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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Adelaide AUS  October 11  2018




Danger looms for SA as farm attack victims plans Trump visit after Ramaphosa statement on ‘no white farmer’ murders.

Cyril Ramaphosa wired Robert Mugabe R250 million to help him say above water

South Africa aiming for a phiscal disaster 

The land of the Zulus must not be touch king tells crowd

Gordhan defends expropriation without compensation at UK summit







O how the South African judiciary  can impose such selective double standards based purely on the color of your skin when the terms “racism” and “hate speech” comes into play – now don’t they?

Velaphi Khumalo, that black racist who posted racial slurs against white people in a Facebook tirade two years ago, has been found guilty of hate speech by the Equality Court in the South Gauteng High Court on Friday. The Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts and Culture official was also directed by the court to “apologize “ to all South Africans, SA Human Rights  Commission (SAHRC) Gauteng provincial manager Buang Jones tweeted on Friday.

”Velaphi Khumalo’s utterances have been declared to be hate speech. He has been interdicted from repeating utterances and ordered to publish a written apology directed at all South Africans. Apology shall be communicated to SAHR Commission for further dissemination  Copy of the dossier of papers filed to be submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions,’‘ Jones tweeted. He posted these on Facebook in wake of Penny Sparrow comparing black beach goers to “monkeys “  in the same year.

Khumalo posted in January 2016: ”We must act as Hitler did to the Jews. I don’t believe any more that the is a large number of not so racist white people. I’m starting to be skeptical even of those within our Movement the ANC. I will from today unfriend all white people I have as friends from today u must be put under the same blanket as any other racist white because secretly u all are a bunch of racist fuckheads. as we have already seen.’


Related image

His tirade drew widespread condemnation. He reportedly apologized to the ANC and paid a R30 000 fine. Khumalo’s case was brought to court by the SAHRC after it received 19 complaints. His legal representative argued that his client was “responding to Sparrow’s racist remarks against black people.”  The commission asked the court to impose a fine on Khumalo and that he make an open unconditional apology.

We stand gobsmacked at the double standards applied in the South African self created criminal prosecution mechanism in wielding  their newest tool to lambaste especially  white people- called “hate speech.” Khumalo- compared to the harsh (vindictive) sentences Sparrow, Chris Heart and Vicky Momberg were dealt with – received a mere slap on the wrist. How compassionate , how bearable- and how utterly merciful from the Equality Court. We hope he does not bruise easily. We as of the time of this article- have not heard from the ANC demanding that Khumalo deserves a jail sentence- as they demanded in the Sparrow case. Laryngitis  and selective Amnesia appear to be a common mental sickness in the far leftist ANC brothels. Then we see Khumalo “apologized” to the ANC- his racist black brothers– but NOT to the whites he offended against.


Image result for penny sparrowImage result for vicky momberg

Penny Sparrow and Vicky Momberg– two white women targeted by the liberal demons to “teach” whites a lesson to rather patronize blacks.

AND then we still have THIS  black lady in the video below that still cleverly manage to escape the ever present active scanning radar of the sudden sleeping News 24 and EWN media “anti-racist” gunslingers, black social media mafia hit men – and “hate speech” bounty hunters. As for the ANC  bandits that quickly can cry “Jail, Jail, Jail” if a white “offends” against a black- well- it appears their radar equipment also is packed away in some dusty ol’ government warehouse in Marabastad somehwere for later repairs if a white “offends” again  .



AND then we have the liberals’ golden racist boy – Julius Malema– also instigating white hate and murders- but never fined or sent to jail as yet…

This racist needs to go to prison South African Julius Malema the leader of the left wing neo natsi style pursicutor of white people. Share far and wide my over five thousand friends. Let the world see how some of our people treat others.

Posted by Dino Moyes on Thursday, October 4, 2018





Meet the liberal demons now controlling South Africa

Yea mate– that is the deliberate and offensive discrimination agenda applied against whites in the “ political correct” South Africa today. Blacks are treated as  protective pets– and whites the opposite- fair game. White conservative people  are marginalized , suppressed and oppressed by the liberal demons now controlling South Africa’s main state machinery. “Demons” was the word I used- for that is the correct term for a liberal– whether he is white, black, Asian- or any color for that matter.

