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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee  July 24   2018





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” Therefore thou hast forsaken thy people the house of Jacob, because they be replenished from the East, and are soothsayers like the Philistines, and they please themselves in the children of strangers. Their land also is full of silver and gold, neither is there any end of their treasures; their land is also full of horses, neither is there any end of their chariots: Their land also is full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made…” Isaiah 2: 6-8

THIS past week or so we were literally bombarded with news about  the Putin/Trump summit in Helsinki with about every newshound across the globe from left and right trying to add his or her little dime into the chatterbox to try to earn his or her keep.

But the question that comes to mind is whether this summit was not fully exploited to brainwash us, drum up more media propaganda support for the “Big Six” – (Netanyahu, Trump, Putin, Xiping, May and Merkel)- to keep an iron grip on world control- and   are we just again taken for yet another buffoon-ride down the political passageway to suckertown? After all- we live in a world dominated by power politics. And power politics ( the most powerful governments  bank-rolled and controlled by the corporate world) dictates for anything to go as long as the end result is firm control of the world by a small “elite”‘-  it’s resources-  and it’s naive “Goyim”  tax paying slaves.

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World Masonic Leaders meet in Washington D.C

Between them this six  now have full control over the oil fields of the Middle-East, The grain resources of America, the rich mineral deposits of South Africa- the human resources and military power of the world- and the financial back-up of all the world’s most powerful  corporate tycoons ( the “deep state” ) behind them. Take only ONE of this elements away from the other- and immediately there will be a weak link in their world domination plan- secretly referred to as “Agenda 21. Thus this six political elements  have to co-operate with each other in a very tight knit global organization.


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The deception of power politics. In public they hate each other- behind the scenes they all belong to the same “family.”   (Top) Netanyahu with Freemason Foreign Minister Ayrault of France. Supposedly they disagree about way to peace.

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Clearly Nigel Farage is also a Freemason. In Masonic grip with Doug Carswell, the only UKIP MP at Westminster

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Putin/Kissinger Free Masonic shake

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Even the little demi-god Mandela was a Mason. 

So they now can choke any country in the world at any given time in their  “one world “ regime  iron grip. The fact that Trump now are cleverly being “utilized”  by this wolf-pack to act as the “bad boy” of world politics means that they again are playing their age-old game of  politics by creating two sides of the equilibrium- one good-one “bad.” One right- one left- just as they control your local political environment- one side right “conservative “  republicans- one side left ” liberal” democrats- but both sides work for the same ” employer.” And you and me are the poor “sheeple” in the middle- being exploited to be slaughtered at will to unwittingly fulfill their secret agenda of   selfish enrichment and global dominance.

Image result for world leaders free masons

Image result for world leaders free masons

All of them are secretly belonging to the same masters and all are servants of Izrael – irrespective of their public attacks on each other- all is just a game of power politics to deceive the “ sheeple.” .

Take for instance: We all read recently about the zillions of so-called :”leftists” and congressmen that literally castrated Trump in the media by wide margins  for his conduct during the summit with  Putin last week and for his casting doubt on U.S. intelligence conclusions that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. Even in Washington  Trump faced withering bipartisan criticism for appearing to side with Putin over U.S. intelligence agencies at a Monday news conference in Helsinki.

The Trump Clinton connection

AND as ever again it appears that the “Clinton” ghost keep on haunting Trump and the name “Hillary” just keep on popping up everywhere. Now again she lambasted Trump openly by saying that  ” The  great mystery is why this president (Trump) has not spoken up for our country, and we saw this most clearly in this recent meeting with Putin. So this idea that somehow we are not sure where our own president stands is deeply disturbing.” And as the Helsinki meeting concluded, Clinton accused Trump of being on Russia’s “team” in a smarmy tweet.

 Wasn’t Hillary supposed to be already locked up far away  by now for the e-mail scandal and/or the Benghazi affair after the 11 renegade senators called for a special committee to prosecute  Clinton, Lynch, Comey and others?  Isn’t she supposed to be already “accommodated  ”  in the San Quentin  or the one or the other Super Max State “recreational facility ” already?  Yet as far as we can see “Madame H ” still runs wild and free – and  is still blissfully huffing , coughing and puffing in her act as Trump’s “Black Widow” – injecting venomous poison  in Trump’s presidential arse all the time. And the Don gleefully” accept ” being chastised by this  ever present pesky political omen.When America made Trump president it appears they inherited  the “Hilly goat” as an optional  free-bee”shadow government “ as well. She simply refuse to “disappear” silently into the night. She keep on hopping back into the political spotlight like Trump’s evil twin sister.

