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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee USA June 05   2018







IT’S SICK’Sinister ‘child sex trafficking camp’ with ‘underground jail for kids’, ‘rape tree’ and name ‘Maddie’ etched into tree. A group of ex-servicemen on patrol to help the homeless outside Tucson, Arizona believe they have uncovered an abandoned camp used to imprison and rape kids.


A DISTURBING situation on a CEMEX property in Tucson, Arizona, is developing. A volunteer patrol group, Veterans on Patrol, which searches the desert for homeless camps in an effort to help homeless veterans, has uncovered what they believe is a child sex trafficking camp. Video of the bizarre camp is circulating on Twitter under  OperationBackyardBrawl. The video shows an underground chamber only small enough for children to climb in and out of via a removable board. There are cribs, children’s toys, and pornography. Even more disturbing are the wrist restraints tied to nearby trees and what looks like blood splattered around the camp.


Worse, the veterans believe they found evidence of bodies buried underground and reported finding objects like bloody knives and bone saws. They claim that Sheriff Mark Napier, local police, the FBI, and Homeland Security wouldn’t respond to their calls for help or requests for cadaver dogs. Although police do not believe the camp is related to sex trafficking, the veterans say it is like “no other homeless camp” they’d ever seen – and firmly believe it has been used to hold and abuse children. The makeshift camp contains an underground bunker – accessible only by small children – which was found full of toys and children’s clothing. The Veterans On Patrol group claim the bunker could be locked from the outside but those on the inside would not be able to escape.Chillingly they also found a tree which they claim is a “rape tree” with small hand restraints at a child’s height.


These are from the camp. These straps are from the rape tree. They apparently have blood on it. Tuscon PD says this is a homeless camp. No homeless camp I know had straps attached to trees. 

Local coverage tells a different story. Footage of uniformed police can be seen on the property, searching the camp. Local coverage says that the investigation has been turned over to detectives. Videos made by the vets on the property contradict those claims. Louis Arthur, one of the vets on the ground, has made many videos claiming that law enforcement is not responding to calls for help to contain the site, collect the evidence, and find out what’s going on there.

The entrance to the underground bunker, which was filled with children’s toys and clothes

This was the view inside the underground bunker, which could be locked from the outside

The name “Maddie” can also be seen written on a tree branch in what appears to be a youngster’s handwriting.  Veteran Jon McLane, the group’s chaplain, told Sun Online: “I’ve been a homeless advocate for a decade and I have seen hundreds of camps and I’ve been homeless myself and I’ve never seen a camp like this. “It had an improvised jail and due to the items that were in there it certainly looked like an improvised jail for children. “From everything I saw I couldn’t imagine this site being anything but what we think it is – which is a child sex trafficking camp.  “

According to KGUN9, “Since the bunker was found, the Tucson Police Department has sent officers and investigative teams to search for evidence of the human trafficking of children. TPD says they have found no evidence of a human trafficking site,” but the accompanying video doesn’t show the hole in the ground with the chamber that the vets found. Other reports do and it sure looks like a bunker to hold children. “


Arthur has many videos on his Facebook page detailing their fight for help with this situation. He is asking for cadaver dogs and law enforcement to come and secure the site and collect evidence. The latest report he put out says that Tucson police “promised ”  they would bring the dogs requested and the veterans group is refusing to leave until they see that investigation is being done.

Cemex Corporation, an international cement company that builds tunnels all over the world, is linked to the Clinton Foundation through a UN organization, according to a trade organization:  “Amid General Assembly of the United Nations meetings in New York City, Cemex officials signed an agreement to join the UN Foundation Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves…Launched in 2010 by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Alliance eyes adoption of clean cook stoves and fuels in 100 million households globally by 2020.”





Sinister ‘child sex trafficking camp’ with ‘underground jail for kids’, ‘rape tree’ and name ‘Maddie’ etched into tree



( Yea Bru…when the name “Clinton” pops up- eyebrows should immediately start to raise. This comes as no surprise. They for a long time now have been secretly linked to child abduction , child sex and abuse accusations (Link) among many such as assassinations of high profile scientists through  their Clinton Foundation and the Bohemian dark society- and the fact that the grounds this camp was found on are linked to a company with links to the Clintons  should be a clear indication something very sinister was going on here.  

The Satanic Pedophile Syndicate connected to Hillary Clinton can no longer be denied. From the art collection of the Podesta brothers and the FBI acknowledged PEDOPHILE CODE used in the Podesta emails, to Spirit Cooking openly Satanic Witch Marina Abramovic to Hillary’s own emails with a reference to “Moloch. ” Then of course we have Chelsea’s upside down cross that she is so fond of wearing… All of this information is out in the public domain and cannot be denied. These are facts.

Brave Journalists like Liz Crokin, Ben Swann and David Seaman have all been alerting the public about this. Ben has been essentially black listed, Liz and David have endured threats and slander and lost employment opportunities as well. Now respected journalist Jerome Corsi is informing the public about this too. Some truths are difficult to accept. Some truths are horrific. It is time for the American people to understand and accept the truth about Hillary Clinton.

The reluctance of the police to co-operate with the veterans already start to look suspiciously eerie that somewhere there is a smoking gun pointing to the truth in what the veterans speculate- and that some powerful “elite” goons are involved. It is no secret that especially the “elite” have this sick yearning to rape and kill children for pleasure in their deranged secret blood rituals as it is part of their reptilian occult practices . The Queen E and the hole royal mob also still are linked to the same atrocities in Canada. When caught these sick psychopathic criminals should receive the death penalty without the possibility of appeal.-Ed)