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South African farmers preparing themselves





WHITE  NATION – on numerous occasions- stated the fact that the British “establishment”  is behind the devious “land expropriation” drive to rid South Africa of it’s white farmers. Just the mere fact that Julius Malema and many ANC communists as well as other South African black politicians visited Britain and in particular being in constant “negotiations” with one man- Lord Robin Renwick– already should have substantiated this fact. OSTENSIBLY they will try to keep their greedy claws on South Africa’s mineral riches before the Chinese do.  Then also Julius Malema, the enfant terrible of South African politics, feels he’s got the faux “president” Cyril Ramaphosa just where he wants him.


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Theresa May’s government appears to be backing the Soviet-style policy of “land expropriation without compensation” aimed at dispossessing South Africa’s white farmers. Breitbart London has seen a letter written by Harriet Baldwin MP, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), to Sir Paul Beresford MP, who enquired what the government’s stance on the policy was on behalf of a concerned constituent.

“The British government understands the need for land reform in South Africa”, Baldwin asserted, adding that they “welcomed” promises from President Cyril Ramaphosa thatthe process of land [re]distribution would be orderly within South African laws” and be carried out “without negatively affecting economic growth, agricultural production and food security”. In a follow-up email to the constituent from the Africa Department (Central and Southern) of the FCO, also seen by Breitbart London and confirmed as “reflect[ing] Government policy on this issue” by the FCO newsdesk, the department confirms:

Theresa May is satisfied with having been told that “[the] process would be taken forward on a multi-party basis, through Parliament, and… within the bounds of the Constitution and carefully designed so as to avoid damaging food security or deterring investment”.

It appears the fact that one white farmer is being murdered every five days, and the fact that South Afriuca just changed its constitution to enable the compensation-less confiscation, and the fact that when these exact same actions of forced redistribution or more simply put – confiscation – were undertaken in Zimbabwe, the nation’s economy collapsed and social unrest exploded; are irrelevant to the British government, who instead, if this report is true, merely take the words of a clearly corrupt leader as sacrosanct (‘socialist activist’ Cyril Ramaphosa is one of South Africa’s richest men and has an estimated net worth of $550 million).

Is South Africa heading towards civil war

Is South Africa heading towards civil war?Vote today to ensure your independence…/

Posted by Afrikaner Eenheid on Tuesday, August 14, 2018


This report comes as it is becoming more and more clear that South Africa is going full Zimbabwe… and we know that did not end well. “Strongman politics are ascendant,” Barack Obama warned in South AfricaHe spoke passionately about “the politics of fear and resentment” at the Mandela Lecture. He worried that we were entering a world, “where might makes right and politics is a hostile competition between tribes and races and religions.” While the media used the remarks to attack Trump’s meeting with Putin, Obama had shared a stage with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa who had come to power promising to seize land from white farmers. Ramaphosa was the latest in a series of ANC strongmen, including his predecessor, an alleged rapist, beginning with the Communist terrorist whose legacy Obama was commemorating.

Ramaphosa had vowed early on to seize land from white farmers without compensation. “The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate redistribution of land to black South Africans,” he had declared. And denied that such racist Communist tactics were unconstitutional. Now he’s moving to modify South Africa’s constitution. Initially, the ANC, which is partnered with the South African Communist Party, had claimed that seizing land would not violate the law. Now it’s actually going to change the South African constitution. “It has become pertinently clear that our people want the constitution to be more explicit about expropriation of land without compensation,” Ramaphosa announced.

When your only rule is mob rule by ANC thugs, it doesn’t really matter what a piece of paper says. “We will accelerate our land redistribution programme not only to redress a grave historical injustice, but also to bring more producers into the agricultural sector and to make more land available for cultivation,” Ramaphosa claimed in his State of the Nation address.

In Zimbabwe land was stolen from the farmers who knew how to work it and handed out to politically connected thugs. Soon the former “bread basket” of Southern Africa was starving. Black groups pleaded with the white farmers to remain. Rural Zimbabwe died. Hyperinflation made the currency worthless. A trillion dollars might not be enough to buy one egg. A former food exporter was forced to rely on food aid. “If white settlers just took the land from us without paying for it,” Mugabe had declared, “we can, in a similar way, just take it from them without paying for it.” Ramaphosa’s rhetoric is an echo of one of Africa’s worst racist strongmen. Land seizures won’t bring South African land into “full use”, as he claims. It will mean productive land falling into the hands of ANC thugs who will be too corrupt, incompetent and greedy to do the hard work of working the land.

