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Article posted by: White Nation correspondentPretoria   October 29  2018






The First Plague

In time to come matters will go badly, said Van Rensburg.
I see seven black clouds in the sky and raindrops begin to fall.
A man in a grey suit (somebody divine) appeared and asked me whether I had seen the clouds,
and I replied yes, I saw two clouds in the east, west and south, but only one in the north.
Then the man said to me: ‘Those are seven disasters God is going to send over England which will destroy it…
Then Van Rensburg remembered the vision of the woman covered in ribbons.

The Second Plague

Then a multicolored pig stood in a well (England in dire straits) and it was licking the sides of the well.
It seemed unable to get out. Some aloe stumps lay across the well.
(The British government was attempting to hide its problems from the rest of the world)
The pig is very hungry, an indication of a great and terrible famine in England in the future.
When he saw this, he knew immediately that their group in the Fort would be rescued from the troubles of the
Rebellion and its consequence
-being the thousands of pounds demanded from the rebels by the Government –
but there was no rescue or salvation (ladder) for the multicolored pig,
indicating England’s downfall, also economically.

The Third Plague

Famine and hunger will come over England and during that time great herds of black cattle
(people from Africa and India) will enter the country from the east.

The Sixth Plague

He told Boy Mussmann: “I see a man on a black horse riding into the water.
I see him as clearly as I’m seeing you and the water is splashing over him.
Horse and rider disappear under the water.
“England’s military force will meet the same end as did
Pharaoh’s horsemen who pursued the Israelites in the Red Sea”

The Seventh Plague

He told Boy Mussmann: “I see a multicoloured pig. Taking the pig by its legs,
I overturned it. And that is our (the Boer nation’s) contribution to England’s downfall…” 
Then he saw three women dressed in black (mourning). They were an English woman,
a German and an Afrikaner. Then the Afrikaans woman said to the English woman: “I wept, now you are weeping. ” 


Mense asb. Deel met ALMAL julle moet weet wat aangaan dit gebeur wêreldwyd. Kry jou saak met Jesus / Yahushua in ORDE!!!!!!!

Posted by Paul Jay on Wednesday, October 31, 2018




IN the most Southern corner of the Atlantic ocean at the most Southern tip of Africa there is a war going on. It is a war not like any other war we know. It is a war waged between the forces of good and the forces of evil- a psychologically, mentally and economically  destructive battle between the evil forces of world domination – and the resistance forces of sovereign freedom to rule themselves.

The war in South Africa already have been raging for 151  years. It is a clandestine war well planned and orchestrated from deep within the murky dungeons of British corporate asylums- where madmen and women plans the destruction of a country in order to plunder her riches. It is a tactical slow but destructive offensive war aimed to destroy a country and a small nation which  are feared may  become yet again a force to be reckoned with. It is a Anglo-British oppressive conflict against the Boer/Afrikaner nation for the ultimate prize that will determine the difference between  financial slavery and sovereign freedom. This war has been raging between the two opposing sides since  diamonds was discovered on the banks of the  Orange River near Hopetown in 1867. One side  is the invading oppressor- the other side the defending liberators.


Since 1867 the rules of engagement has changed. It is not a war fought over the barrel of the gun anymore. The outcome of this war will not depend on a final battle on  some distant field through  the haze of gun smoke  or the thundering of cannons and rifles anymore.  The final outcome of this war will depend on the wits and determination derived from either foul treason and the level of greed – or resilient patriotism and steadfast resistance.


SINCE South Africa became a republic in 1960 the greedy Ashkenazi plunderers  in London and New York  have been exploiting the African submissive mind to act as a battering ram in Africa to pulverize any white resistance to their ever growing greedy agendas for power and gold. From Kenya to the Congo- from the Nigerian oil and diamond lands to the Mozambique and Zimbabwean bush veld- down to the Namibian and South African mineral rich farm lands the custodians of Wallstreet Plundering Inc. have been driving their destructive strategy through corrupt black African politicians to sell out their own countries to the corporate werewolves – and their own people forced to become impoverished subordinates and corporate slaves of the Ashkenazi empire. Political traitors and dictators were placed in power to subdue any resistance through oppressive and discriminating “laws” as well as “strong arm ” tactics from their security forces and brain-washed masses  – to ensure the channels for the abundant riches of Africa are open for the minerals  to flow undisturbed into the bank accounts of the financial vultures of the Illuminati netherworld.


