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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria   05 July  2018




Racist government official: “That is why you white farmers get shot!”

The truth about South Africa’s poverty in squatter camps

White poverty in the Democracy

Black racism affects all other groups

How Cyril Rhamaphosa sold his soul to the Oppenheimer Jews for R 900  million- how much does he plan to sell South Africa to the World Bank for?

11 000 South African Police Officers have no gun licences- yet white farmers get locked up for using “illegal” weapons.




YOU can still remember the now renown Penny Sparrow and Vicky Momberg cases of “hate speech” where two white women were severely punished – one R 150 000– and the other a 2 year jail sentence for alleged “racism” against black people? O- then there is the Chris Heart incident where Standard Bank fired their economist for alleged “racist” facts he uttered- and then we have the guest house owner Andre Slade smacked a R 50 000 fine for alleged “racism” when he refused black ANC politicians into his guesthouse. Two things these people mentioned all have in common- is that they were WHITE– and secondly- all were vehemently  accused by the bastard South African media and false judiciary for “racism.”

Now we have been looking at the other side of the coin: BLACK RACISM. You still remember that black racist Velapi Khumalo and his well-know hate postings on the social media? Well- the good old double standards today exposed what psychopathic  hippocrates are running the South African side of the “anti hate speech” bullsh*t laws.

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The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) – a Jew-controlled legislative set up- argued that a public apology from Velaphi Khumalo will suffice as punishment for his racial utterances. Khumalo appeared before the Equality Court for a Facebook comment in which he called for the massacre of white South Africans. The SAHRC settled with Khumalo ordering the accused to “apologize “ publicly, as that would deter other South Africans from making racial utterances. Khumalo was also ordered to pay R30 000 to charity.Did you read right? I bet you have!! Khumalo was not sentenced to two years imprisonment- nor was he fined R 150 000 and his life destroyed by the Media 24 hounds of hell- or even R 50 000- and he still retains his job! And on what grounds did Khumalo get this little “slap” on the wrist whilst uttering the same-( even worse) racist remarks against whites? His legal team reckons “ Any reasonable person would have recognized the statement as meaningless hyperbole.!!” 

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At the time of his racial rant, Khumalo was employed by the Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation. The department strongly condemned his statements; briefly suspending the employee with full pay. The case is closely related to that of Vicki Momberg, who was recently sentenced to an effective two years behind bars, for a race-related verbal attack on a Johannesburg police officer. But both Penny and Vicky LOST their jobs and received  much harsher sentence by non-white racist judges. Speaking on behalf of the SAHRC, Advocate Mark Oppenheimer (a Jew) told that court that Velaphi’s public “apology “ is punishment enough, saying: “A public apology would send a signal to others that they should not do the same.”



South African syndrome  of a parasite: ” One is being called a “racist” by another who only can consume, destroy and steal everything accomplished by  the same host  feeding , educating , and supporting him for  58 years he now blames to be  a “racist.”



The argument ostensibly is now as to why did Sparrow and Momberg not receive the same cotton-ball judgement of “apology ” and the same narrative that “ A public apology would send a signal to others that they should not do the same?” The answer to that argument is quite obvious: Whites had to be made examples to the rest of the ” racist ” Boer/Afrikaner community that white “arrogance” and white “supremacy” will never again be tolerated under a black only dispensation. It also sends a clear warning that whites better “step in line” and obey the black rulers ( and their voting pets)– or else more “examples” will follow.Furthermore did it send out a narrative that blacks are protected game.

YOU see- The South African legislation these days are very much anti-white and pro-black. (Like what happens in the rest of white Europe as well.) Since 1994 the deep jealous and vindictive hatred against whites already showed it’s ugly head when  Peter Mokaba started his first dastardly chant to “Kill the Boer- Kill the Farmer”– which later on became the standard ” acceptable” slogan by black political despots to slander whites and instigate hatred and violence against whites from political podiums.


