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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg 08 August   2018








WE have been saying it for a long time now: The South African Revenue Service is corrupt.  The South African Revenue Service (Sars)now only   admits  it is conducting a “comprehensive investigation “  into the payment of millions of rands in VAT and personal income tax refunds to Gupta-linked companies and individuals.

The Daily Maverick’s investigative unit Scorpio and News24 have reported that they have evidence which reveals Sars unlawfully paid more than R400 million in tax refunds to Gupta-linked entities. Cyril Ramaphosa suspended Sars commissioner Tom Moyane in March; he is now facing a “disciplinary “ inquiry. (With full salary- that is.)

Scorpio and News24 report that more than R400 million in unlawful VAT refunds were paid into an attorney’s trust account to a shelf company, and one of Moyane’s nephew’s former business partners. The scheme was allegedly devised in order to keep the Gupta enterprise afloat when banks started closing their doors to them between December 2016 and April this year. Sars says these allegations form part of a comprehensive investigation to establish whether there have been any failures in governance processes or operational procedures.


Image result for tom moyane

TOM MOYANE– robbed the tax payer blind

SARS this past year has been in the news numerous times for fraudulent activities by his senior management and employees. We already know about Tom Moyane and the multiple corruption charges against him. Then there is his second in command- Jonas Makwakwa– who also was suspended ( with full pay) in September 2016  already for fraud of R 1.2 million.

This includes:

1. 75 cash deposits totalling R785 130 into Makwakwa’s account;

2. 48 of these deposits were made between 2014 and 2015;

3. Some of these payments were traced back through about 14 accounts to the department of water affairs and forestry;

4. The amounts paid into Makwakwa’s account suddenly increased from R5 500 to R278 400 in 2013 to 2014, and in 2015 the value of the cash deposits increased to R448 000;

5. R200 000, as part payment of a Mercedes Benz C220 Bluetec in favour of Kelly-Ann Elskie, was made from Makwakwa’s personal bank account. Elskie is employed by the legal division in Sars and is believed to be Makwakwa’s girlfriend.

6. Between December 22 and 24 2015, three cash deposits totalling R450 200 were deposited into the account of Kelly-Ann Elskie;

7. The deposits were made over three consecutive days into three different branches of the same bank, all located within an approximate 10km radius.

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JONAS MAKWAKWA– followed in his boss’ footsteps and dug deep into the tax payers’ money

Then we have the case of Yegan Mundie, investigated for unlawfully possessing and distributing State Security Agency communication intercepts with individuals associated with the tobacco industry, botched investigations relating to the tobacco industry, unlawful interference in the Mark Lifman R380m tax case as well as unlawfully and illegally releasing a fraudulent VAT refund.

Image result for RONEL VAN WYK SARS

YEGAN MUNDI– Another SARS scamster investigated

Also we have the case of Ronel van Wyk, a well-respected and top investigator at SARS, who also resigned in light of an investigation by Mundie. She was involved in some of SARS’ biggest cases that resulted in tax assessments exceeding R3bn. Ronel van Wyk resigned and was  working the rest of her notice period at home. Van Wyk was allegedly escorted off the premises on the day she resigned.  And SARS chief officer in charge of Tax and Customs Enforcement, Gene Ravele was investigated for fraud.

SARS senior officials leaving in droves

However  Van Wyk joined a long list of executives and senior employees who have left SARS in the past years. The Huffington Post reported in December last year that almost the entire senior management team had left SARS since Tom Moyane was appointed as commissioner in September 2014, “ranging from deputy commissioner Ivan Pillay, chief operating officer Barry Hore, chief enforcement officer Gene Ravele, as well as a host of group executives, executives and senior managers”.

