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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Secunda September 21  2018







SOUTH AFRICAN blacks are to say the least- the biggest hippocrates on African soil. Not only are they down-right violent xenophobic racists against African immigrants as well- but because of their natural greed and incompetence they also are racists against whites, coloreds, Indians –  as well as their own tribes and kinsmen.

For too long now we had to endure the back-lash from South African black racist  politicians and black extremists alike  about how they “suffered” under “apartheid.” For too long now we have read about the lies of “racism” and “oppression” by the so-called “racist” whites. South African blacks have created their own racist “euphoria ”   to cunningly benefit from complaining and playing the “victim” on a continuous basis. Hiding their incompetence behind “apartheid” – and blaming the “racist” whites became a convenient national culture of both the illegal communist regime – and it’s “majority” support base that keeps it in power.

Using a strategy of false and misplaced propaganda that they ( among all of Africa’s inhabitants)– are the only blacks on the continent that has been “previously disadvantaged“- they became a lazy and ever complaining nation that shrewdly exploited the “apartheid” system to enrich themselves, become lazy bums that forever want to “demand” – and prefer to live on state grants and free services  AND if not given enough attention to their “complains” and “disputes”– they venture on violent riots of destruction , brutal racist back lashes from within the domains of  their “powerful” Twitter accounts- and on many an occasion- murder. Even African immigrants in South Africa now despise them for their brutality against their own kind.

The 2018 Global Peace Index by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) shows that South Africa’s reputation as one of the most violent and dangerous places on earth is getting worse.  According to the report, South Africa ranks as the 125th most peaceful country in the world, out of 163 countries and districts measured. This puts it on the lower-end of the scale (in the lowest quartile), but still still some way off from war-torn regions like Syria and Afghanistan. South Africa’s position on the list has worsened since 2017, having dropped two places from 123rd, and maintaining its place as one of the most violent and dangerous places in the world. (Link)



Image result for violent south african riots



Image result for violent south african riots

If not given enough attention to  “complains” , “demands” and “disputes”– South African blacks  venture on violent riots of destruction

Image result for violent south africa xenophobia


Image result for violent south africa xenophobia

Even African immigrants in South Africa now despise local blacks  for their brutality against their own kind.

BUT now they have added another devastating element to their destructive arsenal……cyberwar. So- basically the South African black man has shifted his violent riots from the streets to more “sophisticated” violent “riots “ on the internet- ganging together in social groups up to 15 000 in a group- and blasting everyone and everything that does not fit their narrative. Most “cultivated” blacks belong to this groups- from government officials, judges, policemen, media correspondents, etc- from all walks of life. Thus the media, judiciary and  politicians all are interwoven into each other- discussing strategies and actions. Now we can understand how and why the ANC,EFF,PAC, BLF, judges , politicians and media correspondents are working so close in co-ordination to achieve their success- the one complementing the other. 

They already  maneuvered themselves into a  position of power and intimidation- using and manipulating the social platforms (invented by “racist” whites) on the internet (invented by “racist ” whites) such as Facebook , Instagram and Twitter to basically control the South African media – and political environment  from their faceless and damaging intricate social platforms.  They have become the new South African black cyber mafioso– a vicious verbal mob operating and manipulating the country from behind their hidden laptops, cell phones and PC’s (also invented by “racist” whites.) It is a complex system- but from this platform critical decisions are taken- and from this platforms they attack white websites- doing their utmost to destroy white nationalism and reports about human rights atrocities against whites.

There is now a huge drive on especially Facebook – since the Donald Trump tweet– to eliminate postings by whites- and together with their Facebook “admins” they are shutting down many white postings, banning whites for up to 60 days  for alleged “hate speech”– or false claims that whites did not adhere to Facebook’s “community standards” –and shutting down profiles in order to prevent white conservatives from telling the world about the intimidation, discrimination, racism, farm murders  and anti-white sentiment exercised by the ANC regime. They want to eliminate the white voice in order for the black Mafia to totally dominate the South African social network. It is a deliberate and orchestrated covert operation to silence the white voice on the internet. Together with white traitors, white liberals and white dirty paid police informants they form a formidable force against the white Afrikaner to destroy him. In other words the black cyber mafia exploit the whites’ own inventions to destroy them. 


