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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  April 13  2018






South Africa: R 30 000 and a call to prison can organize you a cash heist

South African murder statistics






THEY say a vigilante is someone that violates the law in order to punish a criminal for what he believes is right- for what he believes is justice.

So what then do you call a government  who violates the constitution and through the creation of a “shadow state” plunders a country’s coffers  for selfish gain, a government that mobilizes 3rd force privately funded armies  to murder innocent food producing people for what they believe is right, steals from the poor to feed the rich,  promotes racism to stay in power, who want to steal private property in the name of what they believe is “justice”- a government that creates a false flag operation to entrap and incarcerate innocent people because they want to get “even”, a government that supports assassinations of possible opposition leaders,  -a government that deliberately manufacture discriminatory laws against a section of the population because they feel it address “injustices” of the past- and a government that instigate political murders, racism , division among the populace – and  allow violent riots in the streets  for what they believe is “politically correctness?” That government is a vigilante government- pure and simple.

South Africa- since the illegal sell-out  by the incompetent Broederbond National Party and  state capture of the Jew-funded terrorist ANC organization at CODESA–  started it’s downward spiral into a financial and economical abyss since that first day a media – created demi god stepped onto a podium on May 10 1994 . That was the day when rogue African vigilantes declared themselves as the new “democratic elected” government of the country. That was the day the last presumably stable government downed tools due to greedy politicians and scrupulous thieving bankers.  That was the day a vacuum was created which rendered the perfect opportunity for a rag-tag  vigilante regime to come to it’s own right and take control of a stable country.

That was the day South Africa stopped being a first world leading entity- and became a liberal infested 3rd world criminal bastion for all kinds of rogue terrorists, murderers, white liberals, thieves , corporate vultures, media scoundrels and political misfits in parliament. The so-called black “victims” of “apartheid” became the victims again due to  their own stupidity , naivety and deep rooted racist culture under the Jew- concocted “democracy.” Today they suffer more under their “democratically “ elected incompetent incumbency than they ever did under “apartheid.” Today they only barely survive due to a very small white middle class taxpayer that is still left, empty promises from incompetent uneducated and racist political misfits- state grants , crime – and a barrage of false daily leftist media propaganda. Ramaphosa’s honeymoon is over. The rand hit an all time low today to equal it’s drop as during the Zuma racketeering days. It dropped 4% against the dollar US. (Link) South Africa thus became a rogue vigilante country.

SO– Now we have coined South Africa and it’s illegal rulers as  “rogue”– and “ vigilante.” We even dare to say the country is much worse off than during “apartheid”-even for the ever complaining black population. But then what gives us the right to refer to the country and it’s rulers as “vigilante”- what supportive proof and facts do we have to be so ‘arrogant” and blatant then? Well- like they say-“The poof is in the pudding.”  Let us compile a short comparison of the country’s economic infrastructure  between Verwoerd’s “apartheid” – and today’s “democracy”– and how do they say- “spot the difference” Parallels and comparisons are drawn from 1966-1970 when Verwoerd was murdered- and today under ANC rule: 



                                                                          DURING APARTHEID                                        DURING DEMOCRACY

  1. GDP per capita growth                              7.9 %                                                                                 1.3%           (Link)
  2. Murders per year                                          7,036                                                                               47 882     (Link)
  3. Inflation rate                                                  2%                                                                                     4.30% (Link)
  4. Unemployment                                             16.2 %          (Link)                                                       26.7% (Link)    
  5.  Foreign debt                                                  20 million $ US      (Link)                                         173 319 million  $ US
  6. Annual growth rate                                     4.4 %                                                                                2.82 % ( Link)  
  7. Prison population                                        86 846                                                                             159,241
  8. Matric pass rate  (blacks)                          83.7%     (Link)                                                           37%
  9. South Africa lending rate:                        6%                                          (Link)                             10%
  10. SA Petrol prices                                             37 c/l                         (Link)                                         R14.72

SO– as we clearly see- things has changed remarkably since this new “democratic “ communist regime took control of South Africa in 1994. On the financial markets, education, crime and many other sectors the percentage rate simply escalatedexcept for the matric pass rate that is. Today we have that same low “pass rate ”  governing the country. Understandably then the country will slide into a financial abyss.


But let us put the next stats on display since the ANC terrorist gangsters took control:

CRIME (average per year):

1. Murder                 34.1 per 100,000 people                                 52.1 people  are murdered every day

2. Rapes                    39,828 per year                                                 109.1 rapes are recorded each day.

3. Brutal Assaults    156,450  per year                                               428.6 people are victims of assaults every day

4. Robberies              53,418 per year                                                   146.4 robberies  386.2  brutal robberies and occur every day

5. House robberies    22,343  per year                                              61.2 households are robbed each day.

6. Car hi-jacks          16,717    per year                                               45.8 cars are hijacked per day

7. Drug related offenses  292,689 per year                                     801.9 drug offences each day

8. Farm murders   156 per 100,000 every year                              357 attacks per year –  48 murders per year – 2 murders per month

Link 1/ Link 2

Can these guys be found & arrested please… this is corner Mooi & Main Street in JHB & at broad daylight these couple get mugged & everyone else continue with business as usual.

Posted by Lorinda Kapp on Monday, June 11, 2018




In the ANC regime and state-owned enterprises, there is no accountability. Executives behave with impunity.  We now have an illegal  regime  that is corrupt from top to bottom. While corruption is widespread at all levels and is undermining development, state capture is a far greater, systemic threat.  It is akin to a silent coup and must, therefore, be understood as an ANC communist  political project that is given a cover of “legitimacy ”  by the vision of “radical economic transformation.

The dawn of the so-called “democracy “ in 1994 delivered a supposed to be promise that united South Africa. Nelson Mandela’s inauguration on 10 May 1994 supposedly expressed this promise in the clearest terms. Speaking on behalf of the “democratically elected “ ANC-led government, he promised:

…to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination … [to] build [a] society in which all South Africans, both black and white, will be able to walk tall, without any fear in their hearts, assured of their inalienable right to human dignity – a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world. Sadly- just the opposite happened!

Immediately after his inauguration speech 19 Zulu members died at the hands of ANC private milita  in a massacre at Shellhouse on Mandela’s own instructions- and the hated slogan “Kill the Boer – Kill the farmer “  reverberated across the country from Peter Mokaba. The killing spree against the white farmers had begun- which lasted for 20 years which left more than 4000 white farmers and their families dead – and more than 400 000 whites in squatter camps due to discriminating laws such as AA and BEEE.

The deepening of the corrosive communist culture of corruption within the state, and the opening of spaces for grafting a shadow state onto the existing constitutional state, has brought South Africa on it’s knees with no immediate solution in sight as yet. The then Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s State of Capture report,4 existing and growing empirical evidence (much of it referred to in this report), declarations by senior ANC members of bribery attempts, well-known sophisticated forms of bribery via ‘donations’ by businesses to the ANC, and the gross perversion of corporate governance norms in SOEs. What this power “elite “ cannot achieve via the constitutional state, it achieves via the “shadow state “ and vice versa. Some senior officials and politicians have participated unwittingly in this hegemonic project because they are insufficiently aware of how their specific actions contribute to the wider process of systemic betrayal that has up until now remained opaque.

The ANC “power elite “ exercises its influence both through formal and informal means. However, what unites the power elite is the desire to manage effectively the symbiotic relationship between the constitutional and shadow states. In order to do this, and in broad terms, this ANC “power elite “ loosely organised itself around a “patron or strongman”, who has direct access to resources, under whom a layer of “elites” forms who dispense the patronage, which is then managed by another layer of “brokers or middlemen”.


The Gupta and Zuma families (popularly referred to as the ‘Zuptas’) comprise the most powerful node, which enables them to determine for now how the networks operate and who has access. They depend on a range of secondary nodes clustered around key individuals in state departments, SOEs and regulatory agencies. In practice, this symbiosis is highly unstable, crisis-prone and therefore very difficult to consolidate in a relatively open democracy, as still exists in South Africa. It is much easier to consolidate in more authoritarian environments like Russia, which is why this kind of neopatrimonialism can quite easily drift into authoritarianism to consolidate the symbiotic relationship between the constitutional and shadow state thus reinforcing the current political crisis we face in South Africa.

A vacuum was created that was filled by illegal transactions that occur within the ANC shadow state. This was especially devastating for working families. R 700 billion tax money was lost this past 20 years due to this “shadow state” operations. ANC Corruption costs SA GDP at least R27 billion annually – according to Minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel.(Link) 

Corruption in South Africa since the ANC capture of the state has reached epidemic levels and threatens the lives of all South African citizens. Money lost due to government corruption  could have been used to better the lives of all South African citizens, especially the poor. Global Financial Integrity said in a report that South Africa had suffered an illegal outflow of R185-billion due to corruption in the public sector between 1994 and 2008, it is estimated that in 2009 government corruption totalled R70 billion. In 2010, audit firm BDO reported that company fraud in South Africa was “escalating at an alarming  rate” – and estimated that the “total annual leakage” from fraud, theft and corruption amounted to R100 billion. Mr. Willie Hofmeyr, then head of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) told South Africa’s Parliament that between R25-billion and R30-billion of the ANC’s government’s annual procurement budget alone was lost to corruption, incompetence and negligence.

A further four cases, valued at R171-million and involving several departments within government are currently being investigated by the SIU. Lawson Naidoo of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution said: “It’s estimated that 20% of the GDP is lost to corruption annually. South Africa as a nation has lost a staggering R385 billion since 1994 due to corruption at every level in government.” The recent ruling by the NPA to reinvestigate  Zuma’s involvement in  corruption relate to a controversial $5bn (£3.4bn) 1999 arms deal is yet to b resolved- a case Zuma and his cronies now are fighting against.   The Media reports in 2007 and 2008 suggested BAE had set up a £100m fund to bribe South African politicians.



The President- Cyril Ramaphosa


Rhamaphosa “chommy-chommy “ up with the Broederbonders…

-then “chommy-chommy “ up with the Muslims again …a real political chameleon he is…


According to billionaire Cyril Ramaphosa aka “The Butcher of Marikana” Whites have owned the South African economy for far too long. He promised black business that government will spend R24billion on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) in the coming years. He also admitted that “the government is obsessed, hell bent and fanatical about it”.

This is what he said:

For far too long this economy has been owned and controlled by white people. That must come to end. For far too long, this economy has been managed by white people. That must come to an end. Those who don’t like this idea – tough for you. That is how we are proceeding,” he said.

Now to put it into perspective, just replace “white people” above with “Jews” and it will sound like a black Hitler speaking.  It is blatant hate speech against an already oppressed white minority who make up 9% of the country.

