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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria September 26 2018








WE all heard and read about South Africa’s newest media sensation-  and South Africa’s presidential “messiah” Cyril “The Squirrel”  Ramaphosa- that “holy one” you are not allowed to talk about’s visit to the United Nations- and his speech at the Jewish-controlled “Department of Foreign Relations” in New York. What amazes us is the blatant lies and denial Cyril pumped out to the ill informed bunch of idiots there. 




AND here we thought Cyril is going to give the “racist” Trump the good old African “what for “ – and tell him to keep his tweets (and nose ) in America and leave South Africa alone if they meet….isn’t that what the Squirrel threatened to do before he left? Isn’t that what the misleading loud mouth skunk media reporters back home “promised” what’s going to happen? We got the popcorn ready-held our breaths-  here comes the action...Ebony versus Ivoryfire..brimstone…and smoke at the long awaited “sit-down!

Now we hear they only “chit chatted” some sweet “baby talk?”  WTF?? What happened to “- and if Trump was here I would’ve told him that..(Trump must keep his nose out of South Africa’s affairs) “- part…did we somehow miss it?? It appears Cyril “forgot” his suitcase packed with his arrogant punch line full of bravado at Oliver Thambo airport – because when they eventually did meet….it all was just a soft “Pffft” from Cyril’s corner….no fire…no brimstone…just a room full of  Cyril’s smoke!  What a poor show indeed. O Cyril…Cyril. It’s one thing sitting at home before your own crowd and barf tons of bullsh*t…it’s quite another when you are facing that bullsh*t-  isn’t it?

 Meeting the “Great white Father” must have been an overwhelming experience for Cyril. There he forgot his punch line eh? Maybe he suddenly realized antagonizing the “great white father” would factually mean he crapped on 600 million dollars worth of “donations” South Africa receives annually from America. Sickening when you are on the international  begging list –  and there is sweet blue nothing you can do about it – even eating the humble pie in front of a “white racist” eh? Lucky for Trump the Squirrel did remember to “restrain” himself  – otherwise we suppose Trump also would have been slowly boiled in Ramaphosa’s “frog pan ” as well – we thinks. It must have been Donald’s lucky day indeed! 


AND as for that ever verbal South African media…what did they have to say about the whole facade…..?

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THAT is the misdirected hoax South African media for you…ALWAYS betting on a lame Dodo – then propagate   to their naive followers that he actually can out-fly like an eagle. And if he doesn’t perform as they “predicted“- you only will hear the merry sound of fornicating  crickets in that devious media swamps. Next followed Cyril and his lies….“no farm murders….no land grabs???”  he said! Cyril, Cyril, Cyril………now THAT was lots of “political correct” bullsh*t in one compacted package if we ever heard some.

Trump “misinformed? Whoever gave him that information was totally wrong? If there is no land grabs in South Africa Cyril….then please be so “politically correct ” to explain THIS

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Eff leads the land invasions in Gauteng, Ramaphosa responds: ” ANC head of state Cyril Ramaphosa issued a strongly worded statement after the stand off between police and land invaders in Midrand saying that such illegal action will not be tolerated because the ANC government will legitimately obtain land for the people so that the economy and food security is not threatened.” Photo: Die Vryburger DA accuses ANC of inciting Hermanus land grabs .   Stellenbosch land owner gets eviction order after ‘land invasion.” 

The South African government is trying to find ways to stem rapid urban migration flows in South Africa, which contribute significantly to land invasions …

(But Cyril tells the world there is no land grabs in South Africa?)

If there were also  no farm murders in South Africa- please then explain THIS too

Period Number of murders Number of reported attacks
2013/2014 57 517
2014/2015 60 490
2015/2016 49 446
2016/2017 74 357


(But Cyril tells the world there is no murders of white farmers  in South Africa?)