A Perfect example of the diabolical onslaught to silence the voice of  whites on Facebook in South Africa is demonstrated in this screen snapshot. Please read the “violation” White Nation committed- as well as the time we were “banned” by their troll-admins on Facebook for this so-called “non-conformity.” This is pathetic- but proves our point. 

Everything they do not agree with- or want to attack- they simply go “viral” about it. Their main topic is- yes you guess it right– white so-called “racism.”  This “racism” forms the nucleus of their attacks. They roam the streets by day- and wherever they can find a trace of white “racism”- they immediately film/capture it- and very selectively place only parts of their captured material they think can incriminate whites on You Tube or social sites. The parts the black appear to be the aggressor or perpetrator are selectively left out of the capture placed on the internet.

This then automatically is picked-up by their cohorts in the media- and the next phase is to blast it all over the anti-white  media News 24 and other similar media websites. What follows then is the “investigations, lies , deception and black selective hippocracy to single out whites to be destroyed– as in the cases of Sparrow, Momberg, the white farmers of Middelburg, Coligny and Reitz- and activists such as Sunette Bridges, Dan Roodt and Steve Hoffmeyer. The most minute incident most of the times are blown up out of proportion- and no matter how they distort the truth or if the white was the victim- they cunning turn around and distort the truth in such a way that the white always ends up as the “perpetrator”– the “racist” villain- and the black as the poor  offended “victim” – like the SPUR incident and the Momberg case.


As many anti-white newspaper reporters ( liberal and black) also belong to this secret sect  it is then an obvious conclusion that the anti-white media also is infiltrated , in cahoots – and manipulated by this diabolical vigilantes -and because most non-white reporters are part of this throng cyber network-  they also draw much of their fake gossip news from this lawless source. That is their newest trend in psychological warfare against so-called ” white capitalism.” Themselves they have not the ability or business sense to start their own macro businesses to excel beyond  their  foolish destructive realm- but through constant complaining , threats ” going viral” , slandering and nagging – get their chosen regime to amend the law to fit their own malicious  intimidating way.  And as always it will be the white that is targeted for their misplaced mostly brutal aggression and racist aggravation.


When Penny Sparrow called blacks in Durban “monkeys”– all hell broke loose and she was labeled as South Africa’s #1 “racist”– but here Mr. Magwaza again calls whites monkeys….and the filth in the media houses suddenly picked-up a strand of Laryngitis. 

Every day you have to read about those “white” racists- about the “poor services” ( from a regime they themselves voted into power)-  and about how the black populace was so much “destroyed” and “deprived” by all the “inequities” of “apartheid.” Ironically can most of them not even produce ONE single thread  of evidence substantiating their false claims- but because “liberation before education” prevented them from visiting their school libraries ( which most probably also were torched and burned to ashes during their riots) and do some studying in history- evidence is something that does not quite matter in the greater picture of selfish greed and race hatred.

Sien wat gaan deesdae aan in som van die skole ..ondewys sit met probleme soos die van die lyfstraf weggeneem is

Posted by Janet Joubert on Monday, September 17, 2018

THIS is why the black man never will excel beyond his 3rd world mentality- instead of studying (especially history) in classrooms – the unruly young mobs would rather venture on chaos-  attacking  the very people that were placed there to educate them. But they are the “clever” ones you meet on social networks that has so much to say about the “racist” white man. And the media side with this uneducated mobs with a 60% fall-out rate to steer the political course of the country? 