Ramaphosa’s uppity slaves shot dead by his goons

According to Forbes, Ramaphosa is worth $US 675 million. Before 1994 he was a poor trade unionist. How did he get all that money? How did his brother-in-law Patrice Motsepe and friend Tokyo Sexwale become billionaires overnight? They did not work hard for it like Herman Mashaba who owns “Black like me” who became rich during Apartheid selling products like hair straightener and skin creams to make blacks look more like whites. Mashaba, who admitted that he hated whites and were deeply suspicious of them, started his business together with a white Afrikaner pharmacist Johann Kriel who came up with a perm lotion that substantially reduced the normal production time which meant they could produce quality hair products in a factory 20 times smaller than the opposition.

No Ramaphosa, Motsepe, Sexwale and others were given shares and directorships by traditionally white companies. You can read the shocking truth and origins of BEE here: “Fools Gold. The story of BEE.”  None of these blacks have grown rich by creating entirely new businesses. All they did was steal and take over businesses started by whites through legalized theft backed by the Employment Equity Act of 1998 and the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment “BBBEE” act of 2003.

“See? These hands are clean”

Ramaphosa, a Champagne Communist, sits on boards of Coca Cola, SAB Miller, Bidvest, Standard Bank, Mondi, MTN, many more and of course…Lonmin, the owners of the Marikana mine where he ordered the police to slaughter 34 miners who complained about the $300 a month slave wage they earn.  BEE and BBBEE has nothing to do with empowering blacks. It is all about disempowering whites. People like Ramaphosa are not scared of the rightwing. Ramaphosa knows that there are still a few companies owned by whites and there are still a few white businessmen and billionaires with enough clout like Johann Rupert who could raise a counter revolution against the ANC. This is what they are scared of. That is why the ANC regime is so obsessed, hell bent and fanatical about BBBEE.  Heaven help us now this guy became  president. (Link) 


Local government across the country is in crisis.  The overall audit outcomes of the 257 municipalities in the country have regressed. This was revealed by auditor-general Kimi Makwetu when he released the audit outcomes for the 2016/17 financial year in Cape Town. In his report‚ Makwetu said that of the 257 municipalities audited‚ 45 regressed and only 16 improved. Only 33 municipalities (13%) managed to produce quality financial statements and performance reports and complied with all key legislation‚ therefore receiving a clean audit.(Link) 


Well done ANC. You didn't wanna listen. Now look.

Posted by Heinz De Boer on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Health Care

South Africa’s Health Care is to say the least- in chaos with ill-supplied now dilapidated hospitals struggling to render basic services, ill-trained BEEE staff- and mostly non functional due to budget cuts and ill disciplined non-white staff more on the roads rioting and striking than in the hospitals looking after patients. Some state hospitals were rated under 20% of the earmarked 80%. “ Death is your future when you land in a state hospital, “was one  medic’s remark. The Western Cape’s biggest hospital – Tygerberg Hospital- is in such a dilapidated state that it will have to be shut down – and replaced. This is what Parliament’s portfolio committee on health was told on Wednesday. The head of the Western Cape Health Department, Beth Engelbrecht, told the committee the Hospital was in a dire state, its condition contributed to the billion-rand backlog in maintenance for provincial hospitals. (Link) 

Then it was recently reported that R127 million has been allocated to demolish the 350-bed Kempton Park Hospital that closed its doors on Boxing Day in 1996, leaving behind state-of-the-art equipment worth millions as well as thousands of confidential patient files.This comes after years of indecision on the part of government about whether it should be renovated and reopened or demolished. The hospital, that is said to be “haunted ” was closed by the government allegedly without an explanation. Numerous promises over the years of breathing new life into the once thriving, top class medical facility, came to nothing.( Link) 

[WATCH] Chaos at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital over unpaid bonuses

[WATCH] The Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg came to a standstill as protesters forced some patients out of the facility and blocked all entrances, demanding higher wages and bonuses to be paid.

Posted by Eyewitness News on Friday, June 1, 2018

This is what happens in South Africa- ill-disciplined and half-trained non-white staff turning the health Care Service in state hospitals into a chaotic circus. meanwhile hundreds of patients are dying due to incompetence, negligence, shortages of much needed medical sundries and ill-discipline..

Nationwide‚ healthcare facilities have not demonstrated impressive improvement over almost four years. This is according to a report by the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC). The organisation released its report on Sunday in Pretoria. Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal‚ North West and Western Cape hospitals scored high in the report regarding unresolved complaints about the poor quality of healthcare received from both public and private facilities nationwide.(Link)

Dr Aaron Motsoaledi – ANC minister of Health Care- seems to be a miserable bugger. Judging from his public persona, he is opinionated to the brink of arrogance, insufferably meddlesome and prescriptive, and entirely lacking in humour when denying the Health Care sytem in SA is in tatters since 1994 under ANC rule.There’s no doubt that the healthcare system is in terminal decline. No less of an authority than Health Ombudsman Professor Malegapuru Makgoba has described it as “collapsing”, –It’s a mess and requires very strong leadership”  during an interview last weekend, on the eve of his Office of Health Standards Compliance report being tabled in Parliament. Out of 696 hospitals and clinics inspected by the OHSC, only five met the Department of Health’s requirements to achieve an 80% pass mark. Since the last report, the situation has deteriorated in Gauteng and the Free State, while the other seven provinces remain virtually unchanged.

A dose of reality came from the SA Medical Association, which warned that the health service in SA’s economic engine room, Gauteng, was headed towards the same collapse as that which has struck Limpopo and the Eastern Cape, and which in North West has led the once health ministry to be placed under administration. The SA Committee of Medical Deans chipped in with a call for “drastic steps” to deal with a “limping and indeed failing” health system. The deans also expressed “grave concern about the future of academic medicine” and training. (Link)

Poor planning, poor financial management, and underfunded personnel budgets are at the core of the Gauteng department of health’s failure to spend a massive R559 million on capital assets in the last financial year, ended March 31, 2018. And the SA Medical Association (Sama) wants the unspent millions to be diverted to employ more doctors and other health personnel. Reacting to yesterday’s startling revelation by the DA Gauteng shadow health MEC Jack Bloom of the huge under-spending, Section 27 budget analyst Daniel McLaren said the financial position of the troubled ministry “has been deteriorating over a number of years”.

Underfunding of the personnel budget is only the first step in a vicious cycle. Cuts to provincial budgets and severe expenditure ceilings imposed by the National Treasury to deal with the revenue shortfalls are forcing provincial departments across the country to freeze posts, in many cases across the board. This has been the case at the Gauteng department of health since late last year, and is creating a whole new crisis of its own. The capacity of the department to get back on its feet is being weakened by this, and the turnaround strategy of the department is being undermined, while patients are more likely to wait longer and suffer adverse outcomes in hospitals, because of the staff shortages.”(Link)

Power Supply:

ESKOM is one of the most scrupulous money-washing state pedestals exploited by the “deep state” for their rackets to rake in  mega bucks . From as early as 2012 they have been using mob-style intimidation tactics to bully the public into paying more and more for electricity every year or face “black outs.” During the 2010 FIFA World Cup the slimy buggers quickly objected against any other competitors entering the market and claimed that ESKOM has “more than enough “ capacity to supply the South African market.

The greedy management of Eskom deliberately lied to the public  as they also supply Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia et al with electricity. So if they then have enough electricity to supply the South African market AND other African countries- why then all the black-outs? If they permanently complain about NERSA handing out too a small tariff increqases- why then selling power to neighboring countries at a lower tariff than what South Africans have to pay? If their motif is that they cannot continue to supply power at such a low tariff increase from NERSA- why then objected to opposition entering the market? You see- the kleptocracy  running Eskom is permanently turning in smoke in their own controversies – and getting caught  lying through their greedy necks.

Eskom, which (again) is fighting for survival, has now dragged NERSA to court over its tariff decision and is toughing it out against employees with a wage freeze, despite the growing prospect of a strike.At present it costs the company more to produce electricity than the National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) allows it to recoup from tariffs. Eskom is near bankruptcy- and  also sits with a huge debt burden of R367bn, increasing by about R70bn a year. So- why still sell power to neighboring countries at garage-sale tariffs? Why does NERSA not forclose this criminal company and allow opposition into the market? Because Eskom want to run the monopoly for the “elite” in the “shadow government” to proceed milking millions out of the poor and hardworking public ? 

No automatic alt text available.


Eskom’s new management, headed by yet another umpteen CEO Phakamani Hadebe, must cut costs, increase revenue and restructure debt if the company is to be sustainable into the future. But steps to do so — such as its wage freeze — have angered trade unions, which are set to embark on an illegal strike, with a meeting between unions to iron out details scheduled for Monday. Eskom workers are classified as essential services and cannot legally strike. (Link)


The National Airways

The National airline SAA- another government stooge-  is in a much deeper financial crisis than previously thought, with Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu reporting that it had suffered losses to the tune of R5.5billion last year – much higher than the R1.47bn it reported in 2016. Makwetu said yesterday that the history of the losses, lack of working capital and volatility in foreign exchange controls, created material uncertainty on the company’s ability to continue as a going concern. He gave SAA a qualified audit opinion, meaning he could also not find some of the records of the assets of the airline. He said the airline’s liabilities exceeded its assets by R17.8bn – up from R12.3bn in 2015/16. “As noted in note 50, six consecutive years of operating losses have further eroded the capital base, and this continues to impact on the entity’s ability to operate in a highly demanding and competitive environment,” Makwetu said. The results of the airline were tabled in Parliament yesterday after they were delayed by former minister of finance Malusi Gigaba in September.

Gigaba had asked for a postponement until January 28, but he asked for another extension from Speaker Baleka Mbete until April. The latest loss was the sixth in a row by the embattled airline. SAA was in trouble with the lenders who last year demanded changes to the airline before extending the loans. Talks have been going on to merge SAA with SA Express and Mango to strengthen their balance sheet. Baines & Company completed a report on its study for the merger of the airlines. Makwetu said the lack of documents made it difficult for him to confirm the veracity of the assets and the inventory. He said maintenance costs were understated by R282million, trade and other payables were understated by R226m, provisions were understated by R135m and trade and other receivables were understated by R148m. He said there were no records for irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure.


Many deficiencies Makwetu said there were many deficiencies in SAA finances. His report found that SAA did not maintain records of irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure

. Makwetu did not get the records of these transactions and assets and could not express an opinion. “The government has made guarantees available and, subsequent to year end, as disclosed in note 49, recapitalisation funds to the extent of R10bn (tax payers money) for utilisation by SAA,” said Makwetu. “The history of losses, lack of capital and volatility in foreign exchange rates, along with maturing loans and working capital deficiencies, indicate that a material uncertainty exists that may cast significant doubt on the company’s ability to continue as a going concern,” added the auditor-general. (Link)

Its recently appointed chief executive, Vuyani Jarana, has said the increased expenditure is necessary to address a severe skills shortage. The Mail & Guardian has established that SAA, which last week received yet another R5‑billion bailout from the treasury, is paying R25‑million to Deutsche Bank in a deal to analyse its financials and restructure its debt.

