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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom  September 14  2018





ONE morning Daren and his twin brother, at that time merely 14 years old, slipped through the fence of the water reservoir to do what teenagers do behind old buildings- an illegal smoke break! The guards noticed them and arrested them.

When the identity of the two boys was discovered the instruction came directly from Mugabe: “Charge them with conspiracy to poison the water supply of the presidential palace! “ Daren Martin is one of our most active and outspoken youth members at Front National. He is a member of an old Rhodesian farming family.

Daren Martin's story in Zimbabwe: What next for South Africa? Photo: FNSA


Some years ago the regime of Mugabe “expropriated ” the family farm. The family moved to Harare while starting court proceedings. Daren’s mother had some influential contacts all over the world and the Mugabe regime realized that they were going to have a tough time getting rid of this white family. One morning Daren and his twin brother, at that time merely 14 years old, slipped through the fence of the water reservoir to do what teenagers do behind old buildings- an illegal smoke break! The guards noticed them and arrested them.

When the identity of the two boys was discovered the instruction came directly from Mugabe: Charge them with conspiracy to poison the water supply of the presidential palace!The two boys were interrogated and locked up! It took their mother a few days to find out where they were and endless international phone calls to get them released from prison…one of those even to Thabo Mbeki, who called Mugabe and negotiated their release. The condition was simply this: Hand over the keys to the farm and your house in the city and get out of the country, or we prosecute the boys and lock them up for life. They had no choice. The family relocated to Cape Town.


This week one of the boys returned to the farm. There was nothing left. The trees were chopped down for firewood, the buildings of the once prosperous farm were destroyed and the graves of Daren’s grandparents were desecrated. His grandfather’s headstone broken, his grandmother’s ashes removed and scattered on the ground so that the brass container could be stolen. Daren sent me the pictures last night, again with the request: “Tell our people about this. This is what is coming our way if we don’t stand together and push for self determination. I’ve been through it. I’ve been in jail for being white. I’ve seen our property destroyed. I’m not talking nonsense here!” 

LAND GRABS– “Land Restitution”, “Land Expropriation”- or whatever “smart term” the Jew taught the African to steal land by- is an evil lie and another way to disown whites before the real murderous onslaught starts. Ramaphosa systematically are busy with the final stages of the white genocide in South Africa a-la Mugabe style. People must stop believing his lies and deception. Ancestral whites never “stole” nobody’s land. Not ONE single document, not ONE single inscription- and not ONE single piece of evidence  so far was brought or could be presented to substantiate Ramaphosa, Malema, Mnxitama or any other communist rat’s claim to this- but all this claims are blatant political lies and fabrications that now suddenly became the “truth”– and the Mafia now want to amend into “law.”

Ask any of this “Land Expropriation” promoters to produce one single piece of evidence to their claims- and immediately they start giving lip service– but no factual evidence- simply because it does not exist! The whole South African constitutional system thus is about to be changed on the basis of the lies Ramaphosa, Malema and Mnixitame spreads with their big mouths without any substantial evidence of ONE Voortrekker that “stole” land from blacks- simply because the Voortrekkers were in the Cape before ANY black man set foot on that soil. So just from WHO did the white man “stole” the land if there was no-one to “stole” it from??! What a friggen banana republic indeed!!BUT there is a much darker and sinister plan and agenda behind all this “you stole our land” facade- just follow the money-line into the pockets of the ANC elite.

That agenda could be traced to London and BeijingPERIOD! Cohorts like AGRI-SA , De Klerk , Ramaphosa, Malema, Mnxitama and others also are paid agents to help promote this very bad idea and drive whites out of South Africa. AGRI-SA “promotes” the idea that white farmers can go farm “elsewhere” like Russia, Georgia, Zambia, etc- and promotes the idea that white farmers must “share” their land. . De Klerk again warn white farmers  to better “leave” SA. Ramaphosa push the change of the constitution through to legislation. Malema and Mxitama assist and instigate black terrorists to invade  farms. So all of these paid agents are working closely together (with the NASPERS media) -to push the white farmer off the face of South Africa. The lesser whites- the lesser the resistance to their hidden agendas. . 



In NO other civilized country does this grand land theft idea happen. Only under communist dictatorships. The only ones that will benefit by this racketeering- is the bad omens and vultures that will ultimately be the only ones benefiting from it- international corporate wolves , the Chinese- and the ANC Mafia “elite.” Even the black majority in South Africa who now again also are being taken for a ride will also loose all their property. You must wake up and stop Ramaphosa and his devious ilk– whatever means possible. Ramaphosa , the ANC , EFF and BLF are your enemies- a small percentage of paid noisy agents that push an agenda that will benefit their pockets- but leave the rest of the population poor and landless. Ramaphosa and his ilk are systematically selling SA out to the Chinese.

Like babes in a crocodile’s jaw the ANC are playing right into the Chinese dragon’s mouth. They know not what they do because they are unskilled and incompetent in almost all fields. In South Africa we have the Arms deal, the Russian Nuclear deal and the “Squirrel” has just struck further, as yet unannounced, deals with China. China is doing to Africa what the African nationalists did to the naive, grovelling, apologetic, slobbering Western world over many decades. At least China neither wastes its investment nor does it write off the debt. It plays this black Africans like puppets on a string.

THIS is the true enemies of a democracy- extremist Stalinist heathens propagating race tensions and wars.The EFF and BLF are two enemies of the people of South Africa.

South Africa is a ticking time bomb- a time bomb created by the ANC and now continuously manhandled by the ANC, EFF and BLF. . There has, in recent years, been a spike in the killing of white farmers and despots such as the  ANC, EFF and BLF  drive to expropriate land without compensation along with an open call by them for killing of whites. This ostensibly  is creating racist hate and destroying the economy. The land was never stolen in the first place. With the Zimbabwean disaster as an example of this folley-  its astounding that the ideologies of this failure are being pursued by the iligimate regime. The police are ineffectual and racism against whites is happening on a massive scale.The ANC, EFF and BLF are the real desroyers of South Africa. This is your last stance.


Do NOT be fooled by all the promises and sweet talk coming from Ramaphosa, the bastard children in the media- and vultures like the World Bank. DEFEND your rights, defend your property- and defend your right to a free South Africa. Free South Africa from reptiles such as the ANC, EFF and BLF. Free the country and it’s people from the communist chains that kept them captive. Only YOU can make the difference. Life is all about choices. Do not make the wrong choice this time. Get rid of the ANC, the EFF and BLF politicians . Capture all of them and jail them for acts of misconduct against the nation . They are the Devil’s tri-angle the corporate wolves exploit to enslave you. They are busy with gross human rights abuses against the people of South Africa. They are busy instigating polarization and a race war. All races in South Africa can live in one country in harmony- but only IF these political thugs that divide the people through hatred and race-driven agendas are removed from society permanently. Other than that South Africa will fast become yet another failed Zimbabwe.




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