 BUT meanwhile back at the ranch are most of  the South African blacks ten times worse racist criminals  than whites ever could dream to be. Their fake “democracy” endorse ten times worse race based  laws than “apartheid” ever did. More of their own kind are languishing in poverty in more filthy squatter camps that ever was recorded during the years of “apartheid.” More blacks are jobless than during “apartheid.” More blacks are deprived of a decent living  than during “apartheid.”  Most services are in a worse state of affairs than during “apartheid.” More blacks fall out of school and passing rates are much worse than during “apartheid.” More blacks are murdered, raped and left destitute than during ” apartheid.” More black children are being abducted than during “apartheid.” More blacks have AIDS than during “apartheid.” More blacks are murdered in crime related incidents than during “apartheid”– up to 50 a day. Still they will foolhardy continue to attack whites in the cyber media and blame “apartheid” for all their post 1994 “democratic” woes. Ironically do they now plan to “shut down” the whole Western Cape  due to corruption, poor service delivery and so on. A Western Cape Total Shutdown is planned for Tuesday September 26  from 5am to 10am, the Western Cape Total Shutdown Communities said in a statement on Saturday. Another ploy by the black cyber  mafia to make the Western Cape “ungovernable” so the ANC can take over the province again? 

ALSO because the South African black politician- handsomely bank rolled by the WHITE British and American corporate plunderers together with the paid media skunks – simply prefer to target local Afrikaner whites to carry the blame for so-called “racism” and “inequity” propaganda campaigns. It is so much more convenient to shift the blame onto the white man than factually acknowledge your own “chosen” government- your own race- your own tribe- and you yourself are to blame for your miserable failure to excel beyond a third world  mentality. 


Image result for julius malema

Julius Sello Malema- hateful extremist instigator of anti-white racism- now again calling for the old national anthem to be removed from their national anthem- as well as all white historical statues. How long will whites still tolerate this weasel’s dangerous mockery?

Put this in your pipe and smoke this is so true

Posted by Craig Hunter on Tuesday, September 18, 2018



Literally  thousands of cases of brutal black racism simply are “politically correct” wiped under the carpet- deliberately ignored by these same black cyber mafioso– or conveniently allowed to slip through that “democratic” Human Rights  net that is supposed to guard the gate of the holy black “anti-racist “ trinity. It all is the fault of “apartheid.” 


But one dare not speak evil against the “holy grail “ of Africa- the South African black man. Speaking against the black South African- or even merely mentioning the fact that their fake “democracy” is a total messed up racist system compared to what “apartheid” ever was- immediately will invoke a raging inferno of black “retaliation” –  and a barrage of hissing and spitting venom (even death threats) from these self appointed “guardians of (democratic”)social morality “ in the matrix realms  of Twitter ,  Facebook, Instagram – and evil doers in the South African main stream media alike.

Irrespective what type of factually unsupported groundless trash and mumbo jumbo they let fly on their “tweets”– their words are taken as the Alpha and Omega fact of truth – according to the South African media narrative. Normally such bullsh*t starts with “The social(black) media again went “viral”. When the Main Stream Media uses the term “social sites” they mean them….the black cyber Mafia– and when the media use the terms “viral” or “storm” – you must brace yourself because whatever stirred up the black mafioso hornets’ social nest – will soon have dire consequences and maybe prompt a new law -or-two to be cast against either whites- or a group in stone as well. In South Africa logic does not count anymore. Morality does not count. Intelligence and sober judgement does not count anymore. Sane reasoning does not count anymore.



Kangaroo justice– The cyber mafia mob has spoken:  Kessie Nair called a non democratically elected “president” a ” ka**ir” on the internet- was immediately charged and brought before a court for “racism”  , crimen injuria and “hate speech.”

Nair faces seven counts of crimen injuria for allegedly calling:

  •   President Cyril Ramaphosa the k-word;- and for speaking the truth when he said: 
  •   Former Chatsworth councillor Brandon Pillay an “overgrown frog and a master of political puppets” on social media;
  •   Durban deputy mayor Fawzia Peer a zombie on social media;
  •   KwaZulu-Natal Human Settlements MEC Ravi Pillay a political puppet;
  •   Saying Durban mayor Zandile Gumede was riddled with corruption; and
  •   Calling former speaker Logie Naidoo a black sangoma.