The latest bailout, which some insiders say has already been used up, brings to R20‑billion the amount of emergency cash the government has sunk into SAA in the past 12 months. Some of this cash, the M&G can today reveal, has gone towards seven expensive new executive appointments, upgrading some executive positions, and paying expensive foreign consultants for work that, according to pundits, could be done locally. This is at a time when the airline, which reported losses of R5.6‑billion in the 2016-2017 financial year, has shed a staggering R3.8‑billion in revenue by cutting several domestic and international routes, and is paying for at least 50 pilots and cabin crew who have no work to do.

Internal documents seen by the M&G show the extent of Jarana’s spend since taking the job in November. This includes the fact that:

SAA has hired a new general manager for legal, risk and compliance, Mpati Qofa, at a salary of R4.2‑million — double that of her predecessor, Ursula Fikelepi;

SAA is paying chief restructuring officer Peter Davies R6‑million a year as well as three consultants, who each earn €1 000 a day;

Thabang Motsohi, a regulatory policy officer in Jarana’s office, earns R4‑million a year; and

Robert Newsome, the acting head of risk and compliance, is on a R2.5‑million package. He is being investigated by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants for allegedly failing to declare a conflict of interest when he chaired an internal disciplinary hearing at SAA.

These appointments are among 13 new ones, some of which have been slotted into new executive positions created by Jarana.

These include acting chief financial officer Robert Head, whose remuneration SAA has declined to confirm. This is despite Head being an executive at a state entity, meaning that his package should be in the public domain. However, two senior insiders at the airline claim that his package is in the region of R1‑million a month. SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali said the airline would not comment on “confidential” employees’ salaries, adding that SAA was seen by job-seekers as an unattractive prospect.

To attract skilled people to SAA, we have had to pitch [to prospective employees] a comprehensive proposition of the case to turn SAA around and a commitment to the country, as well as offer competitive remuneration which is in line with the broader market.” The current spending spree at SAA is in direct contradiction with recent moves by state power utility Eskom — another parastatal in the same boat as SAA — to curb staff costs.Public sector unions are in a standoff with Eskom’s management over an announcement this week that there would be no salary increases and no bonuses for top management.

In December, the airline was also warned by the treasury when it tried to apply for deviations from procurement requirements. (John McCann/M&G)

The SAA insiders who raised the alarm about Jarana’s expenditure have questioned the logic behind the increased costs, including bringing in European consultants and a German bank, when optimising routes and reducing the fleet had trimmed R3‑billion from the airline’s revenue. “What has happened is that artificially you’ve raised your costs so high that it actually does not make sense any more for your cost-containment measures … So, where is the money coming from?” said one source. “Even the R5‑billion that they got the other day is gone because they were owing suppliers, and some were not even paid.”

The insider continued: “Outside, there are people who will ask these questions and say: ‘If you are taking away volume but you are not cutting your costs proportionately, how do you claim you are going to make money?’” Another said: “Why are you hiring more people at the most expensive levels in the company when you have not concluded the process of reorganizing the company structure with a view to shed jobs?” The source also questioned the wisdom of the Deutsche Bank deal — which the bank declined to comment on. The M&G understands the R25‑million is a 40% discount on Deutsche Bank’s usual fee. “Analysing financials is something any chartered accountant can do. What is it that warrants the payment of R25‑million?” the insider asked.

Tlali said the deal was necessary as SAA did not have the capacity to restructure its R9.2‑billion debt, which matures next March. He also said the Boeing pilots had been added to the Airbus roster, and were not being paid for doing nothing. “What is real, though, and we have been open about it is that we have excess pilots and we are busy finding ways to address the challenge. ” Tlali also insisted SAA’s strategy to cut back on routes was bearing fruit, as lost revenues were being made up by subsidiary Mango’s expansion into the low-cost segment of the sector. “The strategy is about balancing revenue and profitability, especially at a gross profit level. The results we are seeing are improving margins, with an increase in load factors in both Mango and SAA, which means the strategy is working,” he said.

Aviation expert Dr Joachim Vermooten said one of SAA’s biggest issues stemmed from a massive network expansion drive in 2012 that was not based on “real market demand”, as well as the unrealistic use of wide-bodied aircraft in the domestic market. “In order to fix this, you have to reduce your scale of operations overall and you have to cut costs. The two actually go together … You need to have a balance in that,” he said. SAA’s focus for many years, he said, had been to fund past losses at the expense of ongoing activities, which were draining money “at an incredible rate”.There are positive things, but the overall issue is the cost at which they are doing it. There are probably cheaper and more knowledgeable resources in South Africa. You have to remember that SAA was successfully restructured in about 2007 up to 2010, and produced profits.”

The high level of spending started in March, when Jarana appointed United Kingdom-based security company Control Risks on a R35‑million, two-year contract to provide security to five senior people at SAA, including himself. SAA later rescinded the award, following media inquiries. The insider said SAA’s board —which had apparently approved the security contract on an emergency basis without any evidence of a credible threat — was failing to hold Jarana to account for his spending. “What is Remco’s [SAA remuneration subcommittee of the board] role in this?” Tlali said the appointments met SAA’s governance requirements.

SAA appeared before Parliament’s standing committee on finance on Wednesday and asked for part of its submission to be closed to the media. Democratic Alliance spokesperson on finance David Maynier said it was hard for parliamentarians to “get to grips on what is really going on at South African Airways” because of the airline’s insistence on secrecy. “An outrageous narrative, suggesting that the state-owned national airline is not competitive because it is subjected to higher levels of transparency than its competitors from the private sector, is being driven,” he said in Parliament. “What concerns me is that finance committee meetings, dealing with the crisis at the national airline, will be closed in the future, using a fig leaf marked ‘market-sensitive issues’.” In December, the airline was also warned by the treasury when it tried to apply for deviations from procurement requirements. (Link) 


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Ever wondered why black children battle to become literate in South Africa? Wonder no more…and it’s NOT “apartheid’s” fault either.


The provincial Education Department says three classrooms at the Ditau Secondary School in the Bushbuckridge Local Municipality were destroyed in the latest blaze. Spokesperson Jasper Zwane said: “We are therefore appealing to our communities to identify those who are behind this. Someone must be found and be arrested and be convicted to a long jail term. It can serve as a deterrent but also to send a message that such actions are not condoned.”

It follows similar arson attacks last week following a by-election that didn’t yield a favorable outcome for some residents. Angry residents set buildings at two different schools alight at the Dr JS Moroka Municipality. A school in the North West was also torched last week. More than 20 state schools have been attacked in protests nationwide this year so far. ( Link)

But the ANC blames “apartheid” for the lack of black education. What they conveniently fail to mention- was that during “apartheid” this destructive culture of torching schools was rife- and many black schools and libraries in black townships were turned into ashes as well. Remember the PAC and ANC’s slogan of “Liberation before Education?” Well- Motshekga must not wine and say there are better schools in white areas due to “apartheid.” If Motshekga and her generation burned less schools down and paid more attention in class instead of  running amok in the streets every day- toy-toying and burning schools and libraries- maybe we would have a better literate government in place- not so? That culture of the 70’s and 80’s unfortunately was transferred to the next black generation kids…and the next. That is why South Africa sports more than 1000 violent riots per year…not so? Motsekga and her ANC cronies themselves are to blame for the black education fiasco. But it’s so much  more convenient to blame either “apartheid” , Jan Van Riebeeck, Verwoerd- or the whites if the ANC made a balls-up.  Blame shifting became a compulsory subject for all ANC  ineptocrats. They taught the generations after them well- very well indeed!!

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THIS is the spin-off from Angie’s violent generation…they continue that good ol’ arson culture- nothing to do with “apartheid.” 

 The Provincial Commissioner of the police in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma calls on the community to refrain from destroying property whenever they are disillusioned with something. General Zuma’s call stems from nasty developments in Siyabuswa wherein two schools were torched, reportedly by some sections of the community dissatisfied with issues surrounding recent by-elections held in the area. The schools, the Siyathokoza Senior Secondary School and the Thabana Senior Phase School were apparently set ablaze between yesterday evening and this morning.

South Africa’s education system is in a dismal state. With one-after-the-other ANC incompetent “minister” taking the reigns and making stupid decisions- the system is deterioration on a yearly basis. A previous 2016  PIRLS (Progress in International Reading and Literacy Study)  report already gave the results of one of the most scientific studies yet- 12810 pupils were tested from 293 schools – on the state of reading among Grade 4 pupils in South Africa. Hold on to your seat. This study found that almost eight out of 10 children in South Africa cannot read. No really, 78% of children in the grade sound words but do not understand the meaning of what they read. Now we can understand why Zuma most of the times also stuttered during his speeches- illiteracy and too much communist propaganda in the schools  became  a South African “thing” since the ANC took control.

If you think that statistic is terrifying, the report then announces that when compared with the 49 other countries in the study, South Africa is dead last; that’s right, 50th behind the likes of Iran and Kuwait. It gets even worse. Let’s follow the narrative of the comradely politicians in power when this kind of news appears – apartheid is to blame, but things are getting better because of the “heroic efforts “ of the ANC-led government. Well, this PIRLS finding will deflate that kind of nonsense – reading scores have remained stagnant since 2011 and it seems that the scores for South African boys were actually worse in 2016 than when last measured.

Not only are the incompetent ANC regime cadres on top  swelling the ranks of underachievers at the bottom of the class of reading performance, they created even fewer children now achieving “high levels of reading achievement” than five years earlier in 2011. We can now state without fear of contradiction that this government’s track record on education has been an unmitigated failure. We have had dozens of educational reforms, many of which experimented dangerously with the lives of pupils and also teachers. One of the most recent nincompoop decisions is to change the history  in schools to become compulsory in the final three years of high school from 2023- and also only African history. South Africa’s minister of Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has released a report from a ministerial task team that recommends a major overhaul of the history curriculum at schools and also (African) history must become compulsory on university level.

Although it invests more money into its education system than any other African country, South Africa is currently facing a public education crisis. One-quarter of students failed their final examinations this past school year. The dropout rate has also increased, resulting in less than half of current students completing their secondary education, which greatly contributes to the South African education crisis. Then also we have  the SA Democratic Teachers’ Union (Sadtu) that destroys the old school teachers by constantly strike for all kinds of  idiotic reasons- thus children gets lesser and lesser learning time and input. A department of higher education report in 2015 indicated that a vast 47.9 percent of university students in South Africa did not complete their degrees.

The Department of Basic Education is stuck with more than 5,000 underqualified or unqualified teachers it cannot eliminate because of a tremendous shortage in teachers due to BEEE legislation- chasing white teachers away. Department spokesman Elijah Mhlanga confirmed the figures, but said removing the unqualified teachers from the system would create a crisis. Unqualified teachers were deemed to be those whose highest academic qualification was matric. They were allowed to teach only the subjects they passed in matric. Underqualified teachers were those who had obtained post-matric qualifications, but have received fewer than three years of on-the-job training. The irony is that Motshekga and her ANC cronies again shifted the  blame of the woes of their miserable Education system  on “Apartheid” 20 years and already 3 changes in the school curriculum down the lane.

