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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria  24 June 2018  2018



“Land reform ” in Zimbabwe- the consequences.

White Land Expropriation In South Africa | Ernst Roets and Stefan Molyneux

White EFF traitors



CYRILThe Squirrel” Ramaphosa again made his voice heard in  an oratory smacked with anti-white sentiment as he socked the whiteys a bad deal again to favor the majority  of his black electorate. With the national elections around the corner and the corrupt ANC balancing it’s survival  after the elections on very wobbly legs- Ramaphosa now is pulling out all racist and “diplomatically correct” stops to ensure he makes the whites pay dearly for all the years of  ANC’s  empty promises to it’s majority black electorate. 

Already Cyril bellowed and threatened even the Afrikanerbond that he will endorse illegal white property  grabs a-la Mugabe -style to sooth the African boiling pot- and now have taken yet another bold step in punishing the whites for all the incompetence of the ANC to rule a country.

Like a true African hero Ramaphosa introduced the foundation of a proposed National Health Insurance Fund whereby the “rich” ( read already overtaxed whites and companies) will be forced to pay for the millions upon millions of legal and illegal black freeloaders in the thousands of rag-tag squatter camps that litter the country-side. The ANC intend to slip out of it’s responsibility to fund this newest hair-brained scheme- and announced that private citizens will be forced to pay for this new scandal-in-the-making – whether they already belong to a private medical scheme or not. This effectively  will mean that if a person already belongs to an existing private medical scheme- he/she will simply now be forced  to pay double for his/her own private medical scheme AND the NHI. Nice to see how conveniently the ANC rats shove their responsibility onto the tax payer again (as always.) 

So now how many already overtaxed and overburdened South African citizens will be financially capable of funding TWO medical schemes at once? As it already is the case- does private medical schemes cost exuberant fees- and to add the Squirrel’s newest brain-wave to that will simply be impossible to maintain. In any other country with high taxes- most public services are for free- but NOT in this Gangster’s paradise down South. Here you are taxed to death to pay for the incompetence and corruption of the black Sushi elite– as well as fund many  very non functional public services. On top of  that you also have to pay for your own private services . Already hard working South Africans are taxed beyond human comprehension to feed the ever demanding communist clan’s greed and mismanagement of SARS’ R 57 billion loss- fuel prices spiked beyond normal household affordability ( all while the black taxi industry secretly are receiving government  subsidies but not the white farmers)– and the ILLEGAL VAT racketeering system increased to 15%. 

The Austrian model

South Africa starkly reminds us of Austria in 1938 during the deep depression years. Austria also was under siege from Socialist political  criminals that operated as insurgents among the masses. . Austria at that time had a 30% unemployment. South Africa nearly equals that with a 27% unemployment rate. In ’38 in Austria riots and hooliganism raged in the streets with arson of many buildings. Today insurgents from the socialist party in Britain, M5 and M 16  also operates within the ranks of the black masses. The security forces lost control of the chaos.South Africa sports daily riots and hooliganism with buildings, trains and vehicles burning on a daily basis . The useless security forces in South Africa long ago lost control of the chaos reigning in the streets of this land.

Unions in Austria ruled and strikes were organized that saw many industries closed with investors fleeing the country. Unions in South Africa are ruling the regime, calling for umpteen riots and strikes- and we also see multiple businesses closing their doors while investors also flee the country. Beggars flooded the streets in search for jobs and food in Austria. Beggars and jobless people are flooding the streets of South Africa as well in search for jobs and food. In Austria the media hid facts and told the world lies that Austria was a “healthy ” nation- nothing is wrong. In South Africa the media also hide the facts and tells the world lies that everything is “ok” in the country.  South Africa also embraced nationalist socialism- just like Austria those days. People were forced to carry ID cards in Austria or be persecuted. South Africa today also have a policy that you are forced to carry a ID card- or be persecuted.

A Gun ban was enforced on the Austrians. Today the ANC communists also enforce a gun law onto South Africa. The accumulated tax in Austria was 70 %. In South Africa the accumulated tax is 60%.   The media was controlled and censored by the government those days in Austria. South African media also are controlled and censored by the ANC regime.Property, education, welfare and most civil institutions were nationalized. In South Africa all state departments are nationalized. In Austria Christianity was taken out of schools- and replaced by Nazi propaganda. In South Africa Christianity also was taken away in schools- and communist propaganda introduced.


