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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  April 04  2018







MY dad use to say that when a white is a good man- you will not find a better person on this earth. However– when a white turns into a rotten apple- it is better to shoot him right away – for he turns into the most detestable creature imaginable. Now here I want to show to the reader precisely just how that rotten apple looks like which my dad talked about- and how he behaves:


A Facebook user- M****** E*****  (We withheld her name for her own security reasons) wrote on her Facebook the following about that rotten white apple:


“A disturbing thing happened to me today. In short, I went to do my weekly grocery shopping at Checkers Northcliff at 14h00 this afternoon. As I was about to enter the shopping center I noticed a guy (with a motorcycle helmet on) kicking his crying girlfriend/friend while screaming unbelievable abuse at her. Most notably that she is a whore. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at him. He locked eyes with me, and then came charging at me whiles screaming insults at me… why am I looking at him, who the f%^^ do I think I am?, etc.

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Have a look how a rotten white apple look-like. Unfortunately there are many of them among us. 

I said, you cannot do that to a person, let alone a woman, anywhere, let alone in public. He screamed more abuse as I pulled out my phone and said that I will now be calling the police. I did dial 1011, but also knew in this moment that this guy was really dangerous… so I turned around (whiles waiting for the police to take my call) and walked into the shopping center. The police didn’t answer, and like a coward, I began my task of grocery shopping.

It was while I was having my bananas weighed that the guy returned… came up to me and strangled me… his face mere centimeters fro my face, hurling the most despicable abuse. From the corners of my eyes I noticed that everybody inside Checkers came to a standstill, yet nobody came to help me… nobody even attempted to intervene. I somehow got his hands off my neck, but then he grabbed the front of my dress screaming things like “You do not know me”, “You d not know what was happening there”… and I looked into his eyes and yes, I didn’t know. What I did know, however, was that he was kicking a crying girl (on the ground), hurling abuse at her.

I plucked up some courage and then told him, that regardless the backstory (alas, always the TV terms) what I saw, and what he did was not acceptable… that in this day and time this is no longer going to fly… are you even aware of #metoo. That was the worst thing to say, because he went ballistic (luckily his hands was no longer on me)… he screamed things about how nobody knows how he was abused… many things… I don’t remember most of it. Still nobody intervened. Then he spat in my face – a great big globule of spit – and made his way out of Checkers. I think I lost a bit of time then, but when my head tuned back into reality again, I saw him walking out… then my gaze shifted to two security guards standing there… just standing there… doing nothing… watching him leave.

It was then that I lost my shit. My well trained acting voice surfaced from nowhere as I addressed all the shoppers and staff in Checkers – “I do not know that man, but he just assaulted me and you did nothing! Shame on you! Then I turned to the security guards and reprimanded them for doing nothing…and slowly they went into action… slowly, and confused (well that is how they came across (maybe it was reluctance) ) they started moving towards the entrance where the man was headed.

Then I noticed the female staff (black ladies)… shock and horror engraved on their faces. They were the first people who came to me, held me, calmed me and then took charge. It became a drawn out affair… the security guards trying to apprehend this guy… him fighting like an animal… his girlfriend screaming at the security to get off him (the fu&^(% cycle of abuse)… a kind man coming to me who got Fairlands police on the phone… the management of Checkers who took me to a safe place and gave me water.

And when I was finally alone in that little office a Checkers I suddenly burst out crying… I was so upset, not about what happened to me, but about the guy… between all the abuse he was hurling at me, there were mumbled, distorted sentences about him being a victim, about his father abusing him. At one point he tried to show me his arm… some old injury of abuse, but I was to shocked to look or engage.

Long story short… the police eventually came. They were completely useless. They guy (and his girlfriend on the back) drove off as the police arrived. They spoke to the group of witnesses who have gathered first, and eventually asked me my name and number. I also gave them the guys number-plate details, as I took a photo of it. I then told them I would like to lay a charge of common assault, and they told me that they have got my details, and if they need anything they will call me. They have not yet called, and I doubt they ever will.

How can this be allowed to happen? How can the police be so inefficient? How can their inefficiency we tolerated. I am not the victim here, that poor young girl on the ground, being kicked and screamed at is a victim. I hope she is safe tonight. He is also a victim of something really bad that happened to him in the past… as indicated, abuse from his father. I hope he is safe tonight. The police, society, me – we are failing people… people in pain and despair. What do I do now? How do I help? How do we get the police to help… society to help? It is late. I should go to bed, gather my thoughts, and think about this again tomorrow.”


( ONE thing is for sure: This poor pathetic example of a white skin can thank his god I was not around when this happened- for God help me- I would have sent him to Davey Jones’ locker in 10 seconds flat- PERIOD! If there is ONE thing I cannot stand- it’s this screwed-up testosterone laden pricks that are too coward to take on men their own size- and vent their misplaced aggression on helpless women and children. AND I read the same story too often on a daily basis on Facebook- how these arseholes are abusing their women and children.  Like my dad said- shoot the MF before he spreads his idiocracy too far and irreversibly damage the lives of innocent people. I mean- how much DOES it take to assault a frail woman or child? If I was there- I surely would have donnered that creature into oblivion and when he fell- crack the idiot’s nuts.  He’s not a man- he’s as close to a psychopathic maniac that you will ever get. I feel sorry for that woman to live with this bugger.  As for those Lilly-livered bystanders , security flops and police that did nothing- well- you are just an example of how sick and deranged this world has become! -Ed)