For centuries the only real obstacle to the devil’s agenda of continental  domination was the existence of the white man- the colonial  in Africa- for his ability to create and compete in a corporate market on the same level as the invading plunderers which became a hurdle for the Ashkenazi overlords. The white man’s superior intellect also pose a financial and economic resistance to the “easy come-easy steal” tactics of the Wall Street vultures. They were not dealing with a third world naive mind- and they had to adapt the normal Africanized rules of engagement to fit the occasion- reverting  to an age old strategy that brought the Roman Empire, French aristocracy and Russian Tzar dynasty to it’s knees- in order to overcome the resistance of an equally challenging mind to their own- called TREASON!

THE Jesuit order of Ashkenazi dark lords thus then devised a strategy to overthrow the ruling white government of South  Africa. During the Boer wars and South West Border wars they have learned to fear and respect- if not detest  the brave and cunning Boer warriors and their excellent strategists in the battle arena. They have learned that the Boer is a fierce fighter that cannot be beaten on his own home turf- irrespective of numbers and financial back-up. For 3 years the Boer warriors held their ground against a much bigger and more sophisticated British invading force. Dastardly genocide by lords Robberts and Kitchener– and treason by Cecil John Rhodes, Jan Smuts and Louis Botha – eventually won the day for the British Rothschild invaders.

For 25 years the same dark lords in London and New York tried in vain to beat the white Boer soldiers in the South West Border war- pitting their best fighters and strategists from 5 different countries and 7 black “Liberation” movements with the most modern warfare equipment against mere young white, colored and black boys no older than 30. For 25 years the aggressors were beaten  and were repelled back to their lairs to lick their wounds time and again. Again the rules of engagement had to be altered to fit the occasion- and again the greedy overlords had to revert back to their age-old strategy of treason in order to reach their objective of gaining sole control of South Africa’s untapped mineral riches.


The Rothschild and Rockefeller skunk factories kicked into top-gear and connected with their Oppenheimer syndicate in South Africa to bring about the fall of the white government. Long story short they amassed all the Jews, white liberals, dirty politicians, black front men, township instigators, Afrikaner Broederbond, Black Sash, British and American M16 , CIA – and naturally their vile media ghouls to start a full-scale diabolical onslaught against the white rulers of South Africa. We relived the French and Russian propaganda revolution all over again. Strong terms such as “apartheid, revolution, liberty, one-man one-vote, white supremacy, discrimination” and God knows what other Jew-concocted slang they used to demonize and belittle the white government – were thrown into  Pandora’s boiling pot full of maggot slanders. The diabolical war against the whites of South Africa was in full swing.


In the year of 1994 of our lord the country eventually fell into the hands of the Rothschild globalist destroyers. What a sad day it was indeed. A black omen descended onto the country as the godless world at large amass at the celebrations to worship their own media created demi-god on October 10 1994 as he- at the side of his white treacherous lackey- ascend the stairs of the podium at Pretoria’s Union Buildings to seal the fate of the country and the Afrikaner nation with a communist Judas kiss.



BUT the world at large and the brain-washed South Africans was so mass hypnotized  with the Ashkinazi’s  “democratic” show biz fanfare at the Union Buildings arena – they fail to notice that the first signs of the pending omen was starting in Mpumalanga where a communist demon started to chant “Kill the Boer- Kill the farmer” on an open public stage.  They were too drunk with vindictive euphoria against the whites that they fail to notice that the omen struck a second time when on March 1994 19 members of the Inkatha Party were ruthlessly mowed down at the Shell House massacre. Al you could hear and read in their media bibles were the praises and worship to their demi-god. Al you could hear them chant and sing all day was “Mandela…Mandela….Mandela…” 11 Demons responsible for that massacre were granted “amnesty.”


Image result for mandela de klerk nobel prize

The price of treason- selling their soul and people out  for two golden coins. 

In their drunken “democratic” stupor they were too intoxicated to notice  that the political criminals in the ANC and National Party were busy robbing their Reserve Bank blind out of R 4 TRILLION worth of gold- sending it via City Bank to the Ashkenazi masters in New York- thus rendering South Africa bankrupt in a jiffy. For this treason and grand gold theft Mandela and his subordinate De Klerk received the highest praise by the corporate scavengers and were rewarded  two gold Nobel coins. It starkly remind us of the story of Judas when he also committed the highest degree of treason against Yashua– and also received 30 pieces of silver. We all know what happened to Judas after that- now don’t we? 