Among some of the employees that have left the institution are: Vusi Ngqulana – the group executive for debt collection; Kosie Louw – the longest serving member of SARS executive and an internationally renowned tax-expert; Matsobane Matlwa – the chief financial officer; Elle-Sarah Rossato – she was in charge of a specialised legal and debt management team within the enforcement unit; and top investigator Asham Khan.  Senior audit manager Lorraine van Esch resigned. She had been the audit manager responsible for some of the biggest, high profile tax cases in the last few years involving assessments in excess of R3bn. Former SARS spokesperson Adrian Lackay, at his CCMA hearing, said that between September 2014 and March 2015, 55 senior managers had left SARS. The figure would be far higher by now. The SA Revenue Service (Sars) is badly managed and falling apart under the tenure of the leaderships of the past decade. This year alone  SARS announced a shortfall of R50.8bn . Now the public is forced to pay an increased 15% VAT to compensate that shortfall. Iow the public are now held accountable for the corruption and mismanagement and corruption  of SARS officials. Why is this corrupt officials not brought to justice and they held accountable for the millions they allowed to be wasted- why always the already pummeled public? 

Catching the little “thieves” so the big thives can rob the state coffers


Image result for mark kingon SARS

MARK KINGON– Acting SARS commissioner- already demanding the taxpayer to declare their income and expenditure again. 

Now their new acting commissioner – Mark Kingon ( all due respect to the man that were pushed into trying to sort out  the biggest government created mess before the next big government appointed thief arrives to proceed plundering the taxes where Moyane left off) – already send out new “warnings ” to taxpayers to start submitting their tax returns from earnings R 1000.00 and above again according to Section 25  of the Tax Administration Act  of 2011 ( Read with Section 66(1)irrespective the fact that SARS is wasting the tax payers money in a massive scale of corruption. We as an already overtaxed public demand from SARS an independent full audit and to disclose their expenditure of tax payers money first in an open source media for scrutinizing before we will adhere to Mr. Kingon’s ” Tax Administration Act ” demands.

SARS is a public service– it’s employees paid by public tax money- and therefore as their employer- we as the public has the right to know what SARS in doing with our taxes. If we have to disclose our earnings and expenses to SARS- then the same rule applies to SARS- they must disclose to the public their earnings and expenses. If we get jailed for “tax evasion” – so must all employees connected to fraud and mismanagement also be jailed for tax corruption. You see- these government “gurus” have been playing this game a one-way street all these years: They “demand” and threaten the public to hand in their tax returns for “scrutinizing”– but they themselves never reported to the public in general what the hell is going on in that dark corridors of the SARS head office in Pretoria.

To go and give a cooked “report” before parliament tells the public nothing. This is how Moyane and his gangsters got away with this fraud in the first place.How come was Moyane, Makwakwa and the rest of the thieving gangsters not arrested and also thrown in jail like they would do if we “refuse” to pay their illegal taxes? How come are they still FREE on “suspension with FULL PAY??  How come SARS can quickly organize a warrant of arrest for us if we do not pay their taxes- but deliberately are dragging their feet in obtaining warrants of arrests for their own  white collar criminals? They have this exuberant expensive systems they procured (which none of them actually knows how to operate) – to nab the public for tax evasion- but they cannot even apply a system to nab their own thieves from stealing the public’s money!

Meanwhile most of the state departments are falling to pieces because of this type of government mob thievery. Not ONE state department runs effectively anymore – but all of them are hampered by deep state corruption and thievery. Simply because organs like SARS refuse to become transparent to the public- but rather prefer to keep vital information from preying public eyes. And then they still want to drag YOU before the courts for alleged “tax evasion.” How ironic!! They are catching all the small fish so that the friggen sharks can rule the seas. 

That being said– if their evil doings was made public in a public open source paper– or a free special printed report in booklet form each year – someone independently in the public would have picked it up long ago…..and not wait for the toothless politicians to one day when they awake from their slumber – take action against this government swindlers. If YOU want to arrest us for “tax evasion”– then bloody well we want to see your books to see what YOU have done with our hard-earned money! What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Other than that we as the public must start a tax revolution and start to choke that friggen thieving  gander!