AFTER being blasted for this blatant lie-the ANC-as expected- by mouth of Ramaphosa’s “spokesperson” Khusela Diko-  hastily back-paddled and said  Ramaphosa was simply “dismissing Trump’s referral to large-scale killing of white farmers and not necessarily denying that “some white farmers were victims of violent crimes.” There is no program of large-scale killings of white farmers in SA. Yes, there is crime and it happens in all our communities; no one in SA is targeting whites or farmers.” What another load of bullsh*t on top of the first pile of bullsh*t! 

You see: Cyril PRECISELY knew who he was having an interview with! Cyril is “out there” to beg for money. He knew he was interviewed by Bloomberg Business Forum– a world renown and respected business authority- and he knew that should he dare acknowledge that farm murders are out of hand in South Africa- or farm grabs are a reality- millions of business people and possible investors across the globe who respects the view of Bloomberg as an authority will get the hippy jeepers about South Africa. So the Squirrel HAD to lie this once. What happens afterwards and who says what in South Africa will not have nearly the negative impact getting credit that Bloomberg may have business-wise globally and with regard to possible loan applications . In the bigger picture of things to get lots of loans abroad Afriforum and all it’s yapping about farm murders to Cyril is just another “pesky” little mutt he can shove one-side…but not Bloomberg. Bloomberg can open doors- or close doors. So Cyril chose the lesser of the two evils- lie to Bloomberg– and shove South African critics aside with a lame duck excuse. Again Cyril is a very clever con artist to save face for the ANC in the coming 2019 elections.

In the long term this route will only bring South Africa deeper into financial despair- as the ANC cannot run a country. The ANC – for 20 years- have been “patronized” by the international world with billions of dollars worth of “donations.” So the ANC became masters in the business of “beg, steal and borrow” – but not run an economy. Instead of stimulating the economy by assisting it’s farmers, ease taxes, start manufacturing it’s own products like the whites did during sanctions to save humongous import duties and taxes- and become an exporter of products rather than an importer of cheap Chinese rubbish, subsidize the farming and business environment, create micro businesses and create a productive self sustained economy like Japan did after WW2 to eliminate the possibility of taking out more loans but rather start paying them back- they opt for the “quick “ destructive route- LOANS.

However they rather opt for destroying the economy by chasing their farmers away, scaring investors away with property expropriation threats -plundering the state coffers, appoint incompetent administrators- and take out one loan on top of the other. This evil spiral will only go deeper- and South Africa’s debt will become so huge that it will reach a point of impossibility to pay back and a certain inflation and recession that will take South Africa the failed Zimbabwean route as the GDP will certainly drop far below what households need to function above the starvation level.

BUT then again we figured Cyril must adhere to the strict rules of the protocol from and as instructed  by his ANC party’s NEC rats- iow blatant lies and bullsh*t propaganda.  Cyril decided that he want to tell the world how “wrong “ they were by even remotely suggesting the ” exalted” ANC was involved in corruption and farm murders and how they were “misled” by false information and “ill-informed” about the killing of white farmers . Furthermore did the Squirrel take a whole pallet full of sugar in the plane’s storage compartment to coat his dastardly “Land expropriation” theft agenda to sweet-tooth the feelings of the curious international community. Talk about a pathological con-artist- and you have Cyril ranking right at the top ten listing there.

The Squirrel– in his very strange staccato English- stood there and with pop eyes bulging like a bullfrog out of water as his googlers  keep on sweeping the massive audience from left to right like a rat that smelled a cat in the auditorium-   told the international clowns at the UN that he and his “illustrious” ANC terrorist gangsters will get South Africa’s problems solved the “South African” way. (OMG!!) 

