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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondentJohannesburg   01 July  2018




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SOUTH AFRICANS now are forced – Since Cyril Ramaphosa’s capture of the throne- to pay higher taxes and exuberant  price increases for fuel in order to balance the sheet  for the multiple corruption and mismanagement exercises by the African National Disaster’s ineptocracy and Sushi-eating kleptomaniacs.

Since the ANC captured the country in 1994 an unequaled   haven for black racketeers and Sushi eaters were created- all while more than 47% of the populace lives under the bread-line, the taxpayer suffers under heinous taxation laws – and the populace hitting a 28% all time high jobless level. Yet they still blame “apartheid” and the “rich whites” for the current turbulent financial disaster hitting the country month after month. And this only is the tip of the iceberg.  If you recon the R 57 billion squandered by the South African Revenue Service incompetants was a shocker- let us then ruffle your feathers a titch more:


They bought a top-of-the-range Chevrolet Trailblazer, suits from exclusive boutiques and wined and dined in some of South Africa’s finest restaurants. That’s what some of the R1.6bn looted from one of South Africa’s poorest provinces was spent on. A series of reports Treasury compiled detail how a string of companies, individuals and national government agencies – including the Independent Development Trust (IDT), SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) and the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) – allegedly helped themselves to more than R1.6bn which was meant to build roads, schools and houses in the Eastern Cape.

The details are contained in three reports compiled by Treasury’s special audit services between 2011 and 2017 on the provision of mobile classrooms, roads and social housing in the province. According to the reports, which City Press obtained, the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA), which falls under the national department of human settlements, was paid R341m for housing projects for the poor. But not a single home was built.

Three companies were advanced more than R260m to provide mobile classrooms, in defiance of Treasury regulations.
One of them was paid R10m for mobile classrooms for four schools, but delivered none. A further R38m was given to the same company without any documentation or evidence of work done. Another mobile classroom company acknowledged a debt of R24m, but hasn’t paid it yet.

The same company was paid another R8.6m, but delivered nothing. Despite this, it was paid another R17m without any supporting documentation or evidence of work done. Of the R380m given to those three companies, R280m was awarded without any tenders.The then Eastern Cape roads and public works department paid a company called Aqua Transport R4m for two road projects. The IDT had paid other companies R82m for the same roads, and Sanral was paid R2.3m for one of those two roads. The IDT did not account for R21.7m of the R173m it was paid. The IDT was further paid about R3.8m for projects which were either cancelled or terminated.  The CDC spent an “excessive R101m on stones for 23km of road.

No Houses

Treasury’s report into the supply of social housing shows that around 2012, the National Human Settlements Department transferred R341m to its Eastern Cape counterpart to build low-cost and subsidized housing.
Eastern Cape officials then irregularly transferred the money to the SHRA, instead of to companies directly involved in building the housing, according to the report. Of the R341m, the SHRA paid R61m to one construction company to build houses in East London. Nothing was built.  “The R61m was paid to a company to be used to pay service providers during the construction of social housing units in Connemara, East London. Only a vacant plot remains where the social housing units should have been erected,” the report reads.

The SHRA claimed to have paid R80m for a social housing project in Phoenix, Durban, and a further R85m for another social housing development in North West. Again, nothing was built. About R115m is unaccounted for.
This week, housing authorities in KwaZulu-Natal and officials in North West refuted the SHRA’s claims that it sent money to their provinces. North West human settlements spokesperson Ben Bole said: “The department did not receive R85m from SHRA. We need to go on record and say that the matter is under investigation by law enforcement agencies.” KwaZulu-Natal housing spokesperson Mbulelo Baloyi said: “We do not receive monies from the SHRA. They pay monies directly to social housing institutes.”  Baloyi said he knew nothing of any social housing project in Phoenix.

Buying Bling

According to the report, R4.8m of the R61m meant to build houses in East London was illegally transferred to 11 personal bank accounts. Some of it was used to buy the Trailblazer. The money was spent on suits worth R10 000 from House of Monatic and a Cape Town boutique and R1 800 was spent at Grazia fine dining restaurant in East London. The account into which the R61m was transferred has been frozen. The Eastern Cape Human Settlements Department did not respond to questions.

Roads to no-where

The report, prepared by Treasury, was about the construction of a number of roads in the Eastern Cape, which the then department of roads and public works commissioned. Treasury found the ANC-run department was in chaos and had a poor project management system. In addition, the department awarded a large chunk of road construction projects worth R914m to the IDT, Sanral and the CDCall at the same time. In some cases, duplicate payments were made. In one case, the department paid Aqua R4m for two road projects which had been allocated to the IDT.

The IDT paid R8.2m to other service providers to build the same roads. The department paid R2.3m to Sanral for the same road. Of another case, Treasury investigators said: “We have identified two projects where the description is indicated as quarrying of material for lengths of 12.3km and 11.1km, respectively. “The contract value is indicated as R57.1m and R44.3m. These amounts seem to be excessive for supplying road stone material for the above-mentioned lengths.” About duplicate payments to Aqua, the report’s authors said that “three projects possibly include duplicate payments. The total payments relating to these projects is R74.3m.”