Think of the fiasco associated with outcomes-based education or the effective closure of the outstanding training colleges that prepared primary school teachers or the failure to deliver high-quality technical colleges that prepared artisans and technologists for the demands of the 21st century workplace. None of this has changed the foundations of education in South Africa.  Two decades of this “democracy ” and what do the ANC have to show for it when it comes to reading literacy? Nothing. The reading crisis is deeper than we thought,” notes Nic Spaull of Stellenbosch University in reference to the fact than an earlier and less robust study put the figure at 58% of children who could not “read for meaning”.

The useless government’s response to this abysmal state of education is not to raise the education standard but to lower it; politics demands that the numbers passing look good in the short term regardless of the long-term consequences for families and for the economy. Just last week, a teacher I know well called to tell me that they had been instructed to allow children in English First Language to pass with 30% (instead of 40%) – and that children who fell a few points short of the low passing mark should be progressed anyway.

Thanks to the incessant black communist Left-wing counter-culture social engineering , low grade curriculum and increasing levels of violence and bullying, more white parents are pulling their kids out of failing government schools and teaching them at home. Black parents that can afford it rather opt to place their children in private schools. The irony is that not ONE black politician allows his or her children to attend any public school these same politicians expect the children of others to attend. There is also the Left-wing social engineering. The craziness over transgender students and bathrooms/locker rooms, the ban of Christian sons and bible opening at schools- as well as the “Africanization” of students and the Left-wing curriculum, instigation of racism from black politicians and refusing to allow students to wear shirts or memorabilia that praise white nationalism,. discrimination against whites  or feature the old flag are also driving white parents into homeschooling.


The teacher confiscated her phone coz she was chatting and playing music in class… so they attacked her after school.

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SOUTH AFRICA: The reality- The teacher confiscated her phone coz she was chatting and playing music in class… so they attacked her after school.

South African Defense Force

Another dismal failure of the ANC communist regime is the degradation of the National Defense Force.  For the first time since 1994, an in-depth analysis of the state of South Africa’s  forces has been conducted by SASFU. These include the state of the services in the South African National defence Force (SANDF), the Army, SA Air Force, SA Navy, SA Military Health Service, the Military Veterans Department as well as the Military Veterans Associations.

The overall conclusion comes to the lack of political and Military leadership to give direction to our forces. This means most of the AA appointed “leaders” are incompetent oafs. The analysis exposes Military Commanders who spend more time running their personal businesses and spending part time in the Defence Force. The reassessment of the need for revolutionary transformation of the SANDF exposes the following particular issues raised outline lack of leadership, greed and corruption.

Illegal indefinite suspensions

The fact that members who participated in a protest march in August 2009 are still on suspension since then, getting their salaries from the taxpayers’ money, highlights an useless top rank that has no direction and failing to recognize human rights as per the constitution of the country.

There are a number of so-called “Generals “and ” Admirals “ on suspension for years – but they continue to get huge sums of money every month. Some Generals are concentrating on running their own businesses and are only part time in the Defence force where they are employed. There is a big problem of an inflated top structure of the SANDF with too many  ANC card waving “Generals “  and ” Admirals ” to an extent that for every platoon there is a General. In 1994 the strength of the SA Navy was about 12000 with only about seven flag officers. The size of the SA Navy was almost halved since then but the number of Flag Officers increased to more than 60.


There are massive corruption activities happening in the SANDF linked to so – called “Military leadership “  that is destroying capacity of the force so that their companies can provide services. Critical health services have been outsourced to private hospitals which are run by current and former Generals of the SANDF.

The renovation period of the 1 Military Hospital is deliberately prolonged in order to create a leeway for the outsourcing of services and the department of public works must investigate and disclose how much the revamping has so far cost the tax payer. The Air force does not train pilots anymore but pilots are trained by private companies which are either owned by the serving or retired senior leadership of the SANDF.

Education, training and development is deliberately put in abeyance in order to create space for the retired former white SADF personnel to come back to the force as providers of scarce skills. This action is hampering the racist ” transformation “ efforts in training and development of black people within the SANDF. This state of affairs means that the current top leadership will never be replaced as there is no development for their succession hence people like General Gagiano, Chief of the SA Air Force are kept on even when they volunteer to leave the Defence Force.

White reserve force members are employed in active posts and are running the Defence Force whilst young black reserve force members are only called to man the gates. Some black members of the regular force are super numeral whilst white reserve force members are employed in their posts. The Military Skills Development Program (MSDS) and the National Youth Service have failed to address skills development. The initial intention for the MSDS program was the rejuvenation of the SANDF and to have a skilled young black  but developed reserve force. Some of the youth employed under the MSDS come with educational qualifications needing the SANDF to enhance their skills but they end up at the gate being used as gate guards due to a lack of training skills and competence. (Link)

Even worse is that the combat readiness of the South African National Defence Force now is a far cry from what white soldiers made it pre- 1994- and finds itself currently under threat. The  latest results of an Aids project showing that an overwhelming 89 percent of South Africa’s  mainly non-white soldiers who volunteered for testing were HIV-positive. The SANDF is also losing at least 400 000 working days a year because of the disease. This was disclosed at a five-day conference held in Richards Bay . (Link)

It is very clear that the ruling illegal communist party does not have any policy for the military hence all the ministers since 1994 use their common sense to run such an important institution of our country. It is very clear that the incompetence of the ANC kleptocracy  is a good recipe for counter revolution in South Africa- iow a civil war.


United Nations vehicles in South Aftica?

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Shall we ask as to why so many UN vehicles suddenly now appear in South Africa- is it a premonition to a coming civil war? 

South African Revenue Service:

The South African Revenue Service is yet another department that fell victim to the ANC ‘deep state”  corruption , malfunction and incompetence. Although the Jew boy try his utmost to update the service with more modern technical advances  to screw the poor overworked and overtaxed citizen even more-  he himself finds him walking into the ways only Africa knows how to operate. AS time went by since 1994- illegal tax collection across all categories except dividend tax is slowing down. Sars has faced an exodus of technical and key (white) skills due to discriminating and racist BEEE policies and while its investigative capacity has been denuded because of fighting over an alleged “rogue unit”, (deep state operatives.)

A very expensive new operating model from the Jew boy also has confused African staff. The era of big busts in the underworld and low-tax sectors appears to be over. Instead, personal income tax payers which are dwindling – have been overloaded with R16 billion in new taxes with the top tax bracket now paying Scandinavian tax rates, which are among the highest in the world.


The scrupulous ANC taxman announced that he and his team had worked to the last minute of the end of the tax year and collected a provisional amount of R1,14 trillion – but this is R30 billion short of the promised R1,175 trillion in the Budget of 2016.  But the evidence shows Sars as an institution is weakening. While Tom Moyane denied a brain drain at Sars, the institution has lost 39 senior managers since Moyane was appointed commissioner in September 2014 –- 21 new senior managers had been hired, but of them none had tax experience.

Almost none of Sars executive committee have tax experience. The one person with experience has been on suspension for six months after being captured on camera stuffing R1,2 million in untraceable cash into different ATM’s. Sars executive Jonas Makwakwa was the only member of Moyane’s exco who had tax experience but he is now suspended and a Sars investigation has been running on the matter for six months and counting.  Moyane said Sars annual staff attrition was declining. He said that since he started, 279 staff had left and 321 new employees were hired. “A CFO [chief financial officer] does not need to know tax,” said Moyane stated in his own very questionable knowledge himself. But three sources inside Sars and with knowledge of the institution say that it has lost key skills across sectors.

The Tax Ombud, Judge Bernard Ngoepe, has announced an inquiry into the high number of complaints about late refunds his office has received. Sars developed a reputation for paying refunds as soon as they were due, but this year Sars was been accused of holding back refunds to boost numbers by tax advisors and taxpayers.  Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene has announced that SARS fell R700 million short of their tax revenue collection target for 2017. The shortfall is a damning indictment of former commissioner Tom Moyane’s legacy. He was told to leave his position by Cyril Ramaphosa last month, amid a wave of corruption allegations leveled against him.

SARS have stated that a total of R1.451 trillion has been collected in the last financial year. However, they have also had to dish out R234.3 billion’s worth of tax refunds. That took their total net figure down to R1.2166 trillion. The Medium Term Budget Speech made in October 2017 targeted a collection of R1.2173 trillion, though. Given the chaos that has plagued the organisation recently, there were fears that the shortfall could have topped the R1 billion mark.

Moyane has pressed the  Revenue Service (SARS) spin doctors into action, getting them to issue a media release suggesting that journalists are undermining the integrity of the tax collection organisation. Moyane has focused on allegations that he facilitated VAT refunds for Gupta company Oakbay. Instead of blaming journalists for his woes, Moyane should explain why he worked with KPMG to eject from SARS individuals like corruption-buster Johann van Loggerenberg and push former finance minister Pravin Gordhan to the political sidelines. Between all this corruption and ineptocracy taxpayers are hunted down , threatened and slapped with heavy illegal “admin” fees if the “shadow state” feels they have not declared heir tax returns or paid their due. The question is when will the public see SARS declare openly in a press released audit what happened with their tax money? If it refuses- or found guilty of corruption– then the top brass of this department such as Moyane and Makwakwa also must be charged with tax fraud and dragged  before a court and sentenced to jail. Mark Kingon is the current acting commissioner for SARS.  (Link) 

