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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pietermaritzburg  June 03  2018


South Africa: “Corrupt, Incompetent Gangster Elite” Admits Longtime British Liberal

Black Population in South Africa Has Increased by 920% in 100 Years







CYRIL“The squirrel” RAMAPHOSA and his red capped garden goblin Julius “The virus” Malema clearly did not contemplate what their foolish theatricals around land grabs without compensation would create in the aftermath  of their brainless drive on February 27 2018 to “expropriate “(smart term for illegally stealing) land without compensation.


Mense kyk as hierdie video was nooit op nuus gewys nie SHARE waar jy kan. Dankie Mnr Lekota

Posted by Rina Jonker on Friday, November 10, 2017


In the aftermath of this two clowns’ irrational speeches- a typical African  domino effect immediately start to take shape across the country as thousands of other brainless greedy clowns now invade any open space and start staking their “claims.” Most of the times this ventures turns out horribly dangerous for innocent victims. For example:  Carrie Esterhuizen and her two small children were in the hostel at the Cremona Cheese Factory in Tshepisong – West of Johannesburg when rowdy black land thieves set the building alight on Friday afternoon, 25 May.

Her husband Fredrick Esterhuizen told GroundUp he had been working for the factory as a security manager for about a month before the incident. Carrie Esterhuizen and the children, aged four and 11 months old, were at home when the thieves, residents of EbuMnandini  illegal squatter settlement in Tshepisong, broke the fence and set the building alight. They were not hurt. The illegal thieves  had previously tried to occupy the land next to the factory but the Johannesburg Metro Police Department demolished their shacks on the same day. The owner of the land, Antonio Cremona, filed for an eviction order in April. The case was heard in the South Gauteng High Court and an interim eviction order valid until September was granted.

My wife phoned me and all I could hear was frantic screaming so I rushed down to the house,” said Fredrick Esterhuizen. “I managed to grab my wife and kids just before one of the petrol bombs exploded in the lounge.”
Carrie Esterhuizen said she could smell the petrol bomb as she was calling her husband for help. “I tried not to think about [the petrol bomb] and focused on getting my kids out of the house,” she said.

Fredrick Esterhuizen said he had taken his family to the factory office. “Looking out the office window I could see my house burning down. We didn’t have time to take anything with us so we lost everything,” he said. Cremona’s personal assistant Carol Cooke said the fire had destroyed Esterhuizen’s identification documents, and the children’s school uniforms and books. She said the thieves  had entered the building and stole items.

As expected the arrogant thieves  have said they need the land because they can no longer afford to pay rent as they are unemployed. Thus we all can now just like wade into the country- stake our claims- and there- we all have land for free- irrespective to whom it may belong. Bugger the banks and their bonds or landlords and their rents! They say the land had been vacant for 23 years and is a safety concern because there is no fence and the grass is long. But Cooke said the property used to be fenced but the fencing “kept getting ripped down and stolen”. She said the land had not been developed because it had been tied up in a deceased estate until 2015.

“Land invasions are illegal no matter how you look at it. Taking what doesn’t belong to them makes them no better than the criminals that they complain about,” said Cooke. “Threatening people with stones, guns, sticks, petrol bombs, shovels and machetes  is no better than the criminals that they decry,” she said. Six thieves have been arrested on charges of public violence and an arson case has been opened at Kagiso Police station, according to spokesperson Solomon Sibiya. Efforts to get comment from the land thieves over the past day have been unsuccessful.

The land grab myth in South Africa

The land grab myth in South Africa

Posted by Afrikaner Eenheid on Sunday, May 27, 2018

NOW the question arise: If Carrie Esterhuizen  and her children were harmed- or even worse- burned to death in this incident- would Ramaphosa or Malema took  the blame for it? After all they were the ones that propagated this madness in the first instance and initiated the start of a civil war among the populace – with Molotov cocktails and machetes now being used to attack innocent people.  Would they feel guilty for  the deaths of innocent civilians- murdered by their misdirected “angry” unruly masses  because of their false  instigated political propaganda lies? The answer is they would not– for they are typical remorseless African political tyrants with loose tongues like Mugabe that cares less what disastrous effects their idiocracy might impose on the lives of other innocent people.


Illegal immigrants want to confiscate and occupy the houses of legal Dutch citizens in Amsterdam. Can you believe it?

Posted by Voice of Europe on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Illegally occupying the property of other people appear to be an “African thing “ world-wide.

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Land grab riots only is a hidden agenda for looting…


A common punishment for theft in ancient primitive cultures was to cut off the arm or fingers of the thief, but in South Africa, you just get called a protester when you loot.THIS IS WHAT BARBARIANS LOOKS LIKE:

Posted by SA Nuus en Meer on Monday, May 21, 2018

But this is not the first incident of this kind since the two evil British bank-rolled  padawans started their  crazy idea that you simply can walk in and claim someone else’s property by just shitting out senseless “laws” and changing constitutions to fit your own greedy narrative. Many instances like this occurred already where black alien opportunists simply were “organized” to invade private property and start erecting illegal structures. And this illegal land invasions were/are organized by ANC and EFF trolls specifically to antagonize private property owners to retaliate  in order to spark a political confrontation. Should the confrontation turn violent- the incident then would be exploited to gain political points for either the ANC or EFF.