The dark “democratic” ominous clouds  slowly start to spread their shadows across the land since that fateful day in October 1994- engulfing and devouring all levels of society. Like a plague it swept across all the state departments- replacing good healthy working cells with cancerous non-functional Affirmative Action tumors. Poisonous foul communist clouds drifted from all over Africa into the nerve center of the strategic political planning center- choking the last remaining breath of reason from the lungs that fed the country fresh oxygen  during it’s struggle in the stormy waters of sanctions and world condemnation.

On the agricultural farms of South Africa the deadly effect of the “Kill the Boer -Kill the Farmer” demonic rain dance was noticeable- as the  nefarious “democratic” clouds reacted immediately and poured out their death-dealing acid rain onto the white crops across the country’s farm lands . The grim harvest began and over 4000 white farmers and their families succumbed in the lethal aftermath.





THEN the lethal  clouds  drifted into  the manufacturing nostrils  of the country- paralyzing the very core of the production heartbeat. One after the other the vital manufacturing organs such as YSKOR, Textile Industry, ATLAS, KRYGKOR, ESKOM , SAPPI , OUTSPAN, VLEISSENTRAAL and many others start to shut down systematically. The manufacturing industry of the country started to die an agonizing death as the pace of it’s once powerful heartbeat became slower and the international export of it’s life blood become weaker.

AS the pandemic communist clouds swept across the country it started to affect the minds of the people. Behind the clouds – hidden in the fog of the rolling waves of socialism came the sanctimonious echos of communist propaganda-  the sound of false “democratic” doctrines of “peace and prosperity ” amplified by the  malicious media and greedy political oratorios . The sound waves of mental destruction reverberated against the walls around  the empty spaces within the containment of millions of the feeble-minded  receptive intellectuals’ subconscious domains. Like mindless animals they submit their free will and mental abilities to the false “rainbow nation” doctrines of their new  Ashkenazi ” masters “ in London and New York to become their obedient financially handicapped slaves.


Image may contain: 1 person, text

Still the fake media and political hooches kept on praising and worship  their human golden calf Mandela. Town names, street names – and even their childrens’ names they change to honor his false legacy. Still they chanted ” Mandela, Mandela…Mandela.” With the power of his name the omen became a national disaster that totally destroyed the minds and ability of the masses to differentiate between right and wrong- good and evil. They all became submissive sheep being herded to the abattoirs of the Ashkinazi butchers from abroad. With the power of his name the greedy political villains amass riches and fame from abroad. With the power of his name they gained political power from the naive masses, and misplaced trust and the sympathy from a misinformed and misdirected international world. His name was the key to their success, power and insurance for longevity ’till “Jesus comes.”



THEN to  their utter amazement and surprise their self-made demi-god himself fell ill. To their horror they realized that the world and Ashkenazi propaganda machine deceived them. He was no “god” at all- but a mere mortal man…a villain , a political con-artist that became an internationally media created demi-god. He did not even posses special powers. He was – just like them– a mere pawn in the claws of the dark powers. The ivory tower of the les miserable naive populace came crashing down. Their pipe-dream of a black utopia suddenly came to an end. It was a mere few months later their demi-god,- their golden calf they worshiped- also went the way so many deceivers, despots, kings and  sanctimonious kleptocracy went- 6 feet “down under.” The country was in mourn, politicians scrambled to cover their tracks and the media went into a frenzy of praise and worship. The poor misdirected populace were left stranded without their human deity. But not  the devious political wolves that now occupied the highest seats in the country’s parliament. 

The political schemers and their greedy puppet masters in London and New York took full advantage of the demise of the icon the world treated with more dignity and earthly “respect” than God himself- and it was an excellent opportunity to capitalize and commercialize on the legacy he left behind. Millions of dollars exchanged bank accounts  as scrupulous political and corporate scammers exploit his name to beg for “donations”, do deals,  make a few million on the stock markets, sell Mandela memorabilia, exploit his name to hit a few more numbers on the media Richterscale, change town names, street names , erect statues – and God knows what else  they did to dig deep into  the wallets of the populace and the tax payer.

