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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  16  July  2018


South Africa: R 1 bn for Zulu King’s “reed dance” venue…the plundering of tax payers’ money goes on. 

Another petrol price whammer in August on the cards for already punch-drunk South African consumers.

Court gags Holomisa over another ANC BEEE company PIC corruption claims

Indonesian psycho mob slaughtered nearly 300 crocodiles after an alleged attack.

Russia must ‘account for role’ in MH17 tragedy – G7

Poland: Thousands of far-right nationalists gather in Warsaw to march for white supremacy, anti-liberalism, and anti-Islam on Polish independence day

South African cricketer AB de Villiers announces international retirement




WHILE the brain-washed liberal naive worshiping sickening world is celebrating the 100th  anniversary of their self-made demi-god Nelson Mandela , while new bank notes are flying around commemorating the biggest single victory for a terrorist organization – and potus presidents like  Barry Soetero aka Barack Hussein Obama II also  jetting in to wine and dine on  the South African already bed-ridden taxpayer’s account this week- reality at home in South Africa hits a much more sinister and deadlier tone for the more enlightened and less jubilant ones that are exposed to  the true horrors of the daily struggles for survival in the country.

After 20 years of a media-created fictitious and failed communist “democracy” rhetoric and forged Bell-Pottinger propaganda about the so-called “rainbow” dream euphoria- reality in South Africa presents a very different picture than this the false media head honchos want their gullible readership  abroad to believe. And that picture looks  anything but rosy. On the contrary it is a picture resembling that from a scene straight out of Mel Gibson’s  horror movie  Apocalypto – it presents a country where you will find a hedonistic nation, where rape and murder are common, human sacrifice is normal, and bloodletting is everywhere. South Africa became one of the most violent countries in the world since the second world war.

A World Bank report earlier this year declared that South Africa was the most unequal society in the world – a damning indictment of the false propagated legacy of the demi god Mandela-  and the failure of his communist cronies to tackle its aftermath.  “Inequality has increased since the end of apartheid in 1994,” the report said. “Race still affects the ability to find a job, as well as the wages received once employed.”

The report, which revealed three million more South Africans had slipped into poverty between 2011 and 2015, triggering lip service  of “renewed action”  from the ANC’s latest  presidential attempt after three miserable past  failures – Cyril Ramaphosa.  “Racism “ remains a constant main theme of the ANC’s pathetic political life, with racist comments on both black and white social media and in everyday life regularly sparking outrage and furious public spats.

The spatial segregation before 1994 has also changed little as the majority black people keep on living in former townships such as Soweto while many white people prefer to find ways to live in middle-class suburbs. But the reason blacks prefer living in black squatter camps is not only because they are poor- but mainly because thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens surge across the now non-existing borders of South Africa- finding themselves trapped in this rat-infested and bio-hazardous camps. Secondly many blacks live in this appalling conditions because they then can qualify for free services, lesser rates and taxes– and naturally- easier state grants.

Many blacks living in this squalor conditions also have upmarket estates in predominantly white suburbs- which they rent out to pay their bonds. On the contrary does over 400 000 whites now also live in make-shift dwellings in squatter camps- not to receive the same free conditions and perks many blacks do- but because of the racist anti-white sentiment from the ANC regime which enforce discriminatory laws onto whites such as BEEE- leaving thousands of whites without a job and an income. That there are thousands of poor black people living in squatter camps cannot be reasoned away- but it is the strategy used by the ponzi  ANC regime behind   the black squatter question that is an appallingly devious one. Poor black squatters are exploited to keep the lords of the flies in power specifically because they are poor- believe it or not. 

Like we said-the illegal ponzi ANC communist regime- their donkey blind media with their  “Racism  du Jour” journalism – and many blacks realize the advantage they have by allowing the majority blacks to live like beggars- it evokes sentiment from the international community and governments- which again generates millions of dollars  of revenue in ” donations” of “humanitarian aid” to the ANC elites’ coffers – which again lead to more and more “free services” and “state grants” as a gesture of “gratitude” from the ponzi rulers to their illiterate impoverished electorate- which then again ensures  support at election time when the communists secure another “victory” at the polls – or the impoverished black people loose their “free bees” and state grants should they dare vote for another ruling party.





. So as you can see- between the regime and their strange parasitic support base there is an uncanny unspoken mutual co-operation “agreement” conspiracy running -whereby  both parties gain “something “ out of this poor black “misery” from the other. However this devious concocted “eco” system can only work while  there is still some whites around to carry the cost of all the “free bees” in taxes – and are conveniently “available “ to carry the blame for all the “racism” and incompetence of the ruling mafia. Thus “racism” must at all times be kept alive and well- it ensures the survival of the ruling mafia mob. Facts don’t cease to be facts, but in South Africa the truth  ceases to be covered in the main stream news.

