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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Witbank 09  July  2018




Ramaphosa and the New World Order

Lions devouring three rhino poachers in SA make headlines overseas

South Africa: Abused, orphaned children go hungry after R7m ‘disappears’

Baby dies on first day at day care center

Malema Causes Stir With ‘Violence Against Whites’ Video Tweet

Ramphele: “We are afraid of white people and think they are superior.”

Corrupt David Mabuza appointed to regulate land reform, land theft






LIZE MORLAND  found her husband’s lifeless body laying in their garden with cable ties around his neck.She found her 46-year-old husband, Ronald, lying on the ground after she returned home on Monday evening. “He looked as if he was asleep with his hands on the side, but as I moved closer I saw blood and realized something was wrong.” The hysterical woman yelled out to neighbors for help when she saw that her husband might be dead.

She said that her husband’s body was severely bruised with cable ties around his neck. “He had cable ties around his neck and bruises on his forehead as though he had been dragged and beaten. “He was brutally attacked and he really did not deserve it,” the sobbing wife said. She said the state in which she found her husband suggested that he was a victim of murder.

The mother of two said her husband was a very kind and calm person who always wanted to do good for others. Police spokesperson captain Johannes Maheso said an inquest docket was opened while police tried to figure out the exact circumstances surrounding his death. Maheso said police could not open a murder case until they were certain of what the cause of death was. “The results of the post-mortem will determine the outcome of the case,” he said. Maheso said an inquest docket was an automatic process that police followed when they found a body and the circumstances surrounding the death were not obvious.

Ernst Roets se onderhoud op Fox News.

Kyk hier @Ernst Roets se onderhoud met Tucker Carlson op Fox News. Stuur vir ons jou terugvoer hier onder.

Posted by AfriForum on Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Lize’s story is not unique- not in South Africa where farm murders are a national culture instigated by both the political despots in control- and the secret money vultures abroad controlling them. THIS is only but one of the horrible stories of a typical farm murder- and  realities facing our South African farmers today. This is the reality the international world refuse to accept, the United Nations deliberately ignores- and the illegal communist South African ANC regime keeps on hiding away from the world. This is one of the international world’s biggest mistakes they refuse to accept and downplay as “ normal crime.” It’s no normal crime at all- in fact it is a very careful pre-planned black-ops agenda to drive all white farmers off their land. It is a secret agenda to put scrupulous big corporate companies like Monsanto in control of South Africa’s food resources and supplies. So is Cyril Ramaphosa’s “land restitution without compensation” also part of that secret agenda.


World organizations such as the United Nations, African Union, Human Rights Organizations , the ICC and world leaders all forms part of this diabolical plan because across the globe this corporate “deep state” is bank rolling  politicians and legislators to adhere to their instructions. Ramaphosa and his despicable commi  ANC cohorts are  not alone. They all forms part of a world destructive control program- a program where the small “elite” controls all- and the rest of the people are mere “cattle”- Goyim- which are exploited to follow the instructions of their “masters.” Ramaphosa long ago sold his soul to the Oppenheimer money devil. He cares a hoot about farm murders- because like he stated- “international affairs” is more important than a few dead farmers. He is a gold-digger– not a sympathetic leader of a country. As long as that farmers supply food to Ramaphosa’s ever multiplying black masses- and pay taxes to support all the legal and illegal African eaters down South- he cares less what happens to them.

And the attacks and murders has increased since this video was made

Posted by Ingrid Meerbeek-de Jager on Sunday, July 8, 2018


He knows he’s rolling in the dough supplied to him by those “rich whites”– and have the support of the devious international bankers he still must sell the rest of South Africa to.For example:  The undertaking by SAA to provide aircraft for Cyril Ramaphosa and his deputy, David Mabuza, is costing the air force a fortune. City Press’ sister newspaper, Rapport, has learnt that it cost the air force R1.5 million for a single return flight between Cape Town and Johannesburg on June 21, using an airline jet that could easily have transported 316 passengers. But on this flight, as on other similar flights, there has never been more than 20 or 30 ANC rats  on board, a senior SAA official said.(Link) So- Mr. ” The Squirrel” is quite enjoying spending the taxpayer’s money lavishly on him and his cadres while he “concentrates “ on international “affairs” that keep him away from the brutal farm murders- farmers that also contributed to the tax coffers he now is  plundering on his “jet setting” adventures. BUT Ramaphosa just follows the line of his previous two African predecessors in living lavishly on tax payers hard-earned money and murdered farmers’ blood- just like Mbeki and Zuma did:


He knows the international organizations will do nothing as those same bankers bank-roll them too. He knows the politicians and governments will do nothing because their pockets also are lined by the same corporate wolves. And so also the media will suppress this heinous deeds as they belong to the corporate wolves. A calculated killer he is as well- that much the Marikana massacre he ordered – murdering  his own people showed us- thus he feels no sympathy for murdered farmers.  That is why he easily can apply the Mugabe land grab atrocity without feeling a titch of remorse. He is a power-mad dictator.  Have you noticed how quickly he spun around when threatened by the Zulu king with war? How he quickly said that no black property will be confiscated- only white property? That is the typical character of an oligarch- to afraid his position might be jeopardized by civil wars and such.

Image may contain: text

He quickly can sooth the King and tell him what he wants to hear- simply because Cyril do not tolerate opposition to his throne. If you thought Zuma was a bad critter- watch this con artist operate! He is a professional trickster. He abuse his political power to gain votes from the black electorate while at the same time use that power to expand his business opportunities and enforce his deep rooted hatred against whites. Was it not him that said to exterminate whites you have to use the boiling frog method- slowly turn up the heat without frightening them? The Jew Oppenheimer taught him well. But the white man- his natural enemy he easily could do some collateral damage to- and in the same breath sell their land to the money mongers to control the food supplies in exchange for some wealthy back-handers.

White Afrikaners and farmers should reject this individual, pay no taxes and refuse to obey his commands. The ANC was the enemy of the Afrikaner before 1994- and after 1994 this terrorist movement did everything in their power to dehumanize, impoverish and discriminate against whites- thus still the enemy of the Afrikaner. . This Ramaphosa is a well known white hater- so why obey him and his disgusting organization’s laws...because they rule by fear? He was not selected by the populace- he is an impostor forced into power by his own kind for their own selfish benefit. Since his illegal ascension to the throne South Africa has been hit by one after the other tax escalation and fuel increase. He cares less for the poor. He has no inclination of stimulating the economy- but only force a revengeful financial burden onto the populace. He is not the president of the whites. He is their enemy and must be treated as such. He has no respect for the white or the murdered miner or farmer- thus why should they have respect for him?

Trying to save lifes in South Africa

Trying to save lifes in South Africa

Posted by Afrikaner Eenheid on Tuesday, July 3, 2018


White farmers in South Africa was targeted and chosen by the devil and his earthly demons to be exterminated in a secret agenda. Thus farmers had to be disarmed to be unable to protect themselves. Criminals, secret “3rd force” operatives and the state organs such as the police and Defense Force operatives paid to clandestine participate in this onslaughts against the rural white farmers. Black dictators such as Mokaba, Malema, Zuma, Mnxitama and Ramaphosa himself are instigating hatred and division between the black and white  populace for political power and future back-handers coming from their British “masters” – and the media  are used as propaganda machines to fuel the fires of hatred against the white Afrikaner in general while the judiciary acts with severity against any white accused of so-called “racism”whether true of trumped-up.

Proof that the ICC keeps on evading the white genocide in South Africa: They play possum to requests sent.

When the international world start to question this horrible murders on farmers- the rat pack regime immediately start with back-lashing, flat denial- and an arrogant attitude against any-one that dares questioning their motives. The Peter Dutton case was a good example of such a case. The communist Lindiwe Sisulu’s arrogance left everybody gobsmacked- but that is how they imagine themselves- that they “owe” South Africa. This ANC terrorist gangsters is the worst ever bunch of political thugs that country ever had in control. Meanwhile the white farmer is murdered at a genocidal rate- and not one single so-called “democratic” leader , human rights organization, government,   or institution cares a blue f*ck!

All three so-called ANC “presidents” refused to take a positive step towards clamping down on the farm murders. Mbeki ignored it, Zuma instigated it- and Ramaphosa -like Mbeki- cares less how many white farmers – or white Afrikaners are brutally attacked or murdered. All these African despots are here for one reason- and one reason only- to exploit the South African situation to make money! The international world, ICC, UN, EU, world organizations or ANC ghouls  care a blue f*ck about your nearly 5000 dead white farmers – or your 400 000 impoverished white squatters. Get that into your muffled brains. They simply are not interested in your wining and sorry arses. To them it’s all about wielding power. And power means votes and money. Votes means the black majority.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor


Every farmer has at least 10 working households or more earning a living from each farm- and with each farmer murdered- many farm workers and their families are sitting without a job or place to stay….but the ANC chief scepter wielders  cares little about them as well. They too are “expendable”– bar naturally during election times when their status quo suddenly rise to “very important.” SO-For those poor disillusioned whites still pinning their hopes on Ramaphosa to “save” them from  their predicament- well…sorry to say- sadly you are betting on a darker horse than Zuma. Ramaphosa already- in no uncertain terms- expressed his anti-white sentiment and dis-contempt by singling only whites out for the land theft operation. How much clearer do the Afrikaner still want to hear the message? Must Ramaphosa in person still come and tell them that he sees whites as mere insects or frogs to eliminate? How long still are you going to listen to that fat weasel Malema mocking and challenging you- calling your bluff on a monthly basis? Is the best the Afrikaner can do is either run to Facebook and complain- or pack their bags and leave for Australia or New Zealand?

Whites are on their own- they must start to get that into their thick skulls-  and the sooner they stop back-stabbing each other and bring a concrete plan to the table on how they will unite to stop their mediocre in-fighting and withstand this escalating onslaught against their race- the better for their own survival. Those that ran for cover to Australia , Britain and New Zealand also is nothing more than yellow-bellied traitors. They want to sit across the ocean and “pity” South Africans that had to stay behind and face the music. Once the war is past and the country in good hands again- many of those bloody traitors will come sneaking back again- telling you how they have “missed” the old country. Bloody lairs.

You that had to face the onslaught back in South Africa should then shoot the buggers on arrival- as they are the ones now sitting “safely” abroad- doing F*CK-ALL to help you back in South Africa- no pressure on that governments, no marches, no pressure groups to help their kinsmen back home – no nothing from these useless two-timing “expat” white weasels…a whole 1 MILLION of them! What could the white Afrikaner achieve in South Africa with one million patriotic activists…think of it. Sadly today there are more liberal confused white traitors and “joiners” left in South Africa than true patriots. Whites and blacks in South Africa share one thing in common- if it is the only thing: Both groups are using to many excuses for their own inabilities to achieve any significant self determination   objectives- PERIOD!

The time has come to stand fast- defend their rights, their property- and their lives- whatever it takes. The time to act the piss-Lilly in a garden full of weeds is past. The time to stand up and resist this loud-mouth political thugs is here. If whites  continue their treacherous actions against each other, if they proceed to be divided across political and religious lines- if they keep on being hell-bent in crowing on their own little dung heaps- Ramaphosa and the rest of the destructive money vultures  will have a free ticket to screw the Afrikaner with a roll of rusted bob-wire up their arses and destroy the last remnant of whiteness from the soil of South Africa.

MEANWHILE Australia is not the only country reaching out for white South African farmers. A  delegation of Boers recently traveled to the world’s largest country – Russia– to consider taking their money and escaping from farm murders and expropriation. The world’s largest country, Russia, which remains relatively underpopulated for its size, is reportedly considering welcoming thousands of white South African farmers into its borders to boost its agricultural industry.

A group of about 15 000 farmers have reportedly offered their services to the country, to go and farm in the south, while investing their savings in the country and offering English lessons as well. According to a Russian news channel, the plan is for the first 30 families to first establish themselves before more follow. “A delegation of Boers arrived in Stavropol with a proposal to open a migration channel,” reports the channel, Rossiya 1 TV. News footage showed the delegation being warmly welcomed.

The report suggests the farmers are primarily from the Free State, which the Russian journalist incorrectly refers to by its colonial name “Orange Free State”. Farmer Adi Siebus told the Russians they were now seeing the move as a matter of life and death owing to the ongoing killings on farms from criminal attacks and the fact that South African politicians have allegedly been stirring up hatred and a “wave of violence”. South Africa is considering changing the constitution to make expropriation of land without compensation easier. The Boers were apparently inspired by a German farming family who moved to Russia. They said Stavropol has a great climate for farming and each family is said to be willing to bring at least R1.4 million ($100,000) with them to lease land in Russia and kick-start their farming efforts.(Link) SO– The dimwits in the South African parliament rather would loose their agricultural experts than loosing black non-productive votes. South Africa is fast side-tracking Zimbabwe with their own new “Ramagabe” in control. Soon the food shelves will run empty – and “apartheid” again will be to blame again – we suppose. OR maybe there is more to all this farmers that suddenly want to “migrate “ to other countries. Maybe- just maybe this is another pre-planned secret drive to rid South Africa of it’s farmers…”export ” them– that could make the land issue so much easier- 15 000 empty farms up for grabs- no red tape, no expenditure involved...nothing– just go and grab the farms after the white  farmers have left. It makes sense – doesn’t it? 




