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Article compiled  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria   August 30 2018






LONDON– the vulture has landed .  One small step for me- but one huge leap into the financial abyss for the common South African man-kind.” This phrase easily could have been narrated by that she- wolf Theresa May when the “madam” set her foot onto South African soil in Cape Town on August 27 2018.

With her morbid face resembling  this of an orphanage bread before breakfast – the “madam” paraded next to her puppet pet- “The Squirrel” Ramaphosa. Immediately– first on her agenda- she was accompanied by her pet zoo to give a “high level business speech(The “you show me your’s and I’ll show you mine” type of meeting) – after visiting  a black only high school in Gugulethu.  Now precisely how and why the High School comes into play we cannot say for sure- but we figure that formed part of the ANC’s hidden  agenda  to again struck a sentimental nerve and suck up her scrawny back-side for a few pounds  more. She was not taken to an all white school in Orania– nor an all Indian school in Chatsworth- neither to an all Colored school in Bonteheuwel in the Cape Flats- but to an all black school in Gugulethu. (I wonder if they presented her with a bag of scrumptious chicken feet or cow’s intestines to nibble on in Gugs as a gesture of “goodwill” too?)

THIS is what the “poor” children May so much “adore”  and want to fund millions of pounds- do  in their tertiary institutions….

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So now striking during an exam is a thing 🇿🇦 Limpopo student walkout over 'difficult' multiple choice question!

Posted by South Africa Uncut on Wednesday, August 29, 2018


British PM Theresa May seals idea to prop up government but loses key aides


Theresa May was one of only a handful of visitors allowed inside the cell where Nelson Mandela was held for 18 years


Whilst British Fishermen Are Attacked in the English Channel and told to find a solution, this International Embarrassment dances like an idiot in Kenya. And she want to “negotiate” the land grabs of South African farmers. So much for liberal intelligence. 


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CRINGE: Whilst British Fishermen Are Attacked in the English Channel and told to find a solution, this International Embarrassment dances like an idiot in Kenya. #TheresaDisMay

Posted by Politicalite on Thursday, August 30, 2018


Taking into account how she and that other she-wolf Angela Merkel flooded their own predominantly white countries with millions of illegal “previous disadvantaged” aliens- and the disrespect she portray towards  her own people’s security in Britain – this move from the pet zoo must have touched her very deeply.

If this is what happens in May’s white Britain….how much respect do you think she will give white farmers?

What have we done to our country?

Are we seeing the death of Britain and the native people?

Posted by BNN News on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Posted by BNP London on Friday, August 31, 2018

May must have been moved by the sight of the poor “previous disadvantaged” black children’s  appearance at the High School- because she did not let any Savannah grass take root under her feet before announcing at the business meeting that  she is committed to trade relations with Southern Africa post-Brexit – and unveiled her vision for stronger ties with the continent, including billions of pounds in investment. Further more did she re-iterate her  endorsement of Ramaphosa’s communist stance on the expropriation of land without compensation . In other words what madam May tried to say was that she fully support the pet zoo to plunder ahead and steal all white land – and the UK supports land reform that’s “legal, transparent and is done through a democratic process. “

Disturbing situations in South Africa

U.S. Army veteran Joe Biggs breaks down a disturbing situation in South Africa that no one is talking about.

Posted by Experience Matters with Drew Berquist on Tuesday, August 28, 2018


And then May reveals her fake profile…


She also noted that Ramaphosa made it “clear “ that there would be no smash and grabs. “I welcome the comments [that] President Ramaphosa has already made about the approach to land reform, bearing in mind the economic and social aspects of it. We already see significant investment in the UK. I think there are real opportunities for the future.”  “Legal” and “transparent” the woman said? And she is talking about the ANC? Where have she been this past 20 years- in solitary confinement? And with Ramaphosa’s futile promise that wraps up her ( and the British establishment’s ) confidence that all will democratically “go well “ with the upcoming Zimbabwean-style land theft program…done and dusted!

