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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town   29 June 2018



Gauteng prepares to expropriate idle privately owned land without compensation

South Africa’s unique parliamentary processes a joke

Farm attack averted, swift response after woman raises alarm, Potgietersrus

South Africa:  1 236 patients left without a bed at Tembisa Hospital

SA’s expropriation message a stretch too far for Washington

Carte Blanche reaffirms that Julius Malema is involved in different farm attacks across South Africa

Malema says he is ‘maybe’ behind farm murders




THE question on many lips these days are as to why Julius Malema suddenly decided to table a motion in parliament to disown whites of their property without compensating them a single dime- and that when Cyril Ramaphosa was blatantly pushed into the top seat just a few days before? Ramaphosa- himself playing a very clandestine political maneuver- immediately approved the motion without thinking any further than his chubby nose. BUT none of this two misdirected political fools took the time to study the true history of South Africa.

The reasons are that when they actually would do a bit of historical research they might find themselves sitting in the corner of the history classroom with a “donkey” hat on. Secondly both of this flaming political afterburners are not interested in spending time enlightening themselves with the true facts. What they base their misinformation on  are sourced from pure falsified political propaganda hogwash to fit their own greedy political agendas in order to obey those dark forces that dictates their political careers through paid bribes.

HISTORY is many times deliberately distorted to fit the victor’s own selfish narratives. History is written by the victor (or thief in this case)– and therefore truth became the first victim of the so-called “conquering heroes”– whether it is by victory on the field, political corruption- or theft through treason as is the case in South Africa. Once a political thief succeed in stealing something without being prosecuted- that culture only will escalate into him venturing into  something much more daring- with the result normally ending in a disaster or  political anarchy – as again it is the case in South Africa. Truth then become the lie- and the lie become the truth- as it now is the case with the ” land expropriation” deception advocated as the “truth.” Ramaphosa and his predecessor ilk fast changed South Africa from a Republican  governing system into  one of A bull-dozed oligarch mob rule.

The difference between a republican system and a democratic system.

The democratic system is one of the most evil systems and a prelude to totalitarianism developed by earlier historical despots with the sole reason to rule by dictatorship of a small oligarch elite. Let me explain the difference between the various political ruling systems and what their actual final objectives are- The South African system:

When Benjamin Franklin exited the constitutional convention he immediately was asked by a woman “ Sir- What have you given us?” His immediate response was “A Republic ma’m- IF you can keep it. “ Like in America most of the South Africans were been misled to believe that South Africa’s governmental system since 1994 is a ” democracy “ and not a republic as it was founded in 1960. The difference between this two systems is essential to understand in order the figure out what South Africans experience today in a country thrown into chaos and turmoil.

But before I discuss political systems however- it is helpful to address the confusion that has been spread about the political spectrum of South Africa. Many have being led to believe that the political spectrum places groups such as communists on the far left, fascists or dictators on the far right- and political “moderates” or “centrists” right in the middle. However a more accurate political spectrum in South Africa will be showing government have zero power on the “far right”, – but having 100 % full power on the ”  far left.” At the “extreme right” there is no government, the extreme left features total government under such labels as “Communism, Socialism, Nazism, fascism, radicalism, princes, popes, dictators, kings and any form of government.

Those leftist lost advent creatures that claims that conservative whites are “Nazis “ -, “ fascists ” ,  “white supremacists” or “right wingers” never define their own terms. Most of the time they themselves do not even know how to define all the slander they fling at conservatives. This amounts to deliberately spreading confusion among the lesser enlightened. Towards the middle of the political spectrum can be found  the type of government limited to it’s proper role of protecting the rights of the people.That is where the constitution of South Africa is supposed to be. Those that advocates such a government are actually “constitutional moderates.” 

The basic forms of government

1. Monarchy – Rule by one

2. Oligarchy– Rule by a “selected” few

3. Democracy– Rule by a majority

4. Republic– Rule by law

5. Anarchy– Rule by no-one.

In discussing this five components of government rule we can even narrow them down to fewer.

