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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria June 16  2018






LOOK– we all are quite aware of the fact that South Africa today is filled to the brim with anti-white liberal idiots- and I mean libsh*ts of the worse kind. It appears that since 1994 the country became a safe haven for all those reject liberal twats that could not make a decent living in other countries. BUT  from which swamp  Media 24 scrape out all these living dead zombie schizoids they appoint as “correspondents” will leave any right-minded person gobsmacked – strewth!! 

Daniel Lotter from Front Nasionaal put it best…

Front National SA

Media 24 published an unprovoked and very scathing attack on South Africa Today, an independent news network operated and administered by Carel and Johan Frylinck and reporting reliably on farm attacks, expropriation and other current and relevant issues relating to the every day reality of life for the white minority in South Africa.

To this, Jean le Roux of Media 24 refers to as “…republishes negative articles by the Freedom Front Plus, Afriforum and Front Nasionaal…”. (Link) The article then, somewhat incoherently and shamelessly subjective, proceeds to emphasize the claim that the administrators of South Africa Today are “expats living in Thailand’... which is of course only partially true. Exactly as is the case with Media 24 themselves, SAT is based firmly right here in South Africa in a lovely house where guests are received and treated with hospitality and the most delicious tea and cheesecake imaginable. And exactly as is the case with Media 24, SAT also has correspondents and co-workers around the globe.

Unlike Media 24 however, SAT reports on matters which the authorities in South Africa would like to hide from the world, because SAT is independent and fully aware of the day to day challenges of crime, corruption, murder and mayhem faced by minority groups in this country. And maybe that is where the root of the envy lies.

What we find particularly unpleasing about the article is the emphasis on “Expats.” Yes, one of the founders and administrators of SAT lives and works abroad. We are extremely grateful that we have South Africans living in Thailand, the UK, the USA, Israel, the Netherlands and elsewhere who support us in getting the message out. Sunette Bridges,Adriana Stuijt, Ingrid de Jager, Rianda Visser, Catherine Mendel and various others do amazing work for which we owe them a debt of gratitude.

If we have to emphasize the role of “expats”, let us not forget the liberal anti-Afrikaner group including people such as Johan Sloet de Villiers who also live in the Netherlands and do their very best to undermine our work. And now we have two major differences here between what SAT and the others who were mentioned do, and what Sloet and his kin does:

In the first place SAT and the others report on what is not reported by the mainstream media, thereby creating awareness of the truth and trying to find possible solutions. The opposing group merely tries to blacken the characters, in a most disgustingly personal manner, of the people working hard to get the message out. They won’t hesitate to call the owners of venues where Steve Hofmeyr is scheduled to make an appearance, they don’t hesitate to email the employers of administrators of websites and forums such as Front Nasionaal, BKA and SAT and accuse them of “racism “and “hate speech ” in an attempt to get them suspended from their places of employment. And they never do that openly, but always hiding behind fake profiles, and from somewhere abroad. This is a most cowardly way of dealing and we condemn that in the strongest possible terms.

It is therefore remarkably ironical that Media 24 should refer to “negativity” in describing the reporting of SAT, FN, Afriforum and the FF+, as Media 24 does not hesitate to offer activists from the liberal expat nature a platform. And that is the second main difference we wish to point out. We are forced to create our own platforms through social media and the internet, and in that SAT is of immense support to us.

The article mentions that both Freedom Front Plus and Afriforum denies any knowledge of the existence of South Africa Today, nor having any ties with them. It also said that Front Nasionaal were approached, but did not respond. We must really have missed that call, for if we had such a conversation with mr Le Roux our answer would have been: “FN has no formal ties with SAT, but we are aware that they share our articles and press releases and they do so with our full permission. We might not have formal ties, but the people of SAT are our friends because they do what the mainstream media in South Africa is supposed to do. And we hope they not only carry on doing so, but that they will go from strength to strength in doing so!

Daniel Lotter

Front Nasionaal

Poor Jean le Roux- in a typical News 24 fashion he now must attack the truth again to score some reader totals in their dwindling figures as more and more people now revert to the Alternative Media for the real truth. BUT then again this is an age-old narrative of the distorted South African media and their anti-white/anti-conservative schizoids: If you have no more lies to write about- why not throw in that good ol’ “approved” recipe by stirring up some “right wing” sh*t again. AND then Jean classified it as “EXCLUSIVE” to track down one conservative site among millions– and try to demonize it’s administrators as ” unearthed far right winger expats.” Then the poor misdirected soul went on with his non-sense blabbering :” There has been an increase in right wing propaganda on digital platforms in recent months, since Parliament approved a motion to investigate the viability of land expropriation without compensation.”


THIS is the horrible truth about farm attacks our Jean here referred to as “propaganda.” 

SO– our chair-borne hero spent lots of man hours and many resources to “track down” and “unearthed” this one “right wing” site. The rest of us simply scan the net and in seconds we have hundreds of “right wing”( i,o.w conservative) sites. Then he calls facts “ right wing propaganda”– but very conveniently fail to mention the hundreds of leftist propaganda sites. I sometimes wonder what Ganja they smoke up there in the News 24 offices- but it appears to be strong sh*t! 

A word of advise to Jean: If you cannot write facts- do not write anything at all. If you have no news and your editor really put the screws on you to publish “something”– try reading the Alternative Media and get some facts. This piece you wrote is not even worth the keyboard you typed it on. “Right Wing” bashing is no more exiting- it’s old communist propaganda bullsh*t and people in any case do not believe in it anymore.


Another sleaze trick from the Media 24 schizoids is to put a white man’s hand on the picture when a non-white committed a crime. This is to create the perception that whites are just as violent as the rest of the criminals. 

You lefty wankers are busy loosing the market against the AM- so put a sock in it – get a grip in life- and go look for some real news and not this pathetic trash you are trying to pull out of the garbage can ol’ boy! The mentality you News 24 reporters display lately is really worrying. It looks like you also got educated under Angie Motshekga’s failed curriculum and was part of the 78% of children in school that could   sound words-  but cannot understand the meaning of what you write . Judging the crap you wrote here- it appears that many bricks fell out of your education wall already. C’mon Jean …sing along with Pink Floyd…….after all- it fits your narrative…..