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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Witbank  September 17  2018




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HOW can I ever turn my back on a class to write on a blackboard? That’s what Karin Coetzee asks – the teacher from Edenburg, Free State, who was attacked by an old black hooligan student  in her home last year.

Coetzee carries the scars on her cheek, nose, lip and hand after the attack on October 27 last year. Her minor attacker – an old black student of hers – was jailed for two years last week. Because he is not yet 18, he cannot be identified by law. Coetzee is bitterly unhappy about the short sentence and scared “What happens if he is released one day? There was so much hate in him.” She said the boy’s father told her last year that he (the father) would “ come and finish himself what his son had begun.”

COETZEE after the unprovoked attack by a young black hooligan. Yet the South African racist media– and that ever present black ANC, EFF and BLF rioters that quickly could assemble in front of courts when a black has been ‘offended” became eerily silent when whites are attacked like this by blacks. 

The boy was in her classroom seven years ago. Grade 4, but never completed the year. Two months before the attack, the young hooligan  threw stones at her car, and then the investigator’s car as well. The boy (then 15 years old) came back to her house on the afternoon of the attack. Coetzee, her two children and a friend, Neline Jacobs, were in the garden when Jacobs’s car alarm went off. “We got up and ran inside the house. ” Karin’s daughter, Courtney (3), went to watch television and Jacobs went to the bathroom. Karin spoke to her mother on the phone when she heard her friend shouting. As she looked up, the 15-year-old hooligan was already inside with a knife in his hand.

Coetzee’s son, Eliah (19 months), stood behind her. “I pushed Eliah very hard inside the bedroom and told my mother she should come now.” She then fought for her life. She had been stabbed several times. Blood flowed from a wound to her neck. Each time she slipped in her own blood that covered the floor. The blood ran in her eyes and obstructed her sight. When she shouted that the police arrived and are outside the door, the young hooligan  panicked and ran outside. She managed to close the door behind him then.

He was arrested by police 20 minutes later along the N1. He admitted to detectives that he wanted to kill Coetzee.
A court order that the boy’s father should not bother her is still in place. The hooligan’s brother is also imprisoned for the possession of an illegal firearm and motor theft. She said her husband, Dewald, is fuming about the short sentence. Coetzee has been on leave for the last 10 months, but says she fears the first school day next year. “I have to carry my medical costs and the therapy sessions for my two children myself; the co-payments come out of my pocket. And then my children still ask: “Mom, when does the guy with the long knife come back to harm us?”


The face of the young arrogant black thug that attacked Coetzee- here “proudly” displaying the knife used in the attack- as well as his Gangster sign– very “chaffed” with himself while his little friend shows a sign of holding a gun.  As you can observe- this photo was taken in a classroom. The question is why was he allowed to bring a dangerous weapon to school? What happened to all the ANC’s bullsh*t about carrying dangerous weapons and the hefty jail sentences that awaits(mainly whites) if such a weapon is discovered on a person?

A white woman- Vicky Momberg– got 3 years jail time-  1 year suspended- for alleged “racist” remarks. Nobody got hurt. Factually was she robbed (hi-Jacked) by black thugs-  and in a state of shock when she uttered the “racist” remarks. But the non-white judge had no mercy or leniency- she was punished the hardest way possible to make an “example” of her.

This young black thug violently attacked a white woman without provocation- nearly killing her– but he also get only 2 years jail time- of which he most probably will only serve 1 year…if that much. He is a “minor.” His “rights” are fully protected- not so the white victim’s. Do you see the raping of justice taking place between black and white in South Africa? Being a white “racist” weighs far more  heavier in the South African hippocratic kangaroo courts than a black murderer. And so more and more black attackers and murderers are cultivated. They are the “heroes. “  They are the “black nationalists” that will rid Africa of the “racist” white “colonials.” That is what the black politicians advocate. They attacked a “racist” white. In jail they are groomed and patronized for their evil deeds. They are shrouded with leniency- both from the judiciary – and criminals alike.

This is the direct result of evil mobsters such as Malema and Mnxitama’s continuous hate speech against whites- a generation of violent predators  now are on the prowl for so-called “revenge” against whites. Malema, Mnxitama, Zuma et al should be arrested and charged with instigating a genocide as well as human rights violations and atrocities against human society for their share in the murderous culture now busy ruining the country.


