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Article posted by: White Nation financial correspondent Johannesburg   September 07  2018



Ernst Roets’ speech send  communist parliament howling

Nedbank suddenly making a back-flip: Warning that land “expropriation” will trigger a banking crises.

Racist Zimbabwe now groveling before white farmers it dispossessed to come back and feed the starving cow again.

Thousands of white SASOL workers march over racial discrimination

Two more farm murders in Kwa-Zulu Natal…the media and ” land expropriation” politicians stay mum.

African black politicians hailed New World Order as China promises $ 60 billion in aid.







TREASON runs at it deepest among especially South African whites. Here we have another white traitor to his people- Nicolaas Koornhof( a political grasshopper that hopped from the DA to COPE to the ANC for the best selfish interest)-  who-like his namesake Piet Koornhof is sucking up to black commi arse against his own people to secure his own miserable pension by attacking Afriforum’s Ernst Roets for fighting for white rights in South Africa.

Koornhof was speaking to the joint constitutional review committee on land expropriation on Wednesday where he said AfriForums’ actions were not representing the white minority in South Africa. Koornhof said: “What you did today was a disgrace for your own organisation” in reference to how AfriForum and Ernst Roets have conducted themselves in the past months. “You will feel that [the repercussions] in future.  (Was that a hidden threat?) The way you acted in previous months, the way you acted in trying to fight for something you believe in, you will destroy yourself.”

What Koornhof was saying to Roets actually is what he himself is doing: He and his  despicable white leftist ilk and a whole bunch of other psychopathic white  liberal lairs and traitors et al that we could add to this list are the true  disgrace to the white race- and they are the ones busy destroying the homogeneous ethnicity of the   white race down South for their own selfish agenda of libertarian  “survival.” They are the ones the old Boers referred to as “Hanskakies” or “hensoppers”– detestable turncoats that fornicate and side with the enemy -who will sell their own people out for a few dollars more. And the social sites especially are infested  with them.

To them the multiple farm murders, the horrendous murders on whites in general, the discriminatory legislation- the possibility of whites loosing their property , the oppression of their people and the thousands of small white children in squatter camps have no meaning at all. To them self enrichment, power, recognition and status ( and naturally the fat pay-check accompanying it) counts much more than the blood of innocent victims of their own race. Real grey Jude horses they are who lead the unsuspecting astray into bad morality and acceptance of Babylonian cultures. They are oblivious of the suffering their own people endure. They are the “politically correct” wretches of modern society  who turned their backs on their own race.

They are the ones who pose the greatest threat to white societies- the poison within. They are the cancer that destroys the white societies across the world- and like Koornhof- will even use their political status to trample on their own people. They say any dynasty  is as strong as it’s weakest link. History shows us on various occasions that white dynasties’ weakest links normally can only be found in the ranks of white liberals. Power hungry Hyenas  they  are that only preys  on their own kind –  and scavenge on the remains of a struggling  fellow-man. Even the black societies despises them for their personal weakness , brutal heartlessness- and treachery against their own kind. 


This is where Koornhof’s ANC handlers are taking South Africa 

We are not hard-line supporters of Afriforum either but by calling Afriforum a white “BLF” is a gross insult to an organization that fights to expose  of silent genocide against the Afrikaner for which Koornhof’s own treacherous party is guilty of. This same white traitor never say a word against any black radical organization such as the EFF, AZAPO, APLA, UDM or ANC itself– who on a daily basis propagate and instigate hate speech- but treacherous as Koornhof is- decide to publicly demonize an organization fighting for the rights of white people– something he himself are too “politically correct” cowardly to do but rather opt to side with the enemy and oppressor of the white man.

To make a flagrant statement that Afriforum does not represent the minority Afrikaner only is a half-truth- Afriforum may not be representing  the views of the majority Afrikaners– but they represent the ideology and fears of most Afrikaners .  That is much more than can be said about the all-black ANC communists Koornhof so gleefully supports and represent which  is a terrorist organization and display  no  sympathy or  regard for whites- do not have the interests of whites at heart-  and have no respect or tolerance for any minority group.

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THIS is the type of cretins Koornhof rather opt to side with against his own race.

But that is the filthy white liberals for you.  Detestable creatures they are – political chameleons that adapt to the environment they flourish and parasitize in. Today they will represent the ANC- tomorrow if the AWB takes control you will find the same loathsome parasites  suddenly “changing “ their political views and be sitting in the AWB benches in their smart suits again. There are many of this white ambidextrous creatures in South African politics- Van Schalkwyk, Piet Koornhof, Erwin, Botha , Naude, Vlok and many more who have no guilt or remorse stabbing their own kind in the back for selfish  political gain. But to understand a white filthy liberal’s mind better- you can watch this video. White conservative people must please take note of this man.