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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Adelaide AUS   September 29  2018









WHITE NATION previously reported how an innocent child’s life  was brutally ripped from her by a speeding drunk driver in Cape Town . Well- it appears if you have the “right connections” in your camp you even can get away with murder in that country. White Nation felt that a follow-up on this tragic saga have to be told. 

Now the reader must understand the complex situation in Cape Town (if South Africa with all it’s complexes  is not a universal headache already.)  To put the reader in context with the article- one must at first understand the back-drop against which the situation plays itself out.


A little girl was killed in a hit-and-run accident whereby the drunken unlicensed  driver slammed into her with his car,- picked the kid up – and took too long to bring her to a clinic which is only 5 minutes away from the accident scene. The father now has a battle to get justice done because did the driver hurry and had the kid at the clinic within the 5-10 minutes- she would have survived. Now the grieving parents also have a very non compliant law and justice system to deal with.

The Background

Cape Town is the one city where the majority Coloreds (Hybrids)  amass- more than in any other city or town in South Africa. Because of the Dutch and English colonialism in the early 1600’s- the white settlers start fornicating with the Koi and San  local tribal women – and the dawn of the Hybrid– or Cape Colored arrived. Therefore the biggest conglomeration of Coloreds also then are found in the Western Cape. But the Western Cape being the biggest concentration of Hybrids in South Africa- it also spawned a darker side of humanity. The Western Cape became the hub of colored gangsterism-  and Cape Town basically became  the “Hood” of the colored gangsters in South Africa- the bastion of colored drug peddling.

Politically the Cape Colored are without power- shy-ed as a race (which they are not acknowledged as yet as they are part white and part black)  by the international community, -and both the previous white government and also the current black government . Thus then they have no power base and no voice. They became the advent children of the lesser god. This left most coloreds without jobs and as with their ancestors- the Koi and San– they became political nomads without a home. Most coloreds are jobless impoverished stragglers due to current BEEE legislation which led them to become (bar the small percentage that manage to get a decent job) desperate to earn a living- and the only “quick” way out of their financial procrastination is drug peddling. Drugs and gangs then became a culture among the Cape Colored community. From an early  age young Coloreds already grow up in this deadly environment and quickly adapt to the darker side of life such as begging in the streets, stealing, housebraking, gang violence and drug peddling.

Because most colored families are  poor- drug peddling and gangsterism plays a major role in especially the colored communities as a way to earn a “decent” income- thus the children quickly are “recruited” by gang members to strengthen their own ranks against opposing gangs and also to extend their “operational” networks. Children see how “smart” these gang members dress, what luxury cars they drive, how the ladies flaunt at their appearance – and how much money they squander. That immediately motivates them to also make their dreams come true to live in the “fast lane” – and join these gangs. In this gangs they could at least be recognized and become a “somebody.” What the recruiting members do not tell them though- is that the life expectancy of any gang member in Cape Town rarely exceeds the age of  35. However- irrespective of this very dangerous way of living gangs and drugs became a culture among especially the Cape Colored.


DAARDIE INWONERS VAN WESTBURY IS BENEUK OOR DIE BENDESHulle is beneuk omdat hulle kinders in hospitale doodgaan en die media is tjoepstil daaroor. Bendes neem die strate oor en hulle kinders word ingetrek in die gemors. Ek glo dit gaan oor ouerskap… as hulle aanhoudend vreemdes in hulle gemeenskap toelaat sal dit net erger word. Die polisie doen ook nie veel daar nie en hulle is moedeloos oor al die misdaad. Dit gebeur as jy nie by jou soort hou nie en vreemdes wat nie saam met jou die gemeenskap help bou nie inlaat. Daar gaan nog slegter dinge uitbroei. Daardie gemeenskap moet net saamstaan en die honde wat alles begin het verjaag daar. Op hulle manier wat doeltreffend is. Die res van die omliggende inwoners moet hulle uit daardie geveg hou. Dit gaan oor kinders se ouers, en siek aggressiewe bendes wat die dorp oorheers. LET OP NA DIE OPSTOKER WAT BLY FLUIT MET DIE FLUITJIE….wat jou alreeds bewys gee dat daar eksterne invloede in daardie gemeenskap is wat onstabiliteit daar veroorsaak. L RoosHulle moet daardie fluitjie vat en opdruk…waar hy tjoepstil sal wees…

