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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee USA 10 August   2018




Illuminati Satanists rule the world- not politicians, bankers or military heads




ILLUMINATI satanists rule the world- not politicians, bankers or military heads. This fact we all know by now. We know that any opposition to their world domination plan are met with fierce resistance, intimidation- and even execution of those that dare stand up against their financial monopolizing of the financial markets  . Those inventors that dare trying to give us free energy, cheap and affordable cures for chronic illnesses and a chance to become self independent are intimidated, financially ruined – or even assassinated. That is the rules of the Illuminati satanic power plays.

Big Business controls our lives, Big Petroleum companies, Big Pharma and Big Food companies-  all are exercising their demonic iron grip on our daily existence.They control our governments, our politicians- and prevent us from being free people of this world. They are the ones controlling the corporate assassins exterminating “rebellious” individuals. Their rule is mob rule. They are the “Deep State” corrupting our governments and plundering our countries for selfish greed.  They are raping our natural resources, bribing our governments and dominating our life supporting systems. Killing and taxing us into poverty and financial slavery through their paid government lap dogs  and mind controlling media fits their agenda in order to keep us to be controlled sheep and be  their ever submissive and obedient minions in their One World Order  agenda. Free thinkers pose the biggest threat to this evil plan- thus they must be dealt with quick and mercilessly before their puny ideas spread too fast and become a major obstacle to the world domination agenda.

And all these companies , banks and media moguls belong to one tiny “elite”  group of vultures who calls themselves the “Illuminati.” History is rotten with corpses of political leaders, inventors and scientists that dare try to change our miserable lives for a better tomorrow. And all the time this Illuminati fiends and their Big Corporations are behind the drive to destroy any one that opens the gates to allow the “sheeple” their freedom and pose a glimpse of resistance to their evil world domination plan.

In America medical doctors and scientists are “disappearing” at an alarming rate. Suddenly many medical inventors and scientists decided to “commit suicide”– or were found dead- either in an “accident”- or by some strange or mysterious  “co-incidence.” The corporate assassins are at work- destroying and killing off those that truly want to give us a better and affordable  life.And many unexplained deaths are linked to dark societies like the Clinton Foundation.   Since the start of the 21st century, some have noted that many leading scientists suddenly began to “drop like flies.” Some were murdered, while others appeared to have died in” tragic accidents. ” While most people found the explanations for these scientists’ deaths perfectly “acceptable,”–  some began to investigate further, and the conspiracy theory that they were being “eliminated” was born. Many of the scientists were found to have had “secret” ties to the intelligence communities, and it was argued that they were being targeted intentionally.

Here are some inventors and scientists that mysteriously met their fate  in unexplained fashion:


Rodney Marks

  1. Australian astrophysicist Dr. Rodney Marks died from acute methanol poisoning. What isn’t known, however, is how he was poisoned. Suicide was officially ruled out during the investigation that followed. As more time passes, it’s likely that his death will remain a mystery.

Don Wiley

2.Dr. Don Wiley’s dead body was dragged from the Mississippi River on December 20, 2001, his death was ruled a “homicide”  by both Arkansas and Tennessee police forces. The biophysics expert was last seen over a month earlier on November 15. His seemingly abandoned rental car was found the following day on a bridge in Tennessee. The FBI soon became involved in the case, and they declared his death “accidental, “– stating that he had fallen from the bridge shortly after exiting his vehicle. His death also came in the wake of the Anthrax postings in the United States, with many stating that Dr. Wiley was one of the few people who would have been able to accurately trace exactly where the deadly substance had originated.

3.In 2002, when 46-year-old geneticist Dr. Tanya Holzmayer opened her door to pay for a pizza delivery, she was gunned down by fellow scientist Guyang Matthew Huang. Her murder was witnessed by her horrified teenage son. Mountain View, California, where Holzmayer lived, had only seen one murder the entire previous year. Huang sped away in his car, and his body was found shortly after. He’d apparently taken his own life. Although police were unaware of the motive for the murder, there was speculation that Huang had killed his former supervisor as an act of “revenge ” for her firing of him over a “company rules” matter. Employees of PPD Discovery, where Holzmayer and Huang had worked, were instructed not to talk to the media about the killing, which only wrapped the whole incident in even more mystery.