BUT then the true horror of reality settled in. The icon, the so-called ‘guardian” of morality was gone- and although the bogus political and corporate “worshiping” continued  to whip up sentiment to extract more “donations” and “investments” for “Mandela’s nation” ( and naturally to line the pockets of the kleptomaniacs in control)– the rest of his promises and “good intentions” he declared on that fateful day on May 10 1994 to the “rainbow nation” about peace, equality, human rights, non-racist society, no more discrimination  and “work  for all” quickly was discarded by his replacement kleptocracy as mere political “academic” non-sense and “showbiz” narratives. It was time to reveal the TRUE intentions of the “new” ruling class Orwellian  black communist avaricious  Czars. Gone were the smiles, the beautiful words, the soothing promises of a “better South Africa for all.” The so-called “democracy ” then became a rule of anti-white demagogue tyranny.

The main political focus of all three ruling black dominated political bastions immediately shifted to target white ” colonials” as the “perpetrators” of “apartheid” to carry the brunt of the vindictive blame for the black African incompetence and inability to progress past inventing the spear for over 400 years. Even Hendrik Verwoerd and Jan Van Riebeeck did not escape the false propaganda campaign storms  against whites that now suddenly erupted after Mandela took his “long walk” to wherever “good communists” go in the here-after.

White Afrikaners per se were singled out to be criminalized as the “villains” responsible for the pathetic performance and incompetence of the black degenerates in South Africa. “Apartheid” was labeled as the main reason blacks were unable to excel beyond their 3rd world  mentally constrained  achievements. This was to become the standard  faux political rhetoric advocated from podiums and in the fake media propaganda campaigns by devious political monocrats and pro-communist megalomaniacs in the media swamp for the next 20 years.

The diabolical onslaught against whites include:



Image may contain: 1 person, text

An orchestrated offensive campaign to exterminate whites from the African soil such as:

  • Affirmative Action legislature that effectively replaced all white artisans in the labor market by incompetent black communist matlots-  displacing and impoverishing more than 400 000 whites into make-shift squalor squatter camps( detention / concentration camps?) AS we place this article the SABC again apply race discrimination and intend to retrench only 981 white employees againno blacks or other races. 
  • Denying whites the right to apply for government assistance such as free food tickets, government housing, free services and basic services such as electricity and water in impoverished white now booming squatter  areas –
  • Political and media attacks on white farmers – falsely claiming atrocities against farm workers such as inadequate wages and human rights abuses-
  • Denying whites the essential rights to social services such as donations by companies to white orphanages –
  • Draconian laws and fines to companies appointing whites in the labor market-
  • Denying white students to enroll in universities and colleges or obtain study loans before black applicants-
  • Denying whites the rights to form their own white social structures , organizations or communities-
  • Denying whites to receive education in their Afrikaans mother tongue in schools, colleges and universities-
  • Destruction of white Boer/Afrikaner history and culture  in tertiary institutions- replacing it with communist propaganda syllabuses-
  • Destruction of all white ” colonial” city. town and street names- replacing it with Mandela’s name and  terrorist cadre names-
  • Demonizing white Afrikaner nationalism by banning their pre-1994  original anthem – and criminalizing the display of their old South African national flag-
  • Disarming all white Afrikaners and especially white farmers under “new” gun legislations-
  • Incarceration , demonetization and assassination of all white political leaders-
  • Witch hunts by the government stassi police against white farmers for trumped-up charges of “ illegal weapons”
  • Suppressing media reports of attacks and brutal murders of whites by black criminals by enforcing legislation barring reports that identify the race of the perpetrators-
  •  Creating new legislation specifically aimed at whites such as “hate speech” and ” racism” against blacks on social sites-
  • Continuous dehumanization propaganda attacks from political podiums and media reports such as blaming whites, “apartheid”, Verwoerd and Jan Van Riebeeck as the reason blacks still “suffer” financially, socially and psychologically-
  • Witch hunts and psychological warfare on white farmers in false concocted cases of “racism” where especially white farmers are dragged to court  and found guilty on poor evidence for alleged human rights abuses against black insurgents caught on their land-
  • Constant attacks and brutal murders against the white farming community- orchestrated and financially supported by the ruling black dictators and their National Intelligence organs in control-
  • Daily demonization and threats of a genocide against whites from political podiums by political criminals such as Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema and Andile Mnxitama
  • Smear campaigns against white resistance organizations such as Afriforum and Afrikaner activists such as Steve Hoffmeyer, Sunette Bridges and Dan Roodt
  • Daily media attacks , preposterous persecution and irrational prosecution against  so-called “white racists” such as Penny Sparrow, David Heart, Steve Hoffmeyer and Vicky Momberg
  • Deliberate destruction of the white Afrikaner culture such as the desecration and/or removal of Boer/Afrikaner heroes’ graves and statues-
  • Constant blaming and victimizing whites as “thieves” that “stole” the country from blacks-
  • Attempts to disown white farmers and citizens from their right to own property by pushing legislation through parliament to amend Section 25 from the constitution that protects whites against land invasions-
  • Constantly propagate that whites is a “minority” and have no rights or representation to become independent-
  • Silencing white voices on the social media by banning them or blocking posts about the human rights violations against their race by black offenders as “hate speech”
  • Setting up counter-pro style groups  by white pro-ANC traitors to attack and falsely accuse white social sites as “ far right racists” on the internet-
  • Denying government funding to white orphanages and the adoption of white children before non-white children-
  • Gross discrimination on all levels against whites. Recently there has been a new legal association for blacks only– but should whites dare it- it will be deemed “racist.