This is what the ANC and EFF is doing to South Africa….

[WATCH] Chaos at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital over unpaid bonuses

[WATCH] The Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg came to a standstill as protesters forced some patients out of the facility and blocked all entrances, demanding higher wages and bonuses to be paid.

Posted by Eyewitness News on Friday, June 1, 2018



Such incidents already  turned into violent looting sprees, destruction of property and chaos like in Cape Town, the Natal midlands and Hermanus in the Western Cape where unruly black masses were organized to created chaos, looting, arson and mayhem.  many peoples’ lives were directly exposed to danger. An eShowe farmer‚ fearing for his life‚ managed to flee his home just hours before it was overrun by a mob of land grabbing rioters this past week.  The true extent of a night of unrest‚ vandalism and looting was revealed as the sun rose over the farming community in northern KwaZulu-Natal on Monday morning. The Gratton Farm‚ on the fringes of the township of Umlalazi‚ was torched‚ with the farmer’s home razed by fire and a workshop vandalized. (Link)

Hermanus land grab riots turned violent- another Ramaphosa/Malema legacy in the making.

Hermanus as of 12:00 today …

Posted by Jonathan Brinkman on Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Does Rhamaphosa, Malema or Andile Mnxitama feel any remorse should people get hurt or even killed during this mass destruction rallies? Do they feel guilty when millions of dollars worth of property are destroyed during such madness? Do they agree to pay for damages caused by their lawless supporters?Will they accept responsibility for any violent retaliation from property owners against this unruly and undisciplined mobs invading their properties and visa versa?


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Image may contain: sky and outdoor

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This is what these unruly mobs do to private property. This happened at Basil Read construction site in Polokwane,millions of dollars worth of excavating equipment destroyed. Will Ramaphosa and Malema accept responsibility for this damage?


Evicted farmworkers roared with approval in Drakenstein when told by Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Mcebisi Skwatsha that the land "wasn't stolen but taken by brutal force".Skwatsha was harsh in his condemnation of the "boere *farm owners".He and NGO Women on Farms Projects conducted farm eviction visits on Monday.Video: Dominic Adriaanse

Posted by Cape Times on Monday, June 4, 2018


THIS is how the ANC deliberately are spreading lies among farm workers- instigating violent retaliations against innocent farmers. This is how a civil war is sparked. 




Image may contain: night, fire and outdoor

Image may contain: night and outdoor This is what black mobs did to white farms in Addo and Kirkwood . Warehouses with tractors are being burnt down. Also farmlands. This is yet another Ramaphosa/Malema spin-off. Their objective is to create a civil war in order for the UN forces to step in- and they know the land issue is one issue that just might ignite the racial war flint. Like in Kenya and Tanganjika in the mid 50’s and 60’s the African destructive mentality have not changed.


Armed robbery – Fearless & blatant. Part of everyday life in South Africa KZN, DURBAN

Posted by CICA – Crime Intelligence & Community Awareness – South Africa on Sunday, June 3, 2018


Please be on high alert in the dunvegan area, my family was involved in an armed robbery earlier today in garlick avenue, having been followed from Tasha’s bedfordview

Posted by Tyla Aimee Marks on Saturday, June 2, 2018




Literally daylight robberies and hi-jacks – a common daily occurrence in South Africa under the ANC mismanagement.

No- they care less what the consequences are- just as long as their own very deranged political agendas were driven. On the contrary will this political con artists shift the blame onto the property owners– the real victims – to again vindicate themselves from any guilt and shove the blame onto the victims. They are political clowns- clowns that like to entertain their audiences with explosive rhetoric, clowns that perform their acts of notoriety and chaos with a smile on their faces.

Posted by Crime Buzz on Saturday, May 19, 2018


They factually are national appointed disasters- ruthless clowns that have no feeling , remorse or guilt- as for them this only is a game. As long as their performance make their audience cheer, riot , hate and burn they are happy.  They have no remorse after their acts leaves a community, society, a city- or a country devastated. It was only an act. After the show they will go home again- safely in their up-market castles behind their high security fences – and eat Sushi downed with a blue chip while they watch the aftermath of their act on national television. This much Ramaphosa already showed us during the Marikana massacre. Tomorrow they will perform again. Their mindless rowdy  crowd will cheer them again- and another town or city will be turned into chaos again- another farmer will be killed-  or his home torched again. Behind their city councils they will hide to instruct councils to do their despicable dirty work of sending aggravating notices to home owners-  threatening them with court orders – then send in their stassi police force to evict them from their own property.

That is how these  devious cowardly politicians operate. Whites never stole any land from blacks- but these political criminals know they can mind-f*ck the masses into believing the lie. And once that lie became the “truth”– it can be changed into “law”– all to score more cheap political points in next year’s election. Both the ANC and EFF are on their last legs- and in a pathetic effort to try to save their terrorist movements from being ousted- they again target the whites to be sacrificed on their political altar- as always.  But hell- who cares- the rainbow circus is in Cape Town- and after all it’s all part of their paid political act. 

