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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria 04 August   2018





THE 5-yearly election mating season dawned on  the South African landscape again- sending all the political primates in the Cape Town parly tree into a rutting frenzy. The long awaited season to  start screwing the naive receptive black population into an orgasm to ejaculate favorable support at the voting booths again has arrived. And each little monkey is polishing his longest and most colorful political mind penetrating  organ for this wonderful interaction to react and copulate with the multitude naive rapping receptive brains  of their “majority.” 

The political primates are suddenly changing their  tactics  to fit the occasion to inject as much cheap political sperm into the empty heads of  the receptive voting harlots as possible. This will ensure yet another generation of  strong political bullsh*t offspring to rule the corrupt  pride lands – and naturally secure  seats in the gravy train for the next five years. And as always whites are again targeted to be the skunks to carry the brunt of this despicable display of political monkey fornication.

The ANC suddenly is hell-bent to disown all whites from their land  to hit it “big” with it’s black ever demanding racist  electorate- stealing the idea ( and lime – light )  from the sleaze-ball directionless EFF. COPE again is trying to fornicate with whites to vote for their party to boost ailing numbers. The  low-life EFF rats are threatening land invasions to amass jobless black youths behind them.  The IFP is trying to capitalize on  the Ingonyama Trust land issue to boost the black Zulu confidence in them. The poor VF-Plus is still confused and still trying to figure out whether it now will again snug up to whites- or rather concentrate to save  their basket of love apples for  the Western Cape and Northern Cape colored knights. AGANG is like we all know- just a small conglomeration of noisy  ANC  “wanna be but never gonna be” racist back-benchers- singing to the same tunes as their ANC pimps. And now the DA’s federal council has decided to suddenly dump it’s ANC prick – and ditch black economic empowerment, claiming the policy is simply “just not working” to appease it’s Indian, white and colored voters.

The party’s head of policy Gwen Ngwenya confirmed to News24 that the DA’s highest policy decision making body resolved the decision in July, instead opting to seek a broader economic empowerment framework. The DA has previously thrown its weight behind the idea of BEE but claimed it only unlocked economic opportunities for politically connected blacks and that the way in which it was being implemented was not sustainable.

BEE has also been a source of fierce contestation within the party. It resulted in a spat between former party leader Helen Zille and former DA parliamentary caucus leader Lindiwe Mazibuko. Mazibuko was accused by Zille of failing to ensure the opposition properly interrogated and responded to new legislation on BEE and employment equity before backing it. It is also widely believed this was one of the reasons why Mazibuko quit politics.


There is a very real commitment to black empowerment, but we recognize that triple BEE has not worked,” said Ngwenya. She said the party was still working its way towards its new “broad economic empowerment framework,” but was confident about what elements needed to be included. “Getting people into jobs, making sure they have the skills to earn a higher income when they are in the jobs – and therefore be able to put more of their income towards investment – that is the way to accumulate the kind of wealth that turns into intergenerational prosperity and BEE has not done that and will not do that,” explained Ngwenya.

Political parties are attempting to sharpen their positions on issues ahead of next year’s national elections, with the ANC coming out this week saying it will push for a constitutional amendment on land. Ngwenya confirmed the economic decision by the DA is similar, as the country’s main opposition decides what it can offer South Africans. “This is the period when political parties should be looking to review their offers to South Africans,” said Ngwenya.