The National Broadcaster-ANCBC

 While the SABC  still -like Eskom the past 6 years- remains in  a financial quagmire, yet another  bailout in the form of a government guarantee remains on the horizon. “The SABC experienced a difficult first quarter [of the 2017/2018 financial year] which was a continuation of events that materialized during the last quarter of the [2016/2017 financial year],” reads the SABC’s report to the Portfolio Committee on Communications, delivered on Tuesday by acting SABC CEO Nomsa Philiso. “The SABC is facing a financial crisis which has seen it unable to meet its contractual commitments. “Monthly revenues/income was lower than embedded expenditure/costs and some service providers of vital content and services cannot be paid.”At the end of the first quarter, the SABC had outstanding debt of R597m.“Despite the corporation’s cash crises it was able to deliver high-quality public broadcasting and reap a number of awards and accolades,” reads the report. The SABC recorded a loss of R74.4m in the first three months of the financial year. The reasons for the loss were listed as “a decline in commercial revenue and TV licence collections and depressed economic conditions resulting in advertiser cutbacks.”Nobody will mention maladministration, humongous salaries, bonuses and golden handshakes. That would be  too “ politically incorrect.”  DA MP Phumzile van Damme was not impressed with what she perceived to be a lack of urgency by the SABC in the face of the financial crisis. She said the presentation was “very vague, had no sense of alarm and gave the impression that it was business as usual at the SABC.”
By November 2017 the cash-strapped South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) already owed its creditors in excess of R600 million. The cash crisis meant the SABC could not reach another goal – that of paying its outstanding debt to creditors on time.  “ No decision is taken at the moment. We are searching for the right people, profile to turn around the SABC,” said yet another new board chairman Bongumusa Makhathini before a parliamentary commitee. The SAA and SABC appear to be playing musical chairs on a yearly basis to elect new board members as the old ones keep screwing up the system due to incompetence. (Link)
The SASSA debacle 
“Social grant payments will proceed smoothly in April 2018 and in compliance with a Constitutional Court order that the system of payment must be legalized, “– Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe bragged in Parliament in November 2017 .
However– a report by a group of experts set up by the Constitutional Court after both government and Parliament failed on that score in 2017 — and after similar assurances from Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini last November, which proved false — says otherwise.Repeated failures to take decisions and action since March “make a smooth transition by 1 April 2018 virtually impossible”, the court’s experts warned . As a result, the suspension of public finance laws under which grants are currently being paid may have to continue beyond that April deadline, and much-maligned outsourced partner Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) will probably have to retain some involvement in the process too.Radebe heads up an interministerial committee on social security that was hastily assembled in the face of the 2017 grants payments crisis. Yet that committee is “without any statutory or other formal functions or powers”, the expert panel said. In law and in fact, it is the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) that is responsible for paying more than R12‑billion in social grants every month — and Sassa is in a mess.
With a few exceptions, Sassa’s senior leaders do not “seem to have the required knowledge, experience, skills — or even the will — to execute the Sassa mandate”, the panel said. “The situation is exacerbated by the apparent exclusion of competent employees from decision-making structures within Sassa.” There is a danger that Sassa, “possibly under pressure from political principals”, will now make hasty decisions, with consequences that could be expensive or disastrous, the expert panel said. It also noted that Sassa does not have proper institutional governance, capacity or oversight. The tender awarded to the United States-owned CPS in 2012 was unlawful, the Constitutional Court ruled. Then, despite repeated interventions from the highest court, Sassa failed to award a new tender and subsequently failed to create the in-house infrastructure needed to pay 17.4‑million social grants in September. Sassa still cannot run a proper tender process, the experts said. (Link) 
Petro SA in shambles

Tina Joemat Petersen really screwed up Souh Africa’s petrol energy industry- that is bar stealing and selling millions of oil reserves at garage sale prices to the Chinese. In June 2017 it already was reported that financiers seek assurances in the wake of the gross mismanagement and incompetence that led to Project Ikhwezi’s collapse. A confidential evaluation report of national oil company PetroSA’s botched Project Ikhwezi reveals that the venture – which saw the parastatal make a R14.5bn loss – was doomed by gross incompetence.

The collapse of Ikhwezi, which caused the biggest corporate loss ever for a state-owned company, has left financiers in a panic. But the report, dated February 2015, almost four years after Ikhwezi started, found it was doomed to fail. Ikhwezi was aimed at drilling offshore wells to supply natural gas to the parastatal’s gas-to-liquid refinery in Mossel Bay. And in a desperate attempt to make it work, the report found, senior company officials chopped and changed construction companies and the project’s scope.

In addition, since the start of the project, there had been a high turnover of key staff – including three chief executives, two chief operating officers and four project managers – at PetroSA. The report also highlighted further corporate chaos: some of the contracts were awarded without proper tenders, and some contractors had no contracts and worked with a “letter of intent” instead. These “considerable” management changes resulted in PetroSA discovering too late what was happening.

A senior executive from the Central Energy Fund (CEF), which oversees PetroSA, said the project went awry because PetroSA changed construction companies four times, often without going to tender. “One of the companies decided to drill vertically when they were supposed to drill horizontally, resulting in them missing the gas. It was all a big mess,” he said. Ikhwezi was supposed to yield 242 billion cubic feet of gas from five wells at a cost of $1.344bn (R17.3bn), but ended up producing nine times less gas from three wells.

PetroSA spokesperson Thabo Mabaso said: “Currently, the contribution from Ikhwezi is 30% of the total daily gas production rate at the Mossel Bay gas-to-liquids refinery.” Mabaso said the company had learnt several lessons, “which have been especially incorporated into our gated framework processes to ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated”.

Financial woes and boardroom battles

Meanwhile, financiers have held a series of meetings with the CEF and PetroSA to seek assurance about their investments. Emails show that in the past three months, PetroSA and the CEF have had back-and-forth engagements with Absa, Standard Bank and Sanlam. City Press has learnt that the financiers, which provided PetroSA with funding, guarantees and insurance for some of its capital projects, are concerned about the company’s deteriorating finances and board instability.

The documents show that in March, Absa requested meetings with PetroSA and the CEF to discuss their plans to deal with governance lapses and changes in directors at PetroSA, as well as their turnaround plans, the appointment of executives at both bodies and details of the strategic direction of the entire CEF group – including PetroSA and the Strategic Fuel Fund.

A senior CEF executive with knowledge of these meetings said: “Just last week there was a teleconference between us and [insurers] Sanlam, based in London … They had concerns about leadership. They are not happy about the number of acting people in key positions at PetroSA and CEF. But we allayed their fears and they were happy.” The group, he said, also recently met with Standard Bank representatives, who raised similar concerns. Besides its financial woes, PetroSA is also facing boardroom battles.

CEF chairperson Luvo Makasi in April asked PetroSA’s board to resign or provide reasons they should remain. Makasi has accused the board of financial mismanagement and failing to appointing a chief executive officer (CEO). But in a report compiled in response, board members said they were not to blame, adding that they had tried to hire a CEO and other executives, but the CEF and Makasi himself had halted the process twice. They also said they could not take the fall for Project Ikhwezi because most of them arrived in 2014, when the project was nearing completion. In their report, they wrote that they called for an independent review of the project and thereafter “stemmed the losses and brought the project to a halt”. Four PetroSA board members have since resigned (only two remained), but one told City Press: “We resigned, but it is important for the public to understand that we are not responsible for the mess at PetroSA.” (Link) 


South African Police it total disarray-the biggest state-sponsored criminal syndicate in Africa


Now there- isn’t this “cosy”- taking a nap on the taxpayer’s cost? Now one understand with this mentality why four AA policewomen on duty – including one carrying a firearm – tamely handed over the key to the safe and the cells when confronted by two thugs  thirty minutes after midnight on Thursday. Two  thugs  entered the police station at Alberton’s Eden Park Client Service Centre and ordered the police officials to hand over the safe keys. Only one  thug  was arme with  a knife. When the keys were handed over‚ he led three of the policewomen toward the cells. The fourth was hiding under a table in the Client Service Centre. The thugs stole one R-5 rifle and two empty R5 magazines from the safe. They also left with the keys to the safe and the cells‚ which was in one bunch. (Link) Can you now understand the incompetence going on in the “Democratic South Africa? ”  If the thugs tried this sh*t pre 1994- well- South Africa would’ve  been  blessed with two less criminals.


Eventually, the truth emerged when the parliamentary committee of police expressed concern about SAPS operational capabilities. This follows after the burning of two police vehicles in Botrivier, the use of live ammunition by police in Gauteng and the Western Cape as well as the robbery of firearms at the Elsburg police station. Response time and interaction between visible policing, crime intelligence and specialized units are not at an acceptable level, according to the parliamentary committee. Meanwhile, the police are engaged in recruitment of candidates from the minority groups. Their target aim of Afrikaans speakers but also English speakers, in clearer language means white candidates.(Link)

Government’s denial of the crisis in the South African Police may be caused by the fact that it is rooted in the longstanding and persistent problem of poor leadership in the South African Police Service (SAPS).  South Africa’s political leaders have not recognised policing as an important profession that requires high levels of skill and integrity. President Thabo Mbeki appointed Jackie Selebi, despite his lack of experience in and knowledge of policing, as the SAPS National Commissioner late in 1999. Selebi talked and acted tough. But it wasn’t long before he revealed his lack of understanding of the skills required to ensure that the tens of thousands of armed officials under his command would use their powers primarily to ensure public safety and enforce the law.

The SAPS have lost no fewer than 18 196 firearms in the six year period from 2005 until 2011. This can be attributed to the SAPS itself not even being aware when it is robbed of firearms, and of course there are the occasions where officers and station commanders involved have actively attempted to cover the thefts and corruption up.

Eastern Cape

  • 13 firearms (including 3 automatic R5 rifles) were stolen from Ngangelizwe police station in Mthata. (July)
  • 30 firearms (including 12 automatic R5 rifles) stolen from SAP13 store in Peddie police station. (14 March)
  • 5 firearms stolen from Dimbaza police station by rogue constable. (January)


  • An Ohrigstad SAPS officer was robbed of his service weapon on 1 June.


  • 9 firearms stolen from Umkomaas police station, allegedly by cleaning staff. (May)

Western Cape

Data released by the police reveal that negligence has resulted in police losing about 7‚829 firearms between 2009 and 2014‚ with some of these weapons used in violent and serious crimes. (Link)Police have either lost or had more than 2 500 firearms stolen over the past three financial years. ( Link)  Why are so few SAPS firearms recovered in comparison to weapons from other State sources and civilians? Stolen firearms originating from individuals and businesses were recovered at a rate nearly 15 times higher than SAPS weapons! Firearms stolen from other State sources in turn had a recovery rate 7 times higher than the one for SAPS weapons. Since firearm recoveries are random events (the police involved do not know what kind of firearms they are about to recover from a suspect, after all) something fishy clearly is afoot here. One explanation could be that corrupt SAPS officers are deliberately remove identifying markings from police guns before selling them to criminals, so that they cannot be traced back to these corrupt individuals wearing blue uniforms. A way of ascertaining this would be to ask how many untraceable firearms are recovered each year, and how many of them are of the make and model issued to SAPS members.

There are 1,448 criminals on the South African Police Services payroll — this was the shocking admission by police management in Parliament. A SAPS audit has found that the 1,448 are guilty of serious offences like rape, attempted murder, corruption, fraud and assault. They are all still on the beat. More than 300 of the officers managed to get a job despite having criminal records and it seems they did so by cheating the system. Nkrumah Mazibuko, SAPS HR management, said: “There are instances where the people who submitted themselves for psychometric assessments were not necessarily the same people who submitted themselves for finger printing.” Several of the convict cops are highly ranked in positions like captains, majors and colonels -shockingly 10 brigadiers and 1 Major General are also on the list.

 Last year the South African Police Service revealed that a “protracted” and “thorough” audit of the police’s ranks had found that 1,448 serving police officers were convicted criminals. Lieutenant-General Nkrumah Mazibuko – the acting deputy national commissioner for human resource management –  told the country’s parliament at the time that action would be taken within a year to clean out the police’s ranks. Pressured by MPs for a time frame, he offered a “temporary date” of June 2014 for the police’s fitness boards to finish evaluating all the cases.

That hasn’t happened. According to a  report in the Afrikaans daily newspaper, Die Burger, South Africa’s following  police minister Nathi Nhleko said  – in response to questions from the opposition Democratic Alliance – that all 1,448 police remain on active duty. According to Nhleko, the Labour Court ruled last month that the work of  the fitness boards was illegal, invalid and without any legal force. This followed legal action by the police union Popcru. The South African Police Service (SAPS) revealed recently that 1,448 serving police officers are convicted criminals, among them a major-general, ten brigadiers, 21 colonels, ten majors, 43 lieutenant-colonels, 163 captains, 84 lieutenants and 716 warrant officers. And it has hesitantly promised to rid the police of these “unwanted elements” by June 2014. Is this, as the police implied, the extent of criminality in the police service? If true, it would mean that fewer than one percent of South Africa’s 157,470 police have been involved in criminal activity. Furthermore, is the commitment to rid the police of convicted criminals serious? If so, what is the evidence?