Watch this video about Austria in 1936- and compare it with South Africa today. You will note a scary but remarkable resemblance of socialism.



In Austria the youth were targeted for indoctrination propaganda and sudden “civil rights ” were given to children to rebel against parental discipline. The state wanted to create a division  between parent and child so that the child can easily be indoctrinated in the socialist system.  A special “youth day “ was introduced to “ commemorate” the youth.  Today South African children were also targeted and given “civil rights. “ Today the regime in South Africa also placed a division between parent and child. A special “youth day” also  was introduced. Lenin once remarked : ” Give me the youth of today- and I will give you the leaders of tomorrow.

This is precisely what socialism in Austria was about- and what socialism in South Africa today is about- cultivating a new generation of socialist leaders for tomorrow.  In Austria parental punishment and classroom punishment was abolished.  Today parental and school punishment also is  abolished in South Africa. Can you see what is happening here? Now Ramaphosa moved to the next level of socialism by wanting to take private property rights away. And not only that- he is now busy nationalizing the Health Care System just as what happened in Austria in ’38. On the end of the day this leads to a country where people owns nothing- everything belongs to the “state”(just as Julius Malema suggested)- people have  have no civil rights, no freedom of speech, movement or free market options- and being ruled by a dictatorship direct from the small elite ” polatriat.” 

Soon  all financial institutions and pensions will also be nationalized just like in Austria those days. Can you see how the socialist modus operandi are the same? It also happened in Russia with the Jew Bolshevik up-rise. What we experience today in South Africa is a precise blueprint what happened with all those countries captured by the socialist terrorists. The comparison between Austria and South Africa  is too obvious and we already can predict what is happening in South Africa and where Ramaphosa and his British puppet masters are taking the country. The message is clear: Stop Ramaphosa and his ilk before the country reach a point of no return. 

. People that thought Zuma to be bad better watch this new critter on the block closely. Ramaphoisa will lead South Africa into a full socialist police state if he is not stopped in time. Being a hard – lined Africanized socialist and what damage he is going to cause to our freedom as we know it is too horrible to even contemplate. This Squirrel boytjie will make you beg for Zuma to come back- strewth!

Ramaphosa was not elected by the populace. His appointment was one-sided decided by the rat pack in Johannesburg. Who ever elected this dark and dangerous horse from God knows where is still a mystery- but in South Africa any old gangster can become “president” and start screwing whitey again, fart out irresponsible “laws”– and f*ck up the economy as they feel fit. Whites really must start resistance movements that oppose this downright criminal operations from the “top.”  This bastards disarmed you, oppress you, discriminate against you, demonize you, incarcerate you, pushed to out of the job market, impoverished you, dehumanized you- and now are on their way to also disown you as whites as well.

Somehow Ramaphosa and the ANC rat pack have this distorted idea that South Africa belongs to them, they can chop and change laws and constitutions like they deem fit. Without holding a referendum on the issue of this national importance – they blatantly and arrogantly decided by themselves they are going to steal private land e masse. They will very soon realize they are normal citizens with NO authority to steal peoples property the way they plan to.NOBODY gave them permission for such an act in any election or referendum mandate. Thus they are going to act criminally – and should the retaliation from the public or members of the public be violent against them – then they deserve it as they were the ones instigating it.  Whites must start to wake up very quickly. This criminals want to totally destroy you- yet you still sit there- docile and too shell-shocked to stand up and say to Ramaphosa and his thugs “ to hell with you- we are going to hit back!” 


Cyril’s enforced Health Care System

Thus when forced to accept Cyril’s enforced racketeering scheme as well- the ordinary citizen simply will have to abandon his/her own private medical scheme. This ostensibly will spell the end of all private free market medical schemes in South Africa- just as the property grab scheme will see the end of all free market Real Estate corporations. Doctors also will start to flee the country as the free market system crumbles. South Africa are creating lots of bureaucrats that will start to control the economy. Cyril and his gang of thugs are moving South Africa into a full socialist  state where he and the elite communist ” polatriat” thugs will be controlling everything- and also end up as the only ones that will be benefiting from this mad ventures while the populace suffers enslavement, oppression and poverty. The poor will end up feeding the greedy rich again!  