  1. Monarchy: This form of government doesn’t really exist in the practical sense . It’s always a group that puts one of it’s members up front. A king always has his council of earls or noblemen and every dictator has his bureaucrats or commissars – the “rulers” behind the scenes. This system is not ruled by one even if one appear to be the visible leader- but it is ruled by a group. So let’s eliminate Monarchy from the list because it never really exist.
  2. Oligarchy which is ruled by a ”  selected “group is the most common form in all history- and it’s the most common from of government today. Most of the nations of the world are ruled by a powerful “few”– and therefore oligarchy remains on the list.
  3. Anarchy on the other end means “without government.” Some people have looked over history and found the worst crimes against the human race were committed by governments. So they decided that having no government might be a good idea. But this is a mistake– because as the ancient Greeks stated- ” Without law there can be no freedom.” The founding fathers  of the constitution of the Republic of South Africa in 1960 agreed and reasoned that some kind of government is a necessity in any civilized orderly society. At a state of anarchy however- everybody has to go at life, liberty and property and the lives of family members. Every-one has to be armed and movement is severely restricted because  one’s property has to be protected at all times.  Civilized people always hired someone to do the “guarding” – a police force, a Sheriff- or some kind of government. Once such law enforcement was in place the people enjoyed more freedom. They could leave their property unguarded for long times as the proper amount  of  government ensures that everyone can walk around free. There are some people that advocate anarchy however not because they don’t want no government- but simply because they don’t like the one they have. They use anarchy as a revolutionary tool to change their current system. The ANC used this system pre-1994- and today Julius Malema and the unions use the same system for the same reasons. The condition of anarchy is very much like a vacuum where something rush in to fill it. This calculated anarchists work to break down the existing government with rioting, looting, killing and terrorism much like the PAC and ANC did pre-1994- and proceed today  in South Africa. Tragically the people living in such chaos often go to those best able to put an end to it and beg them to restore order. And who is best able to put an end to the chaos? The very people who started it! This fact was again proven  with the National Party government of De Klerk  ran  to the ANC to stop the riots and violence in the suburban areas of South Africa. The anarchists who created the problem then created a government run by them- an oligarchy where they have total powerjust as the ANC did. This is exactly what happened in Russia with Lenin taking total power , in Cuba which brought Fidel Castro to power and  in South Africa which brought Nelson Mandela to power. But anarchy is not a stable form of government. It’s a quick transition from something that exists- to something the power hungry want. It’s a temporary condition- and because it isn’t permanent- we also will eliminate it from the list as well.
  4. Democracy: The word “democracy” comes from two Greek words: “Demos”– which means “people”– and “Kratein” which means “to rule.” Democracy therefore means “the rule of the people” – iow majority rule. This of course “sounds” good – but suppose the “majority” decides to take away your land, your home, business, rights and freedom like we have the scenario playing itself off in South Africa now?  Obviously there has to be a limit. The flaw in a “democracy” is that the “majority “ cannot be restrained. If more than half the people can be “persuaded ” ( by the ANC and Malema in this case) to “want” something (like the white land) in a democracy- automatically their word rule. So as you  now can see the ANC cleverly use this “democracy”  they created to replace a Republican system and the vote of the majority as vehicles to execute all their devious hidden agendas.
  5. A Republic: The word “Republic” comes from Latin: “Res”- which mean “thing”– and “Publica” which means “public.” Thus it means ” the public thing”- iow The Law! A true republic is one where the government is limited- leaving the people alone. South Africa’s founding fathers had a clean slate to write on. They could have created anything- an oligarchy or Monarchy- but the founding fathers knew history and they chose to give South Africa the rule of Law in a Republic- not the rule of a majority in a democracy. Why? Let’s demonstrate the rule of law in African context for instance:

A mob accuse an individual for  stealing  a goat in a democracy. They caught him and the majority decide he is guilty. Because of the majority rule under a  democracy- they immediately  start beating him, killing him by stoning- and set him alight- as the Africans so clearly demonstrated to us on a daily basis. But what if a judge come along and say “Hey- you cannot kill that man- he must at first appear in a court to determine either his guilt or innocence?”  In a court of law a judge will decide on the evidence before him or her whether the accused is guilty or innocent. Iow he was judged by the law– not an unruly mob majority. The rights of the thief is subject not by the law of majority mob rule- but by the law. THAT is the essence of a Republic. It is ruled by law.

Democracy – a system designed to fail

Little do people  know that the word “democracy” did not even appear in the original constitution of the Republic of South Africa.The founders of the Republic of South Africa did everything they could to keep us from having a democracy. James Madison once wrote “ Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention,- have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property- and have in general been short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”  Alexander Hamilton agreed and he stated: ” Real liberty is never  found in despotism or in the extremes of democracy. Samuel Adams noted: “ Democracies never last long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. “ Our founding fathers had good reason not to introduce a democracy in South Africa because they knew the democracies in the early Greek states produces some of the wildest excesses of governance imaginable.  In every case they ended up with mob rule , then anarchy- and finally tyranny under an oligarchy. During that period in Greece there was a man named Solan who urged  creation of a fixed body of law and not subject to majority wimps and demands. But where the Greeks never adopt Solom’s wise council the Romans did. Based what they knew from Solon’s laws they created the twelve tables of the Roman law and in fact built a Republic that limited government power and left the people alone.

Since government were limited the people were free to produce and invent with the understanding that they could keep the fruits of their labor. In time Rome became wealthy and the envy of the world. In the midst of prosperity the Roman people however forgot what freedom entailed. They forgot that the essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government powers. When government power grows peoples’ freedom recedes. Once the Romans dropped their guard- power seeking politicians started to exceed the powers given to them in the Roman constitution. Today we find that same tendency under the ANC rule. They simply changed the rule of government from a Republic to a democracy- thus stealing the people’s freedom away and replace it with absolute power to the small “elite.” 

Some learned that they could elect politicians who would use government power to take property from some and give it to others- just like the ANC elected Cyril Ramaphosa  is used in their illegal “ land expropriation” agenda.  Agricultural subsidies were introduced- followed by housing and welfare programs. Inevitably the taxes rose and controls over the private sector were imposed. Soon Rome’s producers could not make ends meet and they went on the dole. Productivity declined , shortages developed and mobs began roaming the streets demanding bread and circuses from the government. Many were induced to trade freedom for security. Eventually the whole system came crashing down . They went from a Republic to a democracy – and ended up under an oligarchy under the progression of the Caesars. Thus democracy itself is not a stable form of government – instead it is the gradual transition from limited government to the unlimited rule of an oligarchy.

Cyril Rhamaphosa and the Rome model

South Africa currently finds itself in a transformation process from a Republic to an oligarchy. Rhamaphosa is following the failed model of the Greeks and later on the Romans. In a desperate attempt to regain lost confidence from his electorate due to 20 years of failed governance he now revert to dirty , unconstitutional and illegal tactics to save his dwindling organization. All the tell-tale signs are there that he is gearing up to bull-doze South Africa into an oligarchy. – and with Ramaphosa’s latest attack on the freedom to own property- he is following the mistakes the Romans made by using government power to take property from some and give it to others. What happened in South Africa is in stark contrast of what a healthy government is supposed to be.