South Africa’s police have been rocked by a series of crippling corruption scandals in recent years. In 2010, the national police commissioner, Jackie Selebi, was convicted of corruption and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was later released on “medical grounds “ after serving just 229 days of his sentence. It was on Selebi’s orders that the police’s Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) was shut down, just seven years after it had begun its work. Between 1996 – when it was established – and 2001, the unit received 20,779 allegations of police corruption. Between 1995 and 1999, an average of 1,320 police were convicted each year on criminal charges.

Our Coloured Capetonian sister, Prudence McPherson, being accosted and mistreated by a Black police officer, from the NOTORIOUS Milnerton Police Station….delivering "fresh beatdowns" on innocent and defenceless Coloured Capetonian women!This police officer deserves the "F@ck off back to the Eastern Cape" Award for his professional conduct as an "officer of the law"#GatvolCapetonian

Posted by Gatvol Capetonian on Friday, May 4, 2018


Crime researcher Andrew Faull stated in a paper evaluating the police’s response to corruption that “[s]ince disbanding the ACU in 2002, the SAPS has struggled to settle on and implement an anti-corruption strategy. Numerous indicators suggest a lack of political will on the part of the SAPS and government as a whole in taking steps to counter police corruption”. According to one study, the closure of the ACU “was a step backwards for the SAPS in terms of combating corruption and resulted in a reduction in the numbers of arrests and convictions of police officials involved in corruption”.(Link) 

In 2012, a social worker – Rhia Phiyega –  was appointed as the National Commissioner for Police. She appointed a trained teacher as her deputy, and her Head of Strategic Management was trained in theology. A social worker, a teacher, and a preacher heading up the police force in one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. And we’re told Phiyega’s clear instructions were to protect  Zuma and his interests, not the security interests of ordinary citizens. This is just one example of endemic corruption here.

Dr. Johan Burger, Senior Research Consultant at the Institute of Security Studies in South Africa (ISS) says the racket of placing friends in positions of power is widespread. In his opinion, grassroots police should be given medals for being able to perform at all with this happening at the top levels of the force. “All my life has been about making moral decisions. That’s why I am in the police, to serve, to protect the people, and this government has failed to protect the people. These farm attacks should have been classified a long time ago as terrorism, because that’s what they are: terrorism. But the government has done nothing.We have arrested serving members of the police during house robberies. Police weapons have been used in the attacks. Not just personal weapons issued to every officer, but rifles that have to be signed out from the station. We know police ammunition has been used in farm attacks.   I think back to my meeting with a farm attacker who told me all their kit and weapons came from a police insider on the team, who hid any cash stolen in the attack. Time and time again, the victims of farm attacks have told me the perpetrators went unpunished, that there were never any charges brought because the evidence was lost or the docket destroyed.” – a serving police sergeant said. Dockets are methodically destroyed either because the police officer knows who the suspects are or the investigating officer is lining his pocket. It is devastating to realize that corrupt police are willing to equip farm attackers with arms and ammunition, are willing to conceal stolen cash for their cut, and are willing to circumvent justice for cash. (Link)

Between 1998 and 2012, at least 21,785 criminal cases involving police officers were reported to South Africa’s Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD), a civilian oversight structure recently re-named the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID). This excludes cases involving deaths in police custody, or as a result of police action, and cases of misconduct. According to the ICD’s annual reports, more than 2,000 serious criminal cases involving police were reported to it every year since 2007. In the 2011/2012 financial year, for instance, it received 2,320 new criminal cases to investigate and closed 1,176 including cases that had been carried over from the previous year. Only 204, or just over 17%, of the 1,176 cases, could be “substantiated”. Eighty cases were withdrawn and 892 were found to be “unsubstantiated”.(Link) 


When Selebi was finally forced out of the police after being convicted of corruption, many thought that more careful consideration would be given to the appointment of the new Commissioner. Unfortunately, this was not to be. Jacob Zuma appointed his friend and political ally Bheki Cele to the top job. Once again the SAPS was saddled with a head who had no experience of policing , thinks he is a clown- and seemed to think the job simply required “tough talk. “ Today Cyril Ramaphosa repeated that mistake of Zuma  and again appointed Cele- who himself have a corruption record- back into the top job. We are back to square one- the ANC simply cannot move forward but keep on back-tracking onto old forgotten relics of the “struggle” era.

Home Affairs- chaos upon chaos..

Incompetence, inconsistency and constant policy flip-flops by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is causing chaos among foreigners seeking residence and citizenship in South Africa. Despite exhaustive efforts by refugees, asylum seekers and skilled immigrants to adhere to South African citizenship and residence law, the DHA’s wildly inconsistent and incoherent application of laws and regulations is creating a situation where foreign doctors wanting to work and live South Africa find themselves – and their families – stateless, with little to no recourse except for lengthy and expensive litigation.

In 2016b aleady Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba was forced to apologize to customers who had been at the department’s center in Centurion for hours.  He paid a surprise visit to the center – and got more than he bargained for. Gigaba listened to complaints of lack of professionalism and apparent laziness by staff at the center and subsequently asked for forgiveness from the clients. Gigaba was greeted with unacceptably long queues and a system that was offline for most of the day. The people who were in the queues informed him about the poor treatment they received at the center on a daily basis. Thato Montsho told the minister the staff at the center were lazy and unprofessional. Gigaba admitted he was shocked during the unplanned visit, which he said followed a tip-off about the poor service at the facility.

The Department of Home Affairs in Randburg‚ Johannesburg‚ has turned Kgomotso Marokoane away 10 times. Tuesday was the 10th time and the last straw. “The day before I had gone there and had been turned back‚” Marokoane said. She was part of a group of about 15 that protested when security closed its doors at 2pm on Tuesday. The offices close at 3:30pm‚ but an official told them there were too many people inside and they would not be helped. “I am telling this lady (Home Affairs official) that this is the second day that I have asked my work to come here. I can’t keep asking and you can’t expect to wake up at 5am just to stand in line.”

An official then told them they could wait until 3:30pm to see if they would be served. The group pushed their way in as an applicant left after security locked the doors at 3:30pm to stage a sit-in. Inside an official said they were “welcome to just stand here”‚ but they were knocking off. “He tells us that the government does not pay them overtime and they will not stay overtime‚ because the last time they did that for people‚ the last [people] leaving the queue were very rude and ungrateful.” (Link)


Maladministration  closer to the ANC’s own  bastion too
It appears that the ANC rats cannot even keep their own house in order.  The ANC has until Friday to settle over R300 000 in legal fees or face having property at its headquarters seized, the City of Johannesburg said on Monday. This comes after the city obtained a writ of execution against the party over its failure to settle the legal bill.  The fees stem from a failed bid by the ANC in September last year to bring an urgent application to the South Gauteng High Court to table a motion of no confidence by secret ballot against Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba and Council speaker Vasco da Gama . The application was struck off the roll due to lack of urgency.Judge Sydwell Shangisa also ordered the ANC to pay the legal costs of Mashaba and Da Gama . The ANC went to court after the council’s programming committee refused to grant the party a vote by secret ballot.  The ANC attributed the removal of Mashaba and Da Gama to failure to deliver better services to residents.  Mashaba in a statement confirmed that the party had until Friday to settle the legal bill.  “Should the ANC fail to honour this payment by Friday, 15 June 2018, the city has instructed its lawyers to proceed with the execution of the court order, which will result in R300 000 worth of property being seized from the ANC headquarters, Luthuli House, by the Sheriff of the High Court.“This R300 000 belongs to the residents of this city. Either the ANC is unable to make this payment due to its own financial challenges or it is the result of the ANC’s continuous and willful disregard for public money. ” Mashaba added: “The days of the ANC being able to abuse public money in the City of Johannesburg are over and we will not hesitate to execute this court order should the ANC fail to make payment by Friday. (Link) 
The vindictive stupidity in control of South Africa and the emerging clowns
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, stripes
Public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane has found that Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has “violated “ the Constitution and “divided society on racial grounds” because of her tweets on colonialism. (Link) Mkhwebane, who could be a facing a probe by Parliament for her fitness to hold office, further directed in her remedial action that the Western Cape legislature should “hold the Premier to account” for her transgression. She released these findings at a press conference on Monday. In March 2017, Zille tweeted that colonialism was not “only negative” and went on to tweet how colonialism had, in her opinion, benefited South Africa. Public outrage in mainly the black contingent  ignited and Zille was forced to apologize after the Democratic Alliance federal executive found her guilty for violating the party’s social media rules.

Meanwhile our little fat red garden goblin Julius Malema had the following to say: ”  “I can’t give you a guarantee of the future,” he said. “Especially when things are going the way they are. If things are going the way they are, there will be a revolution in this country. I can tell you now. There will be an unled revolution in this country, and an unled revolution is the highest form of anarchy,” Malema said.  Speaking to the press after appearing at the Newcastle Magistrates’ Court in 2016 on two charges of violating the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1956, Malema said white people were not entitled to any land in South Africa and that for now he was not calling for the slaughter of whites. “The white man has been too comfortable for too long. We are here unashamedly to disturb the white man’s peace, because we have not known peace. We don’t know what peace looks like. They have been swimming in a pool of privilege. They have been enjoying themselves because they always owned our land,” he said. “White minorities be warned. We will take our land. It doesn’t matter how. It’s coming, unavoidable. The land will be taken by whatever means necessary.” (Link)

So dreig hy en daar is geen uitbarsting. Geen klippe word gegooi, paaie afgeblok, bande aan die brand gesteek. Nee dit is aanvaarbaar, selfs geen klagte van haatspraak.Bewaar my siel as ek durf so iets op sosiale media of tv moet kwyt raak

Posted by Burgerlike Beskerming on Monday, June 11, 2018


Needless to mention we still await the  public outrage in mainly the black contingent and  Busisiwe Mkhwebane to find that the extremist EFF goblin has vilolated the Constitution and “divided society on racial grounds” because of his discriminatory oratory and threats about whites. I suspect there will be an eerie silence that will prevail from both sides on the matter.

Eastern Cape ANC councillor, Andile Lungisa says the land must be seized forcefully. He was addressing former  Jacob Zuma’s supporters outside the High Court in Durban on Friday. “Land is not going to come through the amendment of the Constitution, the land was taken through wars and land won’t come peacefully, we must take land by force without asking for any permission in this country,” he said. (Link)


Living proof of what's going wrong in South Africa… 👀

Posted by Fair Dinkum Mate on Tuesday, April 3, 2018


The NRC sucking up commi arse..