NOW we all know what is happening here- don’t we? Let’s forget the “pussy-footing “ around Mandela and the “courtesy visit” by May to Robbin Island and the old terrorist’s cell – coupled with a bunch of  sh*t talking and arse-licking formalities about how a “great” man he was. He was a terrorist caught in the act- and paid for his treason- Period!. We know that next year Britain will be out of Brexit- and May now on orders of her Rothschild bosses urgently will be looking for new prey that their oil and mineral companies can plunder. So why not South Africa then? On the other hand is Ramaphosa  chasing $100 billion in fresh investments for South Africa over the next five years to try save the country from the 20 year devastation and plundering by the ANC itself.


Ramaphosa is an Illuminati advocate and hard-line New World Order supporter

Now we have Britain on the one side looking for new blood sucking opportunities- and with a mineral rich country like South Africa the smorgasbord has unlimited delicacies to offer. On the other side we have a greedy opportunist in Ramaphosa that will about do anything to save the corrupt ANC from being white-washed in the next elections- and with that all the wonderful opportunities of plundering the state coffers and tender corruption that goes with it. Here we have a perfect case of a positive matter molecule and negative anti-matter molecule that are about to unite- and those physicists that knows what this mean will know what the outcome will be……total destruction!

So Ramaphosa is urgently looking for funding- having no qualms to sell out the country to the highest bidder. (That is now the “land” he so vehemently advocate that will go to “our people” by the way) – and May is urgently looking for new hunting grounds to send her corporate wolves into. This is about a perfect “demand and supply” corporate take-over match as you will ever get. The tables are set for one helluva sell-out of South Africans’ right to own the mineral deposits of their own country. This is now where the “land expropriation” agenda move into place- the rich coal deposits lying untapped under the farms of that white farmers that are so reluctant to fall for this ” you stole our land” political trickery. And this is why multi-culturist May so wholeheartedly s”support” the land theft agenda because  as she mentioned- she “ see significant investment in the UK.” 

Trump’s deadly Tweet


Reparations, racism, and equality of outcome, South Africa slides into Marxist abyss

Reparations, racism, and equality of outcome, South Africa slides into Marxist abyss

Posted by Afrikaner Eenheid on Wednesday, August 29, 2018


This is the only reason why the whole leftist (corporate ) world went totally ballistic when Trump tweeted that he will investigate the white farm murders. This is directly in contravention of the global corporate plan to start digging into South Africa’s rich coal fields– onto which the majority of this “targeted” farms happen to be situated. Trump  is a force to be reckoned with and one that will do some serious collateral damage to the globalist plan and May’s “investment” ideas. And then there is always the danger of the Chinese jumping the gun too. So now the Jew factory kicked into full gear as Trump is playing with “precious” time.

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The ANC  – as always- is open for bribes – and South Africa with Marxist Ramaphosa at the steering wheel- now are ripe and open for the plucking. And now Trump is about to let another Lynx  into the corporate vulture den. May therefore is nothing but a Rothschild puppet and “delegate” for the corporate wolf pack – and someone to hasten British “interest” in South Africa before the Chinese “interest” lure Ramaphosa away and with him- the gold pot at the end of the African Rainbow.  For this reason each and every major news outlet also suddenly are up in arms and tries their utmost to discredit Trump. They are also controlled by the same evil Rothschilds “deep state” as May. Trump is starting to meddle with their agendas and sh*tting on their pay-checks.



Now you can understand  why Ramaphosa so quickly jumped onto the stage and “warned” Trump to keep his nose out of South Africa’s “affairs. “Affairs” it is all right…money “affairs” that is. What Ramaphosa SHOULD have said was that Trump must keep his nose out of the ANC and corporate wolves’ BANK ACCOUNTS! Did you notice how much Ramaphosa even sounded like Mugabe when he started ranting and “warning” Trump? Ramaphosa even was copying the speech of Mugabe almost word for word!  Ramaphosa said in his speech on 27/08/2018: “Donald Trump must keep his America, we will keep our South Africa” Mugabe said in 2002: “Blair keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe”

South Africa’s Ramaphosa copying the speech of Mugabe almost word for word!