Ramaphosa then “ reassured  ” the United States President Donald Trump that problems in the country will be solved in typical South African “ fashion.  ( Stand-By…Fear Factor Africa is about to begin.) “The land reform issue will be dealt with in a “democratic ” manner, the same way the country dealt with apartheid,” said Ramaphosa addressing a list of questions in New York. “If Mr Trump was here, I would’ve told him: ‘Mr Trump, rest assured. This problem is going to be solved in a typical South African way, because we’ve been able to solve our problems in the past.’” This was in response to a recent Trump tweet that he had instructed his secretary of state to look into the land expropriation without compensation and the killing of farmers in South Africa. Cyril himself appeared like a stupid child in a psychics lab – ready to send a blasting ray  of laser to split  proton in a nuclear atom-  but not quite sure which button to push. What he stammered during his turn to speech was all mumbo-jumbo– with no real intelligent solution or plan he could present to the delegates as precisely HOW he plan to “save” South Africa’s problems. His silly jokes also did him no credit for a Head of State. He almost sounded like brother Mugabeall hot air barf and no brains. 






OK.…let us recap a bit how did  Cyril and the ANC “solved” the “apartheid “ problems in the past. (Their current narrative to solve  all the “apartheid” problems of the past-and present for that matter- is to keep on blaming “apartheid.” ) Where shall we start then…with the limpet mines  that killed hundreds of innocent people, or the car bombs that killed innocent civilians, or the necklaces that burned hundreds of blacks to death in the most  horrendous way, or shall we start at Camp Quatro where the Squirrel himself, Mandela, Mbeki, Hani, Modise, Zuma , Sisulu et al were well aware of the hundreds of ANC caders that were tortured and murdered in that camp…or no- maybe we can start with all the bombs such as SASOL, Magoos Bar, etc. Another thought- maybe we can start with all the violent riots, the torching of buildings, the destruction of schools and libraries, the attacks on police stations…I dunno…the list is long. Where do you recon we can start. Cyril and his Robbin Island mobsters had quite a hectic schedule  “solving” the apartheid “problems ” during their hey-days? 

“Does it not come to you as strange that Adolf Hitler who allegedly have killed more than 6 million Jews (without factual evidence) was labeled as an arch villain and his book “Mein Kampf ” banned across the Western World in all bookshops- while at the same time Nelson Mandela– who were responsible for thousands of deaths of whites are labelled as a hero and his book “How to be a good communist” sold freely from the same outlets?-Andrew K. 

The Squirrel then ‘reassured” Trump that South Africa’s problems and farm murders will be resolved in a typical “South African fashion.”  May God have mercy on us! We ALL are quite familiar of the way the ANC rats solve their little disputes and problems the “South African” fashion- now don’t we? More than 4000 murdered white farmers and their families can vouch for that- and so their now jobless farm workers and their families. Thousands of business men and woman who watched their businesses ruined and destroyed  by violent rioting black mobs can vouch for that. Thousands of innocent victims – white, black, Indian and colored-  that has been hi-jacked, robbed , raped and murdered in the streets of South Africa’s cities and towns can surely vouch for that. 36 Dead Marikana mine workers also will stand in the que to vouch for that. More than 400 000 whites being pushed into poverty in squatter camps across the country without jobs due to racist BEEE legislation can vouch for that.


More than 46% of the population sitting without a job and an income in squalor situations can surely vouch for that. More than 70% of school students that failed to make matric and left school without a future can vouch for that. Thousands upon thousands of patients that suffer in dilapidated state hospitals due to ANC corruption and state coffer plundering also can cast their vote to vouch for the “South African fashion” of “solving ” problems. So can the Defense Force, non-existent navy, imploded Air Force and many other non-functional state departments also stand up and be counted for this so-called “South African “ fashion of solving it’s problems. And let us not forget the millions of households that suffers due to erratic, poor and non-existent service deliveries who also can vouch for that.

Another “example” how Ramaphosa’s “democratic” South Africans resolve their problems?  It is no wonder then the Squirrel is so “touchy” about any international entity investigating what really is going on in South Africa. 