Investigators discovered that the department paid Aqua about R139m for 10 projects, which had also been awarded to Coega. Furthermore, the department paid Aqua about R49.6m, but documents show a third party got the money. The department paid R320m to Aqua and other companies for 10 projects which had also been awarded to the CDC.
The department paid other companies – excluding Aqua, the IDT and Sanral – about R304m for the same roads the CDC was asked to build. Yet another company was paid R35m for a project budgeted at R20m.

What they say

Sanral’s southern regional manager, Mbulelo Peterson, said the department contracted Sanral to resurface 807km of provincial roads. “Sanral can therefore only speculate that the identification of duplication of work by Sanral, and other implementing agents was either done in error, or refers to different types of work done on the same road, or different sections of the same road,” he said. “For example, a Sanral-appointed service provider may well have implemented a fog spray on provincial roads that were also undergoing routine maintenance or having other work done by another service provider appointed by the department, or another implementing agent.”

Aqua declined to comment, but said the report was flawed and “inaccurate. “ The company threatened to take legal action against City Press should it publish its findings. The IDT did not respond to questions sent on Thursday. Spokesperson Thabisile Dhlomo said: “The IDT is not in possession of the investigation report produced by special audit services and therefore is unable to provide a full response.” CDC spokesperson Ayanda Vilakazi did not respond to detailed questions, but said the department contracted Coega to build roads for three years in six provincial districts.
He said Coega handed all its files to the department after it decided to take over the project.

While South Africans are faced with yet another petrol price hike at the pumps next week, the Road Accident Fund (RAF) is paying R1,666 per month, to rent a single office chair. This is according to a report in the Sunday Times, which said that the RAF has a contract to rent 300 chairs at just under R500,000 per month for its Menlyn office.

The Sunday Times stated the RAF’s board was dissolved by Transport Minister Blade Nzimande this week, due to massive leadership failures. The company, which is almost exclusively funded by a petrol levy, is technically insolvent with contingent liabilities of close to R190 billion. The RAF reportedly said that renting furniture was expensive and “not the best option”, but could not settle claims immediately, and therefore chose this route. The Sunday paper reported that a bid to push through a R60 million furniture rental contract was scrapped in March.

State entity Eskom meanwhile, was accused of a similar scandal in 2017. Eskom called for Treasury to approve a R24 million contract to buy 9,217 office chairs. The request for thousands of “operator and visitor chairs” came after a R72.7-million contract for office and soft chairs was signed in 2013. Treasury was suspicious of the request and conducted inspections of Eskom’s offices in South Africa. It found that only 500 chairs were needed by Eskom – not over 9,000.

AND the irony is that none of these fraudsters will ever be prosecuted. All while a white farmer is slammed in jail for ramming his tractor into the side of a house of someone who illegally refuse to leave the farm.


Epitaph for South Africa: 

We thank Cyril Ramaphosa for putting up the petrol price by 80c, then 64 c– now again over R 16.00 p/l with another 26c -also by putting up vat to 15% and shrinking the economy by 2.2%, the lowest in 9 years! We also thank Cyril Ramaphosa for the Marikana incident and for comparing whites to frogs being boiled in hot water. We also thank the ANC the African National Circus for making all the department’s broke, protests actions and looting. We also thank the ANC for all the fancy cars they buy and the R20 000 shoes they wear, and bringing some SA cities on the brink of collapse.

We also thank the ANC for a poor rand, high crime rate, poor healthcare and ensidmeni 141 where 141 mental patients died due to neglect and the fact that only 5 of 696 hospitals were adequate in running. We also thank the ANC for poor education, which is one of the worst in the world, where you only need 20% to pass maths and 33.3% to pass other subjects. We also thank ANC for making the water department broke, the electricity department, Eskom, SABC and SAA broke. We also thank the ANC for the high taxes and etolls they brought us (and for blaming white people and apartheid which was 24 years ago), for all their mismanagement, corruption and looting they have done.

We also thank the ANC for the 28% unemployment, the 17 million people on social grants and only 5 million tax payers, that have to pay for everything. We also thank the ANC for bringing Zuma, that has 783 charges of corruption a rape charge, has no formal education, can’t read or count thinks a shower cures aids, spent your tax money on his house in Nkandla. Zuma spend 34 million rand on the Gupta wedding and cost the South African economy 1 trillion rand in his administration .We also thank the ANC for bringing the Guptas, who brought state capture to the country and tried to shift the blame and attention onto white people, by creating a campaign called ‘white monopoly capital’, which actually doesn’t exist and was created by Bell Pottinger, in London, paid by the Guptas. We also thank the ANC for all the white farmers’ killings and for turning a blind eye on it. We also thank the ANC for making its voters believe they going to get free land, due to the proposed amendment to the constitution, allowing government to steal land without compensation, 

This is the biggest is lie, because the government is going to own your land, your property and your house and will be the ONLY ones to profit from it, because you are going to be a permanent tenant to the corrupt ANC government.
We also thank thank the ANC by the fact that 9 out 10 land reforms fail, because land is given to people with, no capital and no skill and only get joy for having the land but not knowing what to do with it. So well done ANC, you have done a heck of a job in 24 years since being in power. Viva ANC Viva to the African National Circus


While petrol is at record highs, the Road Accident Fund is paying R1,666 to rent a single office chair