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Article written and compiled by White Nation Corespondent Cape Town- August 22 2018




Man set to be first to have $19m farm seized for it’s rich coal deposits in South Africa calls it theft





” Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed; To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless!– Isaiah 10 : 1-2


SO much already have been said this past 20 years about the degradation of South Africa into a cesspool of irreversible proportions. Every day you read more and more about the rotten decay , political robberies, tender fraud, money laundering, implosion of state organs, state coffer theft, injustice against the common people and nepotism that embrace the ANC terror regime and their cohorts. Most South Africans nowadays find themselves stranded in a barren purgatory – terrorized by political , corporate and common criminal devils and demons from the top order. And it’s about to get worse!

One after the other so-called “president” tries to outdo the previous one being more corrupt and incompetent. It was then not a surprising coincidence to me  when I opened the Good Word this morning my eyes fell precisely on Isaiah 10– and  South Africa’s epitaph was bared  before mine eyes. Then I read further and I saw a  prediction that could just as well fit  the white Afrikaner : ” Without me they shall bow down under the prisoners, and they shall fall under the slain. For all this His anger is not turned away, but His hand is stretched out still.”- Isaiah 10: 4. I believe what happened pre-1994 when the Afrikaner rejected his God – and started to  worship the ungodly god of sport – this prediction just as well could have been fulfilled. Were they not forced to bow under the heel of the Robben Island prisoners? Were they not forced to kneel under the enemy they have slain for 25 years in South West Africa? 

And once that “prisoners” took control they also took well advantaged of the sudden abundance of power and riches passed on to them from the Jews that assisted to hand South Africa on a platter to a bunch of ex-terrorists. From the top to the bottom they were corrupt and devious. But it was at the top where the biggest rot started. From the ‘godly” ex-terrorist Nelson Mandela and his “just smile and wave boys ” attitude to Thabo Mbeki and his “Booze and British Bimbo” fornication- Zuma and his “Mr. Gold-finger in the state cookie-jar” syndrome and now South Africa is  cursed with yet another incompetentem agnoscens  Cyril Ramaphosa and his “ F*ck the Whitey-let’s steal his land and squander it to the Chinese” approach. But all four of this “presidential” ill-“chosen” candidates  have two things in common: None of them ever had any competency or intention to  rule a country – and none  of them ever will leave a legacy praise worthy that actually benefited South Africa.

” The ANC Cesspool” – Black People are suffering under the ANC Regime

You CANNOT blame White people for that and the worst is, is that now it is no longer only Black people who are suffering under the ANC Regime, everybody, White People, Black People, Colored and, Indian People are also suffering. Foreign Investors are scared to come to our country to invest so that jobs can be created because of the high rate of crime as a result of ANC corruption Thousands of South Africans, Black and White are daily being slaughtered by criminals and the Government of the ANC is doing nothing about it. So how do you expect Foreign Investors to come into a country where criminals freely do as they wish and where they are not scared to go to a Police Station and kill Police Officers. How are Job Opportunities going to be created under such conditions?



Vulindlela Ndlela”

The only factors keeping the devious ANC terrorist pack alive and well after 20 years of utter tender corruption and state coffer plundering are the arse-licking media, the naive and vindictive non-tax paying -state grant preying “previous disadvantaged” populace- and naturally the foreign corporate vultures that exploit the fat cats  to tighten their evil grip on South Africa’s mineral riches.

When the corporate-driven DEIC Dutch arrived in South Africa in 1652-  they exchanged glittering mirrors for land to cultivate and settle onto with the local tribal black Koi and San headmen. 400 Years later the  corporate driven NWO Dutch/British /Chinese and Americans  still exchange glittering mirrors for land with the local tribes- only this time the mirrors are fitted onto “bling-bling” SUV’s and BMW’s- and the land is excavated for it’s  mineral riches. Nothing has changed in 400 years. The corporate vultures still are pulling a mickey on the local tribes with glittering toys – and the headmen still are selling out their own ancestors’ land for a few dollars,pounds and Yen more. Only this time the hand of personal greed casts the die.


No automatic alt text available.

Guess who is governing South Africa…definitely NOT Ramaphosa and his cronies from the  living dead!