White people attacked or murdered recently this past month alone by black terrorists in South Africa:

Image may contain: text

  1. Darren Scott– Radio personality- Escaped hi-jack attempt (Link)
  2. Ann Smit, 86, who died four weeks after being attacked in her Port Elizabeth home. Ann Smit, 86, was found lying in a pool of blood in her Martha Street house shortly after an attack. She died in Greenacres Hospital last week from head injuries sustained in the assault. A 21 year old black suspect was arrested.(Link) 

  3. Ronald Moreland– Pretoria resident- Shot and murdered in cold blood (Link)
  4. 4 White women attacked by black thugs in St. Francisbay (Link)
  5. White farmer attacked on farm in Kiepersol- Hazeview ( Link)
  6. White farmer attacked on farm in Nylstroom. 7 Black thugs involved. (Link) 
  7. White family brutally attacked in their Vereeniging home (Link) 
  8. White farmer shot on his farm by black thugs in Klerksdorp- still in critical condition. (Link) 
  9. White man- Buks Oosthuizen– murdered in cold blood at the Vaalrivier. Thugs had a feast before murdering him. ( Link)
  10. White man attacked by 4 black thugs on a small holding in Hallgate. ( Link) 
  11. Loutjie Erasmus shot in cold blood at his farm gate after visiting a friend. ( Link) 
  12. Kallie Schoonraadt– electrician- murdered in cold blood on his farm in Rustenburg ( Link)
  13. Farm attack in  Mooiplaats, East of Pretoria, Gauteng Province. Female victim was attacked by one black thug. Handbag and purse stolen. Victim was stabbed in her hand with a screwdriver.
  14. Farm attack near Tierpoort Bloemfontein.ree State Province. 3 attackers, armed with firearms, surprised a farm worker and his wife and tied them up. 3 other workers (2 x male, 1 x female) and a child also assaulted. Cash and a radio stolen, no serious injuries.
  15. Another farm attack at Bokfontein – Brits. Elderly farmer stabbed with a sword and hacked with machete in front of his wife by 5 black thugs. (Link) 
  16. Klopperbos area,- another attack on a white family  north of Pretoria, Gauteng Province. No injuries. Cash, cellphones, jewelry and firearms stolen. Victims managed to alert neighbors via two-way radio, leading to a quick response.
  17. Another white farmer attacked and tied up in Hartebeespoort West of Pretoria. Farmer was attacked with a knobkiri in front of his bed-ridden wife.  Ex school principal Pierre Lotz [ 77 ] and his paralyzed and confined to bed wife was sleeping Sunday night in their home in Parys in the Free State when they heard a noise in the house . Pierre got up to investigate and found attackers who gained entry through the roof . They beat Pierre to death with a blunt object. His wife could not move at all .( Link)
  18. Jaap Keller (71) of Dewetsdorp was attacked and stabbed in the back by black thugs. ( Link) 
  19. An elderly farm couple of the Vanstadensrus area in Zastron– Freestate- Danie and Mariaan Bruwer- was cold bloodily murdered execution style- both shot in the head – in another farm attack. Two black thugs were arrested. (Link) 
  20. Another attack took place in Bokfontein– Brits when a mother and her two teen age daughters were brutally attacked by black thugs. ( Link) 
  21. A 20-year old woman was attacked in her home in Welgemoed- Cape Town by black thugs. (Link)
  22.  The body of an 86 year old white lady was found in the Wag-n-Bietjie retirement home in Springs on Sunday morning . She was found murdered next to her bed . Her hands and feet were bound and there was a piece of cloth n her mouth . Her small house was plundered . Her name has not yet been released .(Link)
  23. Peter Dawson was shot to death Saturday night when he tried to negotiate with home invaders not to hurt his daughter Chrystal . His daughter is lucky to be alive . She got a split second chance to ran away . She said the one attacker said he shot her father “ because he got tired of talking “ with her father . The incident happened on a smallholding at Hartbeespoort, Broederstroom, North West province .(Link)
  24. Jeffrey Zetler was stabbed six times on Saturday by black thugs on his strawberry farm in Stellenbosch when he had already opened the safe for the robbers .(Link)
  25. The elderly Port Elizabeth woman who was brutally beaten with a hammer by two men who attacked her inside her Kamma Park home last month has also died this week Wednesday . (Link)
  26.  Stefne Evans (60) was struck over the head with a brick during a house invasion in Bathurst on Sunday and died at the scene. Her partner was injured. (Link)
  27. Boet Smal, (70+) was stabbed in his head and chest, died in his house on a smallholding in Heidelberg on Saturday. His wife Esther (60+), was stabbed in the back.(Link)
  28.  Deon de Bruyn (25),  was shot on a farm in Komatipoort, Mpumalanga on Sunday. ( Link) 
  29. Horst Meier (81), whose body was discovered on a farm in Ladybrand in the Free State on Sunday. Horst was stabbed to death.(Link) 
  30. Estelle Jansen (59) was shot in the stomach, shoulders and legs in the same attack where Deon was killed. She is fighting for her life in the Mediclinic in Nelspruit. (Link) 
  31.  Dr Lesley van Niekerk (63), was shot on a farm near Modimolle. She is in a critical condition in the Unitas hospital in Centurion.(Link) 
  32. Another white farmer in Pretoria was ambushed by black thugs while he stopped with his quad bike at his farm gate. (Link) 
  33. A white woman was attacked in her home in Cape Town. She subsequently shot the black thug. (Link)
  34.  This black thug attacked a white family in the Kwintet flats  in Reitzpark .
  35. A white dad was shot dead by black thugs next to his baby of 4 months. (Link)
  36. An old white woman- Hetta Potgieter who was 85 years old-  was found in her bath with her hands tied behind her back. Her body was discovered in her apartment at Macadamia Care Centre  in Warmbaths this morning. Police also investigate robbery as a motive. (Link) 
  37. A 19 old white boy was shot in the chest by black thugs on a small holding near Pretoria on July 09 2018.(Link) 

