister Matteo Renzi, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel – and President Mattarella. Salvini is pictured below that, rallying a crowd.


Cottarelli’s appointment comes a day after Mattarella refused to sign off on a new government assembled by Lega and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S). Both parties have criticized the euro and the Jewish controlled European Union. After lengthy negotiations, the two parties joined forces to create a collective majority in parliament and form a new government. Lega and Five Star wasted little time before lashing out at Mattarella’s decision to block the appointment of their choice for economy minister.

What a terrible day for Italy and for democracy, Salvini said.  in a Facebook post on Sunday, following Mattarella’s decision to veto Paolo Savona’s nomination for the post of economy minister. Savona has been a vocal critic of the euro, and Mattarella said he could not approve his appointment because it could potentially risk Italy’s exit from the shared Jewish controlled European currency. “The government of changebcould not be formed, because the Lords of the Spread and of the banks, ministers in Berlin, Paris and Brussels were against it,”-  Salvini wrote. He later added on Twitter: ” Italy is not a colony, we are neither German nor French slaves. We are not the slaves of the spread or finance.”

His coalition partner and leader of the Five Star Movement, Luigi Di Maio, echoed a similar sentiment, noting that apparently only goose-stepping EU cheerleaders are qualified to serve as minister of economy. ” None of those who in their lives have been critical of the EU or of euro, can be a good fit for Minister of Economy,”- Di Maio said in an emotional live stream video on Sunday night.” This is not free democracy. I have always esteemed President Mattarella, but this choice is simply incomprehensible to me,” he said. Veneto’s governor and former Minister of Agriculture, Luca Zaia, also slammed Mattarella’s decision to block the new government as ” a pretext to stop the wind of change that was identified during the elections.” 

American people sacrificed for the Globalist agenda

IN America  it turns out that the FBI has been compromised and that American citizens have been targeted for surveillance for purely political persecution surveillance reasons, or that the Obama Justice Department and maybe even some in the White House were in on it.   AND in Germany Angla Merkel’s new coalition party want to increase th Muslim invasion into Germany.

 SOUTH AFRICAN  whites are discriminated against and targeted to loose all their property- the Illuminati attack on whites 

The great deception and the blatant lies propagated by the National Party:

Die Opregte Afrikaner Mag Nooit Vergeet wat hierdie "mense" aan ons gedoen het nie.!!!

Posted by Sakkie Claassens on Friday, January 30, 2015



The reality after the great deception in South Africa:


THE reality of South Africa- after De Klerk and his National Party deception- is anything BUTdemocratic“- whatever this term might mean. The Jew imposed “democracy” turned out precisely what it is- a living nightmare. Like most of the Middle-East regions that has been ” democratized” by the evil axis- America, Israel and Britain- South Africa resembles a war zone oozing with poison gushing from black farm murderers, African corruption, crime an liberal deception that are marinated in the blood of thousands of innocent victims.

South Africa sports the biggest silent genocide in modern history- a genocide planned so devious- so cold blooded-it resembles that of a national black  plague….unnoticed- yet it stretches it’s deadly tentacles into every level of society. It is  killing thousands of innocent victims every year- yet nobody notices it. It destroys and impoverish whole communities- it eradicate whole histories, it exterminates whole races, it discriminates against groups of people- and it divides races. It makes the rich more wealthy and the poor even more squalor. It creates laws to protect the super elite while oppressing the populace. It steals taxes from the poor to feed the gluttony of the rich- it prevents people from earning a decent living and it destroys private rights, ownership, free speech and ones identity.

Ramaphosa selling South Africa to the New World Order….



It released thousands of terrorists in the streets – turning whole cities into war zones, it unleashed thousands of violent hooligans across the country to riot, burn destroy and kill innocent people all for the sake of “poor service delivery.” . It created African despots caring more about lining their pockets than caring for the country. It brought out the worst in human behavior within  white liberals and Afrikaner traitors.  It promotes a totalitarian state where inhuman laws are enforced by a police-state doctrine- yet the hypnotized misdirected populace still applauds it every 5 years. It forced literally millions of good artisans to flee for safer havens abroad. It creates race division and keep racism alive in order to rule . THAT is the “democracy” and reality of South Africa after the great De Klerk deception. “Democracy ” only is another “smart” term for a horrendous silent national genocide.

The ANC wants the black communist regime  to immediately use section 25 of the Constitution to expropriate land without compensation. Addressing a media conference at Luthuli House on Tuesday‚ ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule said the party had requested its sub-committees to come up with a program of action in the next two months in order to undertake expropriation in an orderly fashion. Magashule said the party had adopted the report of the land summit which had discussed the matter two weeks ago. “[The NEC has resolved to] immediately use section 25 of the Constitution to press ahead with the expropriation of (white) land in order to test the argument that the Constitution does permit expropriation of land without compensation‚” said Magashule. (Link) 

Direct provocation against whites

On Sunday morning, 27 May 2018, a resident from Centurion sent a frantic warning to fellow residents in Centurion warning them about EFF thugs chasing white shoppers away from a shopping mall. Apparently “white privilege “ is the reason why white people are not allowed to visit a shopping mall.

Here are a few questions:

•Since when is it white privilege to buy food or other essentials?
•Since when can the EFF decide where whites may or may not go?
•Why do EFF thugs and their akin always hunt in packs like hyenas?
•Clearly these thugs are low-life cowards that target defenseless women and run in packs?
•Why does it seem that the EFF is the de facto racist enforcers on behalf of the government?

What else are whites barred from:

•White people are barred from job opportunities through oppressive legislation like BEE & BBBEE.
•White people are barred from universities through restrictive quota enrollment programs.
•Whites are barred from sport teams through enforced quota systems.
•White people are barred from the right to life through targeted hate crimes.
•White Farmers are barred from farming through targeted farm attacks.
•White people are barred from owning land through land expropriation.
•White people are barred from equal rights before the law through double standards.
•Whites are barred from protection through songs like “one settler – one bullet” or “kill the farmer, kill the boer” sung openly by political leaders.
•Whites are barred from equal rights through 119 race based laws.

The oppression and increased discrimination towards white people are intensifying unabated. Even the greatest skeptic cannot ignore or deny this anymore. There is a deliberate and calculated drive to relegate white people to 2nd rate citizens in their own country. This is now the “democracy “ the Jew-controlled corporate world bestowed on South African whites. Yet the slimy international maggots still holds “apartheid” as the prime evil against humanity? What is going on in South Africa now is ten times worse than “apartheid”- but because the smell of gold and diamonds speaks louder that the blood of innocent people- the international vultures cares less about sentimental values or justice- just as long as the vaults in Europe and America keeps on being filled to the brim with stolen riches. Whites in South Africa must now prepare themselves to stand up against this blatant direct assault against their lives by the evil deceptions from this black political despots, stand up and defend their property- and their right to be citizens of that country- even if it means to take up arms and defend this that rightfully belong to them. Without land or property whites will become nothing more but alien nomads in a country they once called “home.”  Peace will never be a possibility if the white nations of this world do not stand together against the terrible onslaught against their race. South Africa is the Jew controllers’ test bed for what eventually will be coming to white America and Europe.










The Lights of Freedom are Going Out all over Europe: UK, Italy, Catalonia, Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, etc. acting like Saudi Arabia




EU Kills Democracy in Italy Too! Supremacist EU and Banksters Take Control of Italy Against The Will of The People!