According to reports, Rev. Nelis Janse van Rensburg said that the so-called “injustice of the past “ should now be ” corrected.” Recognition of discrimination in the past is not enough according to the theologian’s argument.
The NG Church is currently preparing a submission about its position on land reform to submit to their “bosses” at the ANC. As a result, Cyril Ramaphosa and the government will receive support from the “largest” Afrikaans church, which is no longer an Afrikaner church. This could serve as further motivation for their planned land theft.
Theologians say that theology has given way to “the politics”, and considers the preacher’s remark as a shame. 
The question is whether the minister will revise his standpoint if communities threaten to stop their financial contributions, and what will he explain to his brother member after his property has been taken? That he has to turn the other cheek? (Link)

Image may contain: cloud, text, outdoor and nature


A Minimum of 17 million hectares belongs to the ANC government,and a estimated maximum of 20 million in total.The question is raised why don’t they start with those farms to give it to the black citizens? 



SO– What shall we say…”Lol”- or “What a f*ck-up” this ANC ineptocrats have made from a once stable and prosperous country in 20 short years? Not ONE single state department is functional without being hamstrung by corruption. How our newly appointed “Fairy Godmother ” Cyril plans to pull the country out of this “democratic” corrupt mess the way he started off with land grabs up front in his “inauguration ” speech – is simply too  frightening to even contemplate!
Above we have stated the irrefutable facts to show the reader what type of “government” are ruling South Africa. From top to bottom everything is falling apart. And the irony is these dumb incompetent oafs in the ANC will- as ever again- swipe the race card and blame it on either Van Riebeeck, Verwoerd, Apartheid– or the “rich whites.” They never will admit that they never were competent to rule a country in the first place and never should have been pushed into power. Like Margaret Thatcher commented a couple of years ago” Those who think the ANC can rule a country lives in Cuckoo – land.” 
But then again we have a few mentally constrained white liberal farts that actually DO live in “Cuckoo-Land”– the likes of Carl Niehaus, Elsabe Zietsman, Max Du Preez , Carina Papenfus , Debra Patta, and Piet “Kopdoek” Craucamp to name but a very few lost advent children of the lesser god.
The ANC “Land restitution” disaster.
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor and nature
The ANC really is a bunch of opportunistic political clowns that simply refuse to learn. 90% Of their “land restitution” dreams  went up in smoke. Fully functional productive farms were handed to new black “farmers”– just to turn into non-productive wastelands a few years later. 
Government farms bought at a cost of R30-million for emerging black “ farmers “ in the Eastern Cape are lying in a state of forlorn abandonmentSaturday Dispatch investigated four of the farms in Komga and Igoda and found they had gone from being working farms on purchase to being unproductive and derelict. The farms were bought by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) to create jobs and eradicate poverty.

But those seen by Saturday Dispatch are mostly derelict. Many of these farms were working businesses, producing dairy products, crops (mostly maize) and beef for the market and for breeding under white managment. The Saturday Dispatch team visited four of the farms worth R29.1-million in the Buffalo City Metro area. Three are dairy farms, while a fourth is a crop and livestock farm. The farms visited have ploughing fields and grazing camps that are overgrown by grass and infested with black wattle.

We can reveal that:

Hopewell dairy farm, bought for R8.8-million, which had 188 dairy cattle in 2016 and produced more than 1000 litres of milk daily, is left with only 50 cattle today and produces less than 50 litres a day; Eversly farm in Komga, bought for R5-million with more than 80 dairy cattle, is today left empty with nothing but vandalized farm implements; Echoing Hill farm outside East London, which was bought for R7.8-million, is left empty, with broken multi-million rand dairy farm equipment lying in an unused milking shed and;

An Igoda farm, Lands End farm, bought for R7.5-million, is disputed as the department is allegedly trying to allow a person who “does not qualify” to occupy the farm, while the person who applied is being told to occupy an empty portion of the same farm. Most of the farmers who occupy these farms blame DRDLR for not having assisted them. One of the farmers, Cwayita Mboni, of Hopewell dairy farm, says the department failed to listen to beneficiaries. “We were thrown in the deep end to fail. This is a successful project that is killed by the department officials whose interest is in their salaries rather than what they are employed to do,” said Mboni.

She said cattle died because she had no start-up capital to buy feed to maintain them. “When I reported this to the department, I was told to bring death certificates of the cattle for the department to believe me. “This is hurting as we are accused of being held responsible for the farm’s dereliction. Nomajama Qamza and her partner received their farm, Echoing Hill, with 50 dairy cattle, in 2007 but today there are no cattle there. “That farm never worked from day one. “Government officials failed to mentor me to make the farm viable. “There was no additional funds to boost us and instead we had huge electricity bills,” she said.

Zolisa Panyaza, of Komga, stays on Eversley farm where her in-laws are buried. “We are dwellers here and we want to use this farm as the person who was given this farm left it vandalised,” said Panyaza. In Igoda, Vusumzi Bobani has been fighting a battle to win a farm that was bought by the department for him. The farm, Land Ends, was bought for R7.5-million from a relocating white farmer. “One official even sent a state employee to come occupy this farm, though this person does not qualify and also never applied for any farm. I suspect that this person paid money to get this farm and that is corruption,” said Bobani.

The department was given an opportunity to respond to the allegations but failed to respond. Eastern Cape chief director of DRDLR, Zukile Pityi, yesterday said they were in a meeting to discuss the farms but at the time of going to print, no response had been received from them. The National African Farmers Union’s Eastern Cape president, Pumza Vitshima, said the emerging farmers had complained to them. “We understand that there was R95-million set aside to assist farmers and none of these farmers received that support and cattle died and farms closed. Those who are still operating are using cash from their own pockets. These farmers zisengela ethungeni elivuzayo [are working in vain],” said Vitshima.

Janine Ristow, of Ruliv, the agricultural non-governmental organisation in East London, said they would gladly assist and mentor the farmers. “We depend on funds and we’ve approached government for support but we got nothing. “We can monitor and mentor the farmers until they are able to produce.”  ( Link) 

And here comes ol’  Max with HIS silly liberal ideas….