And what about the millions of innocent victims of crime that also can cast their vouch because the South African Police have more criminals driving their vans than those sitting in the back? Needless to mention that 90% of the municipalities now on the brink of bankruptcy- as well as the SOE’s such as the Airways, Telkom, SABC, Revenue Service,  ESKOM,Postal Service  and many more that also are sliding into the financial abyss also are tell-tale examples of how the ANC “solve” their problems the “South African Fashion.” Yea….ol’ Cyril never told Trump just what the “South African Fashion” entails…now did he? BUT 55 murders, 109 rapes, 137 sexual offences, 878 assaults, 44 carjackings, and 819 burglaries every day in South Africa and Cyril , his street dog media, kangaroo courts , ANC arse suckers and his weasel padawan Julius  are more concerned about the few that called the Squirrel “racist” names – or idiots that used the dreadful ” Ka**ir word.” THAT mon amis….is the typical “South African Fashion” uncle Squirrel is talking about and do not want the Don to interfere with. 

Sadly for misguided white liberals even they fall victim to Ramaphosa’s “democratic” solutions in South Africa

About the farm murders there is not much to say that has not been said already. The ANC- a terrorist movement that made it their objective to root out all white farmers according to their manifesto in their  so-called “struggle” days- still relentlessly pursue this agenda up to today. Thus it then is not surprising that all the so-called black communist “presidents” since the terrorist Mandela took control- have been doing absolute nothing whatsoever in trying to prevent or curb  this horrendous onslaught against the white farming community of South Africa – bar lip service and flat denial.

As for the “land issue” that will be resolved “democratically” also results in a few jaw-droppers.  We already heard what he plans to do “whatever it takes”( Section 25 amended or not) – and saw the thousands of illegal (EFF) invaders now staking their “claims” on private properties country-wide. We heard so many times Ramaphosa, Malema and Mnxitama threatening  to take white owned land without compensation- and we quote:  “Happen it shall,wether people like it or not,the land will be given to the PEOPLE not politicians” So what’s new to this “democratic” way……stealing or forcing whites off their land anyway? Who Ramaphosa’s “people” is he keeps on referring to is yet another question- but if he means black people only – then we have another proof of his racist preferences- playing the “them and us” political game. 

As a matter of interest does Ramaphosa himself own a 4,200 hectare Phalaphala game lodge in Belabela and a 5,100 hectare Antabanyoni Ankole and Boran cattle farm- as well as a new R 30 million up market mansion in a Cape Town “elite” suburb – ,while his deputy Mabuza owns several farms in Mpumalanga of which he obtained fraudulently when he was Mpumalanga’s MEC for Land & Agriculture. Mabuza was involved in a land claim fraudulent scheme where white land owners were forced to sell their farms below market value,and later the farms sold back to community trusts at inflated prices,later to be distributed among comrades,with ANC leaders like Thandi Modise among the land beneficiaries.


Cyril proudly sporting his own herd of cattle on his two farms. Will Cyril also “expropriate” his own farms to the landless black people- or even allow certain parts of it to be invaded by black “settlers? We very much doubt it. Cyril already shrewdly made sure a “protective” gate was build into his system when he declared “No black man’s land will be expropriated.” Very nice of him to protect himself and his cronies yes? 

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, suit

CYRIL…Cyril..Cyril! Do you REALLY think we all are THAT stupid as not to see with which evil crowd your priorities lies? SURELY not with South Africa’s best interests. Running to the white boss again- aren’t we then? You are a hard-core capitalist con-artist with double agendas. 

The ANC “elites “ only want to expropriate white farms while the landless black people want land to reside on,as we have seen with the increase in land invasions around the country. Ramaphosa and his ilk cunningly are using the faux propaganda that they want to distribute land among landless black people. The reality though- is quite far from this. The reality is Ramaphosa and his merry gangsters want to steal white owned land a-la Mugabe style and distribute it among black people all-right…ANC “elite” black people that is- and then “lease”  the rest where there is mineral riches to alien corporate wolves at a lucrative sum that is.

Cyril’s “the whites stole our land” bullsh*t debunked.