At that point in time when the communist Mokaba started a chant to what was to become the beginning of a terrible genocide on white farmers- nobody paid any attention. The media- rightly expected to do so- blissfully choose to ignore the fact that this was precisely the day the so-called “hate speech” started in South Africa- but no legislation was enforced onto Mokaba- and later on the little fat weasel from the EFF- Julius Malema- who took up the torch of instigating violence against whites the assassinated Mokaba left behind. Except for a few shell-shocked white Afrikaners – the whole world deliberately  ignored that ghastly first chants-  and allowed this black omen to continue his slander and openly called for the genocide of whites. Needless to mention  the terrible consequences that followed in the aftermath of that first howl that were orchestrated straight from the deepest dungeons of the Zionist hell itself. While the Western world fall over their feet to rescue 200 stranded black “migrants” on a boat- thousands of white farmers in South Africa are murdered without the sick and deranged international world so much a s blink an eye. Even that great hero Donald Trump has not spoken a single word about the white genocide in South Africa.

MKMVA Carl Niehaus at land imbizo

WATCH: MKMVA's Carl Niehaus on the podium at the Imbizo KaZulu in Ulundi, Kwazulu-Natal. Courtesy DStv403

Posted by eNCAnews on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The face of  the lowest kind and most detestable form of  white treason…..a loathsome white liberal exposing why they rightfully are the reptilian rejects of society.


TODAY white Afrikaners are subjected to the worst kind of anti-white racism and discrimination imaginable. The odds against the Afrikaner are stacked to the hilt- from the hate-filled ANC regime, the majority skunk media, the brawling  political perverts  in Cape Town’s parliament, white liberal filth- and international hippocrates. Black racism in South Africa escalated tenfold– becoming worse by the month- in their social media and in public- but double standards applied by the illegal regime, the media and the judiciary rather prefer to” ignore”  it- and when being pushed into a corner by that same laws they fabricated to lambaste and dehumanize white Boer/Afrikaners with- they simply ensure unimaginable “leniency” towards the black perpetrators without making too much of a fuzz out of it. So-called “white racism” is judged and condemned in the “strongest possible terms”- all while black racism on the contrary is discarded as – how did Adv. Oppenheimer now put it again– ” meaningless hyperbolas.” 

This is a BLACK woman who works for the Methodist Church. Make her famous !!!!! Vicky Momberg got 3 years JAIL for using the K word but THIS prize specimen of womanhood is allowed to get away with THIS??? 012 6515509…/0828473995……..Anneth.. prtoria st John methodist church….

Posted by Chris Swanson on Friday, June 1, 2018

Guess what- NOTHING happened to this black racist female who “rants”  racist slurs the same way Vicky Momberg ranted….the South African media and black social white race biters  suddenly encountered a heavy strain of laryngitis about this spectacle!

But this diabolical onslaught against the white Boer/Afrikaner came a long way- the despicable British already started it in 1966- and continuous slandering and demonization of the Boer/Afrikaner in their vile tabloids such as the Daily News and London Times . Linked with false media reports of “racism” and false accusations created and gave birth to a new culture of hatred against the Boer/Afrikaner. Continuous misleading negative reports and false propaganda by the British M 16  secret service insurgents, news media and Anglican Church dogs of lamentation – the world at large now steadily accepted that the Boer/Afrikaner truly is the “racist” skunk of the world- and thus must be treated with contempt.

In order to sell their false democracy and brain wash the world (and local black population) to accept their false “democratic” Trojan horse- someone had to be branded as the “villain” in order to divert the attention away from the real horrors awaiting a hapless population under Zionist financial oppression. Thus “apartheid” and Mandela was created- one the devil- one the god– and the Boer/Afrikaner was targeted to play the role of the ” villain.” Today that misplaced mentally destructive culture to hate the Boer/Afrikaner still lingers on in the minds of the second generation misdirected sheep of the “rainbow nation” – supported by despots such as Zuma, Malema, Mnxitama, Ramaphosa and the South African News 24 media, Gupta New Nation– and SorosAfrica Check” leftist fake news media. And that suits the demonic rulers in control very well- as the Boer/Afrikaner still get the blame for all the mismanagement, corruption, deception  and thievery committed by the British corporate establishment–  and naturally-  the plundering power hungry African black Caesars.