The outcry from blacks against whites  must thus not be “  You stole our land”– but rather the outcry by blacks must be “ You sold our land” directed towards their own tribal headmen . AND the ANC already since 1994 sold out thousands of hectares of that “you stole our land” to foreign vultures such as the Chinese again. Cyril – at the moment- again is busy selling the country to foreigners. Very conveniently Cyril “The Squirrel” Ramaphosa , Julias “The Weasel” Malema , Andile ‘ The Rat” Mnxitama and the “tongue-in-the-bosses-arse” local media refrain from including this piece of information in their “You stole our land” false slander campaigns against the whites.

But the rot didn’t start  with the ANC. The political establishment of South Africa was profoundly corrupt already under the National Party white collar criminals. The ANC did not invent corruption, but perpetuated it. The protagonists changed, but the rot remained. When the ANC took power in 1994, especially black South Africans still had hope that things might change. But soon many — though not all — of its politicians began to cheat, lie and steal.

It just became too easy to shift the blame of all this corruption from the political con artists onto the white segment in order to create racial tensions. You remember the Penny Sparrow, Steve Hoffmeyer, Vicky Momberg and many such cases where especially whites were exploited by especially the leftist media to  create racial tensions? Now they are at it again with the Adam Catzavelos‘ incident.

In other words they create “camps”- camps that divide races- and “camps” to divide political affiliation. “Camps” to divide religious groups. If they notice one political “camp” is getting a bit too “uncontrollable” – they quickly set up another splinter “camp”- iow another political party is formed. Half of the original camp members break away and join the new camp. Again the original camp is fragmented and all it’s power neutralized. Have we not seen this rhetoric many a time- the EFF’s, the AGANG’s and so on- with a bit of media propaganda and a bit of political non-sense from the new “leaders“- and see there- the “camps” split faster than a ray of protons can split a core of an atom!

AND this is precisely how they divide the white Afrikaner as well. How many white political affiliated organizations can you count among the Afrikaner ranks itself? I stopped paying attention to all this “Afrikaner” political testosterone-laden shebangs  long ago because to me it became  quite embarrassing being associated with them. They normally stood up like kings- and end up like cu*ts!  With big fanfare their stern-faced politicians and “ generals”  announce the “eagle has landed”– one small step for the “leaders” and one giant leap for the “volk”– and you read about their true Boer political party names, powerful visions, missions and long term solutions to save  Afrikaner nationalism in their independent “volkstaat.”  (which they still cannot even – after 20 years of chugging- decide where it is supposed to be) 

Yet none of these new so-called Afrikaner “political parties” and “generals” ever succeed in progressing any further past the mark left by earlier miserable failures of the previous “new” parties. The majority Afrikaners shout “unite”– but the reality is they are so divided among their own ranks due to treason among themselves, arrogance- and not having the balls to fight to the bitter end. It all became  one big internet farce of much hot air and many frozen farts. How many of this “Afrikaner” leaders started off at the right- and ended up at the left? You can name them- De Klerk, Groenewald, Mulder, Viljoen and many more. They are destroying themselves from within.  

Have you noticed during election time how many new “camps” appear on the ballot paper to “contest” the ruling party? Sometimes up to 30 or more new “candidates” appear on the ballot paper- “candidates” you never have heard or seen before. But lo…suddenly there they are! Where were they before the election? Where did they spring from?  After the election they silently “disappear”- never to be heard from again. The truth is they never existed before the election. They were specially CREATED by the dark powers to sow division among the voters- i.o.w imaginary “candidates” and imaginary political parties to confuse the voters from voting for their own “camp.” It’s all a ploy– a diversion strategy to break up existing growing camps that might turn into a formidable opposition to the iron rule of the “elite”  – a ploy to weaken the resistance against the ruling regime. The “controllers” in London, New York and Tel Aviv pay the ruling party top dollar to stay in control for another 5 years of extended plundering opportunities. Thus the quickest solution to ward off any threat to their throne is to create all new “camps” to neutralize the original “camps” – taking the stinger out of the bee? This is cunning politics.

This way they do not have to face the populace e-masse- but because of the political fragmentation- they are only faced by smaller groups- and not only smaller groups- but the groups themselves are so busy with in-fighting among each other due to political racial tensions created by the evil regime- they forever are entrapped in tensions that unable them to unite against a common enemy- the government. Thus the regime now have the high ground to intimidate, oppress and discriminate any of the groups at will. Constant false “racism”  propaganda from their controlled media ensure that all these groups stay in this “camps”– thus none of the groups now can pose any threat of toppling the evil dispensation that keeps playing them against each other. That is the core essence of communism.