However– Things simply does not appear to be as “kosher” as we are supposed to made to believe by the political head honchos or the boondoggle media circus. For instance: Hillary now have so much to say about the meeting between Trump and Putin-  as we can subtract from her very noisy and verbal oratories. One nearly would believe that Hillary and the Don really are arch enemies in the battle for the presidential throne- was it not for the very fact that Trump and Clinton are two names that are synonymous to each other. One New York foundation official stated that “ Many people will only speak anonymously about the Trumps and the Clintons, because both clans are known to be vindictive”  — and notes that “in the community of plutocrats and super achievers who come to New York.”  The one cannot be spoken of without mentioning the other. They appear to be rivals at all times and venues but close confidantes between the political bedsheets. BUT  behind the political facade they publicly present to us they are not  always  the two biggest “political adversaries “ as the media want us to believe it to be.

Image result for trump hillary clinton friends for years

Did you know that Bill Clinton “casually encouraged” Donald Trump to run for president less than a year before the 2016 campaign began, according to one reporter’s tell-all memoir detailing life as a journalist covering Hillary Clinton? Amy Chozaik wrote in her Washington Post memoirs that  despite Trump and Hillary Clinton’s public “hostility ” toward one another now, the book details how close Trump and Bill Clinton once were.  “Bill Clinton was the best friend Donald Trump always hoped to have,” Chozick wrote of their relationship in her nearly 400-page book. Chozick wrote that during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Trump maintained that Clinton was a “terrific guy” and only criticized his “terrible” choice of Lewinsky. “He’d urged the Clintons to move into one of his Trump-branded Manhattan condos when they left the White House. They opted for a five-bedroom colonial in Chappaqua instead,” Chozick wrote. “When a Waspy Westchester golf club hesitated to accept Clinton, Donald begged him to join the Trump National Golf Club saying Clinton is a ‘great gentleman, a good golfer and a wonderful guy.’” Then also do not forget that when Trump married the Slovenian former model Melania Knauss in 2005 at his  Mar-a-Lago estate  – the Clintons was invited by the Don and did join the celebrations.


Don and the Hilly-goat went back a long time- way back that is. One wonder just how deep their relationship really is?

Factually does Trump and the “Hilly goat” also have a long history together- a history starting way back when both of them still was in their “Ducktale ” adolescent years.  As for whether Trump contributed to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s senate campaigns, Trump has admitted as much. “I’m a businessman, I contribute to everybody,” Trump told Fox & Friends on July 15. (PunditFact has found to be the case.) “That’s part of the problem with the system. I contribute to everybody. When I need Hillary, she was there. If I say go to my wedding, they go to my wedding. I contribute to everybody and you know what, that’s part of the problem with our system.”


The Clinton -Putin connection

When planning a trip to Moscow for a speaking engagement in June 2010, former President Bill Clinton reportedly tried to meet with an official who was part of a Russian state-run company seeking approval to purchase a uranium company with holdings in the United States. Instead, Clinton ended up meeting Vladimir Putin. A month prior to the trip, Clinton, whose wife, Hillary Clinton, was secretary of state at the time, asked the State Department if it had any “concerns” about a list of 15 people he intended to meet in Russia, The Hill reported , citing emails and government records.

Among them was Arkady Dvorkovich, an aide to Russia’s president at the time, Dmitri Medvedev, and a board director of Rosatom, the state-run atomic energy agency that was vying for a majority stake in Canadian company Uranium One. The company had mines in the United States, and if the deal went through, Russia would gain control of 20 percent of the U.S.’s uranium. The deal did win approval even though the FBI reportedly discovered that officials in Russia’s nuclear industry were bribing an American uranium trucking company, indicating a potential national security threat.

But Clinton did visit Putin at his home. At the time, Putin was serving as Russia’s prime minister after spending eight years as its president, from 2000 to 2008. The Clintons and former President Barack Obama have faced scrutiny  over pay-to-play allegations connected to the Rosatom deal, which was approved in October 2010. Bill Clinton’s Moscow speech in June 2010 was delivered at a Russian bank, Renaissance Capital, that reportedly was encouraging people to purchase shares of Uranium One and had links to the Kremlin, and the State Department was one of the many government bodies involved in approving the deal. As the old saying goes, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up. That’s certainly true with the growing scandal over the Russians’ extortion racket in the U.S., possible bribes to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation, and the FBI’s curious decision not to reveal the Russians’ activities and ties to the Obama administration.