THIS is how racism and hatred against whites are propagated by the ANC regime- songs to kill the whites are sung at world festivals…

AND so the liberal sentiment about “poor” blacks living in squalled conditions while “rich” whites still lives in “middle class” suburbs in South Africa to promote  their false propaganda of “inequality” lie is totally rubbish and debunked from any truth. There is a reason why South Africa sports the notorious honor of having one of the biggest jobless figures in the world and in the top 3 notch for having the most impoverished squatter camps- as long as the “majority”  stay poor they bring in the dough to line the pockets of their dictatorial rulers and on the other hand they receive” free bees ” and state grants!


In 1994, the unemployment rate was approximately 17 per cent, with hopes high that the country’s re-engagement with the global economy would lead to growth that would transform the job market. But the statistics tell a grim tale. Unemployment is now at 26.7 per cent, close to its post-1994 record high set in 2017. Many analysts say the real jobless rate is far higher, and that youth unemployment is over 50 per cent. The figures point to a whole generation of “born-frees” – South Africans born after 1994 – disenchanted, desperate for work and excluded from the mainstream economy. South Africa’s GDP growth has been patchy and often slow, increasing from 3.2 per cent in 1994 to 5.6 per cent in 2006. It crashed to minus 1.5 per cent in 2009, before recovering to 1.5 per cent this year.


One of the main reasons bar rife corruption in the ANC regulated state sectors- is the violent labor Unions which destroys the economy through daily riots, strikes and higher salary demands. In 2018 alone there were roughly 100 violent riots recorded in South Africa – the latest in Kimberly. And the rioters are getting more and more violent.- torching and destroying whole shopping malls.  South African police have fired rubber bullets at protesters as violent riots forced  Cyril Ramaphosa to cut short his attendance at the Commonwealth leaders’ summit in London.  Shops were looted, roads were blocked and vehicles set alight in North West province on Friday in unrest over alleged government corruption and poor public services. At least 23 black thugs  were arrested and one thug  was reported to have died in sporadic violence that erupted this week in Mahikeng, the provincial capital.

Related image


This type of behavior  inevitably lead to many businesses now closing their doors – pulling out of South Africa to look for more feasible and less destructive opportunities elsewhere. And this means more and more people are sitting without jobs and an income. This again lead to more criminals entering the shadowy crime market. Credit houses such as Fitch, S&P and Moodeys continuously downgraded South Africa’s credit ratings due to this factors- which again led to lesser and lesser investors looking down South to entrust their investments into. The latest investor’s horror was the gobsmacked announcement by the communist ANC that they also- like Mugabe– plans to grab mostly white-owned property in their zest to ‘expropriate” white ownership in exchange for more black votes during the 2019 national elections to keep the ANC in power. This ostensibly left most sound minded business people horrified and sent cold shivers down many potential  investors’ spines – irrespective how hard Ramaphosa and his scrupulous allies in the World Bank tries to sugar coat this  latest arsenic-filled cookie.

More and more investors are going to turn away because of this , more and more businesses are going to close fast before they also loose their property- more and more blacks are going to become jobless and the “poor” jobless ones in the squatter camps will find it almost impossible to even get a work- witch then automatically will see the crime factory expanding it’s “operational borders.”  Crime – created by the ANC putch brigade themselves– is to become the biggest job creator in South Africa- AND the “dividends ” are TAX FREE!

But the careless ponzi rulers will care less- as more blacks get impoverished- the more secure their power base to win elections. The more crime is committed- the more new security companies controlled by the “black brothers” will see the light- who’s tenders will be paid by the state tax payer. A Police state will be on our doorstep soon with the ANC rats controlling all the state security services and armament- and their private  African “brothers” controlling all the private security services and armament. It’s a demonic  triangle- but it’s working in Africa. 

South Africa has the biggest HIV/AIDS epidemic in the world, with 7.1 million (mainly black) people living with HIV and an adult prevalence rate of 18.9 per cent.  Thabo Mbeki’s “denialism” caused life expectancy to drop from 62 years in 1994 to 52 years in 2006 as he questioned the link between HIV and AIDS and resisted a public treatment program. Harvard researchers estimated that 330,000 people died . South Africa changed course in 2008 and now has largest anti-retroviral therapy program in the world, financed largely from its own (mainly white and business tax) resources. Life expectancy has returned to about 63 years.

South Africa suffers from high levels of violent crime ranging from farm murders, general murder , house intrusions and rape to car-jackings and muggings. Last year 19,000 people were murdered in the country – 52 a day.  More than 300 white farmers and their families – food producers of the country- were brutally slaughtered on their farms in 2017. Recently, another farmer was brutally murdered on his farm in Klapmuts, Cape Town. This has brought the number of farm murders to over 70 already since January 2017.  The average age of the white victims were 55 years old; In 62% of the incidents victims of the age of 51 and older were attacked.l In the 357 incidents which took place, more than 740 black attackers were involved. There was an average of four attackers per incident. This points out to an orchestrated and well planned terrorist onslaught against the white farmers.