As long as the masses will keep on meddling with politics they do know nothing about and keep on voting- that long they will be treated as willing animals to serve their political masters at their own peril. The “masters” will only get richer- and the masses will get poorer. THAT is the integral secret of politics….divide and conquer! On the end of the day all these fragmented “camps” are being controlled and funded by the same “cost center”– the “elites” in “higher places “ in London , Tel Aviv and New York. And the irony is that these “camps” eventually are funded by South African stolen minerals!! I.o.w the “elite” thus “re-invested” the spoils they plundered back into the “system” in order to guarantee the riches of the African soil  stay within their control. Do you recon the dimwit South African populace can figure this out? No they cannot! They are too busy spatting at each other about non-existent bogus “racism.”  Racism only exists in the minds of those that benefit the most from it- the ruling government!

In post-apartheid South Africa, we can trace back the culture of impunity — the lifeblood of Team Zuma’s corruption — to the disastrous arms deal and the cover-up of the corruption associated with it by the Mbeki government. In the 2005 Travelgate scandal, the ANC and parliament did all they could to protect their corrupt 40 MPs, some now government ministers, who had defrauded the state of many millions of rands. It signaled that there are no consequences to corruption, provided one has the right patronage.

The ANC’s defense of the indefensible goes back even longer. In 1997 it was revealed that then-deputy speaker of the house Baleka Mbete had fraudulently bought her driver’s licence. She should have been fired; instead she now is the speaker of the house — despite also having been involved in Travelgate. The list of corrupt ANC officials is never ending- and these criminals do not talk about “thousands.” When they start  betting on the state coffers their bets start with millions! But none of them ever faced justice.

A worker of my friend was caught defrauding a shop owner of R 1000.00. The detectives arrived a week later and arrested him. He now is doing a 3 month jail time in Pollsmoor. Tina Joemat Petersen for example defrauded South Africa out of it’s oil reserves valued at  millions of rands  (Just as Pneul Maduna did under the Mbeki regime)– and sold it out to the Chinese at garage-sale prices- yet she never were arrested for fraud. Joemat Petersen still walks free and no detective ever knocked on her door. So- how many sets of “laws” does exist in South Africa? I counted three: One to “indemnify” all politicians, one to persecute  and witch hunt whites only- and one to  prosecute the majority.

According to the recent Bloomberg’s Misery Index, South Africa is the second-most miserable country on earth. Venezuela tops the list of emerging countries. This isn’t too surprising considering that the country is embroiled in multifaceted ANC-created crises. It also has among the highest unemployment in the world. Unfortunately, recent credit rating agency downgrades as well as the fact that the country is in recession due to ANC incompetence and mismanagement mean that these horrid conditions are unlikely to reverse soon. Consequently, the poor in South Africa have little chance of improving their lives. They will therefore be even more reliant on the provision (state grants) of state services. They will also increasingly be on the receiving end of the two extractive systems that are deeply embedded in country’s socio-political and economic systems.

The first is the patronage and state capture machinery as recently documented in a report by leading academics. The effect of this corruption is that the capital allocated for service delivery is wasted, the private sector is crowded out, and the monopolizing positions of dysfunctional ANC state owned enterprises distort the economy. The second is where state capture merges with patronage politics at local government level. This is accomplished by managing and staffing municipalities with unqualified party loyalists – or close associates – who disseminate services inefficiently from a shrinking pool of capital, while further extracting rents through a sub-layer of corruption.

The effect is that the poor must pay an additional tax in the form of bribes for access to mispriced and inefficient state services. In addition, as the looting via state capture and municipal corruption intensifies, service provision and delivery declines. This means that the poor are then subject to bribe inflation to gain access to shrinking capacity. Violent service delivery protests inevitably escalate on a daily basis- destroying the economy and infrastructure even more .  South Africa’s youth statistics are depressing. Young people between the ages of 15 to 35 comprise 55% of the country’s 36 million working age population. Of the 19.7 million youths, only 6.2 million are employed while 3.6 million are unemployed but still actively looking for work, and 1.53 million have stopped looking for work. The remaining 8.4 million are at school, tertiary education, or are homemakers.