Posted by Letichia Roos on Thursday, September 6, 2018


Attacks by black hooligans on teachers: 


Image may contain: text

  • 13 September 2018: A teacher at a school in Zeerust in North West is stabbed by a black student.
  • September 13, 2018: A student at Eldorado Park Secondary School in Johannesburg directs a toy firearm to a teacher.
  • 31 September 2017: A 12-year-old student from the Hermana Primary School in Ladybrand in the Free State threw his teacher down.
  • September 2018- A Black student thug from the Ramotshere High School in Dinokana stabbed a teacher to death.
  • September 2018- Another black student thug pointed a firearm at a teacher in the Eldorado Park Secondary School


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sittingImage may contain: 1 person







Due to the fact that despots such as Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema and Andile Mnxitama are allowed to fuel anti-white hatred from public podiums with inflammatory speeches, the fact that the anti-white South African media deliberately covers all of this anti-white hate speech to invoke racial tensions between black and white – as well as the fact that the ANC regime itself advocate hate against whites by their racist anti-white legislation – a whole new generation of young black hooligans now emerge to take that deep rooted hatred into the next generation of black vagrants. The terrorist ANC since 1994 taught the upcoming young black generation that it’s “a-ok” to hate, slander and continuously belittle whites- as long as whites dare not return the respects the same way. So the ANC now are busy cultivating a generation of raw black racists from the cradle to the grave.

Hulle het hulle werk gedoen!!! Hoe de hel moet CPF of BUURTWAG saam met polisie werk as ons arresteer word???? Kry daai kinders uit die tronk deur Machado polisie gearresteer!!!

Posted by Lorinda Kapp on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

THIS video above was taken by a black racist- and selectively placed on social media sites. . Now the only part you see- is where two “white officers” are (again) mishandling/assaulting  a (poor) black man(victim) . This video- as expected- went “viral” again. You see- the (black) “social” media controls the main stream media in South Africa. What the disguising black “socialites” and media do NOT say- is that prior to this “damming” video- the same “poor” black man factually was a thug that went into a company and started to assault workers- hence the reason the security (which happen to be two white men) was called in and they tried to apprehend the kicking screaming thug. You can hear blacks (as expected) shouting at the white security guards that they are  “racists.” However– this same blacks have no qualm in murdering their own kind in horrendously brutal xenophobic attacks on their own kind as the videos shows below…and they do not see themselves as “racist”– that according to their warped “political correct” narrative- is “justice.” Blacks in South Africa – no matter how heinous and brutal their actions- never can be “racist.” When a black attacks a white- it’s not “racist”– only when a white attacks a black.


The total onslaught- brainwashing the white

This is how the ANC and their cohorts have been brainwashing the black populace to hate whites- and whites on the other hand- were brainwashed to feel “guilty” at all times…..guilty of “murdering “ blacks during “apartheid”– so whites can be  disarmed and murdered at will. Guilty of “colonialism” – so all white historical statues and languages were desecrated and removed. Guilty of “oppressing “ blacks- so all whites were pushed out of the labor market through racist BEEE legislation and no white is legible for any government aid. Guilty of ”  apartheid” itself- so all white national flags and anthems were abolished and declared “racist”. Guilty of “colonizing” and “stealing” their land- so all whites must be disowned of all property- thus being alienated from their own country without a home or property to become nomads. Guilty of  “racism” so all whites must be dehumanized, demonized, blamed – and slandered at will. Can you see how systematically whites are being pushed into banishment? 

Whites are blamed for all sins and woes- all while the “poor” blacks at all times have the right to enjoy the special status as the “victims.” A total of 119 “anti-white” discriminatory  laws were quickly manufactured to “keep whites in check”-all while not ONE law was manufactured to keep blacks “in check.” The media ( Facebook, Twitter, Media 24, New Nation and Africa Check) -are  effectively used to intimidate and demonize whites through constant hounding them down as “racists.” 

You are the “minority” 

This is why whites always are referred to as the a”minority”- specifically to mind-f*ck them and made them to believe they factually are the “minority”– a small band of unimportant “settlers” that have no right and no power to oppose the “great “ ANC wolf. Whites must at all times be prevented from realizing they factually have an immense power and intelligence that could destroy the communist oppressor.No– propaganda must indoctrinate them they are the “minority.” They MUST  be made to believe they are “nothing” – not the factual powerful rulers of South Africa for 40 years– no- they are “nothing” and will not rule again. They are “minute. ” That is the malicious propaganda being spread by African communist politicians and the destructive media alike. Telling them on a daily basis they are the “minority” will create a self induced inferior complex- and thus prevent them from ever decide to stand up and fight for their rights. This is one big lie  if ever there was one.