Ramaphosa is busy agitating the white Boers, a very deadly foe indeed when pushed to the limits – and not only that– he is busy scratching another  dangerous lion’s arse  as the Zulu kingdom warned him that if he proceeds with his idiotic “land repatriation” idea and try to annex the Zulu king’s Ingonyama Trust land- all hell will break loose. But being a very irresponsible Jew-puppet- Ramaphosa believes he now controls all power in the country. He soon will realize his terrible mistake- one that his white donated money and British puppet masters will not be able to protect him from.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting

The face of South Africa’s new oligarchs- yet they tell the world blacks still suffer under white monopoly capital?


In a healthy society the politicians and government officials  are elected to serve the people. In South Africa however did the ANC communists shrewdly turned that system around and now the people are serving the cleptocracy in control. It is a dangerous system destined to end up in a civil war soon. Inevitably the taxes in South Africa also rose as well as fuel prices to compensate for 20 years of corruption and maladministration by the current incompetent regime. Now the people must pay for the ANC’s terrible financial destruction of the economy.  The South African food producers are under direct attack – and soon they will also quit- which will lead to terrible shortages of food as productivity declines at an alarming rate.

No automatic alt text available.

The state of THIS toilet represents the inability of the ANC to rule a country. This is what the male toilet facilities at the Department of Home Affairs in Nigel, South Africa look like. Now you can imagine what the country’s financial affairs look like…not much different.

Unruly mobs already roams the street in South Africa, rioting, burning and demanding all kinds of services. Soon the whole “democratic” system will also come crashing down. It will not be long before  an oligarchy will be established under the progression of the  black Caesars. Like Greece and the Romans the system of democracy in South Africa eventually will cease to exist.  Because Ramaphosa now turned himself as state enemy #1 by declaring a social war against whites- the white populace have full reason and motive to disobey   his social-threatening unconstitutional laws he want to push through. They have the full mandate under civil law to resist and rebel in the strongest terms possible to stop him from eliminating their rights to legal property ownership. By changing the constitution will not give him civil rights to take away white property- but only expose his treachery to abuse the constitution and the law to further discriminate against the white population even more.


Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and closeup

“The ANC is currently making SA a welfare state and tends to ‘forget’ that there is only a minority that pay all the taxes. They are often quick to say that if people (read whites) are not happy they should leave. The more people that leave, the more their tax base shrinks. Yes, they will fill the positions with BEE candidates (read blacks), but if they are not capable of doing the job then the company will eventually fold as well as their ‘new’ tax base.

When there is no more money available for handouts they will then have a problem because they are breeding a culture of handouts instead of creating jobs so people can gain an idea of the value of money. If you keep getting things for free then you lose the sense of its value. The current trend of saying if the West won’t help then China will is going to bite them. China will want payment – ie land for their people and will result in an influx of Chinese (there is no such thing as a free lunch!)”- Moeletsi Mbeki

If the constitution can be amended at will it no longer serves the benefit of all South Africans- but in reality then is changed to serve only a certain segment of the population- which deems it unconstitutional by itself. The moment a despot start to tamper with the standing constitution that is supposed to be carved in stone- it tells the populace that the ruler/s have very dark hidden agendas that cannot be beneficial to the country. Under the ANC despotic rule whites already were side-lined by 119 discriminatory laws from earning a living through AA and BEEE racist and discriminatory laws among others. Now Rhamaphosa want to take this discrimination to the next level and  want to banish them into no-man’s land without any place they can call their own home – unimportant nomads that have no fixed address or land ownership. This is  a direct assault on their human rights and dignity – and calls for a counter revolution. Even renown economists like Dawie Roodt sent out stern warnings that South Africa is fast on it’s way to the Zimbabwe model.

When a constitution or law is changed not to benefit- but to harm a society or segment of a society it was designed  to protect.

The Law- that set of rules and regulations instituted by a country’s ruling government to upheld it’s constitution and ensure discipline, safety, fairness, order, good governance and equality among all it’s people.

Laws are written by people in the highest legislature who were elected on a fair and honest  system by the majority of a country’s inhabitants….people that are supposed to be academically impartial, patriotic to the  progress of the country- and of the highest integrity- people that is trustworthy to carry the interests of the citizens at heart . The law is supposed to protect the citizens of a country- the law is supposed to enforce discipline and order among it’s citizens- the law is supposed to be fair and impartial. The law is supposed to be sound guidelines onto which every country’s principles and moral values are based. The law is supposed to protect it’s citizens from malicious elements within it’s society- and punish those that offend against those principles and values as being adhered to by the majority of the citizens.

That is the Dutch-Roman laws we as Westerners grew up with- and were taught to obey in order to ensure a healthy functional and safe environment for all. That is why we have these laws. They form the essence- the nucleus of every society in order to maintain a healthy  and prosperous society. Because of the diversity of cultures in a country- these laws must therefore be planned and written very carefully as not to offend or infringe any damage to any segment of that society. Should the law then be corrupted or influenced as such- it could spell the danger of an implosion or even the extinction of that society. To ensure the continuation of any society- that laws must at all times be adhered to, obeyed and respected by all levels of that society- including it’s ruling society. That is the earmark of a perfect controlled society.

We want our freedom from ANC racist government!