Attacks on whites this past month of October 2018 includes:




Karen Landi was brutally attacked by three black thugs on a secluded road, assaulted with a rock and fists- and robbed.

Farmer shot and killed

Farmer shot and killed

Alberton-Mulbarton (Rietvlei plaas)
Farm manager shot 3x whilst boys hid in garage

3h00 attacked, 2 vehicles taken

Aged couple assaulted car taken

Farmer and farm worker attacked, one of them succumbed to his injuries

Welgegund plotte
Egpaar vasgebind en beroof

Eastern Cape
A man in his early 70s was killed by a blow to his head with a blunt object, find outside his house on small holding

Family was overpowered whilst braai-ing, man had his knees broken with crowbar, woman stabbed. Locked in safe with 3 minor children

Father and daughter were attacked after they returned from church service.

Husband, wife and daughter was attacked on their farm. All three had burn marks on  the points of their ears. Weapons, cellphones and vehicle stolen.

Yamyam farm
6xarmed attackers in SA police uniform posed as SARS representatives. Robbed cash and fire arms
5 suspects caught soon after. Fire arms and cash retrieved

8-10 Attackers tied 2x farm workers to their beds took a third to the farm managers house trying to lure him out. Suspects fled after warning shot was fired

3x armed attackers waited for a woman and her son to return home. A fire arm cash and cell phones robbed

4x Attackers robbed a family of 3. Man badly injured and hospitalised. 1 Attacker died

12 /10
Schagen (Rivulets)
Farm Attack Averted
3-4 African thugs gained access to a farmhouse, and fired a shot at the Farm lady when she discovered them. She returned fire with 5x shots. Suspect aborted their mission, and fled the scene. With one suspect injured. The woman traumatised but unhurt physically

12 /10
Owl Sanctuary
Employee was tied down and electronics taken

Kolgans dam
Farm Murder
2 Attackers attacked and Barbarically killed 58 year old man by beating his head with a rock, and brutally assaulted a 52 year old Woman with a hammer, leaving her with broken shoulders hands, knees and feet

Fort Beaufort
5-6 Attackers, gained access to farmhouse, laptops fire arms and 2x vehicles were taken. 16 year old girl abducted, but found soon after together with one vehicle

15 /10
Verena road
A farmer shot in cold blood by unknown number of attackers, in his bed (update pending)

(SA Border close to Platjan)
Botswana River Lodge

No info available

Vrede (Tembalihle)
The body of a man was found by his family in his temporary hut close to his cattle’s grazing field. He was brutally assaulted and died as a result of it.

01h30- White woman tied up and beaten with machete. White  hilux pick-up stolen and traced to  Machado balck settlement

22 /10
(Buffelspoort Area)
20h30: Man and woman overpowered early evening by 4 armed attackers. Fire arms× 3 taken, as 2 cars and BMW bike. Victims were tied up.