” Give us back the land” seems not to be the main concern here. Agriculture for the poor and landless is very far from the ANC government’s minds: no, it is the coal riches. See, in 2014 Akkerland Boerdery was summoned in a High Court case by the mining company Coal of Africa Ltd” 




En die regte mense het toe nooit hierdie greep gesien nie!!!!!! Donner tog!!!!!!Vriende, dit wil julle graag sien!!!!!!

Posted by Jack van Niekerk on Sunday, July 30, 2017

ONE video clip the ANC communists rather prefer not  to be made public……it exposes their ultimate empty promises.


South Africa’s agricultural sector will go the way of Zimbabwe.

Cyril Ramaphosa is one of South Africa’s richest men – helped by Jews such as Harry Oppenheimer– and has an estimated net worth of $550 million. How did a socialist student activist make a mint? The answer is an inevitable as it is unsurprising. South Africa’s agricultural sector has been steadily in decline. Farms used to provide millions of jobs. Now they offer less than a million. Wheat planting has fallen to a third. Cotton to a tenth. A country that once exported wheat, is now importing millions of tons while its agriculture sector fails. The decline of South Africa’s agriculture has gone hand in hand with what it euphemistically calls its land reforms. White farmers have been murdered or driven off their land. But land seizures, legal and illegal, with compensation or with a hatchet, haven’t made South African agriculture more productive. Instead South Africa is becoming increasingly dependent on agricultural imports to feed its people.


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Ramaphosa and his Jew mentor- Harry Oppenheimer who saw to it that Ramaphosa moves  from a penniless terrorist pauper to a capitalist millionaire. 

Like Zimbabwe, South Africa is due to revisit the same implacable economic consequences of land seizures that took the Soviet Union down the road to famine and terror. Toward its end, the USSR, despite possessing territories that had once bulged with rich harvests, had gone deep into debt to buy food from the United States. The African National Congress’ Communist roots are taking South Africa down the same path as its fallen Communist masters. And with the same miserable results.

Comrade Ramaphosa, as Comrade Mandela liked to call him, is less of a strongman, than a weak man. More afraid of thugs like Julius Malema and the greed of his ANC comrades than of dooming his people to hunger. The ANC is populated with thugs who are impatiently waiting to loot South Africa’s corpse. And they’ve grown tired of pretending that they are anything more than a failed state’s Marxist mob. The constitutional gambit is a desperate attempt to legitimize racist mob violence and ANC corruption. It takes the constant assaults on white farmers and tries to disguise lawlessness under the color of law.

One white farmer in South Africa has been murdered every five days. This ethnic cleansing has been going on with the same regular clockwork as the tributes to Nelson Mandela and his even more murderous wife. The racist violence, the murders, rapes and land seizures, the chants of, “Shoot the Boer” are backed by lies about a shadow white majority somehow still ruling South Africa even after all the years of ANC rule. The ANC-controlled media frequently repeats fake news statistics which claim that white farmers own 70% or more of the country’s farmland. The actual number is less than a quarter. Some of the best land in South Africa is already in black hands. And, just as in Zimbabwe, it hasn’t remedied the agricultural or social problems.



South Africa’s agricultural sector is already on its deathbed. Its corrupt economy is incapable of competing on the world stage. Its exports are not at issue, its ability to feed its own people is. Aggressive land seizures won’t do much more damage to South Africa’s economy, though it will discourage investors and drive out more white farmers, but will bring its society to its knees. Meanwhile the plight of South Africa’s white farmers continues to be ignored. The ANC genocide has been slowly unfolding for a generation with the complicity of the same leftist politicians who covered up Communist genocides in the Soviet Union, Communist China and Cambodia. But this latest legitimization of land seizures by the ANC will only encourage a further outpouring of racist attacks on white farmers.

Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has urged helping the persecuted white farmers of South Africa receive political asylum. But while every “persecuted” group is fast tracked for asylum, the door still remains shut for a productive population that has been targeted for economic ethnic cleansing

In his State of the Nation speech, Ramaphosa declared,

“We are building a country where a person’s prospects are determined by their own initiative and hard work, and not by the color of their skin, place of birth, gender, language or income of their parents.” Seizing land from people because of the color of their skin and giving it to those who haven’t worked for it is the opposite of that vision.

And yet it’s easy to see why Obama was so comfortable with a politician who could twist the language of equality to justify identity politics theft and the verbiage of tolerance to justify racial oppression. South Africa, like the Soviet Union and Venezuela, like Cambodia and Cuba, is not just an atrocity, it’s a cautionary tale. Ideology, more than race, connects the scattered strands of the leftist killing fields. To pretend that what happened there cannot happen here would be ignoring the lessons of history. And a new red (Chinese) famine is growing where the red blood of white farmers flows into the dying earth.

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Following the South African government’s announcement that it will expropriate the land of white owners “without compensation”, the number of farm attacks has surged in the country. Within a 48-hour period, at least five such attacks were recorded.“We see attacks every weekend and according to our figures, there is one farm attack every day and a farm murder every sixth day,” said Mr. Henry Geldenhuys, deputy president of TAU SA, a farmers’ union. So far this year, TAU SA has recorded 244 farm attacks and 38 farm murders. “The land issue has definitely brought new trouble for us,” Geldenhuys continued. “An increase in land occupations has a direct influence on security.” (Link) 


Farmers in South Africa packing up…


MEANWHILE South Africa’s white farmers have been desperately trying to sell their lands at record pace ahead of planned government land seizures, according to a local farmer’s union. However, there are few buyers. Even Winemakers are expressing concerns.

Omri van Zyl, head of the Agri SA union, which represents mainly white farmers, said: “The mood among our members is very solemn. They are confused about the lack of any apparent strategy from the government and many are panicking. So many farms are up for sale, more than we’ve ever had, but no one is buying.” Investors in South Africa are worried that the economy would contract the way it did in Zimbabwe under  Robert Mugabe, who also seized land from whites. The country’s economy hasn’t recovered since then, with inflation reaching 89.7 sextillion percent during the peak of the crisis, according to some estimates. “Markets are sensitive to anything perceived to be ‘Zimbabwe-fication’ on the land-reform front,” Henrik Gullberg, executive director of emerging-market strategy at Nomura, told Bloomberg.

Last week, South Africa’s governing party ANC chairman Gwede Mantashe fueled the farmers’ panic by announcing upcoming seizures. “You shouldn’t own more than 12,000 hectares of land and therefore if you own more, it should be taken without compensation,” Mantashe told News24. Minority rights group AfriForum has warned the move would be “catastrophic.”

The South African illegal regime says it wants to settle the land issue, a major point of contention in the predominantly black country, and wants to take the land into state ownership and rent it to the black population of the country, after taking it away from several thousand white commercial farmers without compensating them. Whether the government will take over the mortgages and loans is unclear. Land expropriation without compensation is touching almost all spheres of business in the country, and even wine making is no exception. We talked to a South African wine producer concerned about the land seizures. At the moment, South African wineries are not a subject to land redistribution. “There is no historic ‘land ownership’ that was taken away in the winelands area. But if the constitution is amended, it might as well happen. It can go both ways. For now we believe in the law as is, and continue investing,” Josef Dreyer, winemaker at RAKA wines said.

However, there is uncertainty looming over the vineyards, and it hardly adds to confidence in this business, said Dreyer. If land expropriation hits winemakers, the effect would be ‘disastrous’ for the industry, he warns. “I think it will result in a drop in production, and negatively impact the export of our valued product. We might end up where the government own all land and we must rent it from them… Remember: the possible beneficiaries are unschooled, uneducated, how must they run a business,” Dreyer said.

According to Dreyer, land expropriation is hardly a solution to South Africa’s economic problem, where only a tiny fraction of the population pays income taxes, and more than a third are unemployed“We are one of the countries with a wide gap between the rich and the poor, where 13 percent of the South African population of 56 million people are the ones paying income taxes! Yes, 13 percent make the country run! 18 million of the 56 million is reliant on social grants, and unemployment is at 37.5 percent, so yes it is much easier to hand out land as the money is drying up,” he said. The winemaker notes that his company employs 44 people. “Why would I work hard and create jobs if it is to be shared among all,” Dreyer says. “It is the government’s job to create a corruption-free environment that is favorable for investment,” he added.