Cyril gallantly pointed out at the UN and Department of Foreign Relations that “inequities” already started “years ago “ when the white Voortrekkers “invaded” South Africa. Now as we know Cyril also appear to be a bit battling with the historical side of South Africa. Let us enlighten  Cyril about the real truth-and straight away debunk the false claims he, his padawan Malema – and the rest of his cronies so readily like to propagate:


  1. About the years 1400 the Barolong came from the far north, a considerable distance north of the equator from a range of high hills and mighty lakes. Morolong, the first with the determination of a manly heart (go rolo, the root of the Morolong) broke fearlessly through every barrier and migrated southwards with his tribe.
  2. NOTO (Hammer), the son of Morolong, great mastersmith, procured for his people the blessings of iron and other minerals.
  3. MORARA, Noto’s son, the wild vine, twined himself around many a lover’s heart (go rorana) and he fathered Mabe, the wicked one.
  4. MABUA, the mighty speaker, disengaged the tribe the coil into which Mabe’s spider hand had fixed the tribe. By now, after five generations the tribe has reached the Molopo River where they enriched their spirits in the river of the mighty torrents.
  5. SETHLARE, the eighth chief, son of Monayane, spread the peace over his people, but his younger brother Mogogo (the honey eater) divided the tribe and the Bakaa tasted the marrow bones of the eland – and settled in the Mangoate Hills. There they soon divided again and the majority went to taste the fish of Lake Nagami.
  6. Now comes Chief TAU, the lion, the great king of the forest and even the Kaloghari kissed his hand.
     You see, Ramaphosa- , after eleven generations the tribe was now divided into three tribes in the Kalahari (Botswana), Mangoate (Botswana) and Nagami (Malawi). You will find these places easily if somebody can explain the use of a map to you.
  7. After the death of Seleka, his son and NTUOYA, moved to Dithakong (north of Kuruman)., but they changed their minds and went back to Maamusa. RATLOU went to Morokoeng; and TSHIDI and SELEKA went to Setlagole. Tshidi went to Lotlokane and was no more after falling in war. At this time MONTSIHOA (1820) was born and they met Taoane and Mosheoa to make peace and settle in Bangoaketse. Choane passed on to Kuruman to find his death before the rifles of Andries Waterboer.
    But now the Matabele, like fierce tigers robbed of the whelps, in masses incredible, like those dark clouds of locusts and amidst the midnight horrors made such an onslaught that many of us perished and fled to Coaing/Soutpan. The Korannas of Gert Taaibosch, spreading like a famished beast of prey, fell upon us. It was impossible to deal with so many enemies and we moved to the CAPE COLONY to seek protection.

SO– as you can see Cyril- up until this time your chief’s chronicles had not even once mentioned the Afrikaners, the Boers, the “dreaded “ white settlers, – the land thieves. And Cyril said land was the first sin committed in South Africa?  I BET Ramaphosa, his two-faced commi ilk, Malema  and most of the “they stole our land” screamers was not even aware of this bit of history. BUT then again South African blacks during Ramaphosa’s “hey-days” never were avid readers anyhow. That is why- when they started to burn their schools in the mid 70’s and 80’s during their ” Liberation before Education” madness- the libraries happen to be the first buildings to go up in smoke. If Cyril spent more time in Pretoria studying South African  factual history- and less time running around in Moscow studying the Anarchist’s cookbook- maybe then he would have been more aware of the historical facts  , a better judge – and a more intelligent representative of the country. About the “ill-informed” part: We suggest Ramaphosa, Sisulu  and their merry gang of verbal ANC thugs rather take a look closer to home than blame Trump for being “ill-informed.” I believe Trump knows more about the violent history of the ANC and South Africa for that matter than the ANC itself. Trump was not running rampant in the streets of New York , burning schools and libraries when he was supposed to attend school studying- something Ramaphosa’s generation cannot equally acknowledge.