South Africa’s Ramaphosa copying the speech of Mugabe almost word for word!Ramaphosa 27/08/2018: "Donald Trump must keep his America, we will keep our South Africa"Mugabe 2002: "Blair keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe"Ramaphosa’s speech is first in the video, Mugabe’s start at 1:12 – see for yourself!Same destructive path to follow!Ramaphosa's land reform policy gets backing from British PM Theresa May: J. TrumpPLEASE SHARE!

Posted by Willie Jordaan Attorneys/Prokureurs on Tuesday, August 28, 2018



 Yea Bru…rotten apples never tend to fall far from the same tree now do they?


The fake news the South African media are sending into the world: One ANC supporting white honky farmer spat at Trump- and now all of a sudden “SA Farmer(s) “ demanded Trump to leave them alone. Yea SA Media– you are cultivated skunks – and will stay skunks without any moral values. 


Thus the white farm murders are directly linked to the corporate agenda to take over all these farms- and May and her cronies are behind this all. Ramaphosa , Mnxitama and Malema only are but a few of their trained and bank-rolled African Zoo pets that will see to it that the spoils of the South African minerals found a safe passage into the vaults of the Bank of England. You see when May landed on Cape Town International the ANC rats did not see a British Prime Minister visiting the country-but what they in fact saw was a piggy bank that dropped  from the sky and by luck landing on the tarmac.

Evil knows evil….

In other words Britain’s corporate octopus  wants to accelerate it’s rape of Africa by extending it’s  tentacles further into South Africa too. By giving Ramaphosa umpteen “loans” and “investments” he is now legally and morally bound to honor the agreements- and to do that he have to put the mineral inheritance and soil that belongs to the “people” on the altar as collateral to cover that loans. So much for the ANC’s lies that they want to “expropriate” land to please their “people.” The “people” are cunningly exploited and white farmers remorselessly targeted as a smoke screen to flatten the road to the golden goose who will be laying her eggs in the ANC elite’s bank accounts as soon as Ramaphosa and his ilk approved Section 25 of the constitution to be changed. Black and white…Indian and Colored people of South Africa are about to make one of their biggest mistakes in history to give this bunch of con-artists legally the power to “expropriate” all their land. It has nothing to do about “injustices” of the past- but everything to do with GREED! 

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And THIS is what happens if the cats are getting too greedy……SA minister of sport?


Minister of sports 🤣🤣🤣

Posted by South Africa Uncut on Thursday, August 30, 2018



GREED was the main factor that kept Africa 300 years behind the rest of the world- greed by the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, British and American Jew empires- all who f*cked the poor mainly illiterate Africans with a one mile long prick..and still do today.  No-where in Africa is there but one economy (bar Botswana that is been run by American influence) that can be equaled with a first world standard. Between the greedy Anglo Jews and greedy African heads of state Africa is kept impoverished, in starvation and uneducated specifically for the reason to gain and maintain political support for the plundering agenda. Because the majority Africans-especially in rural areas- are ill educated ,- they form the main foundation that naively supports and votes the African dictators in power- who in turn again are paid by the global corporate vultures to sell out all the mineral rights of Africa. The poor Africans does not know any better. They get sold bullsh*t constantly- and being gullible by nature- believe all the bullsh*t because it comes from black men and women they are supposed to trust. And this also was the case in Rhodesia- and soon will be the curse of South Africa.

