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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  May 29    2018





SINCE the union mobster Cyril Ramaphosa “assumed” control of South Africa- the country faced umpteen price index escalations and taxes.It appears the mobster boss is out not to only slowly “boil” the white Afrikaners to death- but the economical frog  as well.

With the South African Revenue Service under incompetent and corrupt management- the illegal department now have a shortfall of 57 BILLION rand  due to a decreasing white taxpayer base – and an ever growing  black jobless state grant wagon that now are running downhill without brakes. To try to counter this evil spiral- the ANC rat pack under Ramaphosa decided to tax the populace even more. Instead of stimulating the economy by assisting farmers , the transport industry and small business through state subsidies- they decided to rather kill it and leave this what is left in the state coffers for the survival of the “small elite” on top.


The illegal VAT ( Value Added Tax) climbed to a 15 % – and food commodity prices went up with nearly 47%. Fuel prices already soared twice since his state capture – and now are set again to soar even more.  Fuel prices are about to skyrocket to all-time highs, the Automobile Association (AA) warned shell-shocked South Africans on Thursday. It expects a petrol price hike of up to 85 cents per liter in June- nudging the current price of R14.72  ever so closer to the R 16.00 per liter mark- the highest it ever was- even during the so-called “apartheid” years. The AA expects the diesel price to increase by 87 cents a litre. Illuminating paraffin will be 82 cents per liter more .expensive.



THIS ostensibly will be the death knell for many below-the-breadline South Africans. What comes as uncanny- is that the fuel prices in Botswana is R 10.53-imported from South Africa- and Namibia it is R 9.99. The reason is that the ANC rat pack now hits the fuel prices to line their pockets.Already consumer prices are out of reach for many poor South Africans. Food prices -and especially meat prices – are now a commodity reserved for only the super rich. The economy already are dithering on the edge of a financial melt-down. With Ramaphosa’s idiotic stance a-la Mugabe-style to change the constitution to disown white people- and thus food producing farmers too- the vision of yet another Zimbabwe in the making are looming as food will become scarcer and totally out of reach of most normal South Africans- not even speaking about the poor which will fast be pushed into starvation.


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But that’s not all- to encourage the formal emigration, from 1 March 2020, SARS is implementing a double taxation law. The new law requires all South African passport holders living abroad to pay an additional South African tax of 45% of their foreign employment income. Pay or return the passport! Does this not sound like regime racketeering? Add to this the criminals at ESKOM that also want a 30 percent increase on electricity- and one can already hear the bell sounding the end of South Africa’s free economy as it descents even  deeper into the death spiral  towards the abyss of a  totalitarian socialist rule.


Soon South Africa will face a terrible depression where one will need a wheelbarrow full of 2000 $ South African to buy a simple bread. This again will lead to more violent riots as this is the only culture black South Africans knows how to deal with such financial problems. Crime will escalate as the “people” will start plundering shops to feed their ever exploding population in the squatter camps- and soon a civil war around food will erupt- which again will turn South Africa in yet another miserable failed African police state. With all South Africa’s reserve oil stock already being stolen and sold by Zuma and Tina Joemat Petersen to line the pockets of the ANC elite – there is no hope or emergency back-up plan in place. Not one of this two criminals ever were arrested for national theft and brought to justice- just as that other ANC criminals Pneul Meduna, Jackie Selebi, and Thabo Mbeki  who also skipped jail for the same type of offense  a few years back- but a white Vicky Momberg were sent to 2 years jail time for “racism”- a much much lesser offense. Ironically can one get a 3 month jail sentence for smoking in public- yet this white collar criminals stealing millions get away scott free? Any logic in this?

Millions of rands worth of oil were illegally sold to he Chinese without the consent of the public. Ironically the same ANC criminals hollers on a daily basis that all minerals , water and dams on farms of white  farmers suddenly are “national assets” belonging to “all” – but when it comes to stealing it-it suddenly becomes “ANC assets “ only- NOT belonging to “all” anymore. Talk about double standards applied whenever opportunity knocks. . The money derived from this deal “disappeared ” mysteriously.  South Africans now are exposed to the terrible onslaught of the Jewish corporate cabal to ravage the country financially at will. Meanwhile the dark powers behind South Africa’s downfall will obtain their stolen minerals at even a lesser price- buying the country piece by piece at garage sale prices- and the ANC rats will get more smart SUV’s and higher salaries to stay in power to oversee this plundering operations.


Posted by Andre Swanepoel on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

THIS is how these African dictators allow Chinese companies to plunder our natural resources.Chinese logging trucks in Mozambique 1 week ago. Very small diameter (Juvenile) trees. Extinction of many tree species very soon is happening before our eyes- yet we get arrested if we catch one single fish more than our daily quota to feed our families while Chinese fishing trawlers are plundering our coastlines! Again- the political pig bureaucracy’s pockets are lined to destroy our countries. 

