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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg October 05  2018








ZUMA and his notorious fat cat cronies in the ANC started a devious scam for personal enrichment behind closed doors that now became a monster that is about to bite them in the arse….SANRAL (South African National Road Aggravation Leechery) This whole despicable money racketeering scam was started on stolen molney (R 60 million) from the State Pension Fund- and the ANC rat brigade tried to “enforce” it upon the public through “law.

Sadly for them the backlash of the public was so severe that it left them reeling against  the planks with a cool  R67 billion in debt while the whole SANRAL farce was send to the bottom of Davey Jones’ locker to join the Titanic. Now the old forgotten communist relic- Blade Nzimande– like Nazir Ali before him- again is trying to threaten the public with the corrupt “law” and the courts.  But now the ANC fat farts at last walked into the sh*t they themselves created through their own gluttony. The devious e-toll system leaves Sanral and the ANC rats in a Catch 22 – while it’s a failure that is wasting money, it would be too expensive to remove.

The South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) has issued a ‘final warning’ that it plans to drag every person who hasn’t paid their e-tolls to court, The South African has reported. The agency recently announced plans to divert R1.6 billion from its non-toll related funds to the toll road portfolio, in effect bailing out its own failed tolling system. Sanral chairperson Roshan Morar urged Gauteng motorists to stop defaulting on e-toll payments, putting the total of outstanding debts at around R11 billion.(LOL)

But while recouping that kind of amount is a tall order, Sanral has announced its intention of making sure all defaulters face the “law. “ The Department of Transport and Sanral are in a bit of a Catch 22 regarding the tolling system – while it is a failure that is currently wasting money, removing the gantries would be massively expensive and would increase the organisation’s hefty debts. Despite what has been widely considered the failure of the unpopular tolling system, transport minister Blade Nzimande made it clear recently on SABC news show On The Record that the system will not be scrapped.

I want to be honest with you‚ we understand the public sentiment… but at the same time we have got another problem that many people do not want to deal with‚” he said. “We owe an amount in today’s terms of R67bn. That’s the amount we owe on the building of these wonderful freeways. The issue is who is going to pay and how are we going to pay.” Nzimande also revealed that only 24% of the over 15,000 summonses issued to e-toll defaulters in the last three years have been served. The minister also revealed that in the last two years, only R10.231 million was collected through legal processes, costing over R4 million in legal fees in the process.

HOWEVER  Doing that would be illegal, and if the ANC rat pack  enters a litigation war with 3 million motorists over unpaid e-tolls, ‘it will lose’. The e-toll madness is taking yet another round around the central Gauteng ring road, and where it stops nobody knows. For now, however, road users are expected to cough up R67 billion, according to Transport Minister Blade Nzimande. It is a number no one seems to know the source of.

But if Nzimande’s plan is to use money from the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) to service Sanral’s general debt, that would be illegal, according to the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse’s (Outa’s) CEO Wayne Duvenage. Duvenage estimated the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) to be in a R40 billion hole, from a R20 billion loan and R20 billion in accrued interest. “The minister must explain how he arrived at that number. They can’t use e-toll money to fund other loans, that’s illegal,” Duvenage said. “They can’t use money from one toll system to finance other toll systems. It has to be ring-fenced to that specific toll project. It can’t cross-pollinate. It can’t be used for non-toll roads, either.”

On August 31, Nzimande said on national TV: “We owe an amount in today’s terms of R67 billion for the building of these wonderful freeways. If you take away the e-tolls now – we are not saying we are or we are not – how do you pay the R67 billion? Do you increase the fuel levy? Already there is a huge outcry that the fuel prices are high, legitimately so. So, we can’t just discuss this issue based on the sentiment that people do not want e-tolls.” Nzimande’s office has noted – but not responded to – questions. His words directly undercut Gauteng Premier David Makhura, who has repeatedly promised to deal with the problem.