Posted by Letichia Roos on Monday, October 1, 2018

Coloured protesters of the Cape Town suburb Westbury this week  protesting about the gangs destroying their children

Statistics proof there are more than 100 000 gang members in the Western Cape  alone. There is for example the Americans(Biggest , dangerous and most notorious gang in the Western Cape) , the “numbers “gangs such as the 26 gang, 24 gang,  28 gang (mostly prison based) ,  the Hard Livings, the “Sexy Boys”, the “Firm”, the Mongrels, Junky Funky Kids and many more. More than 60% of all colored youths belong to these gangs the one-way-or-the-other- even as young as 8 years of age. AND the gang “bosses” run their “turf” with an iron grip based on the same way Al Capone, Heimie Weiss, Buchleither, et al ran their “hoods” during the hey-days of mob control in Chicago. They have to- it’s either protect your “turf” against invading gangs- or loose it with all the lucrative drug operations- and maybe end up with two bullets in the temple in some dark alley.

This gangs are holding the Western Cape in a deadly vice- it is so bad that it even was discussed in parliament. But up to today no real solution were found. And they are well organized. Judges, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies alike are very reluctant to take real hard-line action against the  gangster bosses. The gamble to end up stone cold is simply too risky. The gang networks are too wide, well informed, sophisticated and retaliation against a “pimp” , witness or  law enforcement threat is executed with swift and merciless precision. It’s like Chicago of the 30’s was resurrected in South Africa all over again.  It is a deep rooted Western Cape curse that already came a long, long way. Even drug lords such as the Nigerians and Ethiopians are treading lightly for the Cape Colored gangs. When it comes to trading in contraband drugs the Cape Colored gangs rule supreme. It then is no wonder Cape Town sometimes loosely are referred to as “Tik-City” by these that are more enlightened.




Enforcing the “law”- Gangland-style. This happened in Scottsdene– a notorious place for gangsters near where Nadia resided. If you are earmarked for a “hit” – it will be executed in true mafia -style in Cape Town’s underworld. Rival gangs continuously are at war with each other around the ‘turf” boundaries to gain access into each other’s “territories” for drug peddling. “Hits” on gang members are a daily occurrence in the Western Cape’s underworld. 

Kraaifotein where Nadia used to live is situated near a few  such  areasWallacdene, Northpine, Scottsdene and Summerville– colored areas where gangs and drugs are synonymous with each other.   SO- the chances that Bradley Geysman  who killed little Nadia Bond during a drunken driving spree belonged to one of these multiple gangs-  is not far fetched at all. The problem with this connection is that the gangs in especially Cape Town – the hub of violent colored gangs in South Africa– are of the most violent gangs in the world- who has no respect for human life, – remorse ,sympathy or emotion about murdering someone- even members from the security forces, police or judiciary. In true gangland-style they would send out a “contract” to the various gang members to execute someone. AND the “soldiers” (mostly new members still in the process of earning their status among the gang) will execute that order too.


Image result for cape flats gangsters

Young children in the Cape Flats- already displaying their alliance with the gangs. 

They themselves walk the thin line if they don’t- maybe finding themselves on the wrong side of the barrel of a gun too. So-once an “order” was given by the gangland “bosses”– the hapless target/victim’s days are counted. For this reason most of the judiciary and police members alike are treading on thin ice themselves . Worse– many of them belong to these gangs, work with them-are secretly paid by them-  or have family members belonging to these gangs. The gangs infiltrated all walks of society in Cape Town-regardless if you are a judge, policeman or prosecutor- someone in your family have a connection with these gangs.  If a member is arrested and have to appear in court- the dark network already starts it’s process long before the court date- with clear instructions from “Gangland “ to all the “stakeholders”– the investigating officers, prosecutors and judges alike to adhere to the instructions  – or else…..

Because most of these police officers , prosecuting members and judges themselves live in areas such as Mitchells Plain, Heideveld, Valhallah Park, Bonteheuwel, Bishop’s Lavis and many more -which is Hot Spots for gang related wars and killings- they find themselves – and not only them- but their families as well- also as potential “targets” should they not submit to the call from ” Gangland. “ Should they obey by “Gangland” rules- well- they might find a welcome “surprise “ in their bank accounts- and naturally- another day to enjoy the South African sunshine. However-The opposite choice though might not be a very “healthy “ option at all- a message most colored inhabitants in Cape Town understand all too well.

