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Cartoon by White Nation Graphics Department August 26 2018








“South Africa became one very screwed-up and confused country after 1994- when the lie became the “truth” – the truth suddenly became “racist”- and “racism” all of a sudden again become the ” truth.” Andrew K. 



BRIAN MOORE and his wife were robbed and tortured for hours on Eastern Cape Farm last night 2018/08/24. Both are in a critical condition in hospital.

Is this on the headlines? No. Not a word mentioned.Makes me sick to the stomach. This is happening daily and NOTHING is done about it. No manhunt, it’s almost brushed under the carpet. The supporters of these farm murders/white genocide can fire weapons into the air, chant “Kill the boer, Kill the white man”. Walk around wearing T shirts saying “Fuck the white man”. And they get away with it. Isn’t it ironic that the T shirts they wear, the clothes, the fancy cars, the shoes they wear, the shops they buy food from, the schools their children go to, the cell phones they use are all made by the white man?

They took over the government in 1994. Has anything changed for the better? For them? No. They voted for this government and where has it got them and where has it put this country? ….on the bottom of the list. Never before was petrol over R15 a liter neither. Prior to 1994, we did not have to have armed response and security alarms and burglar bars. Hijackings were minimal. The police and ambulance service was respected. Now the ambulance crews are held up by gunpoint and robbed to say the least.


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They are murdering and torturing our farmers who put food on everyone’s tables. They want the farms but they are too uneducated on how to run a farm so the farm lands die.  I hope that President Trump helps South Africa. Bring over the troops, take over this country. Banish all illegals out of this country. A military coup. If it has to come to that and search and find all that are guilty of the farm murders/genocide and other illegal acts and deal with them.


Was an honour to speak against the Genocide facing White South African farmers. Spread the video and let’s raise awareness for this terrible situation.

Posted by Senator Fraser Anning on Sunday, March 25, 2018



Enough is enough. They don’t know the history of this country and if they did they would not say that they were here first. What a joke. They just want everything for free and are not prepared to work for anything. There are many that are educated and respected and I feel sorry for them because they are put into the same basket as the bad apples.
We had the best army in the world and now? What a joke. In the last competition of military expertise in Russia, South Africa came last. Wtf. So yes, welcome to South Africa. Visit here and pray you get out of here without being robbed or murdered.


The world is seeing… believe that!!! 😡😡

Posted by South Africa Uncut on Friday, August 3, 2018

Judge for yourself..……this is the deadly game played  by malicious propagandists such as  Zuma, Malema, Ramaphosa and Mnxitama– the instigators of a civil war. 


This was a "Multi-Million Rand White South African Farm" sold to thé South African ANC Government 11 years ago…..Watch this video, and let me know how you feel…..!

Posted by Freddie Cochrane on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

This was a “Multi-Million Rand White South African Farm” sold to thé South African ANC Government 11 years ago. This is what happened to many white owned farms this past 20 years in South Africa. What is going to happen if Ramaphosa and his ilk have their way to grab ALL the white farms? You be the judge.


Wild game farm burned down, 100's of wild animals killed. All because of land. Why must everything be burned, destroyed or killed? Look at those poor animals!! No compassion? 🐒🐒🐒🐒😡😡😡

Posted by South Africa Uncut on Monday, August 6, 2018

Wild game farm burned down by blacks out of pure vengeance against white farmers.This is yet another legacy from mainly black communist despots the likes of Zuma, Malema, Lamola, Ramaphosa, Mantashe  and Mnxitama– like in Kenya and Tanganyika innocent creatures now  also have to pay the price of false malicious “You stole our land” political propaganda- 100’s of wild animals killed. All because of “land. “Why must everything be burned, destroyed or killed? This is why Africa NEVER will progress to become a 1st world status continent- it’s inhabitants’ destructive and greedy behaviour- just like their British corporate handlers..



Shocking, Carte Blanche directly links Julius Malema to different farm attacks across South Africaby Staff Reporter May 21, 2018Carte Blanche, the renowned South Africa’s longest running investigative journalism programme has directly linked Julius Sello Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters to Farm Murders in South Africa, very shocking.THIS IS GENOCIDE…..Just a quicky but I wanted to get this out there. Recently the show Carte Blanche did a special on the farm invasions and land expropriation issues in South Africa, including leaked audio from an interview with a gang member recruited by the EFF to attack farms and farmers.

Posted by ACR Crime Initiative SA on Monday, May 21, 2018

-and this is the truth behind the farm murders…


Why is this so called party leader not in jail for in-sighting violence and racism "must be because he is ….."

Posted by Farouk Kafaar on Sunday, August 5, 2018




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-and here we have the dark powers behind Ramaphosa and Malema– the vultures that will gain the most out of the land “expropriation” facade by plundering the rich mineral deposits underneath the soil of that farms ….not so Mr. Robin Renwick and the British  corporate establishment?




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Check out the arrogance of Nedbank: If the evil regime “expropriate” your land  – they still want to hold you liable for paying the full outstanding amount on your bond whether your property got stolen by the regime or not. To Nedbank three little words (Sorry for using the language our lady readers) wrt outstanding bonds if your regime you bribe take my property: Go F*ck Yourself!!!

The End of South Africa. Prepare Yourself … Take time and listen, it is worth it !!!!!!!

Posted by Caroline Ronald Holman on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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