You see- to substantiate my point we have to refer you back to the Bible.(Liberal demons will not understand this as they do not believe in the Bible.) In the Bible God explicitly showed us heaven is a conservative environment  with rigid rules, regulations , obedience and discipline. “Conservatism” means discipline, law and order, good moral values, respect, obedience and sincerity. Now all these characteristics only exists in an conservative environment because without it- chaos reigns and the heavenly dynasty will soon fall apart.  None of these characteristics can be found in any liberal environment for liberalism embraces a “free for all” doctrine without boundaries, – boundaries of race, boundaries of sexual preferences, boundaries of cultures, boundaries of respect, boundaries of interracial marriages , boundaries of religion and so on. Thus as we see in the liberal environment every culture  clash head-on and is in controversy  with what the Word of God specifically forbids and allows.


If we look back before the “beginning” ( in the Good Word that would now be Genesis- for those liberals that still struggle   figuring out whether they were “banged” out – or whether their ancestors were monkeys-although we strongly suspect the latter) – the Word speaks about a war in heaven between Satan and his angels- and God and his angels. Because heaven is a conservative environment Satan rebelled against it and want to rule supreme. So Satan stood directly against the conservative government of God- thus- in today’s terms he would be the leader of the Democrats!


Image result for angelic war

An artist’s expression of the angelic war in heaven

BUT because God in all His wisdom and power as ultimate Creator outsmarted Satan and crushed the liberal rebellion of the misdirected angels- and they all were caste out of heaven onto earth for their  effort- NEVER to set foot in heaven again. Thus now we learn that NO liberal minded cretin are allowed in heaven because of their ungodly sins they embrace and commit.

SO– this now brings us back to earth. Now after the heavenly war Satan and these fallen angels were earthbound for eternity. They were outsmarted , banished and cast outs forever. This made Satan and the fallen angels very bitter, jealous and vindictive. Satan then decide to repay God for this “insult” and in retaliation corrupt the perfect human creation God made to replace Satan. This as we all know happened in the garden of Eden. And from then on Satan and his angels- now commonly referred to a “demons” because they no more have the characteristics of angels- became very active in corrupting the minds of mankind with all the evils forbidden in the Word of God. This basically is where liberalism had it’s point of origin. The sins of the fallen angels became the sins of mankind- for those receptive enough to embrace it.


Image result for satan and eve

The first act of liberal treason on earth between Satan and Eve.

Liberalsim(or  immoral acts coated in a “smart term” ) became a way of life on earth. This is how the lord of darkness expanded his empire and  power among man kind to corrupt their thoughts and actions. Because Satan rules the earth he made sure his concubines posses the highest positions on earth…kings, presidents, politicians in governments, church leaders, generals and so on. That is why most of them belongs to  Free Masonry, Skull and Bones, Sisterhood of the light,  B’nai B’rith, Club of Rome , Knights of Malta and many more secret societies..more than 32 000 of them. He also made sure his minions control the very livelihood of mankind- money.


Image may contain: one or more people and text

THIS is what liberal demons  eventually aim with predominantly white countries….alienation from the one True God. 

The richest demonic  influenced people like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kennedys, Windsors, Lemanns , Oppenheimerset al belong to his exclusive club. His minions are controlling the world banking system. He then extended his power base into and among the populace itself by creating groups such as political parties, activist groups such as ANTIFA, BLF, Black Panthers, EFF, Socialist parties and so on, clergymen, associations, societies and many more where he could involve the population of the earth directly into his evil domain- even working to expand his empire for him. I am not going to go in-depth about all this- there simply is not enough space on our server to log all of it.