Whites are very powerful and can destroy the ANC indeed– but they must be made to believe they cannot- and if you can psi-ops them into believing they are nothing…then they will be nothing. It’s all a game to destroy the mind.  If whites can mentally be destroyed out of their  their own beliefs- they will never unite and pool their immense resources. This is why powerful “strongs“- terms like “minority” and “racist” are continuously shoved down the throats of whites. They must themselves start to believe they are a “minority” and factual natural “racists.” Once the propaganda can infiltrate the white mental reasoning- they will destroy themselves , keep themselves “in check”– and be too scared and unwilling to take on the oppressor.

NOTHING could be further from the truth. Whites are powerful- and once they realize the communists have been mind-f*cking them through the media into believing they are “inferior”  to the black despot- they will gather their strength , unite-pool their resources- and take their country back. All the power lies within the white mind. They only must re-discover it. This naturally-  from a communist point of view- must at all costs be prevented. This is why whites are constantly targeted for propaganda, alienation, impoverished, divided and malicious attacks such as with Afriforum. They pose a threat to the communist agenda- just as Eugene Terreblanche, Sunette Bridges, Dan Roodt and Steve Hoffmeyer did.

Now it’s Ernst Roets‘ turn to be singled out for malicious attacks. And so they will hunt down each and every white leader or organization- preventing a white back-lash like the SPUR incident- only on a national scale-  and preventing them from ever becoming yet another sticky obstacle  to the communist throne again. White Nationalism must be prevented at all costs as it poses the one most single threat to the communist rule in any country- especially in South Africa where the Boers left a legacy in history of being formidable fighters- a fact the ANC communists themselves found out the hard way during the 25 year SWA conflict.

The strategy then is to keep them poor by legislation( BEEE). Keep them divided (white traitors). Keep them oppressed( continues new “racist” laws. ) Keep them mentally restrained ( Continuous slandering as “racists” and tell them they are a “minority.” Treat them as sub-human beings.) Depopulate them and eliminate their numbers ( Put  legislative organs in place and accelerate pressure on them to leave the country in droves. Organize 3rd force farm attacks to force them out of the country) Keep them landless and without property (Expropriation of their land.) Dehumanize them( Calling them racists and thieves) Force them into insignificant impoverished controllable groups (white squatter camps) Threaten them on a continuous basis ( Witch hunts for so-called illegal weapons and political threats made from podiums) Take out all their leaders ( Boeremag and Eugene Terreblanche)  Demonize and belittle them in the media( Terreblanche, Bridges, Roodt ,  Hoffmeyer and now Roets) Silence their voices ( Social sites bans) Tax them into starvation. (Hunt down their companies and personally with tax legislation.) Use the power of flat denial at all times.

This falls in perfectly with the Communist Manifesto.      The Communist Manifesto represents a mis-guided philosophy, which teaches the citizens to give up their RIGHTS for the sake of the “common good,” but it always ends in a police state.  This is called preventive justice.  Control is the key concept.


Read carefully:

1    Abolition of private property.      

 2    Heavy progressive income tax. 

 3    Abolition of all rights of inheritance.                  

 4    Confiscation of property of all emigrants and rebels.(Ramaphosa now is busy with this stage- “Land Expropriation.”) 

 5    Central Bank.                     

 6    Government control of Communications and Transportation 

 7    Government ownership of factories and agriculture.(White farm murders are in this category) 

 8    Government control of labor.                 

 9    Corporate farms, regional planning. ( Ramaphosa’s Chinese now are busy buying derelict farms) 

10    Government control of education.

GAAN DIE WAARHEID SEERMAAK???BOODSKAP AAN CYRIL RAMAPHOSAGeen doekies omgedraai! Gaan hy lewenslank kry of gaan Vicky Momberg presidentiële vrystelling kry?CEO of National Assosiation of Violent Crime and Abuseaan die woord:https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=246314152695902&id=474501015988420

Posted by Nuus 24/7 News on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

THIS Indian guy explains in no uncertain terms the state of South Africa and how he feels about blacks. However– He dared braking that “holy grail” of the black racist narrative….he dared calling Ramaphosa a “k….”- well…listen yourself…PRICELESS!!! Now we await that black “social” backlash about the so-called “racism” whites have to endure on a continuous basis.Will he be treated a-la “Vicky Momberg” style- and given a life sentence….or be  left alone because he is not a white….get that popcorn…take it away all you skunks in Media 24 !