It is said that there are more colored women in Cape Town than men- as most men joined these gangs- and subsequently were “ wasted” in gang related wars over drugs. There is a roamer that up to 5 dead bodies leave each of these areas every week. Even the police stay well clear of these areas as there are more illegal guns in these areas than legal guns in all police stations in all Cape Town combined. Money is no option- as these gangs earns literally millions in tax free revenue by selling drugs- or “Tik” as the local “stash” is known in this murky world of drugs and death.  They do not fear the law either- as Cape Town’s underworld  they have their own set of  brutal “laws.” The real world with all it’s huffing and puffing, politics, it’s laws and taxes  only is a vague distant world away from the inner sanctums of this “Gangland ” rule. They have their own world with their own laws where they rule unchallenged. It’s like a secret micro economy within a macro economy.

Police also are targeted- and these gangs think nothing of it to murder a policeman in cold blood- even right there in a police station in front of his/her colleagues- or at home in front of his/her family. They are ruthless killers with no conscience.  Thus the police also are helpless in “Gangland. “ They most probably would be the ones ending up in the morgue during a raid in one of these areas-  than the gang members they attempt  to arrest . Many incidents were recorded about brutal shoot-outs between police and gangs in Cape Town- with the police the ones that had to retreat to go and lick their wounds. It is the Gang’s turf- and they know every street, every dark corner- and every curb for an ambush. The police are well out of their depth when they enter this dark and secret war zones. Bullets marked “to whom it may concern” are a plenty in stock in these hell-holes. And the chances that a sniffing  policeman on the prowl  may end up being the target of one of these are 80% confirmed! .

Finding the murderer is about as successful as trying to find  a T-Bone steak in a lions’ den . To successfully prosecute and hand out a stiff jail sentence to culprits of this heinous deeds  proofs totally futile. It is a brutal system with apparently no quick solution for the law enforcement agencies. Against this back-drop one can understand all the corruption and failure , the deliberate defeat of the ends of justice, dragging of feet, deliberate bungling of evidence, “lost documents” , poor investigations, rejection of witnesses, etc to apprehend a suspect- least find him guilty and  hand out harsh sentences. The price for failing the underworld is just too dangerous. But not only that-even the judges in courts are subjected to this deadly mob justice.

When one of these members are handed a jail sentence- he immediately will re-connect with the underworld of Cape Town the moment he set foot in a correctional institution- for in correctional institutions gangland rule supreme – and  are the breeding grounds for gangland’s new potential  “recruits.” There gang members sentenced to jail time immediately receives “promotion”– and will rule the outside world from within the four walls of the institution. Now you will more-or-less understand why the father of a murdered child below are fighting an uphill battle to have justice served for the killing of his beloved daughter. “Gangland “ now is protecting one of it’s “own.” He is one man against the dark powers of “Gangland” – a battle he cannot win…at least for now.


Wrote her broken Father- John Bond:

Image result for bradley gysman nadia bond

Our courts sentenced Bradley Gysman to 4 years imprisonment after killing my child Nadia Stephanie Bond (8). They call it an “accident” I will persist that she was MURDERED and that it has been COVERED-UP by corruption and incompetence.

He has no license, blood alcohol level was more than 3 times over the legal limit at 0.17. Recklessly speeding he admits seeing BOTH girls as one crossed the road before the other from his right side. He had ample time to stop yet he continued to accelerate and struck my daughter with the center of his car sending her petite body flying more than 30 meters through the air before she struck a sign post. It happened virtually in front of his mothers creche, where other trusting parents leave there defenceless children…

Bradley Gysman laughed as he exited the vehicle, threatened (witness statement) a person who wanted to call the police and ambulance and (witness statement) then proceeded to load my grossly injured child into his car and left the scene in full view of multiple witnesses. The court accepted that the incident happened at 17:30 as the State offered no witnesses to dispute it (even though there were many). Yet my child only reached the hospital 20 min after being struck… the hospital is 1.6km from the scene. On arrival she had no pulse, no heartbeat and never regained the ability to breath…

