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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  October 14  2018



How Mandela’s heirs grow rich on corruption.







SOUTH AFRICA is not classified as one of the most dangerous and violent countries in the world for nothing. Neither is it classified as the crime capital of the world for nothing either. With 50 murders a day it resembles that of a war zone in the Middle East.

Every day South Africa -under the New World Order’s ANC incompetents – is living up to that notorious honor. Crooks control the country from the top- all while murderous criminals are ruling the streets of cities and towns. A human life in South Africa is not even worth the price  of one cigarette. South Africa- that South Africa that once was a prosperous and safe country- a country you could even walk in the streets at night- leave your doors open by day- now is gone. That South Africa has changed into a deadly criminal infested time-bomb ready to explode. That past country where you still were safe in your own home and on the street has been changed into a nightmarish hell hole– brought about by YOUR misdirected evil “Free Mandela” hollering- YOUR mentally impaired vision of a “democracy”– and YOUR psychopathic illusions that “apartheid” was the “worst” kind of human rights “atrocity ” imaginable. You have seen NOTHING yet! 

For a normal South African to leave his/her house in the morning in your so-called bogus  ‘democracy” is like saying your last “farewell” to one’s family- because in South Africa you are never sure whether you will be walking back into your door alive that afternoon- or being pushed into a morgue on a trolley . It is time to tell the world the brutal truth about the life of the “everyday” South African- irrespective what bullsh*t Cyril Ramaphosa , any of his lying political minions  digging for gold abroad- or the deceptive Department of Tourism wants to tell you. What they show you is the “beautiful” side of Table Mountain. What they do NOT show you though- is the DARK side of that same Table Mountain.

In this video below we want to show you a small piece of that “dark side “ of Table Mountain you never see on the Tourism Board’s flyers and advertisements. Two security personnel- Eric Ngobese and Boykie Moyo of 24/7 Security Services were murdered in cold blood by gang members.  Now we can show you many similar videos- but we will stick to this one- and what you see here- is now common “routine” in South Africa- that ‘democratic” wasteland YOU as the “international community” created. This is a common culture happening in the streets of South Africa FIFTY times a day! And you are “a-ok” with your hellish creation- still dellusionally believe “apartheid” was “worse?” And this video only shows a small part of what is really happening in South Africa- the proverbial “hippopotamus ears.” There are much, much more violent incidents the evil ANC regime , Tourist agents and Main Stream Media deliberately will not tell or show you.

Here you can now first hand experience what life in South Africa is like for the normal citizen after you left South Africa on that “wondrous “ day on 10 October 1994 after you have kissed Mandela’s arse “good-bye”– and went home abroad to share your “beautiful” memories with your mates and family members. The time for the New World Order reptiles to keep on painting the picture of South Africa as a “democratic” country with ” lots of investment potential” is  past and now it is time for reality to set in. For those international mass murderers that visited South Africa on that “wonderful” day in 1994- and still are supporting a murderous communist regime financially- well- we hope you enjoy watching your own legacy you left behind- and pray that this scene will soon be visiting your neighborhood as well.

Please click on the link below- but a word of caution for the liberals that spawned this environment in South Africa ( America, Denmark, Britain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Norway et al) ……it is as graphic as can be and you may not like to have a peek at your own vomit you have left behind and the sh*t innocent South Africans now have to content with and cannot be hidden from the world anymore:

BUT this is only part of it. How do you like the picture below?


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Bernie Woods was tortured and burnt with boiling water during a ‘house robbery’ in Brits. This is just another “hate crime” the South African Police are saying to hide the real horrors of  urban and farm killings. 

70 % of all farmers experienced farm attacks in South Africa…


  • and this is the sentiment of the “regime” you shoved into power…


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Here is the reason why people are murdered on a daily basis in South Africa…


YOU let them loose armed to the teeth with government weapons on a defenseless disarmed nation…..

AND below is a link to a video showing the quality police that must “protect” South Africans against these brutal killers in South Africa…

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Like it? Do you approve of this?  Is this your so-called ‘democracy? Do you still think accommodating and kissing the EFF and Malema’s arse is so “wonderful- eh Britain?” Now that you have seen what YOU have done to the innocent people of South Africa- do you still believe that “apartheid” was worse than this killing fields YOU left behind? Do you still believe in financially supporting the terrorist dispensation that allows this to happen in South Africa? If so- we suggest you immediately make contact with your psychiatrist or nearest mental institution- or start a career as either  a mass murderer, a liberal, ANTIFA activist, Main Stream Media correspondent, Facebook or Twitter administrator, attorney- or even better- start a career as a politician – as all the before mentioned occupations  does not necessarily require remorse , patriotism, honest judgement, compassion – or a guilty conscience!