In 2014, Makhura said in his State of the Province address (Sopa) about reviewing e-tolls: “We must make it clear that we cannot close our eyes to the cries of sectors of our population who are severely affected by the cost of travelling across the province.”Makhura noted during his 2015 Sopa the GFIP advisory panel had found “the e-toll system is unaffordable and inequitable and places a disproportionate burden on low- and middle-income households. It is also administratively too cumbersome”. In 2017, the premier noted in his Sopa: “… we are mobilizing resources for public transport infrastructure in ways that will ensure that we don’t commit the same mistakes done with the e-tolls. We can’t build roads and only later inform citizens that they must pay”. “They’re spending millions of rand trying to summons people but there are three million motorists. Government is in a litigation war with its citizens,” Duvenage noted. “It will lose.”




Editor’s Footnote:

(Blade-let us give you a piece of our mind which is long overdue: 

YOU-like that sly Indian Nazir Ali – and all the ANC scammers in SANRAL can go eat gun powder and fart thunderbolts as far as we are concerned! If your  ape  appear in front of my gate to “summons” me- I will be very friendly to him-  let him in- lock the gate behind him- and then set the dogs loose on him. Your arrogance – like Ali- to threaten the public with something you criminals started on your own in dark alleys and rooms behind closed doors without any public notification – is something that leaves logic gobsmacked and deserves the same respect. For how long now did your regime exploit the country and it’s tax paying populace as their personal ATM machine- involving yourselves in all sorts of corrupt scams, tender fraud, money laundering, gun running and scandals which cost South Africa already billions. You have been warned by the public time and time again to stop this humongous SANRAL racketeering scam of yours- but because you now are facing the consequences of your own evil creation-  you foolhardy pursue this criminal intend and try to exploit the “law” to protect your evil works. 

Again- like Mr. Ali – you  come and try to threaten the populace  into paying for this already failed  devious scam which will impoverish many- only to enrich the “elite” few. You want to threaten the public now because your bed partners once removed now want to squeeze your commi balls because now you owe them R 40 billion? Sorry Blade- we long lost our appetite and fears of being your bum brushes and  listen to your macabre “laws” and threats. Neither are we scared of your corrupt police or fake judiciary. Let your creditors abroad for a change start sending in their  dogs – start repossessing your houses and/or start sending the corporate”strongmen”  to your doorsteps to have a “chit-chat ” with all of you scrupulous criminals. You deserve it. A few less corrupt politicians only will do the country the world’s good. 


Finally a man with sense. I wish he was our President. Truth hurts doesn't it .

Posted by Feroz Govender on Thursday, September 13, 2018


Be nice criminals now  and go do the ” right thing” –  go sell your upmarket mansions and SUV’s, your illegal business ventures and stolen farms and go  pay your own f*cken debts YOU created  yourself!  We are not going to do it for you.We are tired being your milking cows and  it’s time you take responsibility for your own f*ck-ups for a change! You want to add this bullshit to the petrol price? Blade- do you REALLY want to start the biggest grand petrol theft SA saga in history? 

SO– now because the terrorists in Lethuli House made you a “minister ” you think you can burp and barf threats because you farted out yet another questionable “law” which only  suit your own selfish greedy ventures? Let me tell you a little “secret: The majority of the populace does in any case nor listen to your “laws” anymore.  The reason: YOU lot of criminals in the commi house CULTURED them to act lawless since 1994- and secondly- your “laws” mostly are discriminating,racist-  protecting only you as “elite” thieves- and lastly it is a farce. So is your kangaroo courts and fake BEEE judges. The only thing that still keeps you bunch of thieves afloat is your lies, deception- and yea….your lying fake media propaganda mouth pieces. We as normal God fearing  people  long ago distanced ourselves from your world of government corruption, ungodly culture, fraud , lies and your false media and churches. You bunch of loathsome political jesters in that Cape Town parliament have been making a mockery in the face of the world out of a once healthy and respectable country. 

BUT tell you what: Ask the public nicely– and they will remove that evil gantries for you for free – blast it out of the ground- and sell the junk to scrapyards . At least then the public will be able to get something back for all the hard earned taxes you conglomeration of thieves has stolen this past 20 odd years.  Now ain’t THAT an offer you cannot refuse? You start dragging people to your kangaroo courts- they start blowing up your evil creations along our roads  one-by-one to help pay their fines you old scandalous  communist racketeer. IF you want to drag somebody to court- try dragging Zuma and your criminal buddies in the ANC and COSATU to court that stole R 60 million from the State pensioners without their consent ! Scared about your threats we are not- BRING IT ON BUSTER! Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! -Ed)