The SAPD Pinelands “Road Crash Investigator” Constable du Plessis produced a grossly incompetent road crash report after only visiting the scene of the crash 9 days after her death. In his report he clearly ignores obvious mathematical and scientific facts and I have never viewed it as anything but an attempt to collaborate the “story” of the child killer, Bradley Gysman. His report is REPEATEDLY questioned by myself as I point out OBVIOUS defects yet neither the NPA, The Control Prosecutor, The Police Ombudsman or the Police Complaints Lt Col Phillips offer any assistance in addressing my concerns. His report is eventually rejected by the court, yet he has since been PROMOTED to Sargent and “High Profile Crash Investigator” (???? How?)


The family of the perpetrator protecting their scourge-father of the drunk driver Bradley Gysman  attacking protesters against drunk drivers outside court. According to him Nadia”was not supposed to be on the street. ” (She was walking home from school)But he mentioned  nothing about his son driving without a valid drivers licence under the influence of alcohol- a standard cultural problem with most coloreds in the Western Cape. BUT any excuse to blame the victim is good enough if you know you are guilty we suppose- the devil protecting his own. They never even apologized or send condolences to the Bond family for their son’s erratic behavior that cost the life of an innocent child. One arrogant Gysman family member shouted to Adri Bond she killed her own child when she allowed the life support machines to be switched off.(After Nadia already was declared brain-dead on advise of the doctor.) But again that explains the type of irrational mentality normal law-abiding Cape Townians have to deal with when encountering the hoodlum environment. 

Image result for bradley gysman nadia bond


Even the white cross and fresh flowers Adri leaves at the accident site are willfully removed from the site and her memorial site set ablaze- such is the sick mental condition of these wretched Cape Town underworld villains and family members. 


The Kraaifontein “Investigator” Sgt Jacobs failed to take NUMEROUS statements from witnesses. Upon complaining to the Control Prosecutor, Marquard Hamley, claims these witnesses are “Irrelevant” (really, I recorded one and played it to you Marquard, I still have the recording… we’ll let the public decide if it is relevant…)
The arresting officers take 30min to get to the hospital (1km from the police station,) take another 30min to make the arrest then LEAVE the facility without taking blood samples and drive Bradley Gysman from Kraaifontein to Athlone (30minutes) before taking blood samples there. Even though they are fully aware of the two hour window they exceed it… Later they even change their statements (under instruction from Jacobs) to make the time blood was drawn EVEN LATER! Under cross examination they admit they KNOW Bradley Gysman… Go figure!

The person who took the Blood samples testifies in court under oath that she “cant remember ” whether she used an alcohol or Hydrophilic swap before taking blood (creating a loophole?)-  yet a simple recorded call to the facility (Shadow Center) confirms that they DO NOT HAVE ANY alcohol swaps on the premises…

In an attempt to get the TRUTH of what happened to my daughter I employ the respected services of HIGHLY EXPERIENCED Road Crash Expert Johan Joubert of TAR SERVICES to conduct a Professional Private Road Crash Investigation. His report indicates the GROSS severity of the incident, pinpoints the impact area PRIOR to braking, calculates the speed of impact at a minimum 88k/h and notably states: “He in fact swerved TOWARDS the child”

The Judge rejects The Report, to my understanding because Mr Joubert called himself an Expert 17 times during his testimony… If a doctor calls himself a doctor 100 times does that make him any less a doctor? The report however contains MULTIPLE mathematic and scientific facts that can NOT BE IGNORED – yet they are… (why? – Does it paint the picture of MURDER too Clearly? Does it prove the COVER-UP of the SAPD too precisely?) Although this report was requested in my desperate NEED for TRUTH, (which should also be the courts objective) it is ignored and disregarded.

Little Nadia Bond– after her terrible ordeal with a drunken colored scourge that eventually killed her. 

The State calls no other witnesses (NOT EVEN the few that did give statements) but they expose Nadia’s 10 year old friend to the HORROR of having to relate, remember and relive the death of her friend to the court. (HOW CRUEL to do that to a child!) ESPECIALLY when there were PLENTY of grown-ups at the scene… GROSS SICK HUMANITY!