For the normal man and woman in the street every day is a battle for survival in South Africa. With an incompetent and greedy government that long ago lost touch with reality and the protection of it’s people – and a security force that do not even have the capacity to frighten off a bunch of fluffy toys – “security “ became  a non-existent term that only is mentioned loosely and for academical purposes now-and-then. Being rated as the third most dangerous country in the world- crime not only became an everyday way of living – it also became a national culture. I.o.w everybody is trying to screw everybody- as long as the most devious survive. Crime  is so bad about every South African citizen lives behind their own created iron curtain of fences, burglar proofing, response units, etc in the hope that they will be lucky to survive another day without being robbed, fall victim to a burglary, scammed by syndicates,  hi-jacked-or murdered on a farm.

This very dangerous and unhealthy culture not only took affect among  the criminals- but also the people on the ground. Where common criminals are ruling the streets of South Africa by means of fear – high profile criminals such as Zuma, Malema, Mnxitama , Mantashe , Nzimande and Ramaphosa fuel the fires of division , marginalization and hatred through the continuous propaganda of anti-white hatred among the black population. Their rule is both by fear , retribution and intimidation. This ostensibly leads to the brutal farm attacks, multiple murders , alienation and robberies on whites. What these black common  criminals on the streets do against whites and Indians  only  is an expression and manifestation of the raw  vindictive and mostly exploited hatred which is cultivated from deep within the tribal-ist political dormitory of the majority black tyrannical  autocracy that rule the country from the assembly of Cape Town.

South Africa no longer is a country of freedom and splendor- although it is one of the richest countries in the world due to it’s rich untapped mineral abundance. This abundance now became a deadly curse to the general citizen- as their own ” democratically chosen” government became their worst enemy- an enemy in cahoots with the dark forces of the global corporate Gehenna – who all now descend on the country and it’s majority half-educated populace with only one thing in mind- to plunder the country’s mineral resources and destroy the last bit of discipline, law and order- and especially to destroy the middle class citizen that still forms a protective barrier between rich and poor  in order to create that much wanted gap between the super rich “elite” and their ill-educated black slaves.

If they succeed with their hidden agenda they can keep on feeding the starving populace rotten fish every day- but never teach the populace how to obtain fresh fish for themselves. This way they will keep a strangle hold  the majority black population into being their obedient slaves “until Jesus comes.” This is the sad tale of Africa for 400 years- and this will become the sad tale of South Africa very soon. When the last white man leaves the shores of Cape Town- South Africa too will also become a desolate waste-land wilderness like the rest of Africa- filled to the brim with starving and begging black nomads ruled  by foreign corporate plundering scavengers . Their “democratically chosen”tribal headmen will then be long gone- blissfully basking in a palace somewhere  in Dubai – enjoying the millions they  obtained through tender fraud and other murky deals.  Africa again will live up to it’s original “Dark Continent” status quo.

Image result for zuma palace dubai

Corrupt politicians on the high roll: Zuma’s palace in Dubai at Villa J11 on Julnar 2 Street – obtained by means of murky deals with the Guptas– who in turn- robbed the South African tax payer blind. The palace next to him belongs to  yet another ultra corrupt African dictator- Robert Mugabe. 

The normal citizen in South Africa today faces  a hard battle to survive from day to day. With ungodly taxes on the rise, fuel prices that hits the dome of the amphitheater, Hi-Jacks and robberies, drug syndicates , labor and service unrest on a daily basis, half of South Africa’s workforce sitting without a job, – and gangs that roams the streets- ready to pounce an unsuspecting victim- things are not easy being a South African. Tensions are mounting and the majority populace are seriously looking for an answer- and answer that only the ruling regime can give them- but a ruling regime that still hides behind historical “wrongs” and blames every-one and everything else except their own incompetent mismanagement and corruption.

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This is Malema’s South Africa when the last white man leaves the shores of Cape Town.

Image may contain: text


As the white South African farmer slowly is choked to death by Ramaphosa and his utterly corrupt ilk- the corporate vultures already are closing in for the feast. 


Varney on Venezuela

"This long-running tragedy is almost over. Venezuela, with the biggest oil reserves in the world, is now a wheelbarrow economy. We should take a hard look at it, to make sure we don’t go down the pathetic socialist road." —Varney & Co.

Posted by Fox Business on Monday, August 20, 2018

Venezuela, with the biggest oil reserves in the world, is now a wheelbarrow economy. This is what the corporate vultures do to once flourishing countries with an abundance of minerals- and this is their agenda for South Africa-  a pathetic socialist enclave hence their drive to disown all targeted white farms. 