BUT this blatant lies  fits their narrative way too perfect when white farmers are murdered on a genocidal scale. The Chinese, British Corporate “establishment” and African fat cats want the land – and the land is what they will get...irrespective the Section 25 amendment that only to them bears academic  value- or whatever it means in the bigger picture. Now they are in power they do not have to compromise their own lives or that of their terrorist cadres when a suitable ” 3rd force” in rogue alien African gangs and even police insurgents can effectively be utilized to execute this objective through control , slush funding and co-ordination by the National Intelligence , The EFF and vigilante operators without any ANC “elite” reptile ever be fingered as a culprit. They simply revert to “black ops” operations and flatly deny any accountability or involvement. However in many farm murders government supplied firearms and expensive equipment such as signal jamming equipment were found. The question still lingers  as  from which stores it was issued? Thus it again comes as no surprise that Ramaphosa will lie through his neck that such onslaughts ever happens.


Further human rights abuses against white Afrikaner people in South Africa are: 

  1. Racist exclusion from the labour force, economy, national sports teams and admission to higher education institutions through no less than 119 racially based laws and so-called quota systems;
  2. An escalating and extremely concerning wave of attacks and brutal murders of defenseless farmers, senior citizens and children with an undoubted political motive.
    This includes the
    2.1. burning and looting of businesses,
    2.2 slaughter of farm and domestic animals
    2.3. and extremely cruel torturing of victims by such revolting acts as burning elderly people with :
    2.3.1 hot irons, blowtorches etc, dumping little children into scorching hot tubs of water and
    2.3.2 raping of women in their 80’s and 90’s.
  3. Elderly and defenseless white people are cruelly neglected and assaulted in caretaking facilities.
  4. A concerning number of potentially productive citizens are now living in conditions of poverty and neglect in so-called “white” squatter camps as a result of Affirmative Action and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.
  5. Despite an undertaking that our culture and language will be recognized, the remaining two Afrikaans Universities are now also being turned into English medium tuition institutions, thereby denying the Afrikaans speaking student from the White and Colored minority groups the right to mother tongue education – a basic Human Right.
    5.1 School governing bodies are being forced by ANC and EFF politicians into admitting English speaking students, thereby gradually destroying our language as a language of tuition.
    5.2. There is a concerning increase in violent behavior at schools, including attacks and assaults on teachers and fellow learners
  6. Through the proposed amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution of South Africa, the white minority population will be robbed of their property, land and possessions through expropriation without compensation. This is not only a violation of the agreements preceding the election of 1994, but is a violation of civil and human rights in its most brutal form.
  7. Members of the white minority population are frequently illegally arrested on charges of “racism”  based on the most scantily of evidence. The Constitutional Court stated that a song calling for the massacre of the Boer people (Kill the Boer) cannot be regarded as offensive or racist, despite the conviction by many people that this song is inciting violence and murder in South Africa.




Ramaphosa runs around rogue to capture one international loan after the other- all to safe face and try to “save” the economy by rolling money around- iow loan from Peter in order to pay Paul so Steve can reap the interests. Someday some way this devious pyramid scheme is going to go bust. But Ramaphosa cleverly backed all this loans with government securities– iow state pensions and tax money. He does not produce any security belonging to any ANC rat or the ANC itself….not his farms neither his new mansion.  Should the poor pathetic communists loose the next 2019 election- this humongous foreign debt will fall onto the poor unexpected next rulers. Ramaphosa and his scrupulous ilk simply will jump ship-board a plane- and fly off into the sunset with all their stolen loot to their lavish castles in Dubai they will- careless about what sh*t flies, which Chinese “annex” land for debt owned, what riots or what civil war erupts  “back home.”  Ramaphosa has no “plan.”  Mandela also had a “plan”. Mbeki also had a “plan” – and so did Zuma.


[08/30, 12:53] Madelein Hamman: Pretoria – nou net.[08/30, 12:53] Madelein Hamman: Du toit en madiba straatkruising

Posted by Madelein Hamman on Thursday, August 30, 2018

This is the ANC’s “plan” in action that we observe on a daily basis.

