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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee USA October 29  2018






THEY have done it in South Africa, they have done in in Europe- now they again are pushing the tin trying to do it to America as well. 

Geneva: The U.N. refugee agency is “ urging” (trying to force) Washington to allow people fleeing persecution and violence, ( in their own countries) including those who are traveling with the Central American caravan, (A George Soros funded spectacle) – to request “asylum ” on U.S. territory. U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to prevent a caravan of thousands of immigrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador from entering the United States. The Pentagon has announced plans to send hundreds of troops to the border in what is described as a support role.



'WE DON'T LET THEM OUT' Trump Gets Tough On Illegal Immigration

Trump had an interview with Laura Ingraham were he laid out how tough he is going to get on illegal immigration.

Posted by American Voices on Tuesday, October 30, 2018


The U.N. refugee agency will not weigh in on whether it is legal for a country to close its borders to refugees and “asylum seekers. ” But it says international law clearly states any person whose life may be in danger has the right to seek asylum and benefit from international protection.

What you see happening with gobbledygook in that previous paragraph is a strategy to make you think that every person on the move anywhere is a “legitimate refugee. ”  We aren’t there yet, but the UN is driving public opinion in that direction. There has to be a reason for “danger,” generalized danger is not a reason for granting asylum.  To be granted asylum a person must prove that he or she would be persecuted for race, religion, political views if returned to one’s home country.  Running from gang violence or poor job prospects does not make someone a refugee!

Andrej Mahecic

UN spokesman Andrej Mahecic says there are “security risks “ for the migrants as they travel through Mexico.  Well gee, is that our problem? The UN can simply and easily get them back to their homes. (If they were really that concerned.)

Our position globally is that the individuals who are fleeing persecution and violence need to be given access to territory and protection including refugee status and determination procedure. ” – he said. And, if the people who are fleeing persecution and violence enter Mexico, they need to be provided access to the Mexican asylum system and those entering the United States need to be provided access to the American asylum system,” he said. But to get to the US they must pass through Mexico! So that (above) tells me that any migrant caravan marchers who didn’t ask for asylum in Mexico when they crossed in to that country are admitting they aren’t asylum seekers after all. Hence when they reach the US border they will all be illegal aliens and we can keep them out!


Mahecic keeps trying to send his message: He said it is urgent to stabilize the situation, to provide proper reception and to improve basic conditions for people on the move. In regard to people seeking asylum, he says their international protection needs must be properly assessed before any decision is taken on their return or deportation. The United (Jew and Arab controlled ) Nations is “demanding “ that we follow international law and let those fleeing violence in their Central American countries (not a criteria for granting asylum) into the US.  What happened with that supposed effort to tell Mexico to grant them asylum—that is what international law says!

The first safe country asylum seekers reach is where they must ask for asylum.

Clearly the UN is endorsing the concept of “asylum shopping” a term used around the world where “migrants “ are on the hunt for their best deal. But, you know all of that. The caravan is an anti-Trump public relations stunt in the run-up to the midterm elections and it seems the whole world is in on it.

Here is Voice of America (with a photo of the starving mass of humanity!):

UN: Countries Must Allow People at Risk to Request Asylum


migrant caravan sleepers

If VOA was trying to get sympathy for the marchers, this photo is a poor choice!  Just saying!

Remember that Mahecic and his bosses are trying to drive public opinion world wide to their view that migration is a human right.  If they succeed then obviously that spells the end of the concept of national sovereignty. Trump’s America First! message is completely antithetical to the UN’s objective, thus their on-going effort to destroy him. Don’t you just feel like telling the UN to shut up! Of course, using only non-violent means by cutting off their funds entirely!

The U.N. should be kicked out of America NOW. No money no building no nothing. These people are not migrants and therefore their rules do not apply. They denied Mexican officials offer so after that everything is null and void. These people will not be allowed into the USA-  and there is nothing the U.N can do about it. The United Nations need to mind its own business. They are trying to get the USA to become weak and globalists. We are America first. If this doesn’t benefit America then it’s no go. Others are not going to tell us we have to let in over 5,000 people who are not vetted in a time like this when we have terrorists who want to kill us and have many homeless people ourselves while being 20 trillion dollars in debt thanks to Obama which is a thing they advise in “Rules for Radical” to overcome a country and weaken it.


Migrant caravan members throw rocks at a helicopter. Open the borders!

Posted by Paul Joseph Watson on Thursday, November 1, 2018


No thank you UN. We will not listen to you. First off it’s being reported that this is a planned invasion paid for by left wingers (George Soros) and Venezula. As all the above have stated these people are NOT asylum seekers they are being paid to come to our country to try to influence our election. This is foreign countries colluding to affect an election. In no way must they be allowed into our country. This would be a very bad precedent as so many will attempt the very same thing. This is all done by the Globalists who want no borders. Soros is more than likely paying these people. Enough is enough. These people have no right to invade our country just like we have no right to invade other countries. We have laws that must be followed.This so-called “refugee-caravan” is simply just another ploy from the Soros/Rothschilds gang to destroy America with the  flooding of illegal aliens like they did with homogeneous white enclaves such as South Africa and Europe.They want to destroy white Christianity and the core of the white race.