Posted by Plaasmoord Aksie en Inligting on Friday, June 29, 2018


BUT what happens if that same laws are turned against us- used as a rod to unfairly punish , control us- and even harm us? What happens if that same laws are used to inflict damage against those it was designed to supposedly protect? What happens if those same laws are utilized to specifically inflict harm on it’s citizens – or a part of it? What if the chosen rulers themselves are not adhering the law- but have different sets of laws and values for different classes of society? What if the rulers themselves are constantly breaking that laws and never were brought to justice? What if those same rulers change those laws to suit their own selfish ventures while oppressing the populace or part of it? What happens if those laws were written specifically to oppress, dehumanize, impoverish or exclude certain segments of the country’s homogeneous citizens from their basic human rights- while only certain “chosen ones “ can benefit from those laws? What happens if that laws were written by alien infiltrators posing as a country’s citizens- or when laws were written by individuals that do not even believe in Dutch-Roman Western morals, values and discipline? What happens if those laws are turned against a certain part of the population with the intend to put them in grave danger, disown- or even exterminate their existence as a homogeneous group? What if those laws are changed on a regular basis only to benefit a certain few? Is the law then still applicable? Is the law then still deemed fair and impartial? Is it still a law at all? What if the judiciary system- the very system that is supposed to enforce that law- is corrupted or influenced by outside factors? Must it still be obeyed- or should it be discarded as a possible threat to society and the “Law of Society “ not rather then be adopted as the guideline with which the society must control and navigate their own environment and destiny?

This is  questions every citizen- irrespective color or creed- MUST ask himself. Freedom is the essence of any society- the core of society- freedom of speech, movement, trade and ownership-and laws are created around the preservation of that freedom.    Once that freedom is threatened- it becomes obligatory for the citizen to stand up and start asking questions as to why? If obstinate silence will prevail- then the inevitable omen  of loosing that freedom becomes a reality. We are people- not sheep- we have a free will- we have free spirits that God gave us- we have human rights and God never said we must be ruled by means of dictatorships or oppression.

UNFORTUNATELY we do not live in a perfect world. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect country. Unfortunately we do not even live in a perfect society. There are many countries that do not even come close to a “perfect society. “ Our countries ‘ rulers are not even the choice of it’s people anymore. They are the chosen ones by those that gain the most benefits from them. Most countries’ rulers were instated by means of corruption and deception. Devious outside forces have infiltrated our ruling societies , corrupted them- and exploit them in order to impoverish us for their own greedy nature.  Most countries do not even have rulers no more- but factually political con-artists who’s best interests are their own selfish gain. Most countries have rulers that are being influenced by mentally deranged corporate demons that only hunger for power and might. Most countries have rulers that are corrupt and wicked. Most elections are not even “free and fair” anymore- but factually pre-arranged like we have seen in South Africa , USA- and lately in Scotland – where votes were rigged, voters ballot papers destroyed, tampered with- and in some cases- the electoral commissions- the supposedly guard dogs – THEMSELVES being part of the corruption. Thus- if the elected “leaders “ then assume portfolios  in the highest positions of public office due to corruption- what type of laws can we expect then when they are the ones that eventually will be writing and enforcing them? Will it still be deemed as “fair” and “impartial?”

When we look at the type of governing office bearers we have today across the globe- we will find that most of them are being controlled by financial moguls…most are connected or involved in secret societies– most are being bribed by corporate wolves– and most of them do not even belong in that position or office they occupy. Our societies thus then have been infiltrated and our true leaders usurped by wolves and vultures of the worst kind. This then brings us back to the laws we have to obey. The question is- WHO’s “laws”…our society’s …or theirs? Were the laws written to protect us against unfair practices from them- or was it written to protect their hidden agendas against us from knowing about it? The mere fact that these corporate predators  have wormed themselves into our countries’ highest legislatures through deception does by no means give them a blanco cheque to start writing “laws” that on the end of the day- will do more damage to our societies than good. Once such a law was identified that have the potential to harm any segment of the society- it should then therefore be scrapped and declared nil and void immediately- NOT kept on the books as long as only a certain element of society benefit from it.

The country belongs to the people– rulers are public employees paid by the taxes of the people- and they should adhere and obey the wishes of the people. The power must be in the hands of the people- not in the hands of politicians. Ironically in most countries the ruling office bearers these days have this contorted idea that they are the owners of the country – thus “untouchable” by the law and therefore have a free hand to do whatever they wish. By building a “ring of steel” around them through exploitation of the security forces and implementation of sets of “laws” to oppress and impoverish the very people that voted some of them in power- they keep the populace at a distance while they plunder and rob the resources on instructions  of their corporate controllers.

History has uncountable examples of such devious socio-corporate dictatorships such as Caligula, Ivan the Terrible, Nero, Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot,  George Bush, Tony Blair,  Obama,  Mbeki, Jacob Zuma , Ramaphosa , David Cameron, Theresa Mey, Angela Merkel and most of the so-called “democratic” elected rulers in office. Normally it only is a small clique that abuse the power given to them by the people that cause whole countries to implode if they are not stopped in time. Why then can a small band of dictatorial thugs get the cream of the crop while the majority have to live-off the indigestion?