Yet with all these “plans” and schemes the country kept on accelerating it’s downward spiral into the financial , criminal and social abyss. The reason: CORRUPTION and FRAUD. I.o.w ANC THIEVERY! THAT was the “plan” all along….personal enrichment!  The sweet sound of Fat Cat alley and all it’s dirty deals, scandals scams and conspiracies  was simply too irresistible for all these “planners”  to resist. Ramaphosa is no exception to the plundering protocol and no different than his predecessors. His trip to Fat Cat alley already started the day Oppenheimer invited him for the first time to Randjiesfontein Estate. It all started with Mbeki and the arms deal scandal, Zuma and the oil scandal, the nuclear scandal – and now here we are  with Ramaphosa busy with the land scandal. Sticky fingers, silicon suits….all of them. The only “plan” that now still exists-  is the imaginary pipe-dream in the fantasy world   of the pathological lairs working as “correspondents” for the South African delusional media houses-  looking for sensation to fill their newspaper columns. And still all the ANC is caring about is the constant glorification of the terrorist Mandela. 

The only “plan” on the table to save South Africa’s intricate problems are the fantasies in the minds of the media minions.

AS for now Cyril must play his little deceptive game…seeking more money with his so-called ” remedial” plan. While the dirty skunks in the media houses back home patronize his name and his dirty NEC cadres in Lethuli-House holds their breath to see if they still will be sitting in that chairs after the 2019 elections, while his naive supporters worship his “intelligent” approach to all South Africa’s problems to be solved the ” South African Fashion”- the rest of us are bracing ourselves for another year of turmoil, riots, crime, murder, state plundering, alien invasions, high taxes, spiked fuel prices, imploding businesses, burning buildings and vehicles, murdered farmers and God only knows what else the ‘Squirrel” has up his sleeve for “curing “ the problems like they did with “Apartheid.”

Is this how Ramaphosa and his ilk plan to “address” South Africa’s problems? 

Ramaphosa was crowned king of the jesters for one reason and one reason only- to start white land grabs- PERIOD! We already knows Ramaphosa’s deep hatred for the white Afrikaner. He want to boil them like frogs…now doesn’t he? Whether he ever will cure South Africa’s intrigue racial problems (mostly created by the ANC and EFF despots themselves) , incompetence , corruption , financial woes , genocidal atrocities against whites, or crime infestation  is to be very much doubted. BUT whatever comes out of the doors of that demonic Lethuli-House without intervention from the world will have no “remedial” consequences  for the rest of the country- you can bet your last dollar on that!  Let us quietly hope to God Ramaphosa does not plan to solve South Africa’s problems the way he solved the Lonmin Mine in Marikana’s  little “problems.” 

 Maybe Cyril must try to brake ANC standard protocol and start talking the truth based on FACTS for a change- and stop feeling patronized by all the “glorified bullsh*t   the South African media shoves up his back side. The South African media is fake news. They did the same to Mandela, Mbeki- and Zuma. Sadly all three of them turned out to be bad examples of “presidents “– and miserable failures to save the country from what we now experience. The media skunks only patronize the king that will look after their own selfish interests and pay cheques. After the one is gone- they jump onto the next “host.”  They are nothing but loathsome modern parasites. No honor, no more good factual reporting. No more patriotism. No more  truth- and no moral values anymore. Ramaphosa also is busy  fast following the footsteps of that notorious legacy- street names and statues to “honor” their terrible past or not.  Maybe he also read Mandela’s book “How to be a good communist “ too well.


White GENOCIDE South Africa Please share the truth and just because it's white people does not mean there not human. The South African government has failed the black, white and all community's in S.A. and they are using the whites as a scape goat for the wrong doings of the ANC.STOP WHITE GENOCIDE WORLD WIDE JOIN LIBERTY DEFENDERS TODAY www.libertydefenders.orgVFF UK AND LIBERTY DEFENDERS FACEBOOK PAGE LINK 👇👇👇👇 Scott British Army Veteran and volunteer fighting against ISIS in 2015.

Posted by Timothy Scott on Monday, September 17, 2018




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