As you can see- the black social media cyber mafia struck back hard at Nair. Penny Sparrow was ripped apart by this same black cyber mafia-  brought to court- fined R 50 000.00 and ruined for life because of a so-called “racist” posting on Facebook. Vicky Momberg was sent to effective 2 years imprisonment for alleged “racism” after the cyber mafia went “viral” again. Chris Hart was fired from Standard Bank for alleged “racism.” Another victim of the black cyber mafia. Yet not ONE of these same black mafioso on the cyber net or for that matter Julius Malema or Andile Mnxitama ever was charged and thrown in jail – even when they openly advocate the killing of whites or place thousands of much worse derrogative racist statements and downright instigation for murder and genocide on the internet.

😔😔😢Yet another video of school kids beating up a teacher. This evil doing must stop now.

Posted by Lucia Mathe on Thursday, March 15, 2018

How disgraceful 😠😡😤

Posted by Salushka Mathadeen Naidoo on Thursday, September 20, 2018



THE violence of South African blacks against their own kind- even at school level. It is a culture with South African blacks to grow up to be violent- but they continuously want to play the “victims.”

How he kicks the lady 😡😡😡😡😡🇿🇦🖕

Posted by South Africa Uncut on Friday, September 21, 2018

South Africa is a dangerous country to live in- black thugs have no respect for no one- even kicking a woman does not bother them. BUT they are patronized and never prosecuted for their violent culture. They are the “previous disadvantaged” – and kicking a woman- especially a white woman- is to them like kicking a dog- but they blame whites for being so-called “racists?” 

Only the  color of your skin (preferably black) and cyber mob justice will determine if the direction of any political argument or decision will turn in your favor. They are the dark force that influence both the media and politicians alike. Their inflammatory postings and lies are influencing the populace, the security forces, judiciary and the courts. Out of this evil black realm deadly viruses such as Malema, Mnxitama, Lindsey Maasdorp and Chris Sankara  were created. Out of this evil realm of black hearts revolution, riots and chaos are organized. Out of this realm brutal ant-white racism and hatred are fuelled. Out of this realm division, race hatred and civil war are propagated. They are the black “socialites”– the invisible black mafia behind the visible  mafia in South Africa. You will find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other social sites. And this is the spectacle you call a democratic “rainbow” nation? 


Misses Helen Zille found the true depth of this racist anti-colonial mob   conspiracy to her surprise- and so did another  well-known SA entrepreneur- Wendy Luhabe, the wife of former Gauteng premier and Cope founder Mbhazima Shilowa-both  for daring to mention the fact that under “apartheid” things for blacks was far better than today under this faux “democracy.” Both were blasted from the dark inner sanctum of the black  faceless “social”  cyber predators that went “viral” again.

In recent months, specifically after Helen Zillers’ statement on how “colonialism was not all bad”, -and Wendy Luhabe’s statement that blacks were better of during “apartheid”– various questions now arise: First, if the white man had never set foot on the African continent, try to imagine where the country would be today.

Would there have been roads, railways, airplanes, banks, electricity, dams, cellular phones, telephones, internet, motor cars etc., etc., etc. All of the above are the result of white mans historical education systems, the systems that nurtured Einstein, Isaac Newton among others too numerous to mention. The system that the “colonials” tried to bring to the African continent, which is now, in the hands of current African authorities, is failing miserably. To the best of my knowledge, Africa never had such a system. To say that colonialism was “not all bad” is a gross understatement. The whole of the American continent from the north of Alaska to the southern tip of Cape Horn, is a colony. The whole of Australia is a colony. The whole of New Zealand is a colony, yet African countries readily accept aid and donations from these “colonies. “Don’t forget, that England was at one time also a colony.

True, in order to fully complete their colonization of today’s Western countries, the native populations had to be subdued, resulting in these countries today, being economically, educationally and militarily superior to any African country. At the very beginning of the second world war, Adolf Hitler gave his opinion and intended vision of Africa, which included the large extermination of “these inferior beings”, (sic) followed by the enslavery of the rest. This, he actually began when he invaded North Africa, and was only stopped by the efforts of the Western allies which included Rhodesians and South Africans. I feel that this, rather than being a reason for hatred of white people by black people, should be a reason of eternal gratitude. As regards as to who is intellectually superior, it is our belief, that if the African were more superior then white people, they would have colonized us.