The moment high ranking representatives of the globalist corporate elite such as May start to pollute the soil of Africa-  you can bet your last dollar that very soon after such visits the gates of the corporate hell will be opened on that specific country. Soon new companies and earth excavation equipment will arrive by the shipload to start raping and plundering the country’s mineral resources  at will. And all this are neatly sugar-coated with “job creation, houses, service delivery and better lives for all  ” lies to mind-f*ck the naive black majority again. But the mother load- the jackpot- the billions derived from the minerals that factually belong to those same people that got mind-f*cked – ends up in the pockets of the small “elite” while the populace must content with the scraps. The irony is that the populace gets the empty promises- become bankrupt – and the corporate wolves and their chosen zoo pets such as Ramaphosa and Malema  get the takings. Such is the case now playing itself off again in South Africa……and the country will soon follow the hegemony of Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe in perspective- How the people of Zimbabwe was dispossessed


The story of Zimbabwe’s economic collapse begins in 1997, the 14th of November 1997, a day that is now known as “Black Friday” in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe currency lost 75% of its value against the US$ in one day. Why? Facing pressure from the war veterans, always crucial to the ruling ZANU-PF’s grip on power, the Mugabe Government had earlier in 1997 announced unbudgeted pension payouts that amounted to 3% of National GDP, or in more frightening terms, 55% of the previous year’s total budget. This was the first fundamental error leading to Zimbabwe’s collapse.

The failing economy from 1997 onward, led to international isolation in economic terms with, both World Bank and IMF suspending credit lines as they believed Zimbabwe could not afford the debt bill that would be incurred by lending more money to Zimbabwe. Investors saw the economic instability as hi-risk and withdrew capital and stopped investing in projects.

From independence in 1980, to 1985, land resettlement was conducted under government’s “first option to buy” at market prices, with many farmers selling to leave the country due to distrust in their former enemy, resulting in resettlement on some 3 million hectares. Very little of this land was used for commercial farming by the new tenants, subsistence farming was the order of the day. The government held title on this land, the new owners unable to raise bank loans without title deeds. Eventually the government was no longer able to acquire land, as farmers were no longer leaving or selling.

The 1992 Land Acquisition Act of Zimbabwe provided for forced purchase of farms, as long as the property was unused or underutilized land, owned by absentee landlords, or surrounded by communal areas, AND the owner had multiple farms. The act required fair compensation and provided a right of appeal. Any sale of agricultural land required government consent, in the form a document known as a “Certificate of No Interest”, this document indicating the Government did not want to acquire the land. The Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) told farmers that this would protect them in the future. In November of 1997, the Mugabe government listed 1471 white owned farms for compulsory acquisition, (Do you see where the ANC copy-cat the same strategy?) -including many farms that had been purchased under the “Certificate of No Interest” issued by the State. In country with only 4500 commercial farmers, and around 5300 commercial farms, this was a large portion of the agricultural sector of the country. CFU were advised by State Officials that this would be a one-time exercise. This was simply a fop served to allay the fears of the remaining farmers.

Between the unbudgeted pension payouts and the gazetted land acquisition plans, foreign capital took flight and within months, the Zimbabwe Reserve bank had run out of foreign capital reserves. After trying to raise taxes to fund the programs, the price of sadza (Maize Meal), a staple food, went up and food riots followed in the capital city of Harare. 841 farmers resisted to attempts to grab their farms via the Courts, the other 630 farms were acquired by the State at market rate and immediately put under subsistence farming, again due to a lack of collateral value and commercial farming skills among the new tenants.

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THIS cartoon by Zapiro say it all.


In February of 2000, the newly formed MDC, openly supported by white farmers resisting acquisition, defeated the Government in Referendum on Constitutional Amendments, one of which was to allow the Government to seize farms without compensation for the land, improvements were to be compensated at State determined rates. The turnout for the referendum was 26%, the government had never faced opposition before, and believed they would win comfortably. They lost 54% to 46%. ZANU-PF panicked, as June 2000, just 4 months away, was the deadline for General Elections.