Land grabs are happening in Modderfontein Road Midrand. Black thieves  are staking “their” land- and the police are watching and not stopping them.

Despots such as Ramaphosa, Malema, Mnxitama and the rest of this African bank-rolled dictators  still will learn the hard way that property is a very sensitive matter- and some people will not allow you to just like fart out a “law” – and start grabbing land a-la Mugabe -style. This is South Africa- not Zimbabwe. To try to hide behind their political “indemnity” or their rag-tag police force and useless defense force ain’t gonna help them nothing at all.


The message from the farmers to Cyril and his unruly black hooligans who want to “expropriate” their private land is quite clear: ” You touch our land and we will defend it- even if it means shooting you.” We hope Cyril and Julius accompany the first wave that  try to invade white farms- let us see how brave they are by putting their useless bodies with their words. But we expect they will skulk behind their closed office doors and city councils to do their dirty work- protected by umpteen security personnel. 

Farmers under attack

Some white farmers in South Africa feel so under threat that they are learning self-defence from an ex-Israeli special forces member in case they are targeted

Posted by Sky News on Sunday, June 3, 2018


This is the “democratic” South Africa Ramaphosa , Malema and Mxitama promotes…


They never have seen the reaction of some sectors of the population when really getting infuriated. What this two clowns went and did- was irrational, stupid and straight forward utterly dangerous to make empty promises to the black populace that they will force through this “land expropriation” mass land heist. Many lives are about to be put at stake- and when that happens- let us hope Ramaphosa , Malema , Mnxitama and the rest of that irrational political circus clowns in Cape Town will be fighting in the front lines to defend their callous hidden agendas- and not hide behind their security forces and high security walls like the gutless loud mouth cowards they usually are.


Image may contain: 1 person, beard, eyeglasses, hat and text

Mmusi Miamane’s racist rhetoric

” If there is a white person in the room, we think that’s the person in charge,” Maimane said in an interview with Sunday Times, adding that he made a mistake keeping Helen Zille in the DA after he took over leadership. Helen Zille should have been removed from decision-making structures after she stepped down as party leader, DA leader Mmusi Maimane has said. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Maimane has for the first time spoken openly about the “ difficulties “ in his relationship with Zille, saying it was “untenable to keep your former leader and your current leader same in the same structures”. He said Zille would not return to any DA government position when her term as premier ends next year. “Being a party leader is like being a pilot, flying through turbulent waters. The last thing you need is the former pilot sitting in in the jumper seat trying to tell you what to do,” he said.

Maimane also came out fighting against critics of his leadership, swatting away claims that a powerful white lobby was in charge of the DA. He said he would pursue his transformation agenda, admitting there was a fight back from within the DA. “I feel that as the organisation is changing, people who have historically held power think they must rise up. At some level, I welcome them challenging it because it tells you that change is actually taking place,” said Maimane “I think we give people by virtue of the color of their skins too much power… Maybe it comes from our own history. If there is a white person in the room, we think that’s the person in charge,” he said. Maimane also admitted that the DA had dragged out the De Lille matter for too long, creating the impression that they were “scrambling around” to get rid of her.

But then again we know- as soon as the pot start to boil- these political cowardly frogs – like that earth fiend Mugabe  and court jester Zuma who also destroyed  once flourishing economies-  will in typical African style be the first ones to jump ship and flee for the safety of neighboring countries to quietly “disappear” into the political night to enjoy their spoils after they have caused irreparable damage to our societies, our loved ones, our lives  and our country. This is the mark of dictators- destructive ghouls when in power- lame duck cowards when faced with the sh*t they created. South Africa is falling apart on all levels.  It will only be political con artists  like FW De Klerk that still will reason that South Africa is ” in good hands” now. (Link) After all was it him and his NP mobsters  that sold the country out with their lies and deception for personal enrichment to this same African clowns in the first place.


Cope oor grondgrype en Afrikaans op Afro World View TV vandag

Mosiua Lekota van Cope vandag op Afro World View TV na Afrika-lande oor grondgrype en die taal Afrikaans. (Dit wat eNCA, SABC en Parlementere partye nie wil hê jy moet sien nie).

Posted by COPE Vriende/Friends on Thursday, May 3, 2018

Maybe this woman in the video below gives us the best way the Cape Town way to express how most South Africans  feel about the Ramaphosa/Malema clowning conspiracy…

Kaapse Vlakte se boodskap aan Ramaphoza en Malema.Verskoon die taalgebruik, dit is tradisioneel.

Posted by Nuus 24/7 News on Saturday, May 26, 2018


An extremely short clip by Dr. James D. Manning on Obama! Pay attention to the end where there is a short pause, then 4 words. It could not be put more bluntly and perfectly! It's only 44 seconds – Perfection!

Posted by Women Explode on Friday, October 11, 2013

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