Political power tends to corrupt. Political tyranny many a times in history has led to wars and slavery. In South Africa- financial slavery is the most potent weapon used by the psychopaths in control- although being utilized as a hidden scourge. Their method is chillingly simple:  Enslave other people to bank-roll their own lavish life – styles! Truly- ignorance is surely bliss when a populace allows sly political con artists to trick them into financial slavery. Slavery and fascism are the ugly faces of ancient and modern politics. Some nations buckle under single dictators- but in South Africa it needed  political coalitions between the hard liberal-minded troopers of the ANC,EFF and DA to obtain the absolute power. Where-as politicians should treat the populace as equals – they rather choose power to only  rest in the hands of a few- putting personal enrichment ahead of the the common good.

This is the dark side of the South African politics. It’s an underworld of stealth, deceit and fear – where corrupt politicians keep their cards close to their chest- hugging the margins of public life to avoid transparency. Carl Marx once call it ” The sweet and peaceful enjoyment of the sweat and blood of others- but never be discouraged by the weakness of others- nor the difficulty of  the task at hand. Courage and tenacity- peppered  with selfishness forms the ingredients of political success. ”  Three dominant personality trades seem to emerge in South African politics: The exploiter, the exploited- and the  enterprising. And that is the golden rule the communists and their cohorts live and die for in South Africa’s coalition dictatorship. Good leaders are servants of their people- a lesson the South African politicians have not learned as yet.


Posted by Henri LeRiche on Tuesday, August 14, 2018


To hide their own maladministration and plundering they targeted the white man to be the bearer of all that went wrong during their “democratic” reign. It is much better to create race division than admit their guilt and stand a chance to loose the next election and with that – all the opportunities of getting rich quick. To worsen things they now are so desperate to cling to their ailing power- they – in a display of idiocracy and greed- decided to compromise the country’s food security for more and venture  on a fool’s quest to “expropriate” most of South Africa’s productive white farms.

AS it is a shocking number of South Africans can’t afford even a basic food basket right now- according to a Non-profit organisation, the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP).  To be able to afford the thrifty basket in April 2018, a four member household required a monthly income of about R7,823 (if 35% of total expenditure is allocated to food). Effectively this means that 54% of the SA population aged 15 years and older can’t afford the BFAP thrifty balanced food basket, unless they drastically reduce spending on non-food items, BFAP said. After a wave of severe drought-induced food inflation South African consumers found some relief on the back of a rebound in crop production, with food inflation losing pace since the beginning of 2017, the BFAP said. Now add to this the amount of productive farmers murdered every month- and the picture looks very bleak indeed. Now this is while there is still white farmers left. Imagine Ramaphosa and his ilk forced all the white productive farmers off their land- how would the picture look like then? But neither the current illegal regime , the EFF – nor their dumbstruck racist supporters seem to figure this out.


What their near-starving supporters will eat tomorrow or the day after does not seem to bother them very much. Dubai simply have too much to offer and have smorgasbord upon smorgasbord filled with the most scrumptious delicacies for rich ex-corrupt politicians and presidents if a civil war  should erupt in that messed-up land down South. Over the week the rand retreated to levels last seen in the horrific Zuma days. This comes to show that the “Squirrel” is busy to turn out as a miserable failure as his predecessor Zuma was. On Friday it breached the key R15-to-the-dollar level. That’s a far cry from R12 to the dollar‚ which is the level it was at in January when false hope soared that Cyril Ramaphosa would bring about change and policy certainty in SA. Change he did- but not for the good. He – as Zuma- is on a one-man quest to screw South Africa into Davey-Jones’s locker. I sometimes wonder from what type of barrel’s bottom the ANC scrape these incompetent critters from?

AND the communist “land expropriation “ hits the headlines across the globe.

Neem kennis!

Posted by Burgerlike Beskerming on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Posted by Marco Viljoen on Tuesday, March 6, 2018




Posted by Marco Viljoen on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

And the white farmers had about enough of Rhamaphosa and Malema’s land threats..


Boodskap aan pres Ramaphosa oor onteiening sonder vergoeding

Posted by Pieter Groenewald on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

-and so is Trump: ” I am sending troops to South Africa, and they will not leave until the killings stop and the land issue is resolved’,”



Shame- the poor directionless left was shaken to the core by Trump’s tweet it appears. The Australian cat that entered  the liberal pigeon coop last week  now have been exchanged for an American  Lynx this week.  CNN (That fake news station) , The Washington Post and many shaken liberal twerps now are scrambling and grabbing for their key-boards in a frenzy to try to discredit Trump for being the first American leader to have the balls to speak up and speak the truth- defending whites in South Africa. How on earth dare Trump blame the holy grail of leftist worshiping- Nelson Mandela’s own black ANC? 

