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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom 07  July  2018




Brave farmer shoots four heavily armed intruders dead in failed farm attack

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ANTI-WHITE racist Cyril “The Squirrel” Ramaphosa quickly back-paddled about the land issue when the Zulu king- King Zwelintini– issued a stern warning that the Zulu kingdom will go to war against Ramaphosa and his thugs should Ramaphosa try to touch the royal Ingonyama trust lands in his mad drive to “expropriate” land without compensation.

In a hastily  cowardly act Rhamaphosa said on Friday that the land redistribution drive will not affect communal lands controlled by tribal chiefs, – in a bid to defuse growing tensions over the issue. On Wednesday, Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini warned of possible violence if the state tried to expropriate communal lands which comprise 13% of South Africa. More than 20 years after the capture of the country by the ANC communists, the ANC propagated that” land ownership is contentious in South Africa, the continent’s biggest economy and  most land is still in the hands of the “white minority,”-  making it a potent symbol of wider income and ownership disparities.”

Public hearings are currently underway to gauge support for a policy proposal by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to change the constitution to allow for land to be expropriated without compensation from mainly whites for redistribution to poor ( non taxpaying) blacks. Reformers in the ANC had also wanted the policy to apply to tribal lands and provide people in such areas with direct property ownership. This would significantly dilute the power held by traditional leaders, who argue they are the custodians of land that was communal before Europeans arrived on the scene.

Ramaphosa in a typical back-paddling gesture declared that “It is not government’s intention to go and grab land from rural communities, land that is under the control of traditional leaders,” Ramaphosa made the statement in televised remarks at a business breakfast. Tribal authorities control access to resources on such lands, including who can farm certain plots, and they also negotiate deals in such areas with companies including miners, giving them significant power. They are a key political base of the ANC and their support will be crucial in elections next year. On several occasions this week they warned the ANC to keep its hands of their lands.

Fearful of a direct conflict with the Zulu nation the Squirrel  also pointedly said the government would not touch lands under the administration of the Ingonyama Trust, which is effectively controlled by King Zwelithini. “We have no intention whatsoever to go and grab the land that is under the Ingonyama Trust. Our programme of land redistribution and land reform is going to follow a ” constitutional process,” Ramaphosa said. “I am going to be meeting with His Majesty, the King to address this matter so that whatever fears he and the Zulu nation have should be completely dispelled.” Zwelithini on Wednesday evoked the specter of conflict on the issue, telling a summit that “this will be the second clash” over land, the first being the 19th-century Anglo-Zulu war.


Mense kyk as hierdie video was nooit op nuus gewys nie SHARE waar jy kan. Dankie Mnr Lekota

Posted by Rina Jonker on Friday, November 10, 2017


So Ramaphosa only plans  to steal white farms to please his non-productive and non-tax paying “poor” ANC card wavers for the next election to keep the communist rats in power. NO black -owned land will be touched by this racist warlord. He is a bit too frightened to stir up a Zulu hornets’ nest as the Zulu is not afraid of him and will take him and his ilk to sword ( or spear) – and literally whip their arse!!. So…the ever docile whites again must be sacrificed so Mr. “Big Chief” and his merry band of state coffer plunderers can stay in power. Maybe the whites also must take a leave out of the Zulu king’s book- ( who at this stage shows more balls than the whimpering whites) – and instead of running tails between their legs to other countries and wine on social sites- warn the Squirrel of a white back lash should the communist criminals dare to touch white farm lands as well. Taking on directly the Squirrel and his band of kleptomaniacs appears the only language these African despots understands- a lesson the large percentage whites in South Africa still have to learn. The communist parasites again now want whites to hand in their guns- just to make sure that when the Squirrel launch his land grab fiasco- no collateral resistance will be met from the white farmers.


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It is our advice to whites NEVER to hand in their guns again- and like the Zulu king- grow some bloody balls and start to stand up and tell Rhamaphosa all hell will break loose should he and his thugs even try to invade white rightfully owned farmlands just as the Ingonyama Trust is rightfully owned. The state owns about 17% of land that still lies empty– and before the Squirrel want to invade white lands- he should “expropriate” that state land for his ” poor” blacks at first.  Ramaphosa’s hippocracy reeks to heaven- and he and his thugs should be stopped- even by political. financial or physical force if needs be. Where the hell in the world have you heard that a bunch of vindictive criminals can simply fart out a “law ” – then selectively try to “take” (steal) someone else’s property without paying for it- bar naturally in the minds of misdirected fools residing in South Africa- that is? Does Ramaphosa and his les miserables think they owe South Africa? The arrogance of these terrorists are simply mind-boggling! Many whites had their land/property even long before this reptiles came to power- land that was legally bought with loans at humongous interests from the scrupulous Jew banks. Now Mr. Commi-fart just like want to “walk” in and take it because Julius the weasel tabled it and he now pissed out a new “law” under cover of a false ” you stole the land” lie?


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Rhamaphosa’s gang ruled by imposing fear into white people for 20 years- intimidation tactics- recruitment of white liberal traitors- and threats. Once their  bluff is being called like the Zulu king did-these thugs  quickly back paddles. The Zulu is a much more respected nation then the white Afrikaner- sad to say- but the Zulu  have no traitors in their midst- and all Zulus– even Zuma– is loyal to their king. Once a traitor to the king is found- well- his ticket to his ancestors is bookedsomething the poor whites and their Dutch-Roman law (obidingness) still  are too scared to apply and adopt – especially when it comes to filthy white liberal traitors. Will the white Afrikaner ever- like the Zulu king and tribal chiefs- grow some balls and stand up- telling the ANC terrorists they will not touch their land? With despicable white liberals such as Max Du Preez, Carl Niehaus  and  Piet “kopdoek” Craucamp et al still in their midst – it still is a lingering question. Only time will tell. 

Australia Stands Up For South African Farmer Murders

Australia Stands Up For South African Farmer Murders Credit: Senator Fraser Anning

Posted by Fight OR Flight on Wednesday, July 4, 2018




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