The State never calls the Passenger in the vehicle to testify, nor the 3rd person who drove the vehicle from the scene, nor the eye-witness who was threatened, nor the Pathologist, nor the doctor who treated her, nor the nurse who called the police, nor ANY of the MULTIPLE witnesses… One was parked 10 m from where my child landed, another had tried to intervene PRIOR to my child being killed. The defense calls NO WITNESSES at all and Bradley Gysman never takes the stand to testify in what he would like all to believe was an accident. The court proceedings NEVER reveal anything about the missing 20 minutes and we as family are doomed to forever live in horror about what our child endured during that time.

In the Judges ruling he seems to state that “there is nothing significant to this case” He apparently remains oblivious to the harassment we faced from the Gysman Family, the life threats and the Police harassment with FALSE COURT documents favoring the Gysman’s, and he remains oblivious to the GROSS lack of remorse from Bradley Gysman. He must have ignored that Gysman had THREATENED a person wanting to help my child, picked up a grossly injured child loaded her into the car and left…. for 20 minutes! He States that Bradley Gysman has “no Prior Convictions”  (Really, was he not convicted for selling drugs to children at school? mmm…) Disallows my statements regarding our previous incidences with Bradley Gysman who attacked my son with 3 of his friends in a racist incident and then he (seemingly) proceeds to combine Drunk Driving and Culpable Homicide into a sentence of 4 years imprisonment… a mere slap on the wrist – It is in TOTAL disregard to the courts DUTY to serve sentences and consequences in order to Prohibit, deter and prevent such crimes…. They couldn’t care less…

The fact is: THIS whole mess of incompetence PROVES that you can get away with MURDER in South Africa simply by using your car as the weapon… If you are sober and licensed you can LITERALLY run someone down INTENTIONALLY and NOBODY will bat an eyelid, you probably wont even be charged with ANYTHING never mind murder… “Ooops, he ran in front of my car” and the case is done… You walk FREE and it does not matter that your story is CLEAR hogwash.

In a country where more than 16 000 people, woman and innocent little children loose their lives on our roads each year we expect SOMETHING to be done. Yet Now: The court has also left the door WIDE OPEN for Drunks to do with their victims WHATEVER they want… Pick them up, go on a 20 minute joyride… hell why not just let them toss bodies into a field to hide victims? Our courts DONT care. In the words of the WPDPP: “It is common cause that your daughter was rushed to the hospital in the car of the accused…”

No Mr Rodney de Kock it is NOT common cause and she was not rushed anywhere but to her death. The mother of the killer owns a Day Care mere meters from where she landed, Law stipulates that they MUST be able to administer First Aid to children in their care…. So why not to a child struck by their Drunk, Unlicensed, Speeding Son? She could possibly have saved Nadia’s LIFE, instead they wanted to get her away before a scene was created in front of their unregistered facilityTHAT Mr de Kock is the ONLY rush they did… They couldn’t care less about her life… but YOU SHOULD!

Image result for bradley gysman nadia bond

John Bond– one man’s fight against an unjust system and the power of Cape Town’s underworld. The culprit’s identity and human rights are protected- all while Nadia Bond’s rights are ignored by the courts. 

Your letter also states that the BLOOD WAS DRAWN in the two hours yet your “professionals” offered NO such evidence in court and your Investigators manipulated evidence to protect the MURDERER of my child…
What IS common cause is that I, as a loving father, will expose this DISGRACE for the world to see. Tourists and every other road user in this country are in GREAT DANGER and the Criminal Justice System is failing their responsibility to save lives through precise and diligent prosecution that will deter killers…

These are my views, feelings and experiences with our criminal justice system. By Friday it will be followed by the exposure of the SAPD “investigation” which you can all judge for yourself.Then the facts and the TRUTH… and the heartache that will allow you to understand WHY I will NEVER be silenced. I know that NO court ruling can bring back my child, we have been sentenced to a life of sadness, longing and misery and there is NOTHING I can do to save Nadia… or my dying soul, but I will NOT roll over and accept incompetence, corruption and utter disgrace from our Criminal Justice System to turn my child’s loving, caring and beautiful life into nothing but a statistic like the thousands before her and since… IT MUST BE STOPPED!”