This evil culture was continued by the current black Caesar as well. True to the culture he also opened his rule with a narrative of white discontent. Cyril Ramaphosa did not allow any grass to grow under his feet- and in his inauguration speech already he started to attack white property rights by supporting land grabs without compensation. All villainous political parties in the parliament of South Africa also participate in this inhuman diabolical onslaught against the white Boer/Afrikaner. They are dehumanized, disarmed, murdered at a genocidal scale, no representation in parliament, their culture, history, language and flags demonized and phased out- and now attempts are made to disown them as well. In other words- in the context of the world domination agenda they already have been earmarked for extinction as a homogeneous nation. Khumalo’s case then was a perfect example of this double standards rigorously and shamefully  applied to again belittle and persecute the Boer/Afrikaner while  diplomatically correct “excusing” the black for the same type of felony .



Even on the social sites like Facebook , You Tube and Google these double standards applies where “white racist rants” are high-lighted on every page- but any evidence of black racism conveniently deleted. This blatant discrimination, racism, anti-white sentiment and media attacks against the Boer/Afrikaner will not seize. This is controlled by British vindictive retribution against the protestant white Boer/Afrikaner Christian.  And behind all this again are the demons in the British Rothschild/Renwick /Oppenheimer “deep state” corporate establishment- the filth bank-rolling the murderous ANC criminals in control.

Those darn facts…. 😆This is worth watching.

Posted by Educating Liberals on Tuesday, May 29, 2018


It does not matter how hard the white complain, or how much he/she tell the world what really is going on under the false “democracy” today are much worse that what ever did happen under “apartheid”– the world simply will not listen. The world is controlled by the corporate “deep state”– and they have their specific agenda for South Africa. Whites simply were selected to be the black sheep to carry the sins of an incompetent and murderous regime and to hide the true secret agendas behind the fall of the country. And it is to become even much worse for the Boer/Afrikaner  forward as the Afrikaner Broederbond , the ANC and their  disgusting allies in the dark world of secret societies still plans to implement their alleged secret KallergieAgenda 19″– a secret conspiracy to institute a mixed government controlled by white oligarchs in 2019- which will eventually bring the reign of the black communist ANC to an end- and launch their puppet  Democratic Alliance into the governing seats.

Chris Rock's Unfunny Netflix Comedy

Chris Rock on his new Netflix special: "I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month…I want to see white mothers on TV crying."This is not comedy, it’s disgusting, Netflix.

Posted by ForAmerica on Monday, February 19, 2018


It will be during this dispensation that the white Boer/Afrikaner will endure one of the worst onslaughts against it’s race since the British invasion of 1899. The Afrikaner truly will be put to the sword and tested beyond human endurance. The hunt for the white Boer/Afrikaner as prime game will be on. They will be forced into a crucible of genocidal proportions to exterminate them as a  race-  and they will be purified only by their faith, determination and patriotism . But although brutal and destructive for the Boer/Afrikaner as a nation- this period of suffering will not last very long.It ironically will also spell the end of their suffering as the tides will turn in their favor – and assistance from unsuspected international sources will take a hand in the proceedings- tipping the scales against their oppressors. Only then will the Boer/Afrikaner at last be free from the communist chains of captivity.


Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

Another form of double standards applied in South Africa- the little lord Aswin Willemse – who kicked up that unforgettable ruckus about “apartheid” and white “racism” in sport and against Nick Mellet and Naas Botha -white players. His little pathetic tantrum cost 2 well behaved and good sports presenters their dignity.  Now Mr. “I feel offended by whites” himself sporting here a Lilly-white ‘apartheid” mamma…..hippocracy at it’s best. But that is the “new” South African slime dwellers for you!


My 5cent

Posted by Annemarie Beets on Thursday, October 26, 2017


The biggest threat against the Boer/Afrikaner does not come from the black Nguni or the communist ANC– but factually from it’s own kind- the Afrikaner Broederbond-that secret society of power hungry wolves prowling on their own kind- and the British Jewry. The farm murders will not stop- the racism will not stop, the discrimination will not stop- not as long as the Afrikaner Broederbond is still alive and well. They are the mass murderers of the white nation down South. They are the ones helping to fund the white genocide. They are the “rich white capital” Julius Malema keeps on warning you about. 




Man who called for a white genocide ordered to apologise