And now the black political thugs are stepping up their devious agenda from land grabs to business grabs…

Community mobs backed by sinister political parties are now demanding private business owners in Witbank (Emalahleni) South Africa to surrender parts of their businesses or face the wrath of the mob.

Wrote one business owner:

“In their native language they sing “We will shoot them”… the business owners and their staff…, they have now officially started attacking privately owned business owners and their staff in their offices in business parks in Witbank (Emalahleni) South Africa.  Regardless if the business is white or black owned, they are demanding a share in the business or they will destroy or burn it to the ground… our company is majority black owned and has more than 70% black staff.

Democracy and freedom under law is dead in South Africa!!!  The picture the governing party is painting to the rest of the world is that of the false prophet. If you cannot root out the evil from within, it will consume the host. The ruling government is no longer in control of their own people or that of opposition political parties demanding that all be expropriated without compensation, not just land.

When your staff are being intimidated to join the mob or face being “Necklaced” with a vehicle tyre and set alight to burn to death you know the point of no return has been reached. Management is forcefully dragged against their will from their offices or cornered by the self-appointed leaders of the mob to comply with their demands or face being assaulted. 

We are now living in fear and tyranny as business owners, too scared to open our businesses for fear of harm or death to our staff, the very people that helped us build the communities we live in.  We are being overpowered by the black masses, driven by rouge political parties that will stop at nothing to impose their will on all regardless of race and color.” 


BUT then again- one must understand where the British sentiment against the white farmer in South Africa comes from. In Britain Theresa May and the “establishment” disgracefully discriminates against their own people as well. Let us put it to you in the words of a homogeneous white Englishman to understand what is happening in Britain and it’s white people

A thought provoking passage written by an Englishman about the current situation in HIS homeland – this is thought provoking and is equally relevant in any other (once) white country. “I have been wondering about why whites are racists, and no other race is? There are British Africans, British Chinese, British Asian, British Turks, etc, etc, etc.

And then there are just British. You know what I mean, plain ole English people that were born here. You can include the Welsh, the Scottish and the people who live off our shores of Great Britain on tiny islands. Yes, we are all true Brits.

The others that live here call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker,’ ‘Honkey,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’ ‘White trash’ and that’s OK…

But if I call you, Nigger, Spade, Towel head, Paki, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook or Chink, you call me a racist.

You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you. So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?

You have the Muslim Council of Great Britain.

You have Black History Month.

You have swimming pools for Asian women.

You have Islamic banks for Muslims only.

You have year of the dragon day for Chinese people.

If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.

If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.

If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’ OUR lives, we’d be racists.

A white woman could not be in the Miss Black Britain or Miss Asia, but any colour can be in the Miss UK.

If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships, you know we’d be racists.

There are over 200 openly proclaimed Muslim only schools in England. Yet if there were ‘White schools only’, that would be racist!

In the Bradford riots and Toxteth riots, you believed that you were standing-up for your race and rights. If we stood-up for our race and rights, you would call us racists.

You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.

We fly our flag, we are racists. If we celebrate St George’s day we are racists.

You can fly your flag and it’s called diversity. You celebrate your cultures and it’s called multiculturalism.

You rob us, carjack us, and rape our daughters. But, when a white police officer arrests a black gang member or beats up an Asian drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.

I am proud…. but you call me a racist.

Why is it that only whites can be racists??

There is nothing improper about this message . Let’s see which of you are proud enough to share it. I sadly don’t think many will. That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country. We won’t stand up for ourselves! BEING PROUD TO BE WHITE! It’s not a crime, YET… but its getting very close!” 

SO– where then does this leaves the white South African farmer in the eyes of the British “establishment” if they do not even have sympathy for their own white homogeneous people? Follow the greed and money-line. Our advice to white farmers targeted for this land theft program is simple: If you cannot negotiate anymore and you recieve a letter forcing you to hand in they keys of your farm – either shoot the thieves- or simply burn that farm to the ground and re-locate!! You started with nothing- so can they!