“We know white people are hiding food in their kitchens, cupboards, and refrigerators while our people starve to death. Indians are also hiding barrels of atchar in their basements and backyards, learn to share’,”- SA Human Settlements Minister



To explain how South African blacks run a business- and how they treat their own kind can be found in yet another  case that reeks of black-on-black incompetence and greedy racism . Black owners in South Africa are treating their black workers as sub-human . Yep- you read it right…..the “holy grail” of Africa are treating their own kinsmen like sh*t!  Farm workers at a Krugersdorp non-profit organisation live in squalor – even though the place they call home, funded by the Gauteng government, was intended to be a flagship of the province’s Sustainable Livelihood Programme Food Bank project to support the poor.

Far from being a crown jewel, on a recent visit City Press found workers at Carroll Shaw Memorial Centre, a farm in Krugersdorp, living in appalling conditions. Hectares of land – meant to be cultivated to produce food for the poor – were lying fallow. The Gauteng government announced in July that Carroll Shaw was among five non-profit organisations (NPOs) whose contracts would not be renewed this financial year following a recommendation by the provincial treasury.

Last month Gauteng social development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza announced that funds to procure food would no longer be allocated directly to NPOs, and that procurement would be done through supply chain processes instead. July Maphosa, director of the Sustainable Livelihood Programme, resigned from the social development department in April. His resignation came after City Press started asking questions relating to allegations of fraud, money laundering and racketeering against him in a matter that allegedly involved the irregular transfer of payments to NPOs. Maphosa faces fraud charges in the Specialised Commercial Crimes Court in Johannesburg.

City Press spoke to two sources familiar with operations at Carroll Shaw. One of them said workers had been badly treated by management over the years. “They never complained about their poor salaries because they feared they might be thrown out on the street. They have nowhere to go. Workers were also not paid what was owing to them and not on time.”

The truth now slowly start to reveal just how corrupt African management of South Africa’s economy has been this past 20 years under an incompetent ANC rule.Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene has recently revealed that more than half of the country’s municipal managers and chief financial officers do not have the minimum competency levels to do their jobs. This includes large municipalities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria.  The minister says that only 94 of 193 municipal managers and 79 of 218 chief financial officers are properly qualified. His reply reveals that in about 40 municipalities across the country, the posts for both municipal manager and chief financial officer are vacant, with most of these in KwaZulu Natal.


Image may contain: one or more people and text

In South Africa attacking helpless women on farms is just part of the national culture among blacks- to them just another “job at the office.” Whites are colonials the black politicians say- thus it is only “pay back” for “apartheid” to brutally assault or murder a white. Sadly the same goes for black foreigners too. Their brutality against innocent human beings simply knows no borders. 

Rape and murder of Maria Vermaak (95): Suspect found guilty. Photo: Ian Cameron


Born and bred to hate whites. This is the guilty Phumzile Mabope (19), he raped and murdered white victim Maria Vermaak (95) just two years ago in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape.


Now taken in consideration that more than half of the parliamentarians in South Africa also do not even have a Grade 12 certificate- one can quickly understand why their subordinates do not have the correct performance qualifications either. Their previous president only sported a Grade 2 certificate – and we also doubt their new one’s tertiary performances looking at the way he is busy destroying the country. Even that lost advent goat herder  of the ANC- Fikile Mbalula realized and admitted that South Africa turned into a banana republic under this faux terrorist regime. But ONE thing we learned all these ANC rats have in common – is the fact that they all have sticky paws and silicon skins which they cleverly hide behind the legacy of “apartheid.” .

Image may contain: 1 person, textImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, textImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Image may contain: 1 person, textImage may contain: 1 person, text


What a f*ct-up country! ANC in Gauteng will be having a MASS MARCH FOR SERVICE delivery to the ANC led government and the ANC deployee Premier (s) will receive the memorandum that would be presented by the ANC members. The ANC is complaining about the ANC’s they are marching against themselves.