Every second word leaving the liberal keyboards now contains the term “racist.” How pathetic indeed. But then the truth always seem to hurt lairs- and none so much as the deceptive leftist swamp. Trump identified the ANC communists for what they are- a bunch of sly con artists, thieves, genocidal maniacs  and murderers. “Political correctness” is not the name of the game anymore- but rather it is time for the brutal truth to be exposed. For too long the criminals in the ANC got away with lies, deception and murder. Now it’s time the tables are turned- and as Europe also slowly are turning to the right- so will the world view towards the ANC. Their days of being patronized by the delusional leftist world is soon to be over. The time for reckoning is close. The international world slowly is waking up to the reality. And trust you me- with Australia and now the US taking a firm stance against the white genocide and land expropriation without compensation in South Africa – more strong voices will be heard from different parts of the world soon. Ramaphosa and Malema’s frogs soon are to be boiled. They have being weighed- and they have been found wanted. Their big talk, flat denial and threats soon will explode in their criminal faces. It will be such a blessing to see sanctions being imposed on the ANC rats for a change. Now we await the first banner branding the “Free the Boer” slogan to appear.


Unfortunately South Africans still  are either too bloody stupid, ignorant- or naive to clearly identify the omen among their ranks. They still are too mind-f*cked about “racism” and “apartheid” to start realizing it is neither of the two that factually are destroying South Africa and it’s economy- but the blame must be laid firmly at the doorstep of their useless lazy and overweight no-good  politicians in Cape Town- and more specific the ANC and EFF- both first-born demons from the Devil himself. Was it not Malema himself that said according to Sowetonews : ” “The white people hate the idea that we think we can be equal to them. That irritates them that a monkey can never be equal to a white man. They don’t want that. I’m hated for that,” Julius ol’ boy- YOU said it…not us! What possibly could go wrong in that God forsaken country already went wrong- and not only went wrong- it went terribly wrong.

You can name it- Corruption, assassinations, gangsterism, syndicates, police incompetence, the Defense Force a total muck-up, all state departments non functional, then Revenue Service imploded, whole provinces bankrupt, City Councils on the brink of financial implosion, the Education system a total mess, the National Treasury, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the Hawks all are smut with corruption. The Health Services screwed up, common criminals rule the streets, Big criminals rule the country.The Time is Now shows how South Africa dropped two points in the last year on the annual Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, to 71 out of 180 countries. – it is all there between four borders.

US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday morning to indicate that he plans to “closely study” the land situation in South Africa, citing farm seizures, expropriation and what he called “the large-scale killing of farmers.”

Donald J. Trump


I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. “South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers.” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews

But Floyd Shivambu, loud mouth arrogant 2 IB of the EFF , took exception to Trump’s tweet, replying that land expropriation in South Africa would happen whether he (Trump) likes it or not. “That’s madness and highest form of foolishness by a racist bigot, who lacks the basic intelligence to understand anything. South Africa will never be intimidated by global racists who believe in lies. Land expropriation will happen against all forms of threats by Foolishness,”  a very brave but foolhardy Shivambu squeeked on Twitter. Poor bubble-head  Shivambu- one of these days he’s going to come down hard from his little self-made high chair – trips over his IQ – and falling flat onto  his arrogant black racist ego.


AND as expected did the fat little “Weazel” had his foolish “big talk” chirping too- not fully realizing what is in store for him and his ilk. 

Posted by Rudy D. Ferreira on Thursday, August 23, 2018


Watch this and try to read even deeper between the lines. Nee I say more? Watch the other video in the comment below as well!

Posted by Rudy D. Ferreira on Thursday, August 23, 2018


-and the last famous words of an arrogant fool….


Image may contain: text

AND as expected do you have the poor misdirected liberal CNN media scavengers  trying to debunk Trump’s tweet:


This is what CNN reports about farm murders in South Africa.