ANOTHER criminal additive that spiraled out of control in South Africa is cash-in-transit heists. The latest cash-in-transit attacks have spiraled out of control, with a heist recorded at least once a day, on average. At least 140 cash-in-transit robberies by black syndicates have taken place since January.Cash-in-transit thugs  have become “greedy” and appear to be more daring and dangerous- introducing more sophisticated techniques and technology, the Hawks have said about the current surge in robberies recorded. Fear of crime is a constant in many people’s lives, and South Africans often believe that the problem has increased since 1994, and the ANC  statistics around the issue are much disputed. However the murder rate has picked up since about 2013.

Image result for cash in heist robbery south africa

Kidnappings also is on a dangerous rise in South Africa.  Daring and sophisticated syndicates are eyeing multi-million rand targets as organised crime has shifted its attention to kidnapping wealthy business owners for hefty ransoms.    Social activist Yusuf Abramjee has raised the alarm warning that South Africa needs to clamp down on it before it escalates.  “There has been a series of kidnappings over recent years and it appears to be escalating. What is worrying is that these syndicates are becoming more daring and they are clearly sophisticated,” Abramjee said . This again sends warning lights flickering for business investors as well.

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development says there has been an increase in the number of human trafficking cases being reported countrywide.  Justice and Constitutional Development’s Advocate Daphney Rangaka says the department’s seen an increase in the number of reported cases of human trafficking across the country. Rangaka has today also highlighted the prevalence of trafficking in metropolitan areas in the country. Western Cape regional head Hishaam Mohamed concurs. “[Human trafficking] is not only an international phenomenon; it’s right here on our doorstep, in our borders.”

THIS all is new criminal activities that was unheard of before 1994 as discipline, law and order reigned under a republican system– but was cultivated after 1994 during the lawless so-called “democracy “ – from  a country that has been mismanaged by a bunch of incompetent glutenous mafioso fools this past 20 years. Whatever the risk, South Africans live with the ever-present fear of violent crime, and those who can afford it live like their clowning politicians behind electric fences and high walls, monitored by security cameras and protected by armed state-funded VIP guards.

How long still reasonable South Africans will tolerate this farce “democracy” before recognizing it for what it  really is- a carefully planned violent take-over by the corporate world powers- is still a mystery. As for the bogus celebrations going around- Mandela’s legacy is anything but “glorious “– but rather a trail of blood, destruction and anarchy– heading towards a total ANC-controlled police state of oligarchy and dictatorship – if not halted abruptly during the 2019 elections. So- now you also know why Barry and the rest of the corporate Jew controlled  world are “commemorating “ Mandela’s 100 year anniversary… they are thanking him for handing them a bounty-full  country on a platter which now can be plundered from it’s resources for another 100 years…until they will be “commemorating” again.




Take note: What is happening here needs close attention.


 King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III  of the Khoi-San has a rightful claim and went accordingly   the correct lawful route and process to forward his claim. His claim was approved by both the United Nations on the rights of homogeneous minority group people – as well as approval for homogeneous land the Chief Justice John Hlope and chief magistrate Johan Venter. Cornelius was granted custodianship of all land historically belonging to the Khoi-San people- which includes the Western Cape and Eastern Cape up to the Fish River.

Corneluis thus is the rightful custodian of all the Cape Colony lands- and he forwarded a lawful secession notice to secede these parts from the rest of South Africa to the South African government. According to international law– and approved by the South African highest court- this cannot be denied. The ANC fell into their own trap– and by giving the Ingonyama Trust Lands to the Zulu King– the ANC has rightfully and lawfully no other option but to adhere to the law and give the Western and Eastern Cape to the Khoi-San.


Secession is the action of withdrawing formally from membership of a federation or body, especially a political state. The white South African people approached the Khoisan king with a plan for secession and it was discussed over a five hour long meeting. The plan was agreed to and a verbal agreement was put in place. The plan was simple, that the Khoisan king secede with the backing of the Afrikaner (a.k.a Boers), Eurokaner (white European descendants) and Coloreds. For this backing, these four nations would equally power share in a new government under a sovereign parliament federal government system as laid out in the brief that was received by all parties and media. And thus a relationship was born and a new hope was given to the four nations to unite under a new country.

By adhering to this- the ANC regime as well as the DA must withdraw their respective representatives from all city councils in this two provinces at once. No legislation , law or by-law enforcement from the South African government or DA is now applicable in any of this two provinces as they now are technically independent states– but Cornelius must form a new legislature and an independent government to take over the functions of this  the two provinces. It will be quite interesting to keep a close watch on this development- as Ramaphosa keeps on evading this issue. But as we know the ANC- they will again wipe their black commi arses on this- as they always do.

Website: http://sovereignstateofgoodhope.org/




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