23 /10
Sunrella(vicinity of Lanseria)
22h15: A man and his 3 children were attacked by unknown number of attackers. Man and daughter tied up.
Electronics taken

24 /10
15h30: A 20 year old woman was attacked in her house on arrival as she surprised thieves in the act of a break-in.



Port Elizabeth

Blackie Van Den Berg (62) was alone at home when her outer security door, plus the security door to her bedroom was broken down at 12:45am before she was assaulted and raped. When it was over, one of her attackers held her own weapon to her head and fired it, not realizing her weapon wasn’t loaded.

Port Elizabeth
info pending

28 /10
(Stoffberg road)

A  farm attack took place on 28 October 2018, at 19:25 along the Leeuklip road between Belfast and Stoffberg, in the Mpumalanga province. Boy and Nancy Stevens both in their 80’s were attacked by five armed attackers wearing balaclavas. This is the third attack that the couple have survived, there were no serious injuries.After the couple made the alarm a number of farmers in the area reacted to assist.

28 /10
3x farm workers in 2 different attacks was assaulted and Robbed of cash and their cell phones.


Jerry Wolkowitz died in hospital after he was brutally attacked in the parking lot of his apartment complex in Freehold, according to police. He was attacked from behind, struck in the head and face and received horrendous injuries. The suspect then stole his car and ran him over with it, police said. Jamil Hubbard, 25 was later arrested at his house in Sayreville, where police found Wolkowitz’ car.


Nanna Viviers was brutally attacked in their home in Potchefstroom by six black thugs. She is currently in a critical condition in intensive care.

29 /10
(Ohrigstad road)


Cape Town

Adv. Pete Mihalik was shot point blank in front of his children

A woman noticed 2 men on foot carrying a dead kudu. She topped to speak to them they attacked her tied her up and left

30 /10

30 /10

A 73-year-old woman repeatedly fired warning shots while farm attackers were relentlessly trying to invade her house on a farm near Brits early Tuesday morning.


Mooinooi farmer was attacked by 4 thugs. The stole a T.V and assaulted a farmer with a spanner. Broke his arm.



38 Registered attacks on whites in suburban  and farm areas this past month- and Cyril Ramaphosa blatantly lied to the world- telling them there is no farm attacks on whites  in South Africa.

No automatic alt text available.

AND here are the next bunch of morons that recons there is no white farm murders. Do you see that all three main (black) parties are in cahoots- singing the same tune and  paid by the same demagogy abroad?

Taking property of whites:

There has been an immense drive by the black communist polatriat since 2013 to try to disown whites from their rightful ownership of property in South Africa. Spearheading this unconstitutional and blatant venture to steal property from whites is no other than the British establishment’s paid ‘padawanJulius Malema- so-called leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters . It was not long after in 2015 when another paid minion of the British- Andile Mngxitama– started his own gang of black land robbers- the “Black Land First” movement – specifically to drive this agenda as their main objective.

Please share internationally. I am going to refrain from posting my opinion.

Posted by Marita du Plessis on Tuesday, September 11, 2018


It was not long after when Jacob Zuma of the ANC also start using this sales pitch to gain more black votes. When Cyril “the Squirrel” Ramaphosa came to power in 2018 he – in his maiden speech- made this his first point of departure- telling his gullible crowd that the ANC will change Section 25 of the constitution which protect property rights in order to “expropriate” (another smart term for land theft by the regime) land from whites. While visiting the United Nations Rhamaphosa flatly denied that there is an ongoing drive to murder farmers or invade or “expropriate”  land or property from whites.

But while Ramaphosa was lying to the United Nations about stealing white land – his cabinet has committed themselves to 262 land reform projects around the country aimed at benefiting youth and women, it said in a statement. Sadly for Ramaphosa and all his lies and denial- the precise opposite is the truth…

Posted by Gaven Smith on Thursday, October 26, 2017

South African ANC communists prepares to seize hundreds of acres of land from white farmers as a ‘test case’ to see ‘expropriation without compensation’ is legal. South African city is gearing up for a ‘test case’ over new land redistribution laws in which land seized from white farmers, can be carried out legally.Last month, Ekurhuleni’s city council voted in favor of forging ahead with ‘expropriation without compensation’ – a” legal tool “ that the ruling African National Congress says is necessary to provide land for disadvantaged black citizens. The ANC Mayor Mzwandile Masina called implementation of new land laws a “test case .”   