Image result for amschel de rothschildRelated imageImage result for george sorosImage result for british queen

PURE liberal evil…De Rothschild, Rockefeller , Soros and Windsor– all destroyers of white conservatives

Now here is where we meet today’s normal liberal– a person that is directly and wittingly involved in destroying God’s conservative environment – or a person that is unwittingly mislead by false propaganda to serve the dark agendas of the liberal dark forces of the world. And this is the case with South Africa today.South Africa- pre 1994- was a flourishing country with a stable economy. Most South Africans were God fearing people that still believed in the conservative way of doing things. Disgusting cultures such as homosexuality, lesbianism, cross-color marriages , alien deities, same sex marriages, rapes, murder , assault with the intend to do grief bodily harm , satanism and many more practices forbidden in the Bible simply were not tolerated under the legislation either- and such acts were dealt with according to the conservative law at the time. Because of the worship of the true God the country was blessed in many ways- even during the sanction attacks from the liberal demons abroad.

BUT Satan never let up. He had to destroy South Africa the same way he destroyed the rest of the white God fearing conservative world. And as ever again- he used his most common weapon he himself used against God Almighty- TREASON. It was by his hand that the liberal political demons such as De Klerk, Meyer, Botha, De Villiers, Suzman, Zille, Du Preez, Van Heerden, Van Rensburg , Wessels, Oppenheimer, Voster and others were pushed into the ring to destroy the South African governing top structure. The devil’s church also were activated and pulpit demons such as Heyns, Boesak, Hurley, Chikane and others start to poison the minds of the Christian populace. FOUR devil’s churches participated in this macabre play of destruction- of which the Dutch Reformed Church and Rhema Bible Church played a pivetol  part in spreading false doctrines and corrupting the minds of Christians.

Hendrik French Verwoerd was the absolute last conservative leader South Africa ever had. Under his strict biblical policies South Africa prospered- so much that even the world leaders had to acknowledge that South Africa’s growth rate and GDP was steadily surpassing some of the top international countries. The inflation figures remained suppressed in single figures- and blacks in South Africa earned top dollar measured against the income per capita of blacks in the rest of Africa. The economy bloomed and international debt was minimal. There was an abundance of work available and even thousands of workers from neighboring countries flocked to South Africa for work in the mines on the Witwatersrand.

But then Satan decided that South Africa too had to be destroyed as it was the only country in Africa that still abide by the laws of God’s Word- and anything belonging to God Yahweh must be destroyed. Lucifer then let loose of his liberal demons in the form of Harry Oppenheimer, Anton Rupert and John Vorster. Between Voster and Oppenheimer they devised a vile plan to assassinate  Verwoerd with the assistance of Oppenheimer’s international Carnegie connections and the American CIA. Vorster as a matter of interest  also fostered an illegitimate child with Winnie Mandela– a very closely guarded secret by the National Party and ANC up to today.

Image result for jan smutsImage result for john vorsterImage result for fw de klerkImage result for pik botha

FOUR of the most notorious liberal traitors to the Afrikaner nation- Smuts, Voster , De Klerk and Botha. One sold the Boers out to the British, one organized the assassination of Verwoerd– one sold South Africa out to the terrorist ANC- and one acted on behalf of the New York Jews to oversee the transition of South Africa into terrorist hands. Interestingly both De Klerk and Pik Botha’s wives died under very mysterious circumstances. BUT these that know who the perpetrators was that was responsible for the deaths of those two women rather will reserve judgement until the day this two evil henchmen appear before a just board of inquest- if they did not already started spilling the beans at their own judgement day  .  TODAY yet another black liberal- Cyril Ramaphosa– is busy selling South Africa out to the Chinese- piece by piece. Still the conservative just sits there….doing NOTHING again! 


Yea mate……..I rest my case….not only were they cavorting with the enemy behind closed doors to sell out the country- but also  FORNICATING with their wives- THAT  was the devious National Party liberal billy goats for you! 


Our very own decrepit old liberal- ol’ Max “Colored boy” Du Preez- sez we all are hybrids. But then again we fully understand where ol’ max fell out of the sardine tin-. His own ancestor  Philippus du Preez, was fornicating and married to a black slave girl  – one ” Isabella” in 1727. So ol’ Max himself did not fall very far from the mental tree. 