Within weeks, war veterans started invading white owned farms (Malema and his cronies are doing the same) -in small numbers across the country. The High Court ruled the land invasions to be illegal. The police refused to intervene in most cases, as they declared the matter was “political”, not criminal. Most farmers fled once their farms were invaded, those who resisted were killed, 12 in total. 78 black farm managers were killed during this period as well. The first farmer killed, just before Easter 2000, in the town of Macheke, 140km East of Harare, was David Stevens also an MDC activist, kidnapped, tortured and shot dead by a mob, whilst police looked on. The war veterans drank his blood after killing him.

On April 18th 2000, Martin Olds refused to surrender his farm and was shot dead near Nyamandlovu, 25 km outside Bulawayo. Just under a year later, in March 2001, his 72yr old mother Gloria was shot 15 times and killed after she also refused to surrender the farm as well. Within weeks her farm was taken by invaders. Martin Olds was not politically affiliated, he was murdered by a mob of 40 men armed with new AK47’s, as police, less than 10 minutes away, failed to intervene, turned away an ambulance trying to get through to him, after his VHF radio calls indicated he had been wounded. He fought bravely for 3 hours, until his house was petrol bombed and the heat drove him outside where he was beaten senseless and shot twice in the face. Farmers who wanted to assist him, turned back after coming under fire.

Martin Olds was murdered the day after Mugabe said on National Television of whites “Our present state of mind is that you are now our enemies because you really have behaved as enemies of Zimbabwe. We are full of anger. (Again Ramaphosa and Malema’s rhetoric of making the white farmer the enemy. )Not one person was ever charged with the killing of a white farmer or a black farm manager. A white farmer’s brother, Blondie Bezuidenhout, who ran over and killed 2 invaders who tried to block his way off the family farm, was jailed for 12 years for “culpable homicide. “He served 8 years in prison.(In South Africa white farmers also are jailed for the same reasons.) 

A neighbouring farmer, was quoted as saying “The Commercial Farmers’ Union (CFU) is telling us that we must not resist or there will be a bloodbath. But as far as I am concerned, as a third generation Zimbabwean, I can’t just stand there if someone comes to my farm with guns. We have been told the police will not help. Now we are going to start defending ourselves.” (Isn’t this what AGRI-SA also are trying to do- neutralizing the white resistance on farms?)

Divided they fell, one by one, as they never stood united.

The unity among farmers experienced in the 70’s during the war against ZIPRA and ZANLA terrorists no longer existed. It should also be noted that no CPF or Commando systems existed in Zimbabwe. The South African government’s scrapping of the Commando system in 2003 was a deliberate act designed to weaken farmer security, and it was passed with the lie being told that a special police unit would be established to handle this. This news was received in Zimbabwe, now 2 years into land invasions, with disbelief, and the wide spread view, that the South African government was planning the same course of action with its own white farmers.

Prior to the February 2000 Referendum, the Government had negotiated and consulted the CFU, and the CFU had always advised farmers to adopt a conciliatory role in any dealings regarding their lands. After the lost referendum the government basically ignored the CFU, humouring them with meaningless meetings, whilst encouraging illegal land invasions by armed mobs. Having fed the crocodile for many years, the CFU members were now being eaten by the same crocodile.


It must be noted that as a result of CFU’s assurances in the late 90’s, no contingency planning was ever undertaken. CFU’s insisted on accepting the governments word in good faith, and then relying purely on the legal system to try protect farmers, this left farmers totally defenceless when the land invasions began in 2000. Farmers failed to stand as a unit in areas when a farm was invaded, most adopted a “I do not want to upset the government” attitude per the CFU instructions, while their neighbors were chased away. Eventually their docility cost them all, leaving less then 250 farmers on the lands, out of the original 4500.