Kyk asb die video, jammer dit begin met voice clip, luister mooi, kyk wat is gesê en wees maar gereed.

Posted by Plaasmoord Aksie en Inligting on Monday, March 19, 2018


BUT this was the third time Ramaphosa and his commi ilk  deliberately lied to the world . The first time was when Peter Dutton of Australia offered help to white South African farmers. The second they denied farm murders when Donald Trump tweeted that he is about to investigate the farm murders. THREE times in a row this communist heathens lied to the world. Is the cock about to crow soon- exposing their lies and deception at last? The ANC is NOT the rightful government of South Africa- they usurped the throne through lies and deception by both the Jews and the National Party. They are NOT the rightful rulers of the Boer/Afrikaner nation- so why the Boer/Afrilkaner accept them as the “government of the day” and pay respects to them while the Boer/Afrikaner is oppressed, murdered on a genocidal scale, impoverished, alienated, dehumanized  and discriminated against on a daily basis-  is still a mystery. 

Expropriation of property, nationalization of banks and mines…all fundamental policies of socialism. If you read the Freedom Charter, that “Bible” of Mandela and the ANC since the 1960’s, there can be no doubt that the end goal is to turn SA into a Communist/ Socialist state.

1    Abolition of private property.

2    Heavy progressive income tax.

3    Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

4    Confiscation of property of all emigrants and      rebels.

5    Central Bank.

6    Government control of Communications and         Transportation

7    Government ownership of factories and      agriculture.

8    Government control of labor.

9    Corporate farms, regional planning.

10    Government control of education.

However-  Up to 90% of land reform projects are unsuccessful, according to ANC presidential hopeful and businessman Mathews Phosa. He said ” internal conflict and a lack of skills were some of the factors that had contributed to this.”…mathews-phosa/

With a combined 2 3rds majority after the 2019 election, the ANC and the EFF, with the PAC and the SACP in the wings, will do that and nothing will stop them. White SA will be dragged along. Whites are attacked from all directions in South Africa. South Africa long ago already started to serve as the “ test bed” for the World Controllers such as Rothschild , Rockefeller and Soros to test new devious ways to exterminates whites all over the globe. What happens to South Africa soon will happen in Europe- and then eventually tried in America. The “controllers ” need three key objects to be able to control the world at large: The Oil of the Middle East, Minerals of South Africa- and grain fields of North America.

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When this three components could be controlled effectively- the control of the four elements of global domination – water, food, energy and finances will automatically be implemented. For this reason white power across Europe, South Africa and America must be neutralized. With (conservative) whites still in the equation this world domination program simply runs the gauntlet of  being derailed. It was for this reason the the Middle East had to be destabilized, South Africa had to be destroyed and impoverished in debt – and controlled by communists, Europe had to be flooded under guardianship of the Jew-controlled European Union – and now the attack on American sovereignty has begun with the so-called “ Migrant  caravan” where yet another invasion of a predominantly white country is in progress. And in all this clandestine covert operations dirty politicians and non-whites are exploited to act as ” front men” and “foot soldiers” by the scrupulous corporate Jew globalist instigators behind the destruction of white enclaves. Because of the docile reaction from the conservative “law abiding” whites- the leftist onslaught against their countries, their sovereignty- and their own existence as a white race  continues unchallenged. Why is no non-white country ever being “invaded”and why does this so-called “Migrants” not start “caravaning” into Arab, Muslim or African countries as well? Why did this “caravan” pass Mexico- and went straight for the USA? Because there is a specific well planned onslaught against the predominantly white bastions. And we know who is behind this devious exercise- and why. 

With no help from the mainstream media, one may still be generally aware of what’s presently happening in South Africa with Blacks brutally murdering White farmers on a regular basis. Even in that, the situation may still appear to simply be a case where Blacks on their own decided to civilize, organize, arm, and train themselves to overthrow the Whites, take over the government, and begin taking back “their” land. However, when one thinks deep enough into these assumptions, he may be begin to realize how ridiculous they really are. Could there have been others behind the scenes who were the masterminds and financiers of this long-term, incremental endeavor?:

In the 1960s the government of Hendrik Verwoerd took power and implemented the formal separate but equal policies in South Africa. These policies made South Africa the economically strongest nation in Africa, and gave the blacks in South Africa (and the whites) the highest standards of living of any African nation. Verwoerd’s policies had two main opponents. One was a Jew named Harry Oppenheimer, the other a Jew named Anton Ruppert. Both controlled banking monopolies in the country, and wanted “rights” extended to black South Africans for the purpose of extending their money lending business. Oppenheimer had ties to the Rothschild banking family and to the US CIA, which throughout the 1970s through 1990s supported the overthrow of white South African rule, at the direction of the Jew Henry Kissinger.