Long story short after Verwoerd was murdered and under the liberal demonic reign of Voster the country started it’s sliding downhill towards certain destruction. The liberal demons in the form of the British M16 secret service, American CIA, National Party, the ANC,PAC and front runners such as Helen Suzman, Max Du Preez, Helen Zille, Zach De Beer, Nadine Gorimer, Vorster, the Dutch Reformed Church, Anglican Church  and many more began in all earnest to work towards the final count-down of  the conservative way of life in the country- which finally was achieved in 1994 when at last the country was handed over on a platter to the liberal demons of Satan to do with it as it pleases.

En die regte mense het toe nooit hierdie greep gesien nie!!!!!! Donner tog!!!!!!Vriende, dit wil julle graag sien!!!!!!

Posted by Jack van Niekerk on Sunday, July 30, 2017

HERE the lies and deception started…..acting as-if they are opposing sides- while in reality they were sipping blue chip together in 5 star hotels in London!

Ek wil net seker maak my Vriende mag nie hierdie Verraad vergeet nie.!!!!

Posted by Sakkie Claassens on Friday, January 8, 2016

-AND here the deception just carried on…lies…false promises…..blatant lies…and the churchman participated in the evil diaspora..

Never seen before footage (full documentary) of the reality of FARM MURDERS in South Africa by Carte Blanche

PLEASE HELP TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL AROUND THE GLOBE!All it takes is a simple "Like" & "Share"!(Added link!: For a link to the latest documentary about Farm Murders see the bottom of the post) – DON'T MISS IT!So …..the video documentary by Carte Blanche's award-winning investigative journalist, Devi Sankaree Govender about the reality of Farm Murders (Genocide) in South Africa, is posted here for the World to see. Please share, and share again!Ruda Landman, also an award winning investigative journalist for Carte Blanche, also produced a SHOCKING documentary, that was also RECENTLY REMOVED about the same topic. Part 1 thereof here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S71PbichSw and Part 2 thereof here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X38CW6l-em4WHY DID YOU REMOVE IT? Links to the attached video (with media commentary) can also be found here:https://sa-news.com/farmmurderscarte-blanche-directly-links-julius-malema-to-farm-murders-video/#FarmMurders Carte Blanche Directly Links Julius Malema To Farm Murders! Sa News [VIDEO]https://sa-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/carte-blance-and-julius-malema.mp4?_=1Shocking, Carte Blanche directly links Julius Malema to different farm attacks across South Africa – News Soweto https://newsoweto.co.za/shocking-carte-blanche-directly-links-julius-malema-different-farm-attacks-across-south-africa/ https://www.facebook.com/sowetanpolitics/videos/982023401974256/Carte Blanche discovers farmers are more likely to be murdered than police officers – MyTvNewshttp://www.mytvnews.co.za/carte-blanche-discovers-farmers-are-more-likely-to-be-murdered-than-police-officers/ Carte Blanche: "Since 1990 more than 3 500 farm attacks have been reported. These figures represent 10% of all commercial farmers in South Africa. More shocking statistics suggest that a farmer’s chances of being murdered are double that of a police officer. Farm attacks are often associated with extreme levels of violence and brutality. Carte Blanche investigates the motives behind these attacks"http://www.mytvnews.co.za/carte-blanche-discovers-farmers-are-more-likely-to-be-murdered-than-police-officers/Another link to the full video here: https://www.facebook.com/dee.nel000/videos/10155082806608144/Even though the attached video to this post is shockingly jaw-dropping, an EVEN BETTER AND MORE COMPLETE documentary was recently published by a Canadian investigative reporter, Lauren Southern, titled "Farmlands 2018 Official Documentary" that is quickly nearing 1,000,000 views! Dont miss this one!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_bDc7FfItk&feature=share#EndOurGenocide #FarmAttack #FarmMurder #GuerrillaWar #Terrorism #Trump #Torture #GenocideSouthAfrica #KillingTheBoer #KillingTheFarmer #KillingWhites #RacialKillings #RacialAttacks #BlackOnWhiteHateCrimes #LaurenSouthern #FarmLands