Addressing the NUM congress, the squirrel  barfed that the National Health Insurance Fund will bring supposed “stability “ to the country’s stressed healthcare system.  The country’s health system is in a crisis, recons the squirrel.(As-if we do not already know that.)  He has confirmed fears expressed by experts, activists and unions that the system has collapsed and contradicted a very questionable Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi’s strong opposition to the sentiment.

On Tuesday, Motsoaledi said government health services were not falling apart as criticism against his leadership grew, with union federation Cosatu calling on Ramaphosa to fire him. Ramaphosa was addressing the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) congress in Boksburg on Friday when he said the National Health Insurance (NHI) Fund would bring stability to the stressed system. He said the universal healthcare coverage meant the financially fit (whites, companies and general investors) must help subsidize ( carry on their back)  those ( illegal alien and local mainly black voting parasites) who are not, and that was the trend across the world.

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Coming from this racist individual who has no sympathy but only apathy for those who even put food on his plate- one can understand his rhetoric- he himself hate whites with a passion. So why should whites pay him any respect then…with their taxes- and with their obedience?

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HOWEVER if you are unlucky enough to be counted as a South African citizen today under a heinous criminal rule of the ANC- then you also will be quite aware of the fact that nothing this communist hoodlums touch with their sticky fingers  turns out to be a success story. Ramaphosa fail to mention that the ANC mob inherited a healthy country, an abundance of resources, a healthy economy – including a healthy fully functional Health System as well. He failed to mention that in 20 short years under the ANC communist “blitzkrieg” of corruption and maladministration- the whole country turned into a shambles with most resources sold to alien corporate companies and not even one state department functioning properly.

The Health Department per se  counted under departments that is riddled with corruption and maladministration- with one-after – the -other state hospital screeching to a halt due to budget cuts, incompetence, illegal strikes by half-wit medical Affirmative Action personnel- and so-called “ministers” that do not even have the tertiary qualifications to run a chicken coop- least a national medical environment. Add the plundering of the state coffers to that- and one can see why South Africa became yet another dysfunctional African state. Corruption can be seen everywhere this ANC hoodlums leave their paw prints.

Such then was the case last week again when twelve ANC government mafioso  hoodlums  and politicians, including the former Gauteng MEC, Brian Hlongwa, now currently the chief whip of the ANC in the Gauteng legislature, as well as 10 private companies are involved in a corruption case of more than R1.2 billion. The Special Investigation Unit handed over the damning report to Zuma in March 2017.

Hlongwa as well as Obakeng Mookeletsi, former director of support programs, Dr. Abdul Rahman, special adviser to Hlongwa, as well as Mosupi and Valdis Ramaano are mentioned in the report. Companies involved are 3P Consulting (liquidated) who gave luxury trips, cash payments and other corrupt benefits to politicians. Life Channel Africa, Regiments Health Care, Kemsing Services and AME Africa Healthcare (all black-owned companies) are mentioned in the investigation. The medical fraternity just shake their heads at the thought that these people should be in charge of the country’s total medical care.

Now here we have stone-cold evidence that the ANC again lived up to their greedy corrupt narrative . AND now the Squirrel want to launch a country-wide national medical scheme whereby millions of private enforced contributions will be handled by – guess who……yea- you guessed it- the ANC mob! Can you imagine the chaos, plundering  and corruption on a grand scale like that? It already is earmarked to end up like the rest of the failed state departments , the SAA, SABC, Post Office, ESKOM, SANRAL, PETRO SA and their SASSA chaos whereby the greedy kleptocracy lubricated their pockets to make mega bucks on the public’s expense again- a national non-functioning embezzlement fiasco!!And with every new racketeering venture they have all these slick beautiful words and promises- like for instance their proposed land theft venture.