Image may contain: one or more people


And as always these dirty politicians  will have the backing of that faceless cyber mafioso– protecting their own kind from their dark lairs of social malignancy. During the day in the open they are normal people as can be- but when they enter the dark realm of the matrix they become faceless predators- hungry for “revenge” against the white man. Gone is the “democracy”- gone is the “Rainbow Nation”– gone is the false cloak facade of “political correctness” they have to wear when among other people- for in the matrix they could hide from preying eyes- change their colors faster than a chameleon- attack without being seen. In the matrix they can show their true colors without being identified.


In more than one respect this cyber mafia is more dangerous than their counterparts rioting in the streets, burning and sowing mayhem and chaos- more dangerous than the physical warfare black terrorists wage against white farmers- more dangerous than the extremist black politicians manufacturing anti-white laws- for this cyber criminals attack the very system designed to protect societies or parts of it, they destroy harmony and promote race hatred- poisoning the minds of those that are supposed to be the guardians of moral ethics and social societies. They are the ones that took mob rule to a total different level- a level that cannot be touched, seen-or identified.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text

The ultimate goal of the black cyber mafia- psychologically preparing the masses for the next level- a regime change– one they prefer. As you can clearly see- the media uses NO names-merely a faceless “Twitter Fan”– which factually means another “big shot” in their propaganda rooms. Is the black cyber Mafia busy organizing another “revolution” that will eventually end up in a full scale civil war? We tend to think so!

Sleeping South Africans better wake up FAST to this threatening omen and start a counter revolutionary action. It is time to start connecting all the dots: 1) The cyber mafia so far took control of the media. 2) They took control of the judiciary. 3) They took control of the courts. 4) They took control of the parliamentary decisions. 5) They control the South African cyber net social sites. They now are busy forcing down their control on opposing websites and are suppressing voices against them. 6) They now are starting to send out messages like this to” induct ” and “prepare ” the masses psychologically that they are planning a revolution before the next elections – with the militant EFF as the winners- and their “legislative” arm- the ANC- as to be their second-in-command. Even former president Thabo Mbeki has weighed in on the land question, saying the ANC has abandoned its historical values on non-racialism through its framing of the debate as one of black versus white. He pointed out that the ANC now is nose-led by the radical EFF.



BUT instead of thinking “out of the box” and start hundreds websites like White Nation to tell the world what’s happening in South Africa- the majority whites still follow their ignorant sheep-ish narrative and keep on slouching forth – and waste valuable time – on social sites like Facebook– where they are easy targets for the black cyber mafia to intimidate, control- and eliminate. 


Image result for kill the white south africa

Yet they are the ones that are protected against hate speech. They are the ones “forgiven” if they instigate murder and chaos. They are the ones getting wrist-slapped when summonsed to court for racism. They are the ones crying “previous disadvantaged” when cornered. They are the ones crying in the media when they feel “offended.” Yet they are the ones threatening people with murder , slandering and demonizing others they deem a threat to their false “democracy.” They are the ones attacking white social sites for so-called “racism.


Image result for fuck whites south africa

Black racism in it’s worst form- yet these same black despots blame whites for racism in South Africa

They are the ones attacking white nationalism, white history, white activists and white independence. They are the black masses that revert to the matrix to reveal their true deep rooted racism and hatred against the white population. They are the ones instigating genocides- the murder and brutal killing of whites and farmers. By day they play the innocent “victim” of “apartheid” – by night they turn the deadly aggressor of black racism. In South Africa you are free and it is permissible to murder, brutally assault, rob, torch, rape , abduct, be corrupt, slander and demonize whites, steal, Hi-jack and assault women and children but you are NOT permitted to slander a South African black as a ” k*ffir” – especially if you are white. Yet these black criminals and their cyber mafia  are the ones continuously overlooked by the prosecuting authorities when they commit the worst human rights atrocities and crimes against humanity on their social media platforms and in the streets simply because- they all belong to the black cyber mafia of South Africa.




White Nation