AND then followed a heart piercing letter from Nadia’s Mother- Adrie:


Nadia Stephanie suffered a broken leg, broken pelvis, broken neck, severed spinal cord, multiple facial fractures, massive internal bleeding and severe brain damage. A life so full of promise. We prayed and begged God to save you Baby Girl, to hold you near to Him, to repair your brutalized little body. I stood begging you to open your eyes, to fight.I cried for you to wake up, to move to show a sign of hope and I know you tried Baby, I know you fought really hard to hang on, I cried in my helplessness, cried to take you in my arms and comfort you, begged for you to stay with me… but you were so terribly hurt, so brutalized and damaged, so viciously violated that you could not fight…
On the 19th of September at 13:30 the neurologist declared that you had no brain function left, that you were brain dead, that you had died.

Oh what horrific words, indescribable despair flowed through every cell in my body as our world fell to pieces your once exited, sparkling, loving big brown eyes clouded and still, expressionless, emotionless grey… I knew you were no longer there and even with people around me I felt a feeling of being totally alone, forsaken in a universe of grey nothingness, my brain unable to understand or comprehend the finality of infinite loss. In utter disbelieve every emotion within me crumbled.

Mommy donated your organs to save other children, “it is what she would have wanted” she said through her tears, and she was right Baby Girl, you were so giving, so loving and caring in life that you would have no hesitation in death to be the same, you were an Angel in this world, your bravery, your love, your life may have been taken but even in death you brought joy to others. The Red Cross Hospital notified us that you saved 3 little lives with your organs.

Our world was dumped into a shocked sadness and longing, disbelief in an unreal parallel existence far distant from the life we knew and cherished. Blank staring eyes greet me in the mirror filled with agony, crippling our faith in everything we held true. Oh what is life without you Baby Girl, without your bubbly joy that lightened every day… oh how I begged God to make this all a dream, to let me wake with you cuddling beside me, to watch you smile as you woke. How I wished I could turn back time, to be there to save you from this hideous crime, but I cant my Darling, I can do nothing to have you safely back in my arms – and time, time just moves on relentlessly, as if nothing has happened, leaving us somewhere behind where this world lost an Angel. This world was too Brutal, too cruel, too sinful, too filled with lawlessness to be deserving of someone like you it could not possibly harbor such a pure soul.

Now… now as a grieving family lost in our disbelief and sadness we get slapped in the face with laws that protect the “rights” of little Nadia’s Killer… set free to laugh in the face of our grief, set free to potentially kill another innocent person with their lawlessness, charged by the state with Culpable Homicide, NO charges against the hideous blatantly gross negligence of those in a position to STOP THE CRIME, those that facilitated it.

Even where the Prosecuting Authority is mandated to protect the innocent we only hear of the rights of the accused, from a community that have lost loved ones due to drunk driving we hear nothing but rampant history of incompetent investigating, slap on the wrist prosecuting and corruption. Where is the voice that must speak for Nadia, the voice that must scream for Justice? Where is the voice that must save the life of the next innocent child? ...NO OUTRAGE FROM THOSE IN POWER… as silent as the gone and forgotten dead of cases gone by!

We as innocent grieving parents are left facing the fear of incompetence, scrambling for funds to ensure the attention of a knowledgeable Attorney to watch over the case, scrambling, near begging for funds to appoint private accident reconstruction forensic personal, private blood forensic personal to ensure prosecution. a Family who had invested everything into the well being, advancement and education of their children facing financial ruin in an attempt to get Justice for the Murder of their child…

But oh if we were rich and famous…mmm how much attention Nadia would get then? Oh yeah, we’d have the top brass knocking our door down to get justice then… but we are not rich, they wont be coming…we need you! We need your outrage for the safety our communities throughout this country to stand up and HELP! We need your voice to speak out and say NO MORE KILLERS ON OUR ROADS! We need your voice not only for justice for our Baby Girl, but for change in how DRUNK DRIVING KILLERS are prosecuted!” 

Please contact us Adrie Bond 073 408 8979 of John Bond 074 738 2248


White Nation wish the Bond family all our condolences and strength with their battle to get justice done. Readers that can help or feel they want to assist  financially or otherwise can contact the Bond family at above given numbers  for further information. The system in South Africa is corrupt and bribery rife. Tomorrow it might be one of our children killed by this hoodlums in the streets.  Who knows– someday sanity will return to that God-forsaken country once again and Nadia’s killer be facing the true justice he deserves.





White Nation