This then brings us back again to the question of the law. Many scrupulous politicians will hide behind the fact that it is difficult to govern a country- which in fact- it is. The question is then if you do not want to run a country- or feel incompetent to do so- why then choose to become a president, prime minister- or politician? To blame a previous dispensation or dynasty for the current problems only expose one’s inability to act as a leader. Why then proceed with a Republican or “Democratic” system instead of a confederate system where the country is divided in various states each with it’s own legislature? This SURELY would ease the burden of trying to run a country which seem to be an impossibility due to diverse ethical differences. In the olden days gone by- each CITY and TOWN had their own a KINGS -and taxes from that city or town went to the city or town alone. One city’s downfall or ill-governing did not affect any other city. So – why must a whole country suffer due to a small band of despots taking the wrong decisions? Why must a certain group loose all their property because of the stupid hallucinations of one man or one party’s vindictive actions? .

Ironically do these politicians find it hard to govern a country and please each citizen effectively- but very well have the ability to  TAX each and every citizen  effectively!  What are we missing here? It was with the Assyrian Empire and their conquests that things start to change and all taxes came to one supreme power- and the Romans officially brought in the Pax Romana. Today we have a very evil system of taxation that borders to impoverishment of the people. The taxes do not even go for the benefit of the people anymore- but rather does the lion-share go straight to the pockets of devious politicians, corporate oligarchs and alien banksters. Out of every $10.00 you earn- around $ 6.00  goes to these verminous scavengers who preys on the hard working general populace. This high-way white collar robberies are executed by LAWS– iow THEIR laws.

Again we are faced with the question: When is it legal to take the law in your own hands? The answer is straight forward quite simple: The day YOU were forced to stop ruling your government- and your government started to rule YOU…i.o.w you as the people were conned/forced/propagated/cheated into relinquishing the power to political infiltrators posing as your rulers! Whenever the nature between the power of the people and the power of the rulers are disturbed- the perfect equilibrium gets unbalanced- leading to sometimes catastrophic social inequities such as we have seen in France, Russia , Vietnam, Britain- and recently South Africa. The USA and Europe is to follow soon IF the people do not wrestle the power they once had as sovereign nations back from the hands of their current fake Zionist rulers. Once in power- they will NEVER relinquish it again- but by means of deception, taxation, secret societies, alien influx, unions, oppression, diversion, propaganda, impoverishment and corruption they will rule until- IF I may use the words of Jacob Zuma: “ ‘Till Jesus come.”

Whenever a nation is forced to submit to it’s unchosen rulers by means of “laws” – or it’s constitution tampered with to bring about a certain action that can/may/intend to harm/discriminate or abuse the rights of any segment of society-  it changes the game from a free country into a despotic dictatorship– iow an oligarchy–  and it becomes time that the nation ITSELF take the law into their own hands- abide by The Law of Society– and oppose the dictatorships that oppress them….even if it means a revolution or a rebellion.  This  action might be the last ditch effort to stop unnecessary genocides like Rwanda and this we now have in South Africa against white Afrikaners – and the survival of that nation into the 22d century.


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, car and outdoor

Unruly mobs already roams the street in South Africa, rioting, burning and demanding all kinds of services.

The South African issue



Knowing this South Africans are ultimately left with only two choices: They can push the communist ANC out of control and keep their Republic as the founding fathers created it- or they will like the case now- keep Ramaphosa and his thugs in control and end up with an oligarchy by a tyranny black elite. The ANC- under control of the British oligarchy– quickly moved South Africa from a Republic where the law ruled- to a democracy where the majority mobs now rule. By  continuous advocating the lie that South Africa is a “democracy”– the communist ANC exploits and brain wash  the below average schooled black  masses that do not understand Western politics to vote for their secret agendas- which aims at a totalitarian rule where the “elite” has it all- and the populace has none.   The ANC are forcing down an  oligarchy onto South Africa . In order to take complete control Ramaphosa and his thugs need to disown all white property owners- just like they disarmed them. Without property the whites will become meaningless and the oligarchs will have total control over land and riches. The institution of a totalitarian state with intimidation from the security forces will ensure total obedience. Ramaphosa’s handlers will only have to work through a small bribed elite to control the whole of South Africa’s riches and resources  rather than have too many “loose threads” owing most of the land. For this reason Ramaphosa must be stopped. 

The “stolen land” issue


NOW we all know just WHO is behind Ramaphosa , Malema , Miamane and most of this racist African political Stalinists and their  socialist land plundering schemes – and their British puppet masters ain’t worried too much about food supply shortages, starvation, impoverishment , discrimination , black “landless” people- or whatever dangerous stunts the Squirrel and the little  fat EFF weasel pulls or not. The Rothschild/Renwick-teamsters  are more interested in annexing as many mineral rich land as possible- whether on a white farm or not. Can blacks really be capable to farm effectively on a once productive farm they received from this “land expropriation” evil – and feed more than the 58 million ever demanding black eaters in South Africa when their planned “land grab” fiasco is over? I really believe you know the answer to that question. Here is an example what the ANC’s land program and their black “farmers” did to a once productive  farms:

 deserted farm

deserted farmImage result for derelict farms under anc control

Image result for derelict farms under anc controlImage result for derelict farms under anc control

Sixteen years ago the Hartbeesfontein area in North West boasted a dairy farm of world class with international genetics.  The then national Department of Land Affairs bought this and several other farms near Hartbeesfontein in the early 2000s, Netwerk24 reports. The previous owners’ offer to act as mentors apparently were turned down and government support is said to have been inadequate. The farm eventually deteriorated to such an extent that the SPCA had to put down some of the animals a few years ago.  The farm is now completely deserted, dilapidated and overgrown. According to a farmer in the area, a Johannesburg businessman recently bought the farm on auction. The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has since April not responded to repeated requests for comment on the obvious deterioration of the government’s farms near Hartbeesfontein and how much money had been spent on the project.   There are no farming activities on any of the about eight farms.    Now Ramaphosa want to turn the whole of South Africa’s agricultural sector into this mess!