Mugabe’s ZANU-PF “won” the June 2000 elections with a 2/3rds majority and amended the Zimbabwe Constitution to allow for seizure of land without compensation, but still with compensation for improvements, despite these amendments having been defeated 6 months earlier in the lost Referendum. The amendments did NOT permit Court appeals against procedurally correct expropriation. Very few farmers ever received compensation for improvements (less than 50) and those that did, tell that the value was heavily understated by Government officials doing inspections.

Local Land Affairs offices were established and corruption ruled the day. Farmers who won Court Orders to have their lands returned due to failures to follow procedures, found the police would not enforce the Court Orders. Further orders from the Courts to force the police to carry out the earlier Court Orders were also ignored. Judges who ruled in favor of farmers were quickly forced to retire, usually by death threats, and replaced with ZANU-PF judges who were quickly granted seized farms for their own use. The newly loaded Benches gave appealing farmers a hostile reception.

An ex-Zimbabwean white farmer  wrote he  helped a family member leave the last portion of his farm in 2012, after he was assured many times in the years before that, by Land Affairs officials it would be left alone, if he ceded other parts of his farm to rich ZANU aligned businessmen, and high ranking government officials. Sadly, that entire farm now lies in ruin, along with over 4000 other farms seized over the last 18 years, only 250 white farmers remain, also under constant threat of being kicked off the land. Dairy Farmers have largely been left intact, importing fresh milk is expensive, and a shortage of that product will remove bread from the population, again an extremely unpopular move. Also still left on their farms are farmers who have openly supported ZANU-PF.

Bilateral Investment Protection Agreements (BIPA’s) with foreign governments (Britain) have been ignored as their citizens lost farms with no recourse to any justice. This has alienated many foreign countries who no longer provide any aid to Zimbabwe. A SADC Tribunal ruling that the entire process was “racist and illegal,” –  and in violation of SADC’s own agreements and treaties resulted in South Africa leading the charge to have the SADC Tribunal disbanded, possibly in anticipation of their own plans when they felt threatened enough.

For every white farmer kicked off the farms, along went 100 workers and family members. These workers and dependants (around 500 000 in total) were never considered for land from the government land reform process, as they were seen to be supporters of the farmers and MDC opposition party. Most of these folks had never lived anywhere else and were now suddenly homeless.

The original farmers still hold the only title deeds to the farms they lost, banks do not finance the new tenants, and the ruling party regularly evict tenants who are seen to be disloyal, a constant threat at every election. Nobody has security of tenure on any of the occupied farms. Numerous attempts by the State to provide seed, fertilisers, tractors, ploughs and such items to new farmers have all failed. Party officials steal much of the inputs and sell them to operational farmers, or the end users sell them for cash to live as they cannot wait in hunger for crops to grow.

State media reports every year, of upcoming bumper harvests, yet food imports are still higher than ever before, and tobacco exports are still not at the levels they were during the late 1990’s. In an effort to try control food prices, the Government decided that all maize and wheat MUST be sold to the Grain Marketing Board, a State controlled entity. Farmers struggle to get paid, and often find the officials quoting false figures on moisture content and tonnage, to reduce payment amounts. As a result many farmers now farm tobacco, which is sold off private auction floors, and payments are much quicker.

What is also not often factored into the impact of the loss of agricultural production and food security, is that allied industries collapsed. Engineering firms, fertilizer manufacturers, pesticide producers, food processing plants, implement and equipment manufacturers, fuel suppliers, all collapsed. Hundreds of thousands more black Zimbabweans were rendered unemployed. Millions had already fled, mainly to South Africa, and those that remain struggle to survive from day to day.

The collapse of the tax base saw State Revenues decline dramatically, to such a point that in 2007, with elections only a year away, the Reserve Bank started printing money, increasing the M0 and M1 money levels with no underlying reserves or support base. Foreign currency was briskly traded on the streets, with the local currency depreciating against all currencies at inflationary rates of 1000’s of percent per month. Over the years, we had numerous zeros removed from bank notes and prices. A Z$5 000 000 note was overnight declared a Z$50 note, because cash register systems could not deal with all the zeroes, this occurred at least 3 times. For many years now, Government Bonds are merely rolled over at redemption time, as no funds exist to payout the bond bearers.

