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Article posted by White Nation Corespondent Berlin –October 20  2018


“MERKEL MUST GO”  A Humiliated Angela Merkel faces calls to quit after anti-migrant AfD takes first ever seats in German Parliament in election bloodbath. Europe is on the awakening- turning to the right.

The shock defeat – the worst in nearly 70 years – could spell the end of the beleaguered European Union minion’s 14-year grip on power as resentment about her open door immigration policy grows. German communist minion Angela Merkel faces being ousted after a disastrous result in her coalition ally’s heartland amid mounting tension over her mass migration policy. Support for her political partners in Bavaria collapsed in regional elections yesterday while an anti-migrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) won its first ever parliamentary seats.

 A Shell-shocked Angela Merkel arrived at a meeting after the elections. The German people had had about enough of her obeying the Jew-controlled European Union’s commands to  destroy their country with alien invaders.

Merkel’s allies Christian Social Union (CSU) took 37.2 percent of the vote – the party’s worst performance since 1950. Meanwhile the hard-line AfD will enter the parliament of Bavaria, which is the country’s largest region, for the first time after winning 10.4 percent of the vote. Fred Kempe, president of the Washington-based Atlantic Council think-tank, said: “The political earthquake was in Bavaria, but the aftershocks will be felt in Berlin. “Talk will increase ever more about the end of the Merkel era.”


Election volunteers count ballots of the Bavarian state election

The co-leader of the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) Joerg Meuthen, shows a newspaper with a title reading ‘the success story goes on’ during a press conference in Berlin today.

Last year the AfD won 94 seats in national elections. Under Merkel’s tenure Germany has experienced an unprecedented surge in migration along a spate of terrorist attacks, crimes committed by migrants and social unrest.    In August 6,000 far-right demonstrators massed in the city of Chemnitz after an Iraqi and Syrian allegedly stabbed a carpenter to death.  In Berlin the CDU is one of three in Merkel’s federal coalition government along with its conservative sister, Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, and the Social Democrats Party  (SPD). SPD leader Andrea Nahles commented about the poor performance of the federal government in Berlin – saying : “It’s clear that something has to change.” More than one million migrants entered Germany in 2015 thanks to Merkel’s open door policy.


Far-right protesters clash with police in the German city of Chemnitz on August 31. The German populace are tired of Merkel’s Stassi-like authoritarian rule.

 Demonstrators hold up placards showing portraits of  German homogeneous  victims murdered or attacked by migrant criminals

Bjoern Hoecker, leader of the Alternative for Germany, AfD, in German state of Thuringia, second from right, participates in the same march. The message to Merkel was clear:” You socialist EU-rule is about to end.”


Video Link: Anti-migrant riots turn chaotic as hundreds of far-right protesters clash with cops in German city Chemnitz