Lekota and Malema butt heads

Initially EFF leader Julius Malema and COPE leader Mosioua Lekota sat next to each other during land hearings held on Wednesday in Limpopo. It soon became apparent the two were engaged in a heated debate, which led to Lekota moving away from Malema find another seat. The EFF leader was overheard saying Lekota was speaking nonsense. It is unclear what exactly the two were arguing over.​

Posted by Mail & Guardian on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

This is the circus making laws to rule South Africa.

Cyril and the Bitcoin scam


LOOK- let’s admit it- the Squirrel has more tricks up his sleeve than a bus full of monkeys- PERIOD! If he had been a hacker he would have been one bloody dangerous one. He attacks the whites with a new malicious virus every month. Now Cyril invented a new angle to steal white property in such a way that whites must actually feel it’s “worth” it. Cyril  “officially ” teamed up with an American company and launched Bitcoin Code – a platform that all but supposed to guarantee a bright financial future for South Africans. This in conjunction with the investment of the governments “compensation” values into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Code, are suppose to allow South Africans to “protect “ their investments through this system and gain more “value “ than what their land value might have been.

In other words Cyril are busy mind-f*cking the public again– exchanging hard solid property for fictitious numbers on the internet. How silly  and downright stupid naive the populace  in South Africa have become to swallow this bullsh*t! Look- let us be brutally bloody honest about this. Bitcoin have been created and advertised by the corporate financial tycoons for one specific purpose only- to rake in money. They will never create a system whereby you and me can benefit equally like they do- forget it!

In the beginning stages of the scam it’s all about “milk and honey” – and people fall like autumn leaves for it. People are investing millions of dollars into the scheme- because that’s all that it is- another financial scheme being played with fictitious numbers. In the beginning – let’s say first year- it pays out mega dividends- but only for those who started it- and those first “investors. “  It has to create a “stable” and “trustworthy” environment to lure more investors into the spider’s web. That is how it is suppose to be- it’s the bait to lure more unsuspecting “investors” into the trap. A lot of advertising and media fanfare accompanies the “wonderful” product at it’s opening stages- with many a “success” story attached to it.

However– as the scheme progress into it’s second stage- the “dividends”  noticeably became lesser. The stock markets are blamed for it. It’s still an option- but not as lucrative as in the beginning. Now the contributions are getting higher and the stakes a bit more tougher. But still you can invest. As the scheme near it’s third phase it enters a “no mans” land- a grey area. The creators keep an eagle eye on it’s movements- and slowly will start to pull the reigns in. The reason is you  simply  can roll fictitious figures only for so long- you can create “ghost” bubbles for so long- but on the end of the day this fictitious matrix  and figures have to be backed up by REAL collateral- real solid guaranteeswhich in Bitcoin’s case  – there isn’t any – as the scheme was initially based on fiction- iow internet money! It’s almost like flooding the market with fake diamonds. The result is the same. Somewhere up front the bubble is going to pop. 

For example take the ANC’s gamble with the World bank.  The South African Government owes the World Bank in the excess of 350 billion Rand due to loans. Now the World bank needs hard core collateral or guarantees that if the ANC regime does not cough up the dough- there is some kind of fixed asset that could be “ foreclosed ” – if I might use that term- to cover the losses- the same the Jew bank do to you if you take out a loan. In this case the South African Government  – or any government for that matter- issues guarantees to mitigate the cost of borrowing for state-owned enterprises, but this necessitates a sound framework for managing contingent liabilities. And we all know how ” solid” the ANC regime’s “framework” is- not so? Can you now sort of figure out why the ANC rats are after your property?

