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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town 13 August   2018





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WHITE NATION reported two weeks ago about a new book being released in which the beans were spilled about the National Party and their pedophile ring they operated. NOW police are investigating how co-author of The Lost Boys of Bird Island, Mark Minnie, was found dead with a firearm that did not belong to him. 

“We can confirm it was not his own weapon. We are investigating an inquest into how he got this other firearm. We have no other information at this stage,” police spokesperson Captain Johan Rheeder told News24 on Tuesday evening. Police earlier said they found what appeared to be a suicide note at the scene where Mark Anthony Dawid Minnie’s body was discovered. Minnie was the co-author of the controversial book, The Lost Boys of Bird Island, which details allegations that former apartheid minister Magnus Malan was part of a pedophile network.


Chris Steyn and Mark Anthony Dawid Minnie


Forensic police investigators spent the day combing the scene. The book detailed how three former National Party ministers, including one who is still alive, were alleged central figures in a pedophile ring that operated during apartheid. Investigations into Malan – as well as John Wiley(former minister of environmental affairs) and another former minister, who was considered a possible successor to then president PW Botha and who is still alive – were halted by the police, and the investigating officer was hounded from service in the 1980s.

These and other explosive allegations are contained in the book by Minnie, a former police officer, and Chris Steyn, a former investigative journalist. According to the book, Malan, Wiley and the other minister were involved, along with disgraced Port Elizabeth businessman John Allen, in ferrying colored minors to Bird Island, in Algoa Bay near Port Elizabeth, where the children were molested and forced to satisfy the older men’s sexual fantasies. Malan died in 2011, while Wiley and Allen’s deaths in 1987 were recorded as “suicides.”  Minnie’s body was found on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth on Tuesday morning.

The two co-authors had been living in fear for their lives since the book’s release two weeks ago. According to well-placed sources, Mark Minnie, who was found dead in Port Elizabeth on Monday, and Chris Steyn had been receiving threats and there had been anonymous inquiries about their whereabouts. Minnie met a source on Friday and was meant to meet another one on Monday. Both authors had been concerned about their safety and were reluctant to appear in public. The publisher – Tafelberg Uitgewers– also decided not to have a traditional book launch and only one appearance, at the Open Book Festival in Cape Town, was scheduled. Both Minnie and Steyn had been investigating several leads that have cropped up since the book was launched, but had been careful not to publicize what they had since unearthed. Steyn confirmed Minnie’s death to News24, but was too traumatized to talk further.

Allegations rejected

The Lost Boys of Bird Island alleges that Malan, along with two other National Party ministers and a local businessman, abused children on Bird Island, just off Port Elizabeth.  One former minister is still alive, but has not been identified in the book. Many of Malan’s contemporaries, including colleagues and a former newspaper editor, have criticized the book and have rejected allegations that Malan was involved in sexual abuse. The police told News24 on Monday that a friend of Minnie’s, who owns the smallholding where the writer was last seen alive, had found the former police officer’s body in the bushes near the house with a gunshot wound to the head and a firearm next to his body.

Captain Johan Rheeder said Minnie had visited the smallholding at around 09:00 on Monday. “His friend left him to rest and he went out with his workers. At about 21:00 [Monday evening], the friend received a call from the deceased’s female friend inquiring about his whereabouts,” he said. When Minnie’s friend returned to the smallholding, Minnie was not in his room. Rheeder said his friend then discovered his body outside.

The farmhouse where the body of author and former police officer Mark Minnie was found on Monday night

He was proud of the book’

Rheeder could not immediately confirm whether his cellphone was on him at the time. No foul play is suspected at this stage and an inquest has been opened. Maryna Lamprecht, commissioning editor at Tafelberg Publishers, confirmed Minnie’s death and added that the publishing house was “sad and devastated” by the events. “We are proud to have had him as an author and we’re in contact with his son, who is in China.” She said Minnie was excited about the publishing of the book and the leads it had brought up. He was adamant that he wanted to investigate the matter further and had been working closely with a number of people who had come forward. “He was very proud of the book,” Lamprecht said. In the book, Minnie and Steyn detail the suicides of John Wiley, a Cabinet minister, and John Allen, a Port Elizabeth businessman, who were found dead within weeks of each other in 1987. Both were said to be part of the pedophile ring and the authors intimate that they were possibly murdered.

According to the book, the boys were mostly colored and the rest white, and they were in their early teens. In one gruesome incident, a colored boy was critically injured when Malan, according to sources, stuck a pistol up the boy’s anus and fired a shot. The child was secretly taken to the white side of a government hospital, guarded by men in suits. Family members and hospital staff were paid to keep quiet.

Tafelberg Publishers  that produced The Lost Boys of Bird Island, the controversial book co-authored by Mark Minnie, says he indicated the book was “only the beginning”. In a statement released on Tuesday evening, Tafelberg Publishers said Minnie suggested he had successfully followed up several leads in Port Elizabeth during the past week and was determined to reveal further evidence. “He was excited about the publication of the book and the disclosure of allegations which, according to him, had been covered up for 30 years. He said that the book was ‘only the beginning’ of the process to have justice prevail for the [alleged] victims whose stories are told in the book,” the publisher said. Tafelberg said their last contact with Minnie was on Sunday night.







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