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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria  May 29    2018





A 19-year-old school boy has appeared in the Vryburg Magistrate’s Court in connection with the murder of two girls at the Stella High School hostel in the North West‚ police said on Tuesday.

The boy‚ –Xander Bylsma– who is believed to be an ex-boyfriend of one of the victims‚ will spend the next two months behind bars as the police investigation continues. Lieutenant Colonel Amanda Funani said the suspect appeared in court on Monday and his case was postponed to August 6. He is yet to plead. Police are still investigating the circumstances around the deaths of Marna Engelbrecht‚ 17‚ and Sharnelle Hough‚ 16. Their lifeless bodies were found on Saturday at the Stella High School hostel.


Marna Engelbrecht‚ 17‚ and Sharnelle Hough‚- brutally murdered by a teen-age ex lover.

” According to information received the two girls were alone in the girls’ hostel‚” said Funani. “The bodies of the pair were discovered by the hostel matron. First the matron found the body of the 17-year-old hanging from the rails of the staircase in the hostel. She alerted the school management and the police were summoned. “Upon investigation‚ the police discovered the second body with a string around her neck at the hostel’s bathroom.” The suspect was arrested shortly afterwards.”



Xander Bylsma was thought to have been in a relationship with Sharnelle, which recently ended according to Netwerk24.Netwerk24 also reported that, following his arrest, Bylsma said in a statement that he had murdered the two girls. Following his appearance in court on Monday, the case was postponed to August 6 for further investigation. Originally, no foul play was suspected when the two Hoërskool Stella Grade 11 pupils were found dead at the school’s female hostel on Saturday morning. The hostel matron found their bodies.

Xander Bylsma had a love for hunting and rifles

“Firstly, the matron found the body of the 17-year-old girl, hanging from the rails of the staircase in the hostel. She alerted the school management and the police were summoned,” North West police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Amanda Funani told News24 at the time. “Upon investigation, the police discovered the second body with a string around her neck [in] the hostel’s bathroom.” Funani said a “thorough investigation” led to Bylsma’s arrest. In a Facebook post on Monday afternoon, staff at the girls’ high school said they cherished the memories they had of the bubbly, smiling teens. “We never thought for a moment that they would be taken away from us in such an unnecessary way,” the post stated in Afrikaans. “Our whole community is poorer and darker without your beautiful smiles.”

Xander Bylsma and Sharnelle Hough in happier times when they were still a couple.  She was found hanged with a rope from the stair railing in the hostel of the Stella High School .



And here begins the trip to “sympathy – land for the young murderer:

And here it begins now . The mother of the murder accused has called him as a “ soft “ child with a “ small ” heart . He is coming out of a ” loving Christian home where he is everybody’s hero “ . “ He has good manners where he treats everyone with respect “ , according to the mother .

According to Police this “soft “ person with the “small heart “ has already made a confession that he killed Marna Engelbrecht [ 16 ] and Sharnelle Hough [ 17 ] with whom he was in a relationship which was terminated .
This “soft hearted “ boy with the ” small heart ” and with the “good mannershanged his ex girlfriend with a rope from the stair railing in the hostel of the Stella High School .

The “soft hearted “ boy with the “good manners “ also strangled Marna, Sharnelle’s best friend, with a handbag’s strap and left her body on the bathroom floor . The “soft hearted “ boy then went home as if nothing happened . This was a callous passionate deed pre-planned and executed- TWICE! He planned to kill them…premeditated– thus the reason why the two were found in different places. Maybe he wanted to be in “control” of everything- as a hunter with a gun being in control of the animal’s life- and when sacked by his girlfriend- he just could not face been rejected. Was this his “revenge” on his girlfriend? One will never know. This also reminds us of the same modus oprandi committed by Henry Van Breda in the De Saltze murders where he murdered his whole family unprovoked.

 However– as the pink slipper  bleeding heart culture dictate in South Africa – we can now expect a long procession of aunties, grandmothers and other family being interviewed by Huisgenoot, – telling them what a “good boy “ Xander Bylsma was and how he is just “misunderstood . “  He will be turned into the “victim” again. In the meantime the parents, siblings and friends of the 2 murdered girls will be left devastated , hearts broken . And two lives were terminated forever, endless possibilities will now never become reality for them .

An eerie posting on Bylsma’s Facebook- he surely twisted the throttle until two girls were left dead. Will he be free from regrets this time?  Was it a jealous retribution for being rejected? 

The mother of the young boy Xander Bylsma-  accused of murdering two teenage girls at Hoërskool Stella in the North West, – said her son was “not a demon”Xander Bylsma, 19, made a brief appearance in the Vryburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday on two counts of murder, after the bodies of Sharnelle “Lallie” Hough, 17, and Marna Engelbrecht, 16, were found in their hostel at the high school on Saturday, News24 reported this week.

Bylsma’s mother, Mercia, told Netwerk24 on Monday that her only child was “sensitive” and had a “kind heart”. She described him as loving, well-mannered and someone who treated everyone with respect. She defended her son and said no one knew what had happened, adding that he “also had feelings” and was very “emotional”. Mercia described her son as “her life” and said that she was struggling.