A Communist Psyco-politician is basically a brain washer, he/she changes the minds of people to Communism this can be done, by a Psyco-politican on a large scale.  Mostly it is telling the same lie over and over, by discrediting Patriots of the country they are working on, calling them names, or laughing at them in front or behind their backs.  Boys and girls, this country is rotten of them. The ANC communists are playing along neatly to the communist agenda.

This “neutralization” of whites then gives  blacks the opportunity to receive most of the benefits paid for by white taxes  and excel in their birth rate – as well as pushing blacks economically into top controlling positions. It also hands them  an open cheque to  practice raw racism at will at all times unchecked without one single white having the right to fight back- it simply is deemed “justified.” This also is the reason why Afriforum now are targeted and singled out for malicious attacks by the media and communist thugs alike- all  because Ernst Roets and the organization  dares defend the rights of whites. South Africa became one  very sick country with very violent irrational destructive people-  ruled by very mentally disturbed power hungry political psychopaths since 1994.

-And here comes the truth…..from a black man.

Put this in your pipe and smoke this is so true

Posted by Craig Hunter on Tuesday, September 18, 2018


This is now what happens if the international world- and especially the Anglo British hounds of hell-the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Soros, Rockefellers, Ruperts and also the Afrikaner Broederbond Free Masonry thugs et al  – the gods from “silicon valley” – are involved in a country. So now you can understand why   Karin Coetzee’s attack- as well as so many  other white farm murders- became just another pitiful daily occurrence without too much fuzz in the globalists’ bigger plan.Blacks the likes of Idi Amin, Charles Taylor, Sani Abacha, Macias Nguema, Siad Barre, Sekou Toure,  Mugabe,  Zuma, Malema , Ramaphosa ,  Mnxitama  and many more are fully exploited to become the driving force, the cannon fodder- the minions to exterminate white opposition and useless idiots to promote the globalist agenda. For this reason they must be protected and given a free hand to plunder, murder, destroy , destabilize and turn a country into chaos. It fits the global corporate plundering agenda well.






See how racist blacks are killing a man….



So- now we have black racists calling white security personnel “racists” – all while they themselves are much more violent against their own people? But this is typical the hippocracy , the  false and misleading information distributed by blacks themselves and the media to invoke racial tensions and create division so the ANC can proceed to be in power. However NOTHING ever was mentioned about the Karin Coetzee incident- (which was ten times more brutal and savage than the way the two white officers are treating this black man ) – simply because South Africa is dominated by 57 million (democratic) black racists and an anti-white ( fake) skunk works who happen to refer to themselves as the “media.” 


Since 1994 South Africa became a rogue state with no discipline and no law and order and no respect – which in turn cultivated a breeding ground for mentally disturbed black hooligan gangsters  filled with hatred such as this –  who have no fear of the law- as they realize the “law” by itself is utterly  corrupt and will preferably side with the “ previously disadvantaged” criminals rather than the white victims. Black criminals enjoy more rights than white victims. Even the predominantly ANC-controlled courts and their anti-white judiciary with their double standards worship this sick type of narrative. Criminals are protected- and victims prosecuted. The rape of justice were taken to the next level since the bandits from Robbin Island was given control of the country. Even on the South African Facebook reporting incidents like this are quickly “banned” and the poster can be “banned” for 30 days or more for so-called “hate speech”– a new disgusting tool placed in the hands of so-called ‘admins” who neither have the intelligence, common sense – nor the judgement of a stray alley cat in heat. No wonder Donald Trump once mentioned that South Africa is “one f*cked-up country.”  Well said Don!

” They came 300 years ago
They stole the gold of South Africa in one go
Killed the people one by one
Only talking with their guns
Brave white Boers shot and locked on iron chains
All young white and black mothers incarcerated in concentration camps and treated as slaves
Babies crying through the night
Will they ever see a light?

Within the memory of the white Boer
The search for happiness and freedom has never ended
But the gates of Eden will ever be closed
For those corporate and political criminals  who are only hungry for power and might
Because the real South Africa isn’t made out of diamonds and gold
It’s the immortal yearning for peace, love and understanding
In the hearts of everyone that fought for it’s independence and sovereignty against the yoke of the British  oppressive Empire.”






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