Farmers face a choice between genocide or Zimbabwe-style land grabs. Land ownership is an explosive issue in South Africa. When it ended institutionalized racial segregation in 1994, white farmers owned 85 percent of the nation’s privately held farmland. Over the next 24 years, the government purchased and redistributed more than 5 million acres of farmland. Meanwhile, black South Africans purchased more than 12 million acres on the open market. Last year, the government wrongly and willfully advocate that white South Africans still own 72 percent of the nation’s farmland.

Zimbabwe struggles to revive formerly white owned land

Zimbabwe struggles to revive formerly white owned land

Posted by Afrikaner Eenheid on Tuesday, June 26, 2018


The African National Congress promised in 1994 to transfer 30 percent of white-owned land to blacks by 2000. This has not happened, and many feel the process of land redistribution is moving too slowly. To speed things up, South African illegal President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged to abandon the government’s “willing buyer, willing seller” principle in favor of a new policy: The illegal government wants to start confiscating white-owned land without compensation.


A Constitutional Review Committee is still examining the legality of such land seizures. But Julius Malema, who leads South Africa’s third-largest political party, says that if white people do not surrender their land there will be a violent revolution. “I’m saying to you, we’ve not called for the killing of white people, at least for now,” the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter party said in a June 11 interview with TRT World. “I can’t guarantee the future.”

When the interviewer asked him if he understood that some might interpret his words as a call to genocide, Malema responded, “Crybabies, crybabies! I can’t give you a guarantee of the future. Especially when things are going the way they are. If things are going the way they are, there will be a revolution in this country, I can tell you now. There will be an unled revolution in this country, and an unled revolution is the highest form of anarchy.” Speaking to eNCA’s Cathy Mohlahlana on June 14, Malema said he believes South Africa’s poor will rise up against landowners, whether or not he has anything to do with it. He said, “You see, the civil war, which will happen in this country, will not be as a result of Malema saying one or two things. It will be out of the frustration our people are confronted with.”

Despite his claims that civil war is coming with or without him, Malema has played a major role in exacerbating racial tensions in South Africa. Even if the government does not begin confiscating white-owned land like Zimbabwe began doing in 2000, the inflammatory rhetoric used by politicians like Malema is already moving people to violence.Where is this dangerous trend leading the country?


The Slow war against the whites

Mike Smith wrote:


The Urban Dictionary defines a “Slow War “ as a war that is only visible when the big pattern is revealed over time. If you could play the seemingly-isolated events of a Slow War in speeded-up time, its real nature would be visible. A Slow War is the opposite of the Blitzkrieg. A war so slow that you hardly notice it. A war so slow that those waging it can deny that it is actually happening. Under the fog of war they hide it as “ordinary crime”. The end result is still the same as the Blitzkrieg. Total annihilation of the enemy.



“Black people use racism as an excuse for their failures in a lot of things.Racism makes us feel like victims and remember that victims never rise. The reason we don’t succeed after every war is because of our inability to move forward. * We don’t forgive,  we keep focusing on the enemy instead of picking up the pieces and building afresh. I think the reason the Afrikaaner nation was able to build themselves into a formidable nation was to forget the past and found ways to empower themselves.

The Afrikaaner was  oppressed,  confined to concentration camps by the English. Yet he rose and sent his kids to school.
 they were murdered in thousands,  their women were raped and  their babies starved to death in camps.  But they rose because they moved beyond the hatred of their enemies.  Instead of them toyi toying, they:
* built their own schools,
* taught and trained their kids to:
* work hard and 
* farm the land. 
* they taught their kids real values of respect (ubuntu).

 The problem with us Black People is that:
* We see ourselves as victims.
* We feel sorry for ourselves and therefore
* Deserve free things.
* Free houses,
* Free money. 
* We don’t teach our kids the value of hard work.
* Our greatest enemy as a black nation today is blaming everybody and hating ourselves.

We hate ourselves so much that:
* we destroyed the things that belonged to us. 
* we destroy our schools, 
* Our libraries and
* Our hospitals that were all given to us for free by white money.!

Check this out:

1. Of all the black women raped yesterday, most of them were raped by black men.

2. of all the black ppl that were mugged yesterday, most of them were done by black men.

3. of all the black owned houses that were broken into yesterday, most done by black men.

4. Of all young black men that were shot and killed or stabbed to death yesterday, by black men.

5. Of all the black owned cars that were hijacked yesterday, most by black men.

6. Of all the ATM cards that were swoped, by black men.

7. of all the black owned cars that were involved in smash and grab yesterday, mostly done by black men.

This is self hate, and it’s destroying the black man. Let’s face our real demons as a black nation and rise to the occasion. We have destroyed the culture of learning in our communities and replaced it with entertainment.





Thuli Madonsela


War has changed a lot over the last 100 years or so. We have seen chemical warfare in WWI, Blitzkrieg in WWII, Nuclear War. Cold War, People’s War, to name but a few. The Slow War is also a strategy of the USA against the world. Little steps at a time, ever coming closer to the goal of world domination. You see it in their war on drugs in South America, their involvement in Africa under “Africom”, their military bases strewn all over Europe, etc. A microcosm of this is the Slow War against whites in South Africa. If the whites were told 20 years ago that they would have to give 50% of their farms away to blacks, you probably would have had a war. If white South Africans were told 20 years ago that their Afrikaans schools and universities would be forced to become English and taken over by blacks, you would have had war. If you told Afrikaners 20 years ago that their language would disappear from television, you would have had a war.