South African President – White-Owned Land, Property Must Be Seized

South African President – White-Owned Land, Property Must Be Seized

Posted by Afrikaner Eenheid on Thursday, June 21, 2018



Can you figure out why specifically the World Bank endorsed the ANC land grab scheme while all other economists and more intelligent business people warned against such a hair-brain scheme?  The Jews running the World Bank are slick. They already are sharpening their teeth for land- land with LOTS of valuable minerals stashed under the surface. The more land- the better the deal. What land? YOUR land. Cyril want to present YOUR private stolen property as “collateral”  to the World Bank to get more loans for the Sushi gang my “China!” This is why he and his co-conspirators are so hell-bent to force through the white land grab scheme under the false excuse they are doing it for the “people.” Ramaphosa and his band of thugs cares a hoot about the “people.”  He want to sell the country to the Jew bankers- and leave YOU with f*ck-all bar regret and a paper full of useless fictitious numbers! And I can assure you- neither De Klerk, Ramaphosa and his newly acquired R 30 mil house in Cape Town,   Mantashe,  Malema and his R 20 million castle in Sandton, Christo Wiese or any of the “elite” will loose any of THEIR property in this proposed land grab thievery. No– behind closed doors and in secret meetings there will be secret  “negotiations” as to introduce “special” indemnity for certain high profile “brothers” and “sisters” from all stakeholders such as the Broederbond members, ANC, EFF, King Goodwill and his clan, etc to be excluded in this socialist thievery and blatant robbery of the “people’s” private ownership.  Only the “Goyim”– the “cattle” will be earmarked to loose all their earthly possessions.

 Back to Bitcoin: Because there is no solid guarantee to the stock markets from the Bitcoin scheme’s side that could guarantee and back-up the fictitious figures Bitcoin operates on- sometime soon it’s going to hit the stock markets. The markets will be flooded with fictitious trades. Immediately the scheme will hit disaster as no guarantees could be presented for all the cash it supposedly represent- and a crash in the market will be imminent. Investors and traders immediately will start to sell off Bitcoin shares like hot potatoes – and Bitcoin will hit junk status in record time- becoming the worthless fictitious scheme it actually started off as. Where will this leave you? You invested a lot of money in this blue-chip racketeering business- Cyril bloody well knew what is the long term projection of Bitcoin– and you lost your private property to Cyril and his thugs on a “promise” that “at least” they are not “stealing” your land-  you will get your property’s “worth “ in fictitious numbers.

Now we also are aware that especially the South African Rainbow chickens are the most naive and gullible bunch of idiots between 4 borders- and as expected- will invest their life savings in Cyril’s scam because they don’t know any better. When reality eventually dawns it will be too late- and South Africa will sport yet another notorious landmark- the country with the most landless beggars in the world. The only ones that will be laughing all the way to the bank will be the financial creators of this “bond” scheme, the bankers…and naturally con-artists like Ramaphosa and his remorseless communist thieves. As for you- well- you will be ending up on a lonely road to now-where at the outskirts of a city- standing with a placard reading: ” Please help- I was f*cked by Cyril with a Bitcoin. God bless You” to passing motorists- begging for a few dollars more to buy a bread for your wife, three kids and 10 pets. So please do not let Cyril pull you another wool over the eyes. He is a very slick con artist- just ask Roelf Meyer. 


Now why would Bitcon eventually fail?

There are numerous reasons- but the main reasons are:

  1. Bitcoin was created by scrupulous bankers to rake in money they again invest for their own benefit.
  2. Bitcoin has no solid back-up- it’s fake numbers kept alive by YOUR hard earned cash.
  3. Your government and bankers will never allow you to generate  enough to become wealthy- it’s bad business for their loan sharking racketeering.
  4. If Bitcoin was such a “winner”- why then are there still more impoverished people than millionaires?
  5. Bitcoin soon will reach it’s peak performance – which will send warnings to the globalists of a pending crash in  the stock markets- a warning that the stability of the stock markets are about to be jeopardized by this fake intruder- which when not withdrawn- will create  a global recession. The money mongers will not allow that to happen- and as soon as Bitcoin generated enough profits( reach a point of saturation)  for the racketeers- “someone “ will pull the plug on it. BEWARE! Cyril just want to “soften” you up to hand over your private property without putting up too much resistance. He’s pulling another CODESA on you. 

And the Squirrel is arrogant enough to  recon by stealing  your private property will give you financial freedom?” Yea sure- no property- no interest at the banks. But what Cyril do NOT tell you is that without property you are nothing better than one of his squatter buddies- a friggen nomad without a fixed place you can call your own!   So will all the white-owned property the Squirrel and the rest of the  zoo inhabitants want to steal from whites as well- be ending up in the pockets of the black “elite.” The irony is while the normal citizen is jailed for theft of a bar of chocolate– this political white collar criminals never even see the inside of a court room.