Posted by Willie Jordaan Attorneys/Prokureurs on Thursday, July 5, 2018

THIS was the direct result of that blatant lies and deception of the National Party

From on 1994 after front demons under leadership of De Klerk and his satanic National Party cohorts handed the country to a bloody terrorist ANC movement for  300 million dollars a piece in bribes at their CODESA mockery- Satan enforced his rule on the country and destruction and chaos- two main components of Satan’s rule- began in all earnest with the introduction of the loan sharking business of Oppenheimer and Rupert which eventually will leave more than 90% of the population in debt. The white and black conservative population systematically were brain washed by malicious propaganda from Ton Vosloo’s media networks – and slowly their conservative ways made place for liberal theology and cultures of immorality that were introduced since 1994.

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and suit

Bilionair BIG boss of Naspers- Ton Vosloo– pivotal in helping to brain wash Afrikaners to hand over the country to the terrorist ANC. Many National Party traitors even sat on the board of directors of NASPERS at the time.

The doors of perdition and destruction were opened wide- and liberal demons of all kinds and sizes entered the gates of the country. The white genocide of conservative whites became a national past time for the destroyers – and more than 70 000 whites already paid a terrible price for their ignorance and down-right worshiping of idolatry since then.  In 1994 the earth scoundrel Peter Mokaba started to holler “Kill the Boer- Kill the farmer” in Limpopo province from the stage. THEN already white conservatives should have had a wake-up call and realize what was about to happen. THEN already the “church” should have taken a stance and warn the people against this new evil in the making. Sadly none of the two parties reacted. White conservatives were too blinded by their sport god- and the church was already a misleading factor firmly in the hands of the dark powers. This obstinate silence and ignorance only feulled the start of a genocide of white conservatives only equaled by the British invasion in 1899. After the disbandment of the evil National Party- most of it’s evil doers such as Piet Koornhof, Marthinus Van Schalkwyk, Roelf Meyer et al at last showed their true colors – and joined the communist ANC ranks .


South Africa’s  turmoil and the violence with which the ANC intend rule already started in 1994 when 19 Zulus were massacred at Shell House under guardianship of Nelson Mandela– a world renown terrorist ring leader. The ANC terrorist movement was to continue it’s reign of terror and bloodshed  as Mandela still refused to abandon violence as a tool to enforce it’s supreme power. The country’s GDP start dropping fast and millions of illegal aliens start to infest the country under the Mbeki reign- leeching on it’s social welfare to such an extend that today the whole social welfare system is in disarray and on the brink of collapse.

Billions of dollars’ worth of loans and “donations” were funneled to secret bank accounts of the ANC “elite”  by scrupulous corporate vultures  in exchange for “favors” and  garage sale  prices on minerals. The demon-inspired Mbeki regime disarmed conservative whites and opened the borders of the country under a false pretense of “African Renaissance” propaganda to allow vicious rogue African killers to enter the country at will to start one of the biggest genocides against conservative whites after the British invasion of the country. Under the reign of Zuma the country really experienced a time of chaos, plundering  and escalation in criminal operations- violent riots escalate across the country up to today  and the country’s credibility start taking a steep nose-dive.Today it lingers just above junk status.


Image may contain: outdoor

WATCH: Smoke billows from Cape Town station where two trains are alight.

Posted by SABC News Western Cape on Tuesday, October 9, 2018



THIS is what the liberal “democratic” inhabitants do to South Africa since 1994….and you are “a-ok” with your new-found liberal “democracy” that is supposed to be “better “ than what the conservative “apartheid” was? Then there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with your mental state!


A whole country was totally destroyed by the liberal demonic forces.  Poverty and starvation started to set in and more than 40% of the South African population today became jobless bums especially after discriminatory legislation such as AA and BEEE was  introduced to impoverish and alienate especially white conservatives. More than 400 000 whites now languish in make-shift squatter camps. On the farms the horrendous murder of farmers continues unchecked.