So why would Russian nuclear officials send money to the Clinton Foundation?  Hillary Clinton was then secretary of state. In that position, she sat on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), the panel that decides whether strategic foreign investments such as Rosatom’s will be allowed to proceed.  Despite the FBI’s evidence of bribery, extortion and racketeering, Hillary Clinton and then-Attorney General Eric Holder and other members of the Obama administration approved of Rosatom’s takeover of Uranium One.

One hand washes the other. The money flowed, and what remained of the investigation was hushed up. The investigation ran for two years, from 2009 to 2010, and then went quiet, right after CFIUS approved of Rosatom’s purchase of Uranium One assets. In 2014, the Justice Department issued a few hand-slaps in what appeared to be major crimes, but that was all. By then, Hillary had already left office, and Holder was about to. The question, as always, is why? Well, certainly greed. The Clinton Foundation lined its pockets. By one estimate, it took in $145 million from investors linked to Uranium One.

 Peter Schweizer’s well-documented book, “Clinton Cash, points out that Clinton and her associates were deeply involved with the Russians on many levels. That’s what makes her recent protestations about being cheated out of the presidency by a Russian-Trump conspiracy so laughable. Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief, John Podesta, served on the board of a small Russian energy company, Joule Unlimited, along with Russian officials. It took in $35 million from a Russian government fund, of course linked to Vladimir Putin. That money came just two months after Podesta joined the board.

Podesta’s own Center for American Progress took in $5.25 million from the Sea Change Foundation from 2009 to 2013. What was the Sea Change Foundation? A somewhat questionable group that received a chunk of cash from a Bermuda-based group called Klein Ltd., which appears to have ties to the Russians. Didn’t know that? Neither the Democrats nor media bothered to tell you. Nor did Podesta. He was required by law to inform the government of that relationship, but it “slipped “ his mind.

But even more troubling is the fact that Hillary Clinton recruited U.S. high-tech biggies such as Google, Cisco and Intel to help Russia set up a high-tech hub under the questionable auspices of the Russian Skoldovo foundation. That group seems to have been set up by Putin-crony and Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg explicitly for the purpose of sending advanced U.S. technology to Skoldovo, a kind of Russian Silicon Valley that Putin wanted built. But its aims weren’t altruistic. Of the 28 U.S., European and Russian firms that took part in that effort, 17 were donors to the Clinton Foundation. FBI Assistant Special Agent Lucia Ziobro in 2014 sent a letter to those private U.S. companies taking part, which stated: “The FBI believes the true motives of the Russian partners, who are often funded by the government, is to gain access to classified, sensitive, and emerging technology from companies.” If Hillary Clinton’s State Department ever objected to this arrangement, we’re unaware of it.



In the “single compact arena” of New York, E.B. White wrote, : “ A gladiator and a promoter can come together in a city vibrating with great undertakings. “These two names, for the last two or three decades, represent what has been incredible and vulgar about this country at the same time,” says the Manhattan ad man and television personality Donny Deutsch.We can trace our downfalls or upticks as a society through them.” The story of how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton rose and reinvented themselves and embraced and brawled is the story of New York itself. It is a tale of power, influence, class, society and ambition that might have intrigued Edith Wharton, whose family once owned a grand home down the block from what is now Trump Tower.

Trump’s undying love and support for Izrael , his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital and his decision to move the embassy there  is well documented- so is his family ties and advisers also smut with Jews. Donald never mentioned the term “Aryan white” in any of his speeches- but many times “Jews” and “Mexicans.” Donald already sold America to Izrael. Trump is no representative of the white American race- he simply is yet another player for the world order. Both Putin and Trtump’s close connection with China in trade deals are also well documented. We observed Putin and Trump’s connection with Theresa May as well. We saw them visit Merkel too. This brings the “Big Six” together- each one fulfilling a certain function and destiny in their world control program: America supplying the technology, Russia the armament, China the human resources, Britain the funding through the Rothschilds, Germany the industry and Izrael doing the controlling part. It doesn’t matter from which side of the political spectrum they rule- all of them sometime or the other will take  up the crusade and take their turn at kissing that wailing wall in Jerusalem to proof their obedience and support to the Israel world domination agenda.


