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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town 21  July  2018







“With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we will liberate this country.”-Winnie Madikizela Mandela

SOUTH AFRICA today is a country where violence and destruction became a national social culture. Especially  the homogeneous “majority”   tribes in South Africa since 1994 appear to have reversed straight back into the stone-age where fire , chaos, riots and brutality played an important role in the daily social lives of the different local tribal clans from the ANC, PAC, APLA, AZAPO, SACP, EFF,BLF, Inkatha and DA that want to assert their domination  in certain areas of “tribal” political importance, bad service delivery from the Czars they themselves vote in power every 5 years,  – or in disputes over hunting (land) grounds which normally are settled across the blade of a machete , barrel of a gun- or a stroke across the flint of  a match box. 

Among this  multiple warring tribes in South Africa violent behavior could be ignited simultaneously and  on a moment’s notice around any minor issue- even when they are feeling “offended” just because they want to feel “offended.” A simple dispute or alleged misplaced or ill understood assumption could turn into a violent retaliation with catastrophic consequences for the party/s on the receiving end. South African tribe mongers  already are classified as the most violent and irrational murderous gangsters in Africa. And all of this tension, murders, violence and chaos are neatly are wrapped up into a sugar coat of so-called political ‘democracy.” 

Image result for xenophobia in south africa

Image result for xenophobia in south africa

Image result for xenophobia in south africa

Their absolute mindless Neanderthal-ish ignorance of the terrible destruction and damage they inflict on others and property in a modern society really explains their true feeble-minded inability to calculate the consequences  of their destructive nature.  If they do not go rampant – burning and torching  tyres in the  streets of towns , cities and torch whole crops on farms, torch and loot delivery vehicles – they venture into trains and set carriages alight – all because their very limited Homo Habilus intelligence are  prone to revert to destruction rather than to preservation.All this in the name of “social justice.”

Now you may ask what all this has to do with burning a train? The answer is “everything!” Burning trains to “vent” their “frustration “ is just another more irresponsible sickening spin-off from their natural violent behavior of burning vehicles and shops- just on a much more higher and costly level. White Nation already reported about this sick culture of destructive train torching nature of the “majority” South Africans a while ago. In one such (repeated) case yet another Metrorail train has gone up in flames this week, this time in the Cape Town CBD.


While details are still sketchy, it is understood that several carriages are currently on fire. The city’s Fire and Rescue Services says that four fire engines have been dispatched to Cape Town train station. Officials are currently at platforms 15 and 16 extinguishing the fire while commuters are being directed out of the station. The fire broke out this afternoon and Metrorail says that it is unclear what ( we know precisely “what”) started the fire.


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Fire and Rescue’s Theo Layne:We are currently dealing with a train fire at Cape Town train station where they have numerous carriages that are alight. Four fire engines, two water tankers are on the scene. No injuries have been reported as yet. The cause of the fire is undetermined at this stage.”



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THIS is how the rail services fell into degradation since the Neanderthal clan Czars took control of South Africa in 1994.

Meanwhile, a regular commuter says that she is shocked by the incident and adds that she is concerned about safety on trains. “It is frustrating you know and then nobody seems to be able to do anything about it. Then you fear getting out because sometimes it is so full that you can’t get out.” In recent weeks, there have been at least four arson attacks on trains in the city. In one incident a commuter died. Metrorail says that the damage caused by the Steenberg train fire will cost approximately R8 million, another in Retreat is set at R5 million and an Ottery blaze will cost R6 million. This amounts to R19 million. All three areas are predominately Colored areas.


With South Africa’s “open border” policy- millions of illegal African aliens now also swamp onto the commuter service. On every stop there is fighting and scuffling to find the smallest space- even between couches. 


Image result for prasa trains burning SOUTH AFRICA

Image result for prasa trains burning SOUTH AFRICA

Image result for prasa trains burning SOUTH AFRICA

Finding a spot in South Africa’s overcrowded trains sometimes means hanging on for dear life and hope not to be pushed out of the open doors. Health & Safety is the least of concerns on this rumbling coffins.

In the inside of this train couches it’s a nightmare- with foul odor hanging around the tightly-pressed passengers who regularly get robbed and sexually tampered with while being pressed against each other in the crammed rattling sardine cans.

No sitting space in the passenger coaches anymore- all squeezed tightly against each other in the boxcar….

When the train is simply too overloaded the safest place then appear to be riding ……on the locomotive!!


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Image result for prasa trains burning SOUTH AFRICA

And when tensions run too high on this sardine cans…..up she goes in smoke– irrespective whether people might get hurt or fatally injured- the Neanderthal mind simply does not contemplate compassion or respect for human life.

AND what the Neanderthals do to the trains….they do to the road transport as well…..

Emergency services are currently attending to a sc



-and to shopping malls. South Africans after 1994 became one badly undisciplined screwed-up nation.

Traveling on a train in South Africa is about as safe as doing bungee jumping without any strings attached. Trains became overpopulated and utterly dangerous to travel with. More than 150 legal and illegal creatures will fill a 90 max passenger coach every trip. Sexual harassment, robberies, fatal stabbings and being thrown off a cramped foul odor smelling train is a common occurrence on South African suburban trains. Swaying overpopulated trains barely can move on the tracks between points anymore with hundreds of illegal leeches hanging from their windows and sides. There is no control anymore- it’s a “free for all.”

The pumpkin-patch overlords of Transnet and especially Metrorail long ago lost control of it’s system- nowadays only reverting to lip service, promises, excuses- and replacing coach upon coach upon coach. The torching of trains and other vandalism has become so severe that Metrorail’s central line, which previously had 33 trains transporting commuters in Cape Town, is now down to only eight. Even the old decrepit Transport minister Blade Nzimande had to admit Cape Town’s  rail transport is the worst in the country. 

But who the hell cares– in this disarray of modern chaos called a “democracy” the third world already left it’s destructive and tainted mark on a once flourishing first world service. These creatures  torch and loot whole farms, shopping malls, shops, trucks, cars, train stations, hospitals….and trains when their pre-historic minds tells them to  feel “offended.” They even burn their own kind!  South Africa really was thrown back into the stone-age since 1994…together with it’s majority inhabitants. 

Since the Neanderthal Czars took control of South Africa in 1994 the once superb clean and well-disciplined safe controlled transport system became a cesspool of undisciplined lawless criminal bottom-dwellers preying on innocent commuters. Hundreds of train coaches already went to the scrap heap…burned beyond recognition. So- what is yet another train that went up in smoke then? Cape Town City can thank their blooming stars  their train station is still operational- and not end up like Pretoria train station where the Neanderthals burned down the bloody train station  on 20 February 2001 because they also felt “offended ” by rising ticket costs!


This is Africa for you mate-  if you feel “offended“- well- if it is alive- murder it. If it lays down- rape it– if it has value- steal it– and if it cannot be dealt with as with the first three examples- burn it! The poor South Africans are now so jerked  back down the evolution ladder since 1994  –  they actually again re-discovered the “magic “ of fire. Well- that is the “new” South Africa’s “democracy” for you- I suppose. With time they will even progress up the evolution ladder again and  maybe in the next 100 years -or-so ….who knows- they may even re-discover hand tools! More than that – well- there is no guarantee. While the white collar criminals locally and from abroad are robbing the state coffers and mineral resources blind at the  top- the dwellers at the bottom of the barrel are burning the infrastructure to cinders with their newly discovered “yellow magic. ” The legacy of Winnie Madikizela Mandela’s  match boxes  is still flowing strong in South Africa’s reign of fire.




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