Posted by Gerrit Badenhorst on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Image may contain: text

America is urgently looking for, reports of land grabbing / dispossession.  Whether in past or present / where it is planned. We will appreciate everyone’s cooperation. The farm expropriation inquiry. USA.Venessa +1 (214) 6750022 (contact as soon as possible). Send out to anyone you know that could Report. WhatsApp welcome

Margaret Thatcher once mentioned that anyone who think the ANC could govern a country must be living in Cuckoo-Land. Well aunt Maggie far underestimated just how screwed-up this commi rats really made a once flourishing country to become. They are the worst criminals ever to rule South Africa- and not a day goes by without yet another scandal popping out. Ironically do you never read about one of the lousy buggers ever going to jail- but they keep on sending whites to jail for alleged “racism.”

The poor lost advent children of Ham were pre-programmed by their British Jew masters to only remember  two terms in their “new South Africa” vocabulary : Riots and “racism.”  This two terms would open the world of free food tickets and vindictive retaliation for them. If they want to discriminate, oppress and slander whites- they shout “racism.” If they want free services, free food, free everything- they shout “Let’s riot!” 


EFF opens case against Adam Catzavelos for racist rant

[WATCH] "We are hoping and praying that white people get the message… We are not going to tolerate name-calling," says Economic Freedom Fighters' Mandisa Mashego as the party opened a case against Adam Catzavelos at a police station.

Posted by Eyewitness News on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

THISmadam “ is a typical “Rainbow” chicken- thoroughly indoctrinated to worship  the two terms “racism” and ” Riots.” Listen how the arrogant she-male had a lot to say about   Adam Catzavelos‘ calling them “k*ffers.” Yet this same racism marinated magogo does not chirp a single sound about the black madam below and her racial slurs…..but that is how things are going in the forgotten kingdom of the Simias.

AfriForum condemns Adam Catzavelos' racist remarks in the strongest possible terms. I also wonder why the video below did not get the same media attention and trend on social media. #DoubleStandards. NB: Video warning: Foul language

Posted by Kallie Kriel on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

-and below shows you how hatred against whites is being cultivated among young blacks by politicians such as the ANC and EFF…

Herewith a child, being abused by another child. Young male abuses young female. The mother reported the abuse to the school but they do nothing.She places it on FB, which deletes is.Lets see if gets deleted from here.This is evidence showing school abuse and can save a child, why would this be removed but other videos of similar nature not?

Posted by South Africa Suidlanders Civil Crisis on Thursday, August 23, 2018

  • but was it a white boy  punching a black girl the same way – the black social media AND leftist media would have gone “viral”- demanding retribution principal for “racism.” 

BLACK racism and hippocracy never was in short supply in the “Rainbow” chicken pen. After all it is the main Cocks that keep on crowing about the “racist” whites. And this dumb idiots still want to sit there and pump out “laws” to keep the rest of the population in “check.” They cannot even write a law to keep a chicken coop in check!! Most of their so-called “parliamentarians” did not even pass matric! That country is like really f*cked-up…strewth. Only the bum putty sucking leftist media and liberal psychopaths still tries to feed you bullsh*t that everything still is “ok” there. I wonder how many malicious spammers does the local media houses employ as “correspondents” to write all the crap they do?

BUT let us not fret-let us not fear. Let us close our eyes and pretend this horrible purgatory of political treachery, crime, plundering,white genocide,  discrimination and corruption never happened. Let us pretend it all is a bad dream. Let us pretend we are living in that “promised land” Mandela talked about and promised us when he declared on 10 May 1994 when he said: ”  Let there be justice for all. Let there be peace for all. Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all. Let each know that for each the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves. Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world. Let freedom reign.”

Let us follow Mandela’s attitude when even he realized that the direction of the country was going nowhere near that “promised land “ he envisioned. Let us all pretend nothing has ever happened, nothing will ever happen and proudly stand in an orderly “democratic”  line on the  deck of the South African Titannic – and as for now while the ground beneath our feet is slipping fast beneath  the waves of typical African tyranny and decay-  just be happily content to say : ” Just smile and wave boys…just smile and wave!” 

Let us all keep on pretending like the treacherous liberals and media does- for the reality is too horrible to even begin to contemplate. Let us not talk about it- but only whisper about it in the dark corners of the “speak easies.” Let us all pretend it only is a temporarily nightmarefor tomorrow the petrified populace of South Africa will wake up and  yet again face another day filled with a barrage of horrendous political terrorism and criminal warfare, murder, impoverishment, corruption, black racism, persecution, intimidation, taxation , dehumanization, alienation and genocide  in the gangland streets of that savage kingdom down South – for sadly that is how the oligarchy  developed under the reign of it’s brutal and remorseless political traitors and despots since 1994.


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