Yea Max- how your rotten little brain can figure out how food shortages as clearly shown in the failed “land restitution” fiasco and 53 million people loosing their right to private property will “boost the economy” –  is still a liberal mystery exclusively for Max’s types. Max again is playing his old fiddle. In the past he also mocked whites for warning against the dawn of communism in SA- heckling them about the “Rooi gevaar.” Today we have a full house of “rooi gevaar” governing us. Now poor ol’ Max again try to heckle right wing elements for warning people about the dawn of national land grabs. Typical liberal trash…but then again- what else can we expect from the remains of yesteryear’s fossil finds who’s time already expired the day he was born?  We know Max lost all his marbles a long time ago- now it seems he lost the last pink one too. Time to go Max- you overstayed your welcome and is way past your shelve date. It’s time they steal your laptop again- you again are busy typing all kinds of silly crap on it whenever you have a fake  orgasm that got stuck in your procrastinated minute intelligence.  Maybe you should start reading the Alternative Media for some truths instead of the stupid Main Stream bullsh*t propaganda you read on an hourly basis. 
There are many more like ol’ Max – but we will not go that deep into the silly slime pit to scrape out their names out of the conundrum of liberal notoriety.  
The greedy politicians- wolves in sheep’s garments preying on innocent people.
What is a fact is that the poor country is plundered, maladministered, driven into a financial collapse- and governed by three incompetent loud-mouth political parties and a band of bench-warming misfits that does not even have the foggiest idea how to run a kindergarten without f*cking that up too! In every case above the root of their evil revolves around corruption and money which their false appointed power brings them. While millions of South Africans live either just under the bread-line or in poverty- these political criminals line their own pockets with millions of dollars on the backs of suffering people.
Image result for mmusi maimane private houseImage result for julius malema house
Image result for mmusi maimane private houseImage result for mmusi maimane private house
Here is the reality- Cyril Ramaphosa’s new mansion in Cape Town- Julius Malema’s mansion in Sandton- and yea- Zuma’s kingdom in Nkandla and palace in Dubai- all 3 politicians that claim they are ” fighting for the people” – but instead they allow that same people to live in conditions like this below….
Related image
You see how they fool you to stay poor in order for them to get rich? Yet you keep on voting them into power each 5 years? Now they also want to disown you? How stupid can you be?
But all these politicians can do the whole day in parliament bar sleeping their lousy arses off- is pumping out silly laws such as smoking laws, “hate speech” laws- anti-white racist laws, threatening whites, blaming whites – thinking new shrewd ways to disown whites again – and think out more devious “laws” to alienate, discriminate against  and impoverish whites- isn’t that right Mr. Rob ” commi-boy” Davis? The ANC commi rats really cannot leave the whites alone- can they? 
Image result for south african politicians sleeping in parliamentImage result for south african politicians sleeping in parliament
This is the so-called “leaders” telling us what to do and what not..… big circus!
Looking at the track record above it is then safe to say this bunch of ANC hoodlums don’t know the first thing about running a country- but rather running it like a personal ATM machine. Even mobsters the likes of Heimie Weiss, Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Carlo Gambino ran their hoods more effectively and lucrative than this lot. At least they had profits and expansions to show for it. This bunch has nothing to show what progress they did for the country after 20 years for all their state theft and corruption- their multiple promises, big talk, expensive trips overseas and high-roller lifestyles bar their own lucrative houses , private bulging bank accounts and new SUV’s. 
All this politicians are serving the same masters…those who control  the power and money. On election day they smear each other. At secret and private gatherings they smooch each other. Guess who is running South Africa then? 
All this ANC incompetents can do day in and day out is steal money, plunder the state coffers- and yea- permanently launching witch hunts on the whites. If they open that filthy trash cans under their noses- its’ about the whites. If they have complains or blames- it’s directed against the whites. If they want to launch “racist” smear campaigns in their stinking media- it’s all about the whites. If they want to threaten someone- it’s always against the whites. The whites have become a deadly nemesis to their psychopathic and erratic narratives. 
Government sanctioned farm murders?
Black and white has no issue with each other. Most black people cares less what white people do- and visa versa. They are living side by side in this country for hundreds of years. They grant each other the same rights and allow each other to live under the same sun. An example of this truce was beautifully displayed by a black woman- Tulonga Neputa–  who last week rescued 8 month old white baby Dex Heger in a horrific accident that claimed 5 lives and the only survivor was young Dex. All he had was a slight injury to his arm . His grandfather sadly passed away in the accident. Tulonga stopped- and ran into dense traffic to save Dex who was stranded in his baby chair in the middle of a busy highway. S he then took him with her to the nearest clinic.
Image result for Tulonga Neputa-
Although Namibean- she is the symbol of how a real “democratic” South Africa should be- NOT what these scumbag politicians want us to believe it to be. Ramaphosa, Malema. Miamane and the rest of the psychopathic racist  politicians can take a leaf out of Tulonga’s book.  Black and white can live together in harmony- for they all  believe God created everyone. The biggest racism does not stem from the populace- or the whites- the worst racism stem from this useless shrewd politicians in control who exploit racism for  their own selfish benefit. Our fight is not against each other. Our fight is not between black and white, colored or Indian. Our fight is not about “racism “ or “inequality” – for this is terms created by these politicians to keep us divided and to hate each other.
This is the intelligence politicians that “rule us ” display- and yet we allow them to write laws to keep us ” in check?” 
They know if we unite as one nation it will mean the end of their demonic slavery they posses over us. It will mean the end of all political parties. It will also mean the end of their corruption, theft and discrimination over the population. It will mean the end of discriminatory laws such as BEEE and laws of quota systems that prevent you from taking precious minerals from the earth and natural resources God gave us all for free- but was hi-jacked by them and their greedy international paymasters purely for their own selfish enrichment. Why can they earn top salaries and stay in the most luxurious estates while we must live in squalor in squatter camps and make-shift constructions? Why must we pay so much taxes but do not benefit from it? Why must they forever create division and force innocent people to want to hate and kill each other for no reason at all – but to keep them in power? This is madness- and this politicians created that state of madness through false propaganda and media psi-ops operations. White, black, Colored and Indian people can live in harmony- but only when we get rid of all the politicians and their warmonger money mad handlers.  Our fight is against politicians. Our fight is against politicians who tell us what to do and what not- all while they themselves break every rule and law on the book they themselves wrote. When last did you hear about any of the above politicians ever being dragged to court for corruption, theft, racism or rime against the state, smuggling –  found guilty- and sentenced to the same jail terms we as he normal public are? Why?
How many white farmers still have to be murdered, how many black miners still  have to be shot, how many innocent black people have to be raped and killed in squatter camps, Indian people hi-jacked, raped and murdered in Durban or colored children shot in the Cape Flats , How many of our children still have to be abducted and murdered, Babies dying of hunger in squatter camps while politicians gorge themselves on exuberant parties and feeding frenzies at the tax payer’s cost, – or whites pushed into total extermination before we say “enough is enough” – for you politicians cannot rule anymore for you have become dangerous bastard children of the dark powers that rule you to oppress, impoverish and enslave  us- and sell our country to foreigners for your own enrichment? How much hate and destruction do you still want to sow – how many people do you still want to see succumb to starvation, how many buildings do you still want to see destroyed, how many people must still die at the hands of criminals in the streets and on the farms because you are too useless to get to grips what is going on in the country and stand up for the people- and how long are you still going to play little political games  before you yourself eventually will be devoured by the same evil you create and spread with your politicians ‘  irresponsible actions and oratories in public and in the media among our people of this land?
Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
THIS is how South Africa’s politicians leave their boardrooms after meetings.
Image may contain: people sitting, table, screen and indoor
Even a dead dog were left on the table of one such a meeting. This is the ANC-run Fezile Dabi Council Chamber in the Free State. A dog corpse used to prove a political point. This is the type of pigs that rule South Africa today- pumping out “laws” on an hourly basis to keep us ” in check?” 
Behind your safe political offices guarded by hundreds of security personnel you watch as innocent people who do not even know each other start to kill each other in the streets and farms because of your inflammatory speeches of hate and jealousy to keep us into each others throats so we cannot see what you are doing behind our backs.  But we never see one of you among those people in the streets that got killed for what?  You prowl on the innocent and naive for your own heinous political agendas. You pump out laws telling us not to smoke in public, your courts send us to jail for ” hate speech” and “racism”, you write laws telling us  not to sell precious minerals we pick up that God gave us for free ’cause then we “steal” it- quota us on sea resources to “protect” our natural resources  -but you yourself stand on podiums advocating hate speech , racism and genocides against the people, you yourself now want to commit the biggest theft by stealing our property, you sell all our precious minerals and natural resources to foreign  companies by the million .
YOU are the biggest perpetrators of your own laws- but you want to send us to jail for lesser crimes than you yourself commit – because you deem yourself as ” immune”, untouchable and above your own laws?
You talk about “democracy”, you speak easily about the “rainbow nation”- you advocate a unified South Africa- yet you do the opposite by creating and advocating hate, racism and inequity. You sit here in parliament every day- doing nothing! You make promises you know cannot be honored- and when people get angry- you are no-where to be found.
Example today:
Plettenberg housing protests have turned violent, with fires and a ‘war zone’ reported. Jason Whitehead, a Plettenberg Bay resident, has contacted The Citizen, describing the protests as “anarchy” and as “riots” which are “out of control”.
According to him, “access in and out of Plett is highly restricted” due to the protest action. He also describes “fires being started all over Plett during a gale force heat wave” and “petrol bombs being thrown into residential areas”.
Whitehead does not feel that the police are doing enough, claiming that there isn’t enough police presence and that mayor Peter Lobese is “nowhere to be found”. The Knysna-Plett Herald’s account seems to back up what Whitehead has reported. Today they reported that residents have described housing riots in the area as a “war zone” or a “hostage situation” as reports started filtering through that more access and entrance points in the coastal holiday town would soon be blocked by protestors.
You threaten people from podiums, you yourself fight like hooligans in parliament, you want to take peoples’ property away with a lie, you give empty promises in election times to gain votes just to again leave your supporters in squatter camps with nothing to eat. You allow the country to fall into a financial shambles, taxing the populace to death just in order for you to get humongous salaries , private shares in blue chip companies and benefits- and after you completed your political career of theft and destruction- you get a golden handshake on our cost while we still suffer poverty, crime and hunger.
You watch your own destructive unions organizing thousands of riots to destroy the country and it’s economy- watching as hundreds of our people get shot by your stassi police force – yet you say or do nothing? You sit there in parliament sleeping as-if nothing happened.  There are 400 of you sitting in Cape Town parliament with your Gucci and Christian Dior suits- yet not ONE of you could give evidence what he or she has done in 20 years to the benefit of the country or the people. You quickly call us ” your people”- but we have never even see one of you coming into a squatter camp and drink tea with us except on election day. Why not rather then be honest and call us what you really mean- your SHEEP?
You keep on telling us the white are to blame for the pathetic situation this country finds itself in- but whites do not govern anymore, whites do not stand on podiums and promise us all beautiful things, whites does not tax us, whites do not send in the police with rubber bullets to shoots us, Whites did not plunder the state coffers and stole billions of rands, whites was not the reason why all our services are in a terrible state, whites was not responsible for the corruption that now brought our country on it’s knees, whites was not responsible for the crime, chaos and lawlessness raging in our streets today,, whites did not take stupid decisions that cost us millions in tax payers’ money,  whites was not responsible for the state capture, whites are not taxing us to death, whites did not sell all our oil to the Chinese, whites do not make the stupid laws that discriminates against minority groups…YOU do!!  So stop blaming the whites all the time for all the terrible mistakes made this past 20 years by your own elites- and take responsibility for your own incompetence as politicians. Stop throwing whites in our faces all the time as the cause of our country’s financial crisis. You are the responsible ones. You want to deploy 7000 policemen to protect your cash vans- but not ONE to protect a white farmer of black person in a squatter camp?  What type of demonic creatures ARE you? If you cannot govern- get out and let someone else with respect and integrity do the job. It is time for the nation to revolt and pay you the same respects what you are doing to us as innocent victims of your greed- for now we pay the terrible price for your incompetence while you laugh at our backs for our own stupidity for believing in you. 
What’s written on this page is the resume, the legacy coming from YOU despicable politicians to our future generations. It is a historical fact sheet what YOU have done to this country and what YOU leave for our future generations. This is the truth how YOU have destroyed our beautiful country and left our children future impoverished orphans. You tax us to death- you steal the food off our children’s plates from the fuel pumps, you charge us levy upon levy- tax upon tax. You make sure we suffer poverty while you eat sushi downed with blue chip. When we retire we land in back rooms and old age homes. When you retire you live in luxury in a villa in Switzerland. We get jailed for stealing R100- you never get prosecuted for embezzling millions of rands.  Through your city councils you are financially killing us. We work ourselves to death for a meager income after you ripped away half our salaries in taxes. You never did one day’s honest work but are sucking us dry.  And you call yourself “democratically” chosen leaders? You are nothing but a pack of wolves in sheep’s garments. You politicians are the pinnacle of evil. It’s better all you politicians  resign and leave this country forever- leave it to us as people to start repairing the terrible damage you, the liberals and foreign vultures have inflicted upon the people of this country.  South Africa truly have become a rogue and vigilante state where scrupulous politicians benefit the most while the populace suffer poverty….PERIOD! 
The videos below show how  politicians poison people’s minds and create hate and division among South Africans. 
 To conclude- let us place a fitting epilogue from a black woman to sum up the situation in South Africa:

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Mirriam Jass (Nonzima Yoliswa)

“Do not mind my unsavoury rhetoric if it offends you. I am being my old demented self. I was just commenting on a very important issue.

If Codesa did not address the economic imbalances, why not reopen the negotiations instead of unleashing our anger and hatred on White people. So the agenda of Black people was never really to live peacefully with White people as they so willingly agreed in those Codesa negotiations. The secret agenda was to lure them into a false hope of reconciliation and participants in our democracy, then ambush them unexpectedly and systematically drive them away or kill them. Is that the secret agenda? From where I stand that’s how I see things unfortunately. Yes we were the victims. But we’re now in power. Black people are in power. If they wanted White people to be part of the solutions they should have invited them.



Here is us black’s main problem….we keep on shifting the blame of our own shortcomings onto white people. We say we are black conscious- but all that means is that we are kept conscious to shift the blame on whites- not about our own incompetence. See video.

Because this is democracy. And it’s supposed to be inclusive. We hold the power to put in systems in place to enable White people to engage in debates with us on issues relating to the advancement of our country. Have we done that? NO. Because it suits us perfectly to keep calling them racists who stole our land and caused all our miseries. Because it suits us to keep judging them without giving them a voice to defend themselves. It suits us to play victim while we plan and execute evil ongoing atrocities against others in the name of revenge. And we’ll forever remain victims even if they all left the country. Because being victims helps us not to face our own weaknesses. Our own faults.

Everyone has to feel sorry for the poor Blacks who’ve been traumatized by colonisers for 400 years. And no one should expect them to have fixed anything in the more than 20 years they’ve been in government. They’ve been having the power to change things for more than two decades. Power to do anything without White people stopping them. What did we do with that power? We ran down all our government institutions, created levels of poverty and unemployment that have never been seen in the history of this country. We drove our own economy to a downhill shithole. And encouraged corruption, racial divisions and enrichment of a few elite Blacks. At our own expense. This wasn’t done by White people. But by us. Black people. Pulling each other down. No respect and empathy for our own Black people.

We blame White people for our poverty, illiteracy, non advancement economically. We blame them for our landlessness. We even blame for water shortages these days. And have we approached them to get their views on anything? No. Because deep down we know we don’t want them to be part of any solutions. Because that might just expose our dirty little agendas about them.”

Mirriam Jass (Nonzima Yoliswa)

It is time for each and every God-fearing South African to stand up and say “we have had enough”- en rid themselves of this liberal infestation from outside and political demons in control from Cape Town- once and for all.



We are the chosen ones!

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White Nation



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