Oppenheimer lobbied the Rothschilds to overthrow Verwoerd, who had publicly denounced the Jewish banking monopolies in Parliament. The Rothschilds secured the support of the Rockefeller, Carnegie and other “Anglo” families in the United States, and had those institutions lobby against the white government. Rockfeller influenced the Council on Foreign Relations and its members in the US government in particular to oppose white rule.

In 1963 a group of Jews founded the “African” National Congress. The ANC was founded by Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich and James Kantor, with a few African front men — Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki (father of Thabo Mbeki), Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada. In this, the ANC followed the model the Jews established when they founded the NAACP in the United States, with the exception that the ANC was a much more violent and openly communist organization. These Jews and their African National Congress received funding and support from both the Soviet Union and the US CIA.

Just like with the American Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-Apartheid Movement was funded and coordinated by Jews who used a small group of Blacks as front men. Clearly, the Blacks did not have the power or organizing capabilities to make such sophisticated institutional changes, but the Jewish- controlled press has hidden the Jewish role in the destruction of White Rule in South Africa, focusing all the blame on Black communists, while failing to mention that all the Black communists were trained and funded by the Jews.



However, the powerful Rothschild interests also supported White Rule in the 1960s and 70s, not because they agreed with it, but rather they needed a stable South Africa to extract enough uranium from SA mines to funnel to Israel to help build their secret nuclear weapons program. Once that was firmly established, the Rothschilds would then “greenlight ” the end of White Rule, using the murderous communist ANC as their proxies. 

The 1867 war is still raging between good and evil in South Africa. BUT the war is not between white and black- between Boer and Brit- nor is the war about the conquering of the country- but the war down South is a barometer for the rest of the white world- a war of which the outcome determines the fate of the rest of the white world. What happens in South Africa inevitably happens afterwards in Europe and America.

Will the white Boer/Afrikaner ever win this war- and taste freedom from this devilish persecution again? NOT as long as conservative people across the world sit passively behind their computer screens in silence-  and only pity the whites down South without actively assisting them. Not as long as so-called “conservative” politicians only wage their wars within the boundaries of their own little political realms. Not as long as white back-stabbing traitors such as Carl Niehaus, Max Du Preez, Piet Croucamp, Sloet De Villiers, Carina Papenfus et al  still dwells in their midst. Not as long as dirty politicians such as De Klerk, Pik Botha, Dawie De Villiers, Roelf Meyer, Leon Weseels, Tienie Groenewald et al still are allowed to govern white conservative people. Not as long as Jews such as Rupert, Oppenheimer, Soros and other corporate maggots finance the white genocide through invasions, riots, political meddling and control the media. Not as long as the white Boer/Afrikaner proceed to be spineless subordinates that kneel to black despots such as Zuma, Malema, Ramaphosa, Mnxitama and other useless eaters. Not as long as the white Christian keep on clinging to political parties as  the hope for their salvation….not as long as the Churches in South Africa keep on implementing Babylonian and pagan doctrines and cultures, – poisoning the minds of people with their false narratives- and not as long as the white Boer/Afrikaner keep on worshiping their rugby gods instead of practicing self defense and plan strategies on a continuous basis.

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AGRI-SA- Another two-faced government bum nugget organization that pose as “protectors” of farmers. Meanwhile back at the ranch they are a bunch of sell-outs working for the communist government.



The moment the white Boer/Afrikaner decide to stand up, unite- hunt down the white scum in their midst- and start to take up resistance against a murdering regime- will be the day they start to fight for their independence. In the mean-time they will keep on dying like flies in  the poisonous clouds of the dark”democratic”  omen as it continue to spread it’s deadly influence further and deeper into the white societies until the last traces of the white Christian presence is totally wiped out from the African soil. AND that goes for the rest of the white conservative race across the globe as well!

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White Nation