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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria September 18  2018








SOUTH AFRICANS  have welcomed the Constitutional Court judgment which legalized the private consumption of dagga. (Marijuana/Cannabis) “The right to privacy is not confined to a home or private dwelling. It will not be a criminal offence for an adult person to use or be in possession of cannabis in private space,” Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said on Tuesday.

The landmark judgment did not specify what amount of Cannabis constituted private use, and followed a decision of the Western Cape High Court which ruled sections 4(b) and 5(b) of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act and section 22A(9)(a)(i) of the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act as unconstitutional.This judgment must, thus, not be read to extend any further than the narrow confines of the dispute as I have defined it,” the Western Cape High Court emphasized.

Following an appeal by State, the case was heard in the Constitutional Court, which confirmed the lower court’s ruling. Parliament has to amend specific legislation to harmonize it with the court’s judgment. On dagga activist Jeremy Acton’s Facebook page, many users celebrated: “Bless Up to Jeremy David Acton, The Dagga Couple, Gareth Prince and everybody else that’s been fighting on the Front Line for Legalization. 1 step in the right direction,” wrote Facebook user Jason Havoc. “Congratulations to the great Ras Gareth Prince and Jeremy David Acton. Thanks to you, the healing herb that helped my late brother with his cancer is now free,” wrote Ross Hooper. “Well done Jeremy David Acton you kicked ass my brother. Finally it’s legalized,” wrote Michael Van der Linde. Twitter users reacted with joy to the judgment:






( Ironic….isn’t it? Just three weeks ago two men were arrested for the possession of Cannabis in the Eastern Cape. Three weeks later they now are legally allowed to have it. How many thousands of Cannabis users already are jailed because of a gross misconduct driven by Big Pharma and Petroleum vultures? Comes to show this friggen useless police have nothing else to do bar chasing “dagga” users. Police destroyed a huge Cannabis crop in Mpumalanga two weeks ago- Cannabis that was cultivated for medicinal use. Now who is going to compensate that owner for his loss? Meanwhile half of the corrupt police force themselves are mules for drug lords.

Thousands of dollars of  of the so-called “confiscated” Cannabis were being sold by the police to back-street peddlers from their government safe-keeping stores themselves. It is a huge business with most policemen involved- using patrol vans as a shuttle service between “clients.” Who the hell will stop a police van and search it for illegal substances- what a perfect decoy!! One wonders what the useless minions will do now to kill some time on shift…chasing white “racists?” I believe many dirty policemen now also are going to feel the pang in their bank accounts as the price of Cannabis will plunge – and one of their favorite illegal ATM businesses – selling confisticated weed- goes “bang!”  They used to TRIPLE their salaries with the illegal weed business. It sure was nice to be a policeman when Cannabis was still contraband.  Lots of dirty money to be made on the job. It must be a very boring time ahead for them from now on – friggen A-Holes!!

Now people can start making their own anti- cancer and many other types of illness remedies , Pharmaceutical products – and best of all….cheap Biofeul!!  Cannabis across the world was declared contraband because corporate vultures such as the Big Pharma and petroleum companies bribed politicians to keep it “illegal.” Cannabis is the one threat that could put both these corporate villains in jeopardy because of it’s humongous and  medicinal value for uncountable ailments such as cancer, rheumatic and much more – as well as manufacturing of cheap bio-fuel – and cheap paper products. So many people’s lives could have been saved was Cannabis- a wonder plant from God- legalized much earlier.

Now you do not have to go to a friggen pharmacy and purchase malicious chemical rubbish they advertise as ” supplements”- or “vitamins” to regenerate your body anymore. It only is a big money racketeering game. Your body is organic- it needs organic remedies- not the malicious chemical junk pharmaceutical companies like BAYER try to flog to you. Chemicals are dangerous for your body- irrespective what bullsh*t your pharmacist or doctor tells you. They all are in cahoots making huge profits out of your misery. Cannabis destroys cancer cells. A daily dose of Cannabis extract will ensure a lesser chance of getting cancer, rejuvenate your blood cells- and make you feel much more healthier. Start manufacturing your own natural remedies from this wonder plant. Cannabis oil is now free- and the regular usage of Cannabis oil will regenerate all your body cells in a jiffy. 

Cannabis NEVER was a “drug”- that is pure bullsh*t propaganda from dirty “scientists”, doctors and legislators – bank-rolled by big Pharma companies. This nonsense was started by Randolph Hearst ( father of Patty Hearst) in the early 30’s to stop Cannabis from being a threat to his newspaper manufacturing plants. He bribed dirty senators to contraband Cannabis- and once it was contraband in America- malicious propaganda followed in all the newspapers and the plant was outlawed in most Western countries for no reason at all bar a lot of hogwash. Meanwhile – at the same time it was outlawed in America- the FBI and CIA themselves made millions out of Cannabis sales from  Columbia. Cannabis is not a drug at all. That hoax was debunked way back already.  It is the extra substance junkies put in it like LSD, “buttons” , etc that does the damage- but then again tobacco cigarettes is much more damaging than Cannabis as it contains small amounts of arsenic , tar – as well as the drug nicotine-whereas Cannabis is pure– and secondly you can easily add the same drugs to tobacco as well. But tobacco is legal- Cannabis not- simply  because Big Pharma and petroleum moguls fears it like sh*t and pay off dirty politicians to keep it illegal!

One Cannabis cigarette does much less damage than a can of Red Bull– but gives double the adrenaline to keep you going at a lesser risk than Red Bull. Cannabis is hundred times more healthier than alcohol, does not create social problems like alcohol, does not create car accidents like alcohol, have no rehabs like alcohol, is free and does not put your budget in jeopardy like alcohol, does not create social problems and domestic violence like alcohol- and does not make you a drunkard or is addictive or create a violent behavior like alcohol- but alcohol is legal because the government have shares in distillers and can tax control alcohol whereas they have NO control or taxation method over Cannabis- and THAT is one of the main reasons they keep on demonizing Cannabis. Matter of fact that is why they also now are having this mad drive against tobacco- too many “grey products” slip through their tax security net. So if they cannot control it and tax it effectively….then simply BAN it! As a matter of fact did and does many prominent doctors, judges , politicians and scientists THEMSELVES consume  Cannabis for various reasons- but because of hioppocracy and ” political correctness” they will never admit it. 


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, So- next time some idiot tries to tell you Cannabis is a drug and will harm your lungs, brain or whatever- you tell them to go back to school ’cause someone screwed them badly by forcing them to pay school fees whilst teaching them hogwash. Neither believe the bullsh*t you read or see as the “truth” on Facebook or Twitter either. Smear campaigns against Cannabis will start in earnest soon- pictures of bad coal miner’s lungs that suddenly became “Cannabis” lungs, motor car accidents, suicides , videos of junkies doing circus stunts, etc – all suddenly contributed to Cannabis. That bullsh*t was done by Randolph Hearst as well to brain wash the American public . You can just follow the money-line. We don’t have to try to convince you- click that “Google” tab – and go do some research about the remedial possibilities of Cannabis yourself. 

This judgement -on the other hand- will now put a lot of illegal “pimps” and dirty police officials out of business as nobody needs a drug lord to obtain Cannabis anymore- and beside that will the price of Cannabis now drop like a stone as it can now be bought across the counter- and better even- grown in your own back-yard. Many small businesses can now start to generate a good income from Cannabis. O how soothing and nice would it be to tell a friggen dirty cop to go screw a porcupine next time they try to “raid” your Cannabis crops -Ed)