Within months of being forced in a Government of National Unity by SADC leaders, after an election 2008, Mugabe admitted in 2015, on national television that he had lost resoundingly, the Zimbabwe Dollar was scrapped. Zimbabwe now used the US$ and Rand as primary currencies, also accepting the Botswana Pula, British Pound and Australian Dollar as legal tender. The Zimbabwe Dollars’s highest face value note at the time was 100 Trillion Dollars, and it could no longer buy a loaf of bread or a pint of beer. Pensions and life savings were reduced to zero. Unemployment in Zimbabwe currently stands at 85-88%, trade unions claim as high as 92%. The largest single employer in Zimbabwe is the Government, although public health care and public education have all but collapsed. The only investments that survived the hyper inflationary period was property investments, and gold, illegal but widely available.

No rational thinking person has any doubt that what transpired in March and April 2000 was a desperate attempt by ZANU-PF to buy votes after its defeat in the Referendum, and once they opened that Pandora’s box, they could not close it, for risking alienating those who had not yet fed from the trough of free land. Mugabe once stated that only white farmers with multiple farms would be targeted, however he quickly realized the lie in his own propaganda: not that many farmers had multiple farms.(Again do we hear the ANC rhetoric in this?) 

It has since come to light that many Cabinet Ministers accumulated multiple farms, and traded other farm allocations for cash and favors, Mugabe and his family claimed 12 farms (known to the public), military and police top-dogs, were also awarded numerous farms. In 95% of the cases, the farms were simply looted of whatever assets (tractors, harvesters, ploughs, generators), fuel , fertiliser could be found, tin shed roofs stripped to build huts, fences sold as scrap wire or used as snares to trap game on seized game farms. Farmers were not permitted to remove anything but household contents and personal effects when evicted from farms. Another tactic that was very widespread, was to invade farms just before harvest time, then crops would be stolen and sold at the various auctions or to the GMB. No production would take place on seized lands after that.

So continues a sad story that started as a bread basket for the region, and ended as a begging bowl within the region, all because a liberation movement ran out of ways to keep it’s voters happy, and decided to strip a minority of what they had, and spread it across an ever increasing support base, in a vote buying exercise. And once the farms were finished, they started with white owned businesses, and all mining companies. The crocodile cannot be satisfied.

To quote a now exiled farmer, “We tried to appease them by giving what they wanted. When they wanted it all, we had two choices, die defending our lands, or move on and try to survive somewhere else. The world turned its eyes away from us, as they did in the 1980’s when Mugabe butchered 20 000 Ndebeles in Matabeleland. We stood alone, and fell alone, most of us simply packed up and left.”

Britain kept Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF in power with donations of 100 million pounds only in 2017- which most landed in the pockets of ZANU-PF fat cats. While the fat cats were living in splendour and castles the populace were suffering starvation and oppression. Thus is a blue-book copy what is happening in South Africa too with the fat cats living like celebrities and the populace suffering in squatter camps. With more than 47% of the populace already suffering poverty and more than 13 million people on state grants the Zimbabwean model fast is taking form in South Africa. With a new Mugabe now in control of South Africa’s economy the future does not look good at all. Now Britain also turned their scope onto South Africa’s Ramaphosa and the ANC to keep them in power- just as they did with Mugabe and ZANU-PF. We saw what happened in Zimbabwe- and now we await to see to what degree South Africans will suffer under Ramaphosa- but suffer they will for their arrogant ignorance.

Image result for british capture africa cartoon


What happens in South Africa presently is a blue print of what happened in Zimbabwe. The modus operandi the same, the criminals in control have the same mind-set- and the direction of the country as a whole are following Zimbabwe’s footsteps- irrespective the lousy promises from Ramaphosa and his ilk. The similarities between Zimbabwe and South Africa are remarkable-  the empty political promises , the African despots, the lies- and even the vulturous companies such as Anglo American Platinum Ltd. and Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd.  that blissfully are plundering the two countries.