If all this happened in just one month, you can imagine what happened in the 24 years since the ANC captured the country with the help of the National Party Broederbond and the Jews. Farm murders escalated with 34% in 2018- and the criminals in the ANC still describe it as just “another crime.” This is a slow war . This is a slow genocide .

I see Carte Blanche took this episode down, they did not even archive it. Strange. Here it is. #EndOurGenocide #FarmAttack #FarmMurder #GuerrillaWar #Terrorism #Trump

Posted by Dee Nel on Sunday, December 10, 2017


Black Fear, White Anger.

With the proposed changing of Art 25 of the constitution of South Africa, many are up in arms and others think it will change the injustice of the past. But if we look carefully we can see the criminal minds, and the terrorist ANC cabal behind it.

Black Community Had Land

In the Apartheid years the following land was given to the black community to develop for themselfs and these were some of the most fertile lands in SA. Kwazulu, Venda, Ciskei, QuaQua, Gazankulu, Lebowa, Bophutawana, Transkei, Kangwane, Kwandebele. The question is what did they do with it? Answer nothing…. they could not build schools, they could not build Universities the white people had to use their tax money to build it for them after they requested beter education. When they received better education they came up with slogans like “Liberation before Education” just because they wanted to go into white areas.


Why Whites Are Leaving Africa

Why Whites Are Leaving South Africa

Posted by Afrikaner Eenheid on Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Black Fear, White Anger

For some uncomprehensive reason black people fear white people, if a white man’s business does good it must be burned, if they live on a farm they must be murdered this is the type of reasoning that is happening across SA today, and is a direct result of uneducated black folks, liberation before education. Its laughable to say the least.
White people are angry, they voted in 1992 referendum whether we should go to war with black people or live in peace. 24 years later black people now want war against white people. White folks must just give and give and give, and black folks just want and want and demand. Nothing changed since Apartheid, only now Apartheid is written in the laws BBBEE and AA (covert Apartheid)

What black people does not understand is we know war, we dont want it and we don’t condole it, but we are not affraid of it. War is in our blood, we have fought many wars before we came to SA and we have fought wars on SA soil against the most powerfull nation in world. We know and survived oppression and we shall prevail again.


If the white man’s land is taken against his will, we will resist, we will fight for our family and our land. We do not fear the black nations, we have defeated them before and we shall do it again.
We are not the spineless Afrikanerbond or the silent partner in parliment VF+. We are the White giant of Africa and we consist of many nations, and many nations shall fight against the tyranny of Black Apartheid.

Barend Daubern
Provincial leader NCP (National Conservative Party)
Executive Council NCP



White Nation