Yet tomorrow the ANC will again sent another lair in Lindiwe Sisulu to American president Donald Trump to go “explain” to him the “true” situation in South Africa. As we all know and expect by now she will unpack another pack of lies and pro-black bullsh*t. She will tell him there is “no white farm murders” – and what Cyril boy meant was there is no “exceptional” onslaught against white farmers- but “everybody” suffers due to crime. She will tell him due to “:apartheid” blacks are still “suffering”  – and that white “racists” are still “oppressing” blacks. She will tell him most of the land in South Africa still are in the hands of “white capitalists” – and their land grab program is introduced to “rectify past injustices.”  She will “promise” him that the land grab exercise will be treated with “caution” and according to the “constitution” ( which they want to amend at will.) Yea…that is what she will tell him. That is how we come to know the communist rats- deception , lies , thievery – firmly backed-up by  flat denials.


A White resident of South Africa wrote the following letter:

Image may contain: one or more people and closeupImage may contain: one or more people and closeupImage may contain: one or more people

” I’m a 45 year old white Afrikaans speaking South African. Because of all the race based laws against me (FYI 110+), I’m forced to work for myself. You need to scavenge around between the bread crumbs to provide for your family.  You see, if you sell something (sales), you have to be mobile. You need a cellphone, a vehicle, fuel and everything that would put you in the best possible position to be successful. Success after all, is the ability to do more than what is expected of you.

Now that you have your tools, you need to compete against:

1 Income tax
2 15% VAT (Value Added Tax)
3 BEE Compliance
4 BEE Company Policies 
5 RediculousToll Fees
6 Rediculous fuel prices
7 Rediculous Insurance premiums
8 Rediculous Electricity Prices 
9 Rediculous Cell phone tariffs 
10 Life insurance
11 Short term insurance( Because its never yours) 
12 Medical Aid (You’ll die in government hospitals)
13) Rediculous interest rates

And now that we have all the legal stuff covered, you still need to compete against the “you owe me” and therefore “I’m taking it” generation.

Corrupt traffic officials
Corrupt police officials
Smash and grabbers

and last but not least the service delivery protesters. It’s like going out in the wild to provide for your family, while being heavily armed to protect you from the predators that roam the streets. Between 1998 and 2018, I’ve been attacked and beaten in my farm house. They’ve waited for me inside the house.  I’ve been shot at while working in KwaZulu Natal. 3 bullet holes in my car.  I’ve been stabbed once in the arm, and twice in the chest.  I’ve been smashed in the face with a brick through an open car window. All on different occasions I might add! This is the reality in South Africa.

You can either be the law abiding, tax paying and hard working prey of the Republic of South Africa, or you can be the lazy predator that rob and steal. I don’t care what the media say. We are at war, and in deep trouble. We are a dying race, and this will not stop without international intervention. Not international intervention from Fij, but international intervention from the United States of America!”


THE war against conservative whites intensified- with demon inspired heathens such as Malema, Andile Mxitama and other black tin pot dictators such as Zuma openly calling for the extermination of whites and land grabs Zimbabwean-style. More than 400 000 whites- a whole generation– were forced out of the labor marked through discriminatory BEEE legislation. Fierce offenses were launched against all conservative remnants such as the Afrikaans language, statues, street names, colonial history in schools, old national flag, white conservative activists were attacked, white sports teams were attacked, – and about everything  that remotely reek like white nationalism was demonized and discredited from political podiums and the main stream media alike.

Image result for democratic alliance south africa same sex multi racial poster

A total onslaught against  the conservative environment as a whole took place – and liberal malicious cultures such as homosexuality, the rape culture, interracial marriages, unbiblical worshiping of strange deities, same sex marriages and blasphemy against God were introduced by the new demonic dispensation to replace the once conservative environment. All was done under the faux “political correct” blanket. Black worship reached an all time high-  while in contrast  demonetization and dehumanization of white conservatism was in the order of the day. To slander , victimize , discriminate , dehumanize and even murder a white became a national culture- while black worshiping , glorification and ” upliftment “ of blacks by politicians and media skunks alike now was seen as a ticket to enrichment, freedom – and political status quo elevation.