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Blacks own the whole of Africa’s states- all 54 0f them– and bar Botswana that is kept running by American dollars- not ONE  in 300 years even progressed to become  a first world country bar South Africa (which was managed by whites but now f*cked up by a black government again) . All technological advancement, medical facilities, education , science and infrastructure in Africa was brought about by white invention and white capital- yet black radicals complain about the white man’s presence in Africa. Misdirected power seeking thugs   like Julius Malema and the ANC hoodlums still bitch and complain that South Africa belongs to it’s “rightful” owners- iow blacks – and that whites must leave. Shall we also then deport all blacks from Europe and tell them Europe belongs to it’s rightful owners- whites- and all non whites must leave  too and not “migrate ” by the thousands in boats to white European countries anymore? Shall we take back all the white technology, medicines and infrastructures from Africa as well? 


If whites were told that they would be forced out of the civil service in their hundreds of thousands and replaced by incompetent blacks, you would have had war. If you told whites 20 years ago that the names of all their towns and streets would be replaced with the names of Marxist terrorists, you would have had war. If you killed 4000 white farmers en masse 20 years ago and robbed, raped, tortured and murdered another 40,000 whites in their homes, you would have had a war. If you told whites 20 years ago that they would be handing their beautiful country over to incompetent thieving Marxist scum who would steal their tax money in the billions, you would have a war. Yet all of this, and a lot more, happened in the 20 year reign of the ANC. Where is the war?

So "White privilege" you call it… What do you think

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The war is one-sided and it is waged by a tyrannical regime against a 10% minority of the population in South Africa who is not fighting back, because they cannot see the war. The most amazing part is that so many whites (mostly misanthropic liberals) refuse to acknowledge it. It is only a few right thinking whites who are able to speed the events of the last 20 years up and see it for what it really is. The ultimate question is, “How do you fight against such a Slow War?” I often get the other type of Slow War deniers. Those who say that, “Wait, when the time comes, we will fight. At the moment there is no fight yet.” Exactly when is that time? These are the ones who do not even realize what kind of war is being waged upon them. They have not made the paradigm shift yet. They are still expecting a Boer War or Border War when the enemy has changed its tactics long ago.

Whilst the quicksand slowly sucks them under, they wait for some event where the black hordes will descend upon the whites and murder them in their thousands. An event that might never come. Meanwhile the slow war continues and one day they will wake up, look out the window and ask, “Where have all the white South Africans gone?”


Daniel Sutherland wrote:

I am writing this article in desperation and to place the murder of these innocent people on record . I know this wont bring them back, but I believe it is important to take note of what is happening in South Africa today . I know these are not the only murders that took place in South Africa during this time . But I will not keep quiet about these horrific murders since there is a clear trend emerging , a trend that I can not be quiet about . These were all innocent food producers on farms or elderly white people . And yes, they were all brutally executed in racial hate crimes . Black on white violence if you want .

If you never heard about these murders, it is because mainstream media could not be bothered . I obtained the information mostly from Netwerk24 -an Afrikaans online news site which has a paywall – and the Afrikaans medium Maroela Media news website.


This is actually being censored and removed by Facebook.Ladies and gentlemen: the "leader of the free world", apparently.

Posted by Mitesh Khatri on Monday, June 25, 2018

Donald Trump explains precisely what happens if you allow the devil in your home. His parable describes precisely what happened to South Africa after the peoples of South Africa allowed the communist ANC into the country  and cuddled them against their chests.

Let us let the facts speak for themselves .

In a previously unreported incident the body of an 86 year old lady was found in the Wag-n-Bietjie retirement home in Springs on Sunday morning . She was found murdered next to her bed . Her hands and feet were bound and there was a piece of cloth in her mouth . Her small house was plundered . Her name has not yet been released . What is shockingly clear is that all the other murders over the weekend were in fact executions .

Kallie Schoonraad was shot as soon as he came out of the house on Saturday on his farm near Rustenburg when he left his house just when five attackers arrived .

Peter Dawson was shot to death Saturday night when he tried to negotiate with home invaders not to hurt his daughter Chrystal . His daughter is lucky to be alive . She got a split second chance to ran away . She said the one attacker said he shot her father ” because he got tired of talking “ with her father . The incident happened on a smallholding at Hartbeespoort, Broederstroom, North West province .

Jeffrey Zetler was stabbed six times on Saturday on his strawberry farm in Stellenbosch when he had already opened the safe for the thugs.

Allan Raynor Neil Fanner, who farms with cattle and green peppers on his Hartbeesfontein farm, was attacked around 07:00 when he went outside to collect garbage bags. “Two suspects, wielding a knife and a piece of wood grabbed him, tied his hands and feet and pushed him into the bushes in the garden,” said Romano van der Spuy, chairman of the Hartbeespoort community policing forum. Fanner’s wife was still in bed inside the house. “The two attackers went inside the house and came out again, grabbed Fanner and forced him back into the house. They demanded firearms and cash. When the victim told them he did not possess firearms, they tied him to the bed where his wife was lying. He was hit over the head with a knobkierri and the suspects ransacked the house.”

Ex school principal Pierre Lotz [ 77 ] and his paralyzed and confined to bed wife was sleeping Sunday night in their home in Parys in the Free State when they heard a noise in the house . Pierre got up to investigate and found black thugs who gained entry through the roof . They beat Pierre to death with a blunt object. His wife could not move at all .

Choppie Bruwer [ 78 ] and his wife Marian [ 68 ] were shot in the head , execution style, whilst bound to chairs in their house on a farm in Van Stadensrus in the Free State . The attack on them happened Monday night . A neighbor found them like that when people could not get hold of them .

Help my GROOT asb. om die video van Steve Hofmeyr uit te kry na die wêreld!!!! Ek dank jou 🙏

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The elderly Port Elizabeth woman who was brutally beaten with a hammer by two black thugs  who attacked her inside her Kamma Park home last month has also died this week Wednesday .

Ann Smit, 86, was found lying in a pool of blood inside her Martha Street, Kamma Park, home about four weeks ago .

She died from complications from that assault .

I did this summary of the weekend 1- 3 June , 2018 :

According to reports, Stefne Evans (60) was struck over the head with a brick during a house invasion in Bathurst on Sunday and died at the scene. Her partner was injured. In other incidents Boet Smal, (70+) was stabbed in his head and chest, died in his house on a smallholding in Heidelberg on Saturday. His wife Esther (60+), was stabbed in the back. Marie Venter (74) murdered in Reitz Friday. Her bloodied body found by her children Saturday .

Weekend of 15-17 June, 2018 :

Since Friday, within 56 hours, there were six farm attacks where two men were murdered on farms and two women seriously injured on farms. The two men murdered were Deon de Bruyn (25), who was shot on a farm in Komatipoort, Mpumalanga on Sunday and Horst Meier (81), whose body was discovered on a farm in Ladybrand in the Free State on Sunday. Horst was stabbed to death.

Estelle Jansen (59) was shot in the stomach, shoulders and legs in the same attack where Deon was killed. She is fighting for her life in the Mediclinic in Nelspruit. Dr Lesley van Niekerk (63), was shot on a farm near Modimolle on Friday and she is in a critical condition in the Unitas hospital in Centurion.

If all this happened in just one month, you can imagine what happened in the 24 years since the ANC took over. This is a slow war . This is a slow genocide . I am forced to say it . I cant keep quiet anymore . Will you keep quiet ? Until you become the next victim ?(Link)

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NONE of the above mentioned black murderers and black tortures  of old feeble whites were even apprehended as yet. Yet a white farmer from Herbertsdale near Mosselbay- Frik Muller–  are detained in the George correction services jail  on chargers of” attempted murder, intention of grievous bodily harm, crimen injuria “- and whatever laws the cuntly police could throw against him for ramming his tractor against a wall of a colored worker that refused to leave the farmer’s property after being dismissed . The worker was not injured at all.  (Link) Now this is the witch hunt against  white farmers in particular- while black murderers and torturers get away scott free- and white farmers get locked up for mediocre charges.  AND this all happens under your beloved  and much revered “democracy”- which appear nothing else than a prelude to a mass genocide and totalitarian state of oppression and chaos.



“Please tell the farmers in South Africa not to fight this evil of attacks on a natural level. These savages go to sangomas for a blessing and protection before an attack. They believe they are invincible – the only thing that can interfere with their “witchcraft spell” is by coming in contact or near proximity of a snake. I’ve given this advice to a few people back home and it works (break ins occur around those properties but they avoid the one with the snake sign) The people are very superstitious so use it against them, fight back in a language they understand… Western systems does not scare them as they feel superior with their muti – Put snake signs all around your property. If possible get a snake and keep it in a room – tell domestics not to go in that room and show the snake. Tell them you let it out at night. You can also make a scarecrow that looks like the tokoloshe – with a name board – put it at the gate or near the front door. Put baby (or white powder mixed with toenails) outside every window and entrance point. “- Black South African sangoma




Farm murders have to stop now

Farm murders have to stop now

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The message is clear: Get rid of Ramaphosa and the whole ANC terrorist ilk before it is too late. At this point they are the “expendables” ruining the country. What is a few “elite” against the suffering of millions? If compensation now must be paid or past atrocities corrected around the land issue- where does BRITAIN fit into the picture then? THEY invaded South Africa- and ever since gold and diamonds were discovered- murdered thousands of Boer women and children as well as non white farm helpers, torched their homes and incarcerate thousands of people in concentration camps.  


Should Britain then not also be held responsible for the land theft problem- and forced to compensate the Boers for human rights atrocities and stealing their two Republics as well as the rest of the South African population for stealing and plundering their land too? De Beers– the Oppenheimer Jews- still have sole rights to our gold and diamonds- and are still plundering South Africa from Britain. Why do they have the sole rights? Resources belong to the people of South Africa- not to a selected few “elites.” Why is it always the white Boer that have to be targeted for “retribution”  – all while the real perpetrators of land theft- Britain– gets away scott free? Let THEM start paying for the land they stole. Let them compensate South Africans for the inhuman atrocities they committed. Let them start paying the people- and not the corrupt government- for all the minerals they still carry to British vaults each month of each year. Or is it them that pays Ramaphosa to act like an idiot and see to it that the whole of South Africa shortly belongs to the British Jewry? People must stop saying “whites” stole their land- and point to the real perpetrators of land theft  by name and say “British JEWS stole our land and riches.”   Go Figure!



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THIS is the sort of mentality that will guarantee and support a mob rule.

SOURCE: White Nation


Kyk asb die video, jammer dit begin met voice clip, luister mooi, kyk wat is gesê en wees maar gereed.

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