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This is how Mozambique was deforested by alien Chinese – all in order so political pigs could be paid handsomely while the population are starving. 

The incompetent ANC communist gang now is  spinning totally out of control and should immediately be removed from power. With their disastrous racist policies put in place this past 20 years- they have damaged the economy to such an extend that South Africa now have reached the point of no return. With a new anti-white African dictatorship in control – an economic crash of the stock market looming and unseen African unrest , crimes such as cash heists ,  shop plundering , house robberies and riots winking on the horizon white South African Afrikaners  -targeted to be totally pushed out of the job market and the right to earn a decent living- again will have to prepare to fight to the bitter end to survive the economic onslaught .

With more than 400 000 whites already impoverished in squatter camps living off a $2.00 a day income due to the illegal communist’s BEEE policies- dark days lay ahead for this poor wretched group of the white nation as this terrorist regime will attempt to turn on the screws even more in an attempt to break their balls.  South Africa soon will be sporting the dubious honor of becoming another notorious crime infested wasteland and impoverished Illuminati product like the rest of Africa.

“Apartheid” was cunningly created and exploited  – and still is- as an escape goat to hide behind  the true horrors of  this evil “democracy.” In 20 years of “democracy” more people were killed, more people impoverished, more criminals are running rampant, more rapes are committed, most of the provinces are in total financial disarray, most of the state departments are totally ineffective,  more people are on social grants, most health care services are on the brink of implosion, the total education system is a total failure, more people are jobless, more people are rioting against poor services, the inflation are on it’s highest level, the country dithers on the edge of bankruptcy- more illegal aliens crosses the borders, –  the Defense Force turned out to be a national disaster, white food producing farmers are murdered at a genocidal rate, white artisans are forced to flee the country due to racist discriminatory laws, terrorist camps and operatives now legally are performing their disgraceful art  in South Africa, union strikes and riots destroy the economy on a daily basis,  illegal Nigerian and Eastern child sex , human trafficking and porn syndicates are running rife,  Environmental departments totally non-functional,  the police force the biggest state-sponsored mafia organization in Africa, the SABC, TELKOM, Postal Services and ESKOM became bed ridden invalid parasites to act as channels to launder money to the elite– and more African  politicians are digging deep into the state coffers during this false “democracy” than ever during   “apartheid.” But still the country have to suffer apocalyptic price increases and escalating taxes to ensure the power “on top” stays there.



[WATCH] Chaos at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital over unpaid bonuses

[WATCH] The Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg came to a standstill as protesters forced some patients out of the facility and blocked all entrances, demanding higher wages and bonuses to be paid.

Posted by Eyewitness News on Friday, June 1, 2018


South Africa’s health care system collapsing too- another ANC legacy.

The gap between rich and poor is ever widening- not between those “rich “ whites and “poor” blacks- but factually between the black “elite” and their impoverished naive supporting  sheep. So the whole country suffers because the “majority” are too short-sighted to realize every 5 years they vote for their own doom again- just because the ‘majority” have the devil and 400 racist demons haunting them from within the parliament in Cape Town.

Yet the directionless  race  biting political parties , totally misdirected  black radicals like Malema and his clowns – the skunk media and white liberal clowns  the likes of  Max Du Preez et al still stuck in their “racism” hysteria and are advocating their failed  bogus “rainbow” pipe dream. On the end of the day we can expect “apartheid” , Jan Van Riebeeck, Verwoerd or  those “rich whites” to be targeted again to carry the burden of the “democratic” ineptocratic disaster- as always.  Yet another Mandela/De Klerk Nobel Price award winning destructive legacy among many others is about to leave  it’s cataclysmic mark of chaos  on the South African history.

SO– How do you en me counter this onslaught?
The answer is simple: Start defying their intimidating “laws” by selling cash, defying their irrational laws and live like a free citizen. Stop being fearful of their intimidation tactics. Devise ways to slip through their oppressive system. The Bible tells you to come out under their evil rule. Do not mingle with them, adapt their evil ways- or participate in their demonic rule. Defy their orders and commands. Become independent- self sustained. The blacks do it- so can you.
This regime is corrupt- so they have no right to manufacture “laws ” to keep you in “check.” The only thing that keep you being a slave is your own fears because they rule by fear and intimidation. They are your enemy. They fought your fathers in a 25 year old war. They murder your people and oppress you on a daily basis. They alienate you and take your history and freedom away. They scoff at your language and nationalism- defy your right to be a citizen of this country. They threaten you and want to disown you. They sow seeds of poison and rebellion in the minds of your children. So why would you still listen and support them? Because you fear them?
Fight them- economically and otherwise. If you s a way not to pay tax-
use it. Without tax money they will become obsolete. Other than that you will remain a submissive slave of a dictatorial system.