This now brings us back to the Velapi Khumalo vs Penny Sparrow and Vicky Momberg incidents. Now we can understand why two white womennot men– but specifically women were selected to be targeted by the demonic liberal advocates to be dehumanized. In the white conservative culture the woman represent the center of the white household- a most respected family member- and most adored one. So by dehumanizing a white woman means to strike at the heart of the white family. If they show no respect for a white woman the message is clear they will show no respect to any white family member either. The message is they will rip the heart out of the white family. That is how Satan operates- and that is how his liberal demons operates- ruling by intimidation, fear and chaos. This is precisely the situation in South Africa today. Now you understand why two white women received the full brunt of the fake “law” – stripped of their dignity and of their freedom – and a black man walked away with a bruised wrist to slander another day.





Posted by Luciano Marinho on Friday, September 28, 2018

AND this is how disgusting liberals are mocking Jesus….they are the spawn of Satan himself.

South Africa since becoming the so-called “rainbow nation” was destroyed by liberal malicious intend. Then the irony is they will always blame someone else bar themselves exactly what liberal communist Cyril Ramaphosa again did recently- blaming  “state capture, corruption and the legacy of apartheid “ for the country’s poor economic performance and degradation under the rule of his own useless predecessors.That is what liberalism is all about- the progressive attempt to destroy   God’s creation, destroy His worshipers, his conservative system, to destroy his prophets and His people- to destroy His reign on earth. “Liberalism” is the pinnacle of Satan’s evil reign on earth. Liberals are the personification of his demons on earth. They are wicked, evil and destructive. It does not matter how “innocent” a liberal tries to explain his contorted way of reasoning- liberalism is a destructive mental condition. Liberalism is a very sick and deranged condition. They create chaos- then simply deny any involvement. Take the case of another liberal–  A Vatican pedophile priest in this case who is accused of impregnating a 12-year-old girl says he is not responsible for the pregnancy and that the child was born of the Holy spirit. The parents of the 12-year-old girl are accusing Father Ariel Bartholemew, 56, of the Catholic Church of having impregnated their daughter. Father Bartholemew claims in his defense that the whole event is a miracle and denies any involvement in the pregnancy.


Evil meet evil…..the destroyers behind the capitulation of South Africa. 

These poor wretches live in a realm far away from reality. Liberalism borders to schizophrenia. Conservative minded people must follow the Creator’s example and banish liberals from their societies- treat them as cast-outs. For if not and if conservatives allow these evil minions in their midst- as sure as hell they will start destroying any conservative environment from within as liberalism is a cancer that kills the body unnoticed from the inside. I believe white conservative Afrikaner people already have learned this lesson the hard way.

Image may contain: 4 people

Liberalism is a mental condition bordering to schizophrenia. This is why this white she-moron wants  to stop white “supremacy “ by killing  all white people- not realizing that it would include herself! If that then is the common liberal point of view- why don’t all liberals show us the way and commit Hari Kiri. At least then the stupid half of the white “supremacy ” will finally be dealt with- not so? Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. BELOW: Liberal left walking deads tries to knock down the Supreme Court doors after Kavanaugh is nominated.


Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. Liberal left tries to knock down the Supreme Court doors after Kavanaugh is nominated.

Posted by Ron Dwyer on Saturday, October 6, 2018



From the ranks of liberal perdition came traitors, police informants, agents and sell-outs. From the liberal perdition came unholy acts of blasphemy and sinful behavior such as Hollywood. From the liberal perdition comes the bribes out of Britain to pay the ANC and Julius Malema to destroy white nationalism.  From the liberal perdition came the destruction of conservative societies. From the liberal perdition came the alien infestation of predominantly white countries such as Angela Merkel and Germany , Sweden, Britain and France.. From the liberal perdition came destruction and chaos such as South Africa, Syria and Germany.


Image may contain: text

This is the liberal vindictive mentality if they do not get life their way- typically like their father Satan did eons ago-rebellion against authority.