4.On November 12, 2001, the grim discovery of Dr. Benito Que’s dead body was made outside his laboratory on the grounds of Miami Medical School in Florida. He had been beaten badly and appeared to be the victim of an apparent mugging. Local media apparently reported at the time that four men wearing dark clothing and carrying baseball bats had been seen in the immediate vicinity at the time of the scientist’s death. However, these allegations were refuted by police, who stated Que had died from “cardiac arrest. ” They then promptly refused to discuss the matter publicly, which only fueled rumors of an alleged cover-up. Que was a cell biologist and was working on infectious diseases, including the HIV virus, at the time of this death.

5.Robert Leslie Burghoff wasn’t just knocked down by a van. The vehicle was purposely driven onto the pathway where he was walking and then used to plow into the biochemist at the Texas Medical Center on November 20, 2003. The van then sped away from the scene, leaving the dead scientist where he was struck. Burghoff was studying a flu outbreak that appeared to be hitting cruise ships at the time, and coincidentally or not, Texas was in the middle of a flu outbreak of its own at the time of his death. He was also an expert on gene-mapping, which led some to believe that there was a strong possibility that his death, which was certainly an intended hit-and-run, was connected to his work.

6. Drs. Valdimir Korshunov and Alexi Brushlinski, Russian scientists who worked in the microbiology field, both were murdered in Moscow within two weeks of each other in early 2002. Brushlinski, who was also a member of the Russian Academy of Science, was killed on January 28 by what authorities simply labeled a “bandit attack.” He was beaten to death. Just short of a fortnight later on February 8, Korshunov was also beaten to death within walking distance from his home and left on the street. Korshunov was head of microbiology at the Russian State Medical University at the time of his death. Both murders are officially regarded as random attacks but have raised the eyebrows of conspiracy theorists.

Eugene Mallove

7. Eugene Mallove was a leading scientist in the controversial field of free energy. Perhaps because of this, when he was found dead in the driveway of his childhood home, many conspiracy theorists jumped upon his death as a planned “hit,” as opposed to a murder that had escalated from an argument over unpaid rent and a subsequent eviction. Mallove had been renting out his former childhood home to the Schaffers at the time of his death in May 2004. The Schaffers’ son, Chad, along with his girlfriend, Candace Foster, and friend Mozzelle Brown, were charged with scientist’s murder. According to the investigation, Chad had returned to the home his family had rented along with Brown. The two men beat the scientist to death and then attempted to make the incident look like a robbery with Foster’s help. Strangely, despite the obvious connection to the Schaffers, it took police several years to make the connection and arrests.

8. Physicist and nuclear research scientist John Mullen died suddenly in June 2004 from arsenic poisoning. It is believed the lethal dose was administered to him through a health drink he had consumed earlier. When he died, Mullen was doing contract work for Boeing. In a further twist, his girlfriend, Tamara Rallo, who was about to be arrested for being involved in his murder, was found dead at her home by the police. At the time, investigators didn’t divulge to the media if she had committed suicide or had been murdered. Regardless of this, though, there will be no trial for Mullen’s death.

9. Despite the strange circumstances surrounding the discovery of Dr. Ian Langford on February 11, 2002, the police declared his death not to be suspicious within 48 hours. He had been found, partially naked, with wounds to his body, which was bizarrely positioned under a chair in his home. Police stated that the wounds were either self-inflicted or from a previous accident. Other sources, albeit unofficial ones, claimed that his property was splattered with blood when his body was discovered. Langford was a leading researcher in environmental risk at the University of East Anglia, where he had worked for eight years, even being described by his peers as “one of Europe’s leading experts” in his chosen field.

Jeong Im, Timothy Hoag

10. The 2005 murder of retired University of Missouri professor Jeong Im, who was also an accomplished protein chemist, is intriguing. Firefighters discovered his body when they were called to put out a burning car on the third level of a parking garage. Once they had extinguished the blaze, they discovered his dead body in the trunk of the vehicle. There were multiple stab wounds to his chest, suggesting that he was dead before he was placed in the car. Almost a decade later in 2013, his murder was blamed on a career criminal named Timothy Hoag, who had recently mysteriously also jumped to his death from the same garage where Jeong Im’s body was found. Strange co-incidences how all these scientists and inventors suddenly “died?” And this only is the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

And the attacks on inventors and scientists continues. Now we have the case again  happening with Elon Musk‘- the  Tesla Car Manufacturer. Oil companies are trying to sink Elon Musk’s Tesla because of fears they will be hit by the rise of electric cars, it has been claimed. Ross Gerber, the boss of US wealth manager Gerber Kawasaki, said short sellers betting against the company were being backed by Big Oil. He said it was in the interests of these firms to talk down Tesla because they stood to lose billions of dollars if electric cars became widespread. About a third of global oil demand is from cars.