 So- as you clearly can see- the facade we observe on public pedestals between this supposed to be “rival”  political parties are  simply superficial-  acts by well-trained con artists  to mislead the public into believing voting for Trump keeps Hillary out of our politics- or voting for Hillary keeps the “racist” Trump out of our politics. It’s all about political power plays. All political parties are funded and controlled by a small corporate elite. Creating “rivals” keeps them in control. Where Obama was supporting the Muslim Arabs- Trump again is supporting the Zionist Jews. This power shift happens all around the world. It’s always between the Arab and Jew.
In Europe it’s the Jew European Union using  Arabs to infest white homogeneous Germanic countries. In South Africa the National Party sided with the Jews before 1994- and today the communist ANC is siding with the Muslim Arabs again. No matter which country you visit- the Arab/Jew power play for control will be at work there. Never is there any mentioning , representation or place for the Germanic Indo-European ethnolinguistic people in modern politics. Controlling countries always was and is a battle between Muslim Arabs and Zionist Jews-  both sects hate the white Christian with a passion and want to see him exterminated from the face of the earth as we now see in Germany, France, Sweden and the genocide of white Christians in South Africa. While they  seem to hate each other on the Middle-East battle field- they love each other in the corporate business world- always co-operating to control a country’s resources. The Arab will control the food retail market- and the Jew controls the shops and shelves they sell it from.
Together they co-conspire to control the world politics and global economy. It’s a dirty game this power politics- and we as white Germanic peoples together with the 3rd world dwellers wandering in Middle Earth always ends up as either their cannon fodder in  their conquering wars – or as their  tax paying slaves to keep their “Kosher” and “Halaal” marks of the beast controlling  our daily lives- one way or the other. These world domination aliens long ago learned the value of secret societies and the power of politics. This is why they invented politics- it simply is a global system to control you and me to keep us poor, enslaved and prevent us as white peoples from ever becoming a threat to their world domination plan. We have been stripped of our sovereignty as a race, we have been left powerless to rule ourselves. We have been forced to obey their every command. We were adjudicated to become their obedient slaves. And still we as white peoples believe all the bullsh*t they keep on feeding  us at election times- still we vote for our own demise every 5 years- still we believe their lies and fake promises- how stupid can we be?
Image result for NEW WORD ORDER
There is no such a thing as a “honest “ politician.  The saying that “the only good politician is a dead politician “  is so true.  Good politicians the likes of Lincoln,JFK, Hendrik Verwoerd, Nasser, Ghandi, Bhutto and Ghadaffi but to name only a few who dared opposing this corporate powers all ended up dead. They are the good and dead politicians. So too is politicians the likes of Bush. Blair, Merkel, Sarkozy, May and the rest of the crypto-Jew scum ruling our governments  after being exterminated- only then do they turn good politicians- after they are dead. So- to conclude-: As for Hillary to ever see the inside of San Quintin or any similar facility is a definite “no.” Donald simply will not allow it. The “order” will not allow it. Her murderous reign in Benghazi , the Russian nuclear affair and dark conspiracy email scandals will soon be wiped under the “political indemnity” carpet. Too much political power is amassed behind her and she and Donald appear to share too many past shady  “special moments” together.
How “special” this “moments” were we will never know- but according to revelations Hillary seems to fit the role as Donald’s old “concubine” – and knows too many of his past intimate “secrets. “ One can nearly take a wild guess and say they use to be quite “intimate “ back then as Donald keep on shadowing Hillary like a naughty jealous school boy . What is obvious is that Donald has this  undying “affection “  for Hillary- never too far away from her. One Republican- One Democrat- conservative  and liberal – both working close together in their secret political eco-system. Right wing or left wing- both belong to the same bird. But the two of them as sure as hell saw to it that they dominate the American politics- keeping the power within the hands of the clans.
Will Donald ever stand up for the white race or promote their interests? The answer also is a resounding “no.”  On the contrary is Donald against the Germanic white race. He sided with the Zionist Jews instead. He knows where the money power is situated- and where the corporate protection of the “deep state” comes from.  He made sure his health insurance is covered and he will not also end up as a “good” politician. . Donald so far have not been batting an eye-lid about the ISIS murders, ending the Syria conflict,  the white genocide in South Africa- or the systematic extermination of the Palestines by Izrael. He never will– for he also is part of the pseudo government system  to keep the oligarchy agenda alive and present  America to be available for the ” Big Six” new world order anarchists. On the question of just how much bullsh*t can they  still feed us– the answer is simple: As long as me and you still are going to believe that bullsh*t and vote them back into power during  the next election.
White Nation