Musulmánes destruyen cementerio cristiano.

Posted by Juan Machado on Friday, August 10, 2018

LIBERAL politicians allow Muslims to flood conservative countries….and this is the result…

From the liberal perdition came un-biblical cultures that are detested by God Almighty as vile. Once you allow this disgusting creatures to survive in your country or community- it will not be long before they will destroy you. In their realm right becomes wrong. Wrong becomes right. Thieves become guardians, Murderers become protectors. Evil become acceptable. The Bible become detestable. Satanic practices  become allowable- God become “expendable. ” Don’t feel any sorrow, pity or remorse for them- for they will turn your compassion  against you in an act of treason.


Image may contain: 1 person, textImage may contain: text




Liberals never learn- they  join the enemy as traitors to their own race- get whacked- then suddenly want to cry foul…..karma?


Image result for white eff membersImage result for white eff members

Image result for white eff members

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You do not get them worse than this. During the Boer wars these white sell outs were responsible through treason for the murder of many Boer rebels such as Jopie Fourie. Today they still do the same- siding with the devil against their own race.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing- like De Klerk and his gang of  white traitors showed you. They are evil- the likes of  Rothschild, Rockefeller, George Soros and Harry Openheimer showed us. They are destructive back stabbers- like the Boeremag trail and many white filth shows you on your social sites- reporting you. That is the earmark of a liberal. They are the scourge of human society and must at no stage  be tolerated in your midst.   God said you must root out this evil and all it’s sinful acts and cultures from your nation. So why don’t you do it then? Yehashua called them vipers- so why do you call them “brothers” and “sisters?” They are the seed of Cain. Why do you still tolerate this evil workers of darkness among you? You are nurturing the devil in your own conservative bastions! 


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Liberals have no moral values whatsoever- spreading their sinful culture among nations.


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PITY them…..they are liberals. Mentally they are insane. We suppose this is what they call “Pussy Rot?” Irony is – they walk among us and they BREED! 

Now you may understand why whites in South Africa are delivered to the altar of Satan- they find themselves wanted on all levels for two reasons: 1) Conservative whites never listened and paid attention in class when Mokaba hollered that first “Kill the Boer” chant. 2) Conservative whites never took a hard stance and start rooting out disgusting white liberals such as FW DE KLerk, Pik Botha, Roelf Meyer , Max Du Preez , Marthinus Van Schalwyk et al from their rank and file. They allowed them to survive- and today the whites in South Africa are paying a terrible price for their obstinate foolish decisions. They were warned many a time. They saw the signs of the times- heard the warnings from the guards on the watch towers such as John McAlvaney , Eugene Terreblanche, Jaap Marais  and Andries Treurnicht – yet they deliberately choose to ignore the flashing lights. They lent  their ears and eyes to malicious propaganda generated from the NASPERS  labyrinth and National Party harlots. Now they cry in their pretzels after the damage is done.

‪WATCH: This is how the violence started at the #ANCEConference in EL last night, resulting in some delegates leaving the venue. Via @ZineGeorge ‬

Posted by Daily Dispatch on Saturday, September 30, 2017

ANC branch leader stabbed, chairs fly at Wells Estate branch meeting

An ANC branch meeting in Wells Estate turned violent on Sunday, which saw members beaten up and branch leader Thandolwethu Gebengana assaulted and stabbed.Read more: https://bit.ly/2y7Jvtu

Posted by HeraldLIVE – Port Elizabeth on Monday, October 8, 2018


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How did she become an officer

Posted by Sam Pillay on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

THIS is the “rulers” the liberal  criminals handed South Africa to……..now you want to know why the country went to the dogs….go figure!






The only way to save themselves and maybe their country is to start rooting out , banish and act decisively by exposing each and every liberal piece of filth they have knowledge about. Fight liberal scum with every method they can.  Warn each other when a liberal virus or their white disgusting Afrikaner cohorts enters their domain.  About the Khumalo vs Sparrow and Momberg cases- well- this injustice and evil comes a long way….a very long, long way.  It started in heaven before the creation already!




White Nation


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