Image result for  Elon Musk

ELON MUSK Another free energy inventor now under attack from the Illuminati financial assassins?

The comments came after Musk revealed proposals to take Tesla private despite the company’s debt mountain, meaning it could be one of the most expensive buy-outs in history. It also emerged the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, has invested in it. Tesla shares jumped after the announcements, although short-sellers and some analysts were sceptical a buy-out deal would occur.



a close up of a sign: Yesterday, Tesla shares fell 5per cent and were trading near to the level they were at before Musk said he wanted to take the firm private


Yesterday, shares fell 5 per cent and were trading near to the level they were at before Musk said he wanted to take the firm private. Gerber said: ‘I‘ve seen the attacks from short-sellers, many of which are just backed by the oil industry to destroy Tesla. ‘When we looked into some of the short-sellers’ backgrounds, we found that many of them had large positions in oil companies.’This is big business, these guys aren’t messing around, and they’re definitely trying to take down Tesla.’ Gerber did not give examples of the short-sellers and could not be reached for comment yesterday.

a person sitting in a car: Ross Gerber, the boss of US wealth manager Gerber Kawasaki, says it's in the interests of oil firms to talk down Tesla because they stand to lose billions of dollars if electric cars became widespread. About a third of global oil demand is from cars

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Ross Gerber, the boss of US wealth manager Gerber Kawasaki, says it’s in the interests of oil firms to talk down Tesla because they stand to lose billions of dollars if electric cars became widespread. About a third of global oil demand is from cars But industry body Oil and Gas UK said: ‘The claims don’t marry with facts, given that many oil and gas companies are active investors in electric vehicles, produce the materials required to make them, and provide the energy needed to run them.’ Musk has long hated short-sellers, who he has described as ‘jerks who want us to die’.

Tesla provokes stark divisions on Wall Street, with some big names betting against it, including billionaire hedge fund manager David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital and Carson Block’s Muddy Waters Capital. After they lost billions of dollars recently as shares surged, the 47-year-old Musk tweeted: ‘Tragic. Will send Einhorn a box of short shorts to comfort him through this difficult time.’ However, many short-sellers have stuck by their positions.

A hydrogen truck startup has sued electric vehicle maker Tesla for $2 billion over allegedly copying their designs for the Tesla Semi. Nikola Motor Company – which uses the first name of the famous inventor that Elon Musk’s company is named after – claims that three design patents of its Nikola One truck were borrowed for Tesla’s truck, which was unveiled one year after the alternative fuel vehicle. “The Tesla Semi is substantially similar to Nikola’s unique design, and Tesla copied Nikola’s patents,”

Ironically was the inventor who’s name Musk took- Nicolai Tesla– also bankrupt when he died. Tesla’s demise  started when his big sponsor- JP Morgan– withdrew it’s  financial support in Tesla’s free electricity projects. This was done because JP Morgan was influenced by big power companies to stop Tesla from supplying free energy to the American populace. This was the death knell for Tesla and the start of the end to his brilliant career. By the end of his brilliant and tortured life, the Serbian physicist, engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla was penniless and living in a small New York City hotel room. He spent days in a park surrounded by the creatures that mattered most to him—pigeons—and his sleepless nights working over mathematical equations and scientific problems in his head. That habit would confound scientists and scholars for decades after he died, in 1943. His inventions were designed and perfected in his imagination

An article from "New York World

BUT this is the way these big corporations are enslaving us all. Already in 1954 there were blue prints for cars to run on free energy. Yet these big petroleum corporations and car manufacturers keep on manufacturing oil driven vehicles.Ironically through bank-rolled politicians  then impose “carbon tax” on us for the “excessive” usage of these cars that supposedly are the major reason for  “earth warming” scenarios through the carbon dioxide this same companies  force upon us while they are killing and bankrupting all our free energy scientists and inventors. Follow the money line they say!





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