Plundering mining companies in Zimbabwe and Zambia are :

Anglo American Platinum Ltd

Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd

Equinox Minerals

Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM),

First Quantum Minerals LTD (Australia),

Chambishi Copper,

Metorex LTD,

Red Rock Resources,

Gemfields PLC (UK),

Konkola Copper Mines PLC,

Mopani Copper Mines,

Albidon LTD,

DRA Mineral Projects (PTY) LTD.

to only name but a few. .

The total number of international mining projects that blissfully rape Africa , which includes both bankable and active projects as well as those categorized as grass roots, prefeasibility, feasibility and operational are: Southern Africa 441, Central Africa 101, East Africa 220, West Africa 343, North Africa 11 and the Indian Ocean also 11. It is clear from the above that, even with political interference and economic instability, there is growth in at least four of the six African mining hubs.

Defined they are:

-and these all are foreign vultures ravaging Africa. Not ONE of the local population in any of these countries as specified has the right to start his/her own private company to also share of the abundance of resources of Africa. All of Africa’s minerals was stolen by international thieves with the help of African despots in control- laws quickly imposed- and should one try to mine a diamond or set up a personal mining venture to dig minerals God gave us for free- immediately the Jew-controlled regimes decent on you, arrest you for alleged “smuggling” something that rightfully belongs to you – and throw you in jail for 5 years plus.


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The question is why? Why is minerals always EXCLUDED from the ” the people owns it all” menu- but white farms suddenly belong to “all South Africans???”  Why must white farms be “expropriated” but not mines as well? You hear white farmers have “stolen our land” so often. When will we hear International Jews “have stolen our minerals?”  for a change? Go figure! And this is where Ramaphosa is taking South Africa as well. The international vultures are getting richer- and the populace poorer. One is left gobsmacked to think that 1 billion people in Africa vote every 5 years for their own demise, starvation  and poverty. How ironic indeed! South Africans – white, black, Indian and colored- no matter what race- must wake up…and FAST! 

Those idiots that by the thousands now stood and whine and whimper about “whites took our lands” in all the hearings across the country are the ones that on the end of the day will see their own black regime kicking their dumb arses into Davey Jones’ locker of starvation in poverty- simply because South Africans are too racist, arrogant – and to bloody lazy to take a peek at their neighbor – Zimbabwe. They are too near sighted  figure out all this so-called “hearings ” only are a smoke screen to again play white against black and visa versa– the “divide and rule” strategy. For this careless arrogance not only them- but their descendants down the line after them will pay dearly for the stupid near nearsightedness and naive racist culture  of their predecessors now playing the role of the “poor victims.” 

As for Theresa May- South Africa rather should curse  the day that she-wolf set foot on South African soil- rather than rejoice her arrival. All that “billions” she bragged about is Rothschilds money- and none of it will ever reach the black suffering  populace. Every pound will find it’s way in the pockets of the likes of Ramaphosa et al. Like the devil operates he will heal only the ANC “elite” for a while and then torture the country and it’s naive masses for eternity. Only time will tell just how long it will take to experience the horrible side-effects of this visit. AS for Ramaphosa and his ilk– well- they will be long-gone- basking in the spoils of treachery in a castle somewhere in Dubai...forgiven and forgotten by a nation of naive idiots that foolhardy  refuse to distinguish between right and wrong- fooled by the media and dirty politicians alike-  and blinded rather by the racial differences between white and black. 

BREAKING: Banks Announce South African Farmers Must Repay Loans After Land Is Taken

BREAKING: Banks Announce South African Farmers Must Repay Loans After Land Is TakenAlex Jones breaks down how white farmers will still be expected to repay loans on land even if it is seized by the South African government, according to statements made by Nedbank.

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