It’s on our table now too, the whole issue is not productivity or sustaining the security of food production. It’s purely vindictive to dispossess white citizens. We will go down the exact path of Zimbabwe. The economy has no meaning when faced against the myth of land reform bringing so called “freedom to farm.” The masses are users not producers and our country will starve. Like elsewhere. And like elsewhere, “white people in aeroplanes” will bring food. In our lifetime we will experience real chaos and anarchy.

The Squirrel is turning on the taps with all kinds of bullsh*t advertising propaganda stunts to steal your private property. How long will Bitcoin ride the waves before it’s fictitious flooding  crashes the stock markets? Sooner or later this little bubble will burst and you again will be sitting with f*ck- all to show for it bar again the ANC’s empty promises that came to nothing as usual! And Cyril….Well he will be gone- laughing his friggen head off at your stupidity the same way he whacked poor naive and greedy Roelf Meyer to sign the country away at CODESA with the Unifer loan sharking stunt. That did not last long either. 

BUT that sadly is the tale of Africa- greed and corruption. Even the so-called African Union– the bastion of black African development and independence- cannot function without it’s share of corruption.  A member of the African Union’s Advisory Board on Corruption (AUABC) has resigned, claiming that no effort was made to fight corruption at the heart of the organisation. Daniel Batidam, who served as chair of the board in 2017, tendered his resignation on June 8. In his resignation letter, which was seen by the Mail & Guardian, he said: “After witnessing several instances and degrees of bad governance, including the abuse of entrusted power (or corruption), lack of probity, accountability, transparency and integrity at the Secretariat of the AUABC and some Departments of the AU Commission itself for over a period of three years now, while all efforts at seeking redress have yielded no result, I have decided on grounds of principle that enough is enough.” Shall we say more? With a president of the AU such as Nkosazana Zuma – herself muddled in the AIDS corruption scandal as bus driver of the AU- one only can speculate the depth of that corruption.

BUT then again- if you by now have not as yet realized that politicians are damned evil creatures cultivated in hell to deceive you around every corner- then you rightly deserve to end up with a placard on a street corner. And Cyril and his band of communist mobsters are chips from that same evil tree- creating their own little El Dorado on the backs and sweat  of other hard working people. Just look at our so-called “Freedom Fighter”Juilius “The Goblin” Malema’s real attitude off camera towards police officers. Now THIS is your supposed to be your “intelligent” political leaders ruling South Africa- “leaders” who writes your laws what to do and what not- acting this way:

SAPS vs Julius.

Posted by Hennie Venter on Friday, June 22, 2018


Yea…what a joke hey? But Julius is not alone- what else then can we then expect from the Squirrel and his slick gang of African mobsters in Lethuli House other than to toe the line and honor the true African way of governance? So what do I try to say? What I say is NEVER allow Ramaphosa and his thugs to touch your private property! Don’t be an arse like you were before- handing in your guns. You know what happened after that little fiasco! If you don’t- ask 70 000 brutally assaulted and murdered white people to tell you the tale of stupidity. You are going to be the losers and in 10 years time Ramaphosa , Malema and the rest of the African  scoundrels who f*cked up this country and robbed you of your possessions will be long gone- leaving your children and grand children to suffer in a filthy squatter camp without a place they could call their own “home.” They will blame you for giving away their inheritance on a platter to a con artist without putting up a fight. It’s your call. 


A videoclip shows how members of the African National Congress, the governing party in South Africa, are throwing stones at an innocent, elderly white man passing by the site where they are staging a protest.This happened in the town of Vereeniging today.The victim of this unprovoked attack had nothing to do with the protest and, as is obvious from the videoclip, merely wanted to drive his vehicle through the rubble. Unfortunately he is white, and that is sufficient reason for him to be stoned.The governing party is apparently not in the least concerned about the almost intolerable racial tension in the country, and even the official opposition in Parliament appears to be unmoved by this kind of behaviour.Let us share this as far and wide as possible. The world needs to know that Mandela’s miracle is a farce.

Posted by Front Nasionaal SA – blad on Thursday, January 18, 2018

This is how whites are treated by ANC and EFF thugs in South Africa. Why still have any compassion for this animals?


Groot mediese bedrog