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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria  June 02  2018





NOW we suppose you all are quite aware of the ANC’s hell-bent drive to wipe out white” racism”  in South Africa. We all took note how the media had a field day and the anti-white BEEE judiciary made sure especially whites took notice how “severely” they will deal with any white that ever dare calling a black any racist term in the Penny Sparrow case, the Reitz and Middelburg white farmers incidents- and most recently the Vicky Momberg case.

We also are on par with all the harsh laws the black regime imposed on whites if they dare even looking in a “racist” way to any black. The Penny Sparrow and Vicky Momberg incidents are clear examples of the anti-white narrative in South Africa. We still remember the SPUR incident where the white man was cleverly targeted as the culprit while the black woman who started it all was turned into the “victim.”  This anti-white narrative nearly cost SPUR to close down many outlets and a drop in it’s turn-over due to a huge backlash from the white community.

We also remember the KFC incident where a black woman started it all- but as ever again the media applied selective judgement and only targeted the white male for being “racist”– and as always- the black couple were the “victims”:

We took notice how Sunette Bridges was dragged before the HRC by white liberal Carina Papenfus for alleged “hate speech” on her social FB site. ( Link)  Steve Hoffmeyer also was locally and internationally lambasted for singing the old South African Anthem (Link) Then also we are reminded of the white guest house owner Andre Slade and his Slovakian partner‚ Katarina Krizaniova‚ who have been slapped with a R50‚000 fine by the Ubombo Equality Court for “ hate speech. ( Link) Even children were not spared by the devious South African media when they slapped a centurion white creche for supposedly acting “racist.” ( Link) Will we ever forget how Standard Bank fired Chris Hart for apparently making a “racist” comment as well? ( Link)  So – as you can see- the taps are opened up in full blast against any white making an “alleged” racist remark against a black. The South African black political establishment, judiciary and media are on a white racist witch hunt to make sure the whole world take notice of any incident of “white racism” – that is for sure.

But  what happens if the shoe fits the other foot then? We already had quite a bucketful of naked raw black racism swinging in South Africa as well- especially on the black social sites where blacks use the most despicable anti-white sentiments and threats.. But as yet we have not observe any of these black racists receiving the same treatment from the media and black political hippocrates as whites does. What we observe is that the ANC regime , their judiciary and their “kakka” media vultures are applying brutal double standards on the issue.

Black Magistrate Daniel Thulare already declared by saying “ Fuck White People” are not hate speech or racist. (Link) and the Constitutional Court is hearing an application about whether workers can be fired for singing the struggle song “Kill the boer”. This follows workers at Duncanmec being fired for singing the song during their unprotected strike. Numsa spokesperson Phakamile Hlubi says as far as the union is concerned, the phrase doesn’t constitute hate speech but believes their members were expressing their rights to “free speech. “ (Link)Whites just  do not dare to say ” Fuck Black People”– or “Kill the black” – for that would be raw racism and not “free speech” in the eyes of the South African anti-white narrative. Ironically did the ANC react quickly in another racist incident by a black against the Indian community.

KwaZulu-Natal Premier Willies Mchunu on Friday condemned a racist post aimed at the Indian community. In a statement, Mchunu noted the Facebook post by Nkuleko Mkhize targeting Indians, that has been making the rounds on social media.”We condemn the callous content of that posting in the strongest possible terms. Steps are underway to identify the perpetrator and do the necessary to prosecute the person/s involved,” said Mchunu. Part of Mkhize’s post read: “I think it is time to show Indians that they are not welcome here in KZN. A new day after Indians go back to India or we will kill them like that girl shot in Chatsworth.(Link)

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BUT nothing is said when blacks insult, threat and slander whites on the social media- no “steps” are taken to identify the perpetrators. No condemnation. Double standards by the ANC racists and their skunk media again?

Image result for fuck whites

Image result for fuck whites





We still remember that black  SANDF major- one major Mohlala– who- after reading about the brutal assault by black thugs on two elderly white male citizens that left one dead and one seriously injured- wrote on his Facebook page the following: ”  Should actually have poked out his eyes and tongue so that the last people he would ever see, were the killers and he could go to his grave with the nightmareApartheid is in him. All of these old white people think we are stupid when they say they were opposed to apartheid. We will not forget what they have done. Now it is the white people’s turn.”

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As we can gather the SANDF eventually  has done “the right thing” and fired this racist criminal – but sadly (as expected) the wrong way. Apparently the SANDF did not follow the “right” procedures- and this criminal thus still get his fat pay-check from the mainly white tax payer until the issue is “resolved.” So now the long tedious process of “political correct” bureaucracy starts- and we bet it will go on until everybody “forgot” about the incident- after which it quietly will be wiped out under the carpet as-if nothing ever happened. Mohlala will on the end retain his position and not be hunted down by the media – dragged before a court to pay a R 50 k fine- and financially ruined like Penny Sparrow – or jailed for 2 years like Vicky Momberg.

Now here we have three examples of raw black racist comments on the social media of the many there are- yet we have not heard a word from the ANC regime that fabricate umpteen laws to punish white “racists”– and not a single response from the South African leftist media. None of these black racists ever was charged to appear before the HRC or brought to justice with the customary media fanfare whites usually receive. 

Now we have yet another incident and black racist rant sticking it’s ugly head out- going precisely the Vicky Momberg way. (Link)  According to a video that went viral on the social media- a black Pretoria woman, who appeared to have lost her temper, hurled insults at police who attended a scene that appeared to have been an altercation with her and another white woman.

Police spokesperson Captain Dave Miller said they were aware of the incident that occurred in the Lyttelton area. Miller said they were busy with external and internal investigations. “We are currently busy with an investigation into the matter. Once we have been able to complete our investigation and establish exactly what transpired, we will then be in a better position to comment,” Miller said.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, the woman is seen hurling racist  insults at a white woman, saying “She messed with the wrong b****. You will see what happens when you find out who the f*** I am.” The woman can be heard to be shouting at a white woman that does not appear in the video, calling her an “uneducated c**t”. She continues to call her a “piece of white sh*t and retarded white b***h”. She goes on to say the woman is an “uneducated c**t, just because you are white, you piece of sh*t”. Directing her rant at the officers, she tells them that they are all uneducated “pieces of sh*t”. She tells the police that, “as for most of us, we have masters (degrees), b***h motherf****r”.

She goes on to say, “b***h, you think this is your mother who sold us for R20… And I am telling you this will be on national television”. At some stage, the woman is held back by the police, while she continues with her verbal onslaught. She then refers to the police as uneducated “pieces of s***.”


This is a BLACK woman who works for the Methodist Church. Make her famous !!!!! Vicky Momberg got 3 years JAIL for using the K word but THIS prize specimen of womanhood is allowed to get away with THIS??? 012 6515509…/0828473995……..Anneth.. prtoria st John methodist church….

Posted by Chris Swanson on Friday, June 1, 2018


NOW here we have an exact carbon copy of the Vicky Momberg incident in the black version. Now this incident  already made it’s round on social media for a week- yet the South African non-white race baiters in the media dungeons and their black anti-white racists on social media suddenly appears to experience an eerie case of amnesia linked with a severe attack of laryngitis as we have not as yet seen or heard one single word of condemnation coming from that corners.

Chris Rock's Unfunny Netflix Comedy

Chris Rock on his new Netflix special: "I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month…I want to see white mothers on TV crying."This is not comedy, it’s disgusting, Netflix.

Posted by ForAmerica on Monday, February 19, 2018

THIS is what is really wrong with this world- brutal BLACK RACISM– cleverly disguised in all forms while the whites are getting blamed – isn’t that right Mr. “Rock?”

Neither have we read about an ANC member of parliament making a case against one of these black racists above- and we still await Mmusi Miamane to leave his usual anti-racist tweet on the issue as he did with the coffin case when he tweeted: ” “Waiting for the two #coffincase people who act in despicable manner against the South Africa we ought to build. Racism must be destroyed.” Was it not Mmusi that also tweeted his little pence on the Ashwin Willemse incident and stated: “What @Ashwinwillemse experienced yesterday is still sadly an experience for too many South Africans. We must build an equal society, where we confine to history a system of racial superiority and inferiority. We must continue to pursue a Diverse SA however difficult it is.”  So Mmusi- take it away Bro- let’s hear it from you!! Now we await the sounds of hippocratic silence and double standards to prevail- as always.

Those darn facts…. 😆This is worth watching.

Posted by Educating Liberals on Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Will this black female racist be dragged to court and join Vicky Momberg in jail? Will she also be torn apart by the media- being followed on a daily basis- reporting her every move in court like Momberg was- and will  we also hear the racist black political heathens feeling “satisfied” that yet another racist was “severely” dealt with with a 2 year sentence? Will we see the left trash feeling good that “racism” was again dealt with? Let us now see the ANC apply their own “anti-racist “law(Link)  upon this black female ans send HER to jail for two to three years like they threaten whites with- we dare them! We doubt it. 

Anti-racist legislation and jails are reserved for “white racists “ only. Only whites have the notorious  honor to be called and charged as “racists.” Will this black woman be charged the same way as Vicky Momberg? The answer is a resounding “no”- she only expressed her right to “free speech”-  and like Mohlala and the thousands of other black racists thus will be a “free spirit ” – free of prosecution and untouchable by the law .  Blacks cannot be racist – they only are expressing ” free speech” – and thus cannot be prosecuted as they cannot commit any  racist